Dark City Ch. 04


Ieasha smiles sheepishly as she shakes Gloria’s hand. Gloria is a 27-year-old Hispanic woman, extremely petite, but with unusually large tits. Tits that come adorned with large brown nipples. Her boyfriend, Steve, held Ieasha’s handshake for longer than normal, as if trying to soak her up through his hands.

“Buy you a drink?” He offers.

The same waitress delivers another round, as the couples begin to talk. Ieasha would later say how proud she was at her ability to read people. She nailed the profile of the couple completely. It was their first time in the bar and they were not sure if they were willing to trade with another couple. They made their mind up with Jim and Ieasha’s performance in the booth.

The vibe flew through the air, to the point where it was obvious that all parties wanted each other. This was a mistake, in Jim’s estimation. The plan was to ingratiate himself with a couple that knew the place and was familiar with the clientele. This newbie couple would make things difficult. The option of turning them away, however, was ruled out. After the advances made to get them there, it would be odd to change their mind at the last moment. So, Jim was resigned to take things as they go. This was the only lead — a tenuous one at that. He had to keep it alive.

“You know,” Jim spoke up as Gloria’s hand ran up and down his thigh; “there are more private rooms upstairs.”

The four opened the door to the room, candles lit the small enclosure, the floor made up of almost all mattress. Steve, Jim, Ieasha and Gloria each stood at a corner of the bed, looking at each other without the hint of hesitation or embarrassment

The four of them look at each other, waiting for one of them to make a move.

“Well, lets get started, shall we?”

Jim begins to undress, slowly removing his shirt, pants and boxers. His body is lean and tight, that of an Olympic swimmer. His cock, pubic hair shaved, bounces back and forth at half-staff. He climbs onto the bed, lies down on his side, with a great view of the others. “Next?” he asks.

Gloria is so eager to please Jim that she reveals her near chocolate breasts in a smooth, fast motion. Her nipples stand erect, as she bends down, removing her pants and thong in one swoop. She bounds on her bed, her ass bulbous and tempting, her pussy covered in a light wisp of dark brown curls.

She rolls into Jim, kissing him lighting before turning round, her ass to his cock, allowing him a grip of her huge mammaries.

“Show me girl, ” she commands. Ieasha doesn’t disappoint. She turns Escort Ankara round, bends over a bit and slowly raises the shirt up and over her body. She raises her hands to her head, letting loose the long auburn hair. Jim’s cock raises a bit, much to Gloria’s delight. He loves being able to barely see a woman’s breasts, dangling in front of her. And they way they disappear into delicate shoulders greatly increases the blood flow to his genitalia.

She then bends at the waist, and works her skirt off. Her ass is tone, her legs well muscled. She works her legs wider, allowing for a pleasant view of her ass, and the tiny lips of her pussy peeking from beneath her.

She turns and walks to Steve. “I’ve got this joker.” Jim and Gloria smile as he breasts, paler and smaller than Gloria’s, but with equally large nipples, bob as her tall, lithe figure walks.

She leans into Steve, extending her tongue, which is greeted by his. The two tongue wrestle as his hands grope her ass. Jim and Gloria exchange their own kiss, becoming increasingly unaware of their partners in crime. Jims hands finds her tits, her nipples and gently rubs the opening of her vagina, all the while sliding his cock, covered in pre-cum, up and down the crack of her ass.

Ieasha unbuttons Steve’s shirt. He is a larger man than Jim; built more like a linebacker for a football team that anything else. Ieasha practically squeals at the size of his pecs.

Once his pants are removed, Ieasha delights in displaying Steve’s uncut penis. “Ooo, a hooded viper…what fun!”

She lays him on the bed, rolls back his foreskin and begins pushing the limp penis into her mouth. Like a magic show, a few strokes of her tongue turns the limp penis into a hard, throbbing one.

“That’s a good idea,” Gloria coos, before turning and lowering herself to Jim cock. He melts as her warm, wet mouth engulfs him.

“Mmmm,” he moans, as he urges her head up and down his cock.

The two women spend a few minutes teasing, licking and sucking the cocks.

“I think I need some attention too,” Gloria announces. She climbs on top of Jim; his cock lies flat against his belly. She begins to slide up and down it, the hard shaft forcing the lips of her cunt open. Jim can feel the gush of girl juice inside her pussy, calling toward him.

“Oh, I should help them,” Ieasha announces. She crawls over, leaving her ass in the air, a target Steven cannot ignore.

Ieasha grabs Jim’s cock, pulling it up and allowing Gloria to slide down on it. “You are a lucky woman hun, you have no idea.”

She Ankara Escort winks at Jim, who is too caught up in the little Latina riding him to notice, “I had no idea either.”

“Enough talking,” Steve says as he grabs hold of Ieasha’s hips. He enters her slowly, his massive cock forcing Ieasha to exhale, as if his member were willing the air from her lungs.

“Oh god!” she squeals. Gloria grabs her hand, maintaining the grinding on top of Jim as Ieasha braces against the steady rhythm of Steven fucking her.

Her vagina stretches for him, allowing her to relax a bit and urge him on, “faster, harder!”

The two women then engage in a kiss, albeit a sloppy one as each responds to the intense pleasure from the cocks invading them.

Minutes pass, before Ieasha’s request. The one she wanted to make since she saw Gloria.

“Steve, slow down. I want a taste.”

“Sure, by all means.” Steve smiles, as he pulls his massive, slick cock from her slit.

Jim reluctantly allows Gloria to break free of his dick.

Gloria lay back, her lips wide, her womb agape from Jim’s cock. Ieasha kneels in front of her, throws her hair over one shoulder and smiles before lowering her face to the throbbing, wet slit.

Gloria thrashes about, Ieasha’s tongue hitting all the right spots, licking and sucking her clit. Jim and Steve have taken positions on either side of Gloria’s upper torso, licking and sucking her massive nipples. Her body is writhing, the passion and attention tearing her apart with pleasure.

In her lust she reaches out, finding in her hands two massive cocks that she strokes lightly, moving her hands up and down their rigid flesh. She works her hands down their shafts and around, grabbing the asses of the two men.

She musters the energy to push the two men together, pleasure waving through their bodies as the heads of their cocks touch.

Ieasha peers up from the mound of hair covering Gloria’s cunt. “I would love to see you guy’s help each other out.”

Without a thought, Jim’s hand goes to Steve’s cock, stroking it up and down. Jim isn’t bi, but sex is sex and anything goes. Steve is more hesitant, lightly running his hand up Jim’s meat. Jim thrusts forward, his penis sliding in Steve’s hand. The two men stroke each other, knowing exactly how to touch each other. Jim fucks into his and as he rolls the head of Steve’s dick in his hand.

“Very nice,” Ieasha says, before returning to Gloria’s slit.

The room is filled with moans, Gloria watching with wide eyes as the two men service Ankara Escort Bayan each other. While reveling in the tongue lashing Ieasha is giving her.

Jim surprises Steve by lowering his lips to Steve’s cock, taking him into his mouth. Jim tastes the salt of pre cum in his mouth. He licks under his shaft, and pushes him and out of his mouth, until Jim feels the sensation of Steve’s orgasms. He pulls away, and the two return to the hand jobs.

Gloria is writhing more now; Ieasha has finished teasing her clit and is working to make her cum. Gloria’s body begins to convulse just as Jim and Steve feel the tightness in their thighs, indicating the impending explosion.

Soon, hot semen is flying through the air, covering Jim and Steve and raining down on Gloria milky tits.

An hour passes, the four of them licking, sucking and fucking in a myriad of methods and ways. Ieasha rolls over to Jim and Steve and purrs, “one more thing before I go. I want both of you.” She looks at both men, and smiles. “Jim, I think you drew the short straw.”

“Fine by me,” Jim says with a grin.

Gloria is now lubing Ieasha’s ass, preparing her for the impending penetration.

Jim lies back, as Gloria now turns to him, jacking him with lube, stroking him up and down.

“Bring your sweet ass over hear, hun.”

Ieasha moves toward him. Gloria props his cock up. Ieasha gasps as she feels the head of Jim’s dick penetrate her ass. She pauses a second, before letting him slide in.

“OK, Steve,” she says between gasps.

Steve climbs on top gently and pushes into her vagina. Jim and Ieasha let out a gasp. Ieasha’s nerves are exploding with pleasure and the feeling of another cock against Jim’s, separated by Ieasha’s thin wall sends pleasure into his own body.

Gloria grabs Steve’s ass and helps him fuck into Ieasha. She and Jim moan louder.

Ieasha’s cries become a chorus of “oh god’s” as she feels herself being torn asunder.

The pleasure is too much. Steve cums hard, filling Ieasha with semen that drips down to Jim’s balls.

As Steve goes limp, Jim lifts a bit and begins pumping into Ieasha. They come together, collapsing in heaving mountains of flesh.

An hour passes, the two couples resting and talking. Steve and Gloria leave their number with Jim before departing.

“Jim,” Ieasha says, “what happens now, with us?”

Jim kisses her forehead. “I think we can discuss this, after we find the killer. But no worries, ok?”

Jim and Ieasha walk down the hall toward the stair well. Jim runs into a woman in a green leather teddy and fishnets. Apologies are offered. As Jim resumes his exit, he notices an 8 x 10 photo on the ground. He picks it up and his heart stops. It is a photo of Jim and Janet on their wedding day. Through Janet’s face is a big red X.

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