Defrosting My Marriage Pt. 01


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I’d only been married for three years and already my sex life was wanting. I seemed to be horny all the time. I wasn’t getting any, or not nearly enough, at home. But I righted the ship. Here’s my story.

For about two years before until not long after the wedding, our sex was great. We hit each others spots just right. While Ellen wasn’t nearly as experienced as I, she learned quickly. Her blowjobs were exquisite and her orgasms were seismic. But then, and for some reason I do not know, it all went south.

Suddenly, she didn’t seem to care about having sex anymore. For a few months, she was distant and remote; she was pushing me away. And it bothered me a lot. I was very patient and tried to get her to communicate but to no avail. She said that she was so into her job that she came home drained. She said she needed her space. I gave her space but she needed more. I suggested giving her massages when she got home, making dinner more often, drawing a warm, scented bath; anything to alleviate her stress. I tried to show that I really cared and that I was “on her side” but it was for naught. She dismissed any conversation and laughed it off. This only made things worse.

After several more months of this behavior, I could no longer take jerking off as an alternative. Once every few weeks, quick sex was not my idea of marital harmony. I told her that we should see a therapist if our marriage was to continue. Again, she laughed at me. She couldn’t believe I was unhappy, especially over our meager sex. She said that she was perfectly fine with our present arrangement. So I gave her an ultimatum. Enough was enough. I was heading toward divorce. She protested and said that she loved me and wanted to stay married. I told her that I didn’t know why as she certainly didn’t show me any affection. I told her that I thought she was keeping secrets. Begrudgingly, she agreed to seek help.

I found a marital therapist through my lawyer. She was a woman and I knew Ellen would be more comfortable with that. We met with her the next week.

“Let’s talk about the problem together and then I’ll talk to each of you separately, okay?” Hattie was maybe mid-sixties and seemed wizened, in a grandmotherly way, with a humble and gentle approach. We spoke for a few minutes but Ellen was not forthcoming and I was burning up.

Ellen went first as I read magazines in the waiting room. After about twenty minutes, it was my turn.

“So, tell me what the problem is, Ray. What is bothering you about your marriage?”

“Well, basically, she has no interest in sex and seems to have no desire for intimacy. I am very frustrated and I can’t seem to get through to her. I love her and she says that she loves me, but she…she…she’s not ‘there’, if you know what I mean. And when I bring it up, she puts me off. I seem to have lost communication with her. I think she is keeping secrets from me.”

“Let’s examine this. How does she put you off?”

“Sometimes, it’s a brusque, “No, I’m too tired.” Sometimes, she ignores me and pretends that she is preoccupied. Mostly, she is quiet and uncommunicative. And during those rare times when we do have sex – I don’t think it’s ‘making love’, she seems to be somewhere else – not in the moment. She acts like it is a chore. I’ve begun to resent it a lot.”

“I can see that. Do you make her orgasm? Do you orgasm?”

“Yes…well, I’m pretty sure she orgasms, when she does, she’s very vocal and energetic. I feel her respond. She gets very-um-wet.”

“Does she orgasm from oral and vaginal sex?”

“Both, but she prefers oral.”

“Do you orgasm?”

“Yes, but I have to imagine scenes in my head.”

“What sort of scenes?”

“Different scenarios…group sex scenes, bisexual scenes and mostly scenes from before we were married, when the sex was more satisfying to me.”

“And what sort of sex was that?”

“All kinds. I participated in several threesomes and orgies in college. I was very uninhibited.”

“Was it straight sex or something different?”

“It was always different.”

“How so? Please be explicit.”

“Sometimes it included light bondage, and by that I mean blindfolds and light restraints. I don’t like pain. Sometimes, it was bisexual.”

“For you or your partner?”

“Both, Escort Ankara but not all the way. Mostly, we touched and stroked each other.”

“I take it that you were turned on by this.”

“Yeah, I was. I always desired to take it further but that never happened.”

“Have you told Ellen this?”

“I tried but she dismissed me saying that it’s perverted. And then, she walks away. End of conversation.”

“Would you like to participate in scenes like that?”

“I’d prefer to have good sex with her however, I wouldn’t mind some variety, especially after the way we have sex now. But, yes, lately, I’m so horny, I want that.”

“I see. Primarily, you want to have a solid marriage, that is noble. Let me ask you this, when you have sex, where is your attention?”

“Well, when we first start to make love, I concentrate on her. I am focused on her. But then, after she begins to act bored, I…”

“How does she act bored?”

“She just lays there, totally passive, no movement, no involvement. I can feel her attention wane. At that point, I start to fantasize.”

We spoke for about another ten minutes when she asked Ellen to come back into her office.

“Fortunately, it’s not as bad as you two might think. There are good starting points where we can work to improve your marriage. I thank you both for being forthright with me. First and foremost, you are not alone. You are not unusual. I’ve seen dozens of new couples who go through this, so take a deep breath and exhale slowly. That’s better, right? Listen to me, you must trust each other. You’ll get through this, I promise. Now, Ellen, you must let your guard down. You must tell Ray about what is in your mind. You must tell him what you dream about, what you fantasize about. There is no embarrassment here, just honesty. Since both of you desire to improve things, we will find a path to do so. So, Ellen. Trust him. Talk to him. And Ray, you, too, must better express yourself and your desires instead of your resentment. That’s never a great conversation starter. You can’t give up. Communicate your thoughts and desires to Ellen and you will get feedback…” Turning to Ellen, she said, “Don’t turn Ray down. Don’t withdraw and walk away. Be honest. Listen and respond honestly. And you, Ray, the same. I mean all of it, Ray. Honesty, honesty, honesty. I can’t stress it enough.”

“We will meet again same time next week. I have some homework for the both of you. I want you to be naked for this. I want you to sit across from each other and have this conversation tonight. Light a candle, have some wine or whatever. And have this conversation. Ellen, you go first. Trust him, Ellen. Have this much needed conversation. Tell each other what is on your mind or where your mind goes. Tell each other your fantasies. Let go and trust each other. You will be surprised. Don’t be afraid to be explicit. Tell each other what you imagine. With no embarrassment, be frank. And also, be playful with each other. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down. And if it gets to that point, I want you to masturbate in front of each other…for each other. No penetration. I want you both to see each other, to be candid with each other and to experience each other. I will see you again next week and we will talk about what happened. In the meantime, both of you relax. Perhaps, you could go to the gym together. Let your energy out. Take your tension down a notch, okay? Next week then.”

On the way home from the therapist, I noticed that Ellen seemed more relaxed and less on edge. She seemed to have lifted a burden or two. When we returned, she said that she was mentally exhausted and wanted to nap for a few minutes. I, too, fell asleep in my ‘comfy chair’.

I slept well. After what seemed like hours, I was awakened by Ellen.

“Go take a shower and meet me in the bedroom in ten minutes.”

“Yes, Mein Kommandant!”

“Got that right.” She seemed to have her humor back.

I cleansed myself and entered the bedroom. Ellen had set up some scented candles. There was a tray on the bed with snacks, glasses of wine and a joint. And Ellen was naked, sitting cross-legged waiting for me.

I got up on the bed and sat across from her, staring at her.

“What are you staring at? My tits?”

“I am, indeed. I’m think about how beautiful they are…such nice, full and round pillows…”

“Okay, okay. I get it. Thank you. My tits are beautiful.” She looked at me and then Ankara Escort at my stiff rod proudly smiling at her. We both cracked up laughing.

I poured the wine and lit the joint. “So, let’s have the conversation.”

“Yeah,” she said taking a major-league toke, “and I go first.”

“The problem is kind of based in my job. I work with a lot of women and hear a lot of things. I’ve become close to some of them. They confide a lot of things to me and I suppose, I do to them. Things I’ve never told you. Well, anyway, several month ago, one of the women came on to me. We were alone in the Lady’s Room. She confided that she’s a closet lipstick lesbian and she is very turned on by me. She kissed me and she kissed me really well. I think I returned the kiss. She took that to indicate that me getting together with her was a possibility or maybe that’s what I wanted her to think. I don’t know. I was confused then and I am still confused. Since then, she has tried to get me but she hasn’t succeeded. It’s more like harmless flirting with a definite edge. So here’s the problem. I imagine that I could let her have her way with me. What is that like? The curiosity has kept my mind wandering, often when we have sex. A few weeks ago, she started in on a threesome with you but I laughed it off.”

I wanted to add that she laughs things off so well but I wanted her to continue. I was fascinated, relieved and very turned on.

“I won’t cheat on you, Ray, it’s that simple. But I think about it a lot. At night, when I come home, I feel guilty for these feelings and I push you, and your hard cock, away. I’m really sorry that I’ve made you crazy. I should have trusted you enough to tell you when it first started happening. I let things go too far. Please, don’t be mad at me.”

She took a deep swig and I refilled her glass. I took a deep toke.

“My anger has dissipated now that I know where you’ve been these past few months. I love you for telling me that. Don’t ever feel guilty, ever. First of all, I’m curious. Has any girl ever come on to you?”

“Yes, when I was in college. We got drunk one night and felt each other up. I liked it and I thought she did, too. It never went further. After that, she transferred and I never saw her again.”

“I understand. Now, it’s my turn. When, you began to ignore me, I began to think about my days in college and for a few years after, until I met you and we started to date. It made me crazy when I got no response from you and I began to fantasize about them when we had sex.” I suddenly felt the need to catalogue my complaints. Fortunately, I did not. I took a deep breath. I didn’t want to vomit up my resentment so I took another toke.

“So, I never told you about that period of my life.” I took another toke and dead-soldiered the wine bottle. I didn’t know how she would take all this. “I think it was my sophomore year in college. I was living in a communal house and spending most of my free time playing with my band and getting high. I started dating the girl who sang with the band. She came from a very wealthy, ultra-elite Main Line Philadelphia family. We call her C.A.. C.A. Bentley Brooks was her name. And she sure could fuck. And not only me. She had other guys, other women, whatever. I found her exciting. She took me to my first orgy and to me, it was truly revelatory. Sometimes, she would invite another girlfriend over and we would have a threesome. Sometimes, she got another guy. At one threesome, the other guy stroked my dick. At first, I freaked but then mellowed as he took it into his mouth while she urged him on. I didn’t reciprocate though and it bothered me for quite a while afterwards. Why didn’t I try it? What was it like to have a penis in my mouth?”

“Well anyway, we went to this orgy in a big mansion. There was a huge mound of heaving bodies bouncing on large mats so C.A. and I waded in. It was a horny college boy’s fantasy. Everywhere I moved, there was another wet vagina. A few times, guys were sucking on me. A few times, as I made my way through, I held and stroked a few dicks. But I never sucked on one. It was some wild evening. At one point, C.A. took me to a room and sat me down. She blindfolded me and tied me to the chair. For the next hour, I was pleasured all kinds of ways. Someone was playing with my ass, pumping a finger in and out. All sorts of tits were pressed into my face. Finally, it was just C.A. and me, or so I thought, when I felt a large spongy cock at my Ankara Escort Bayan lips. I opened up and it slid along my tongue. Then it slid out and he was gone. C.A. untied me and lifted the blindfold. ‘I’m sorry’, she said, ‘I made a bet that you would spit it out and I lost. Thanks a lot. Now I have to pay up!’ I got dressed and got out of there. I was so mad at her that she tricked me. We broke up soon after. She moved in with another band.”

“Now, the reason I told you this, and, by the way, there is much much more, is that during the past few months, I have been thinking all about my wild years and how I miss them. Sucking a dick had been on my mind, too. I was afraid to share any of that with you. But I love you and I wouldn’t cheat, so, like you, it has been in my head festering and won’t let go. So what do we do?”

“Whew, that was some story. What in the world was I so worried about? I hear stories at work but nothing as hot as that. I want you to tell me more of your ‘bedtime’ stories, it heats me up. But right now, my puss is soaking and I must tend to it.” She stretched out her legs and spread them. Indeed, her inner lips bulged a deep crimson red, dripping in her juices. It was mouth watering. “Stroke your cock while I jill myself. I liked how it got hard during your story, especially the bi parts. Come on, let’s finish our homework.”

One hand held her lips apart as she began to slide her fingers up her slit slowly until she reached her clit, a large pearl nestled in her folds. She was staring at me. I spread my legs and spit generously into my hand. I began to stroke it. She groaned.

“I won’t be able to last long,” she said, “You made me so horny. I see you sucking a cock…” She started to flick her fingers across her clit. She had two fingers in her canal rubbing the top wall of her vagina. She was panting and brushing the tip of her clit with determination. It was so hot seeing her do herself. “It’s so hot. His penis is in your mouth…” She became somewhat feral, pulling at herself and moaning. This was a new side of her. I was as hard and stiff as I could get, my helmet was bright red and ready to burst but I stopped stroking myself. I had to watch. I’d never seen Ellen like this and she was just incredible. This was my old Ellen and I was thrilled, to say the least.

She began to moan. She was reaching the peak and she had reached the threshold, there was no turning back. At first, she hiccuped and then her orgasm hit. She was shaking and moaning. She arched her back and stretched out her legs. Her fingers in her vagina stopped moving and a gush of fluid flowed into her palm. The musky scent enveloped the room. She began to settle down and she went limp. A loud queef issued from her satisfied pussy.

“Oh, God…what an orgasm! Wow! That was great.” She said wearily. “You look like you are about to explode, too!”

I was.”I won’t last long either.” It took only a few strokes on my cock. With one hand, I caressed my balls as my fist pumped it. My orgasm was different from how I usually cum, it seemed spontaneous. My throbbing penis seemed to be running this show and my head was on automatic pilot. I stared at her gaping hole covered in gush. Since I was sitting only a few feet away from Ellen, I really wasn’t concerned where the cum would fly at that point. And fly it did. I shot one volley about three feet and it landed on her belly. And then I exploded, shooting rockets of my cream rapidly and all landing on her. One shot went high and hit her cheek. She said nothing but seemed to enjoy this, basking in my cum.

I collapsed on my back, satisfied and tired. Ellen giggled, “I’m covered in cum.” I turned around and began to clean her up. I filled my mouth with dollops of cum and fed them to her. Then I went down on her and brought her to another orgasm, this one smaller but, I think, even more satisfying. I filled my mouth with her juices and then moved up to share another sloppy kiss. We both snuggled closely.

“Mmmm,” she said, “salty and sweet…”

It was two in the morning. Time had flown. We were falling asleep. Ellen whispered to me, “I never did that in front of anybody before. It was liberating.”

“I’ve never jerked off in front of anyone either. When I went down on you, I imagined myself as another woman. It was fun and I think, maybe I became a little exhibitionist. But now, I have to pass out. I feel sated. That was great.”

“Yeah, it was. I have to sleep, too. But, tomorrow, let’s talk about this and what our next step is, okay?”

“Sure, baby.” I said this as I fell into Slumberland. We’d deal with this breakthrough tomorrow. I sort of knew where this was going but I wanted Ellen to be in the driver’s seat. Tomorrow.

To Be Continued…

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