Desperate Love Ch. 1


Dressed in tight leather black pants, a deep purple tie back top and a black leather jacket, Rachel looked ready for fun. Her light brown hair was worn loose and long. The beautiful waves flowed over her shoulders and caressed the small of her back. She wore minimal makeup, some mascara lined her velvety lashes and a tiny bit of lip glass gave her plush lips a sexy come hither appeal.

To complete the outfit, Rachel had on black lace up boots. She nervously glanced in the mirror; there reflected in the mirror along with her pretty face was her bedroom. It was done in light pinks, and there was a mix of stuffed animal, books and sheet music strewn carelessly around. Her pretty canopy bed was placed near the window and the afternoon sun cast a warm buttercup yellow wash on her pristine white walls. Rachel sighed, but turned away from the mirror and quickly walked out of her room. She silently slipped down the stairs and into the sun.

As Rachel walked down the street she glanced at her watch. It read 5:34 pm. Rachel quickly figured that the sun would set in about half an hour and the she was right on time. At 5:40 she reached the bus station and waited for the city bus to come and take her to her final destination. She felt the butterflies in her stomach start up again as she sat down to wait between to young men. She gracefully crossed her legs and unconsciously tossed her hair.

Her lovely shapely legs caught the attention of both the men and she unknowingly underwent a very quick perusal from two sets of curious eyes. A few minutes later the bus Escort Ankara pulled up and gentlemanly they stepped back so that Rachel could get on the bus. Both men admired her heart shaped ass as she stepped up and into the bus. Rachel took a seat and once again nervously crossed her legs and fixed her hair. “What am I doing?” She thought to herself. “What if he is mean or old or nasty? What happens then? Do I really want to do this? I don’t even know him.” Rachel pulled out of her pocket a folded paper and once again read what it said:

I am a white single male of 26 years. I would like to offer my services to any female virgins 18 and older. I am gentle and kind. If you are interested you may contact me at…. Rachel new the number by heart. She had agonized over calling it, but in the end she had. She had talked with someone who sounded kind and after a few phone calls had set up a place to meet. Rachel was instructed on how to dress and had obeyed implicitly. She knew what she was doing was wrong and dangerous, but she could not help herself. She wanted to feel again. She wanted to know what sex was all about and she did not have the courage to go to someone she knew.

At 6:12 the bus pulled up to her stop. She stood up squared her shoulders and confidently got off. Both of the men who had been at her bus stop stayed on, and they looked regretfully at each other as the tall pretty girl got off the bus. Rachel made a left and walked up the street for a ways. Her nerves gave away as she felt the cool nighttime air caress her face. She found the Ankara Escort address that she was looking for, and with ought any hesitation rang the doorbell.

It felt like an eternity to her, in reality it was a few seconds, the door opened and she was looking in o the deepest brown eyes. The light from inside illuminated his body and her own gray eyes took in broad shoulders a narrow waist and toned arms. He was wearing a tight fitting deep blue shirt tucked into jeans that seemed to be made for him. He looked casual, strong and oh so sexy. Rachel broke off her stare and blushed to see that he was smiling at her with a knowing glint in his eyes. He invited her in and directed her into a beautiful room. It was decorated with greens and blues and yellows. The wood trim was a deep dark smooth wood.

There was an oversized couch and love seat set up in front of a large home system that was a flat black color. The light in the room came from track lighting all around the edge. Rachel looked down at the wood floor that was covered with a beautiful, silky, soft green rug. There were windows everywhere and at one end of the room she could see a glass door that led outside. Perhaps the part of the room that most caught her attention though was a large fish take filled with a rainbow of tropical fish. She murmured her appreciation and sat down.

The couch engulfed her slim frame and she couldn’t help but giggle at the way she ended up sprawled out on it. Her host grinned at her, and said ‘Well Rachel would you like to know my name?” She mutely Ankara Escort Bayan nodded. His voice had surprised her, it was almost as if music was written into his vocal cords and the words he spoke were the notes come to life. “My name is Nathan Alexander, you may call me Xander.” She smiled at the name and once again nodded.

He sat down by her and placed his arm around her. Rachel stiffened, but Xander’s voice soothed her. “Don’t be nervous sweetie. I promise to be good to you.” With that his lips closed over hers. Rachel sighed into his mouth. He angled his body so as to cradle her in his arms and he proceeded to seduce her with just his mouth. He kissed he sweetly and softly. Tasting her. Learning her. He prodded a little and Rachel gladly opened her mouth. She gasped when she felt his tongue stroking her own. She began to respond in kind and was rewarded when she heard him groan. Her right hand reached up to play with the curls of brown hair that lay at his neck.

Xander deepened the kiss and began to claim her for his own. His lips became more urgent and his tongue retreated so that it was just his lips upon hers. Their breath intermingling. Rachel felt her body react to his kiss. It was as if someone had light a fire inside her stomach. It wound through her body and caressed her nipples causing the to stand at attention and at a sudden deep kiss from Xander, Rachel felt the fire race through her and at her innermost part become a slow river. She felt her pussy lips moisten and she moaned.

Xander picked Rachel up and quickly crossed into his bedroom. The sheets were black silk and the coverlet was a matching black satin. The room was lit by candles and Rachel’s soul recognized this room as her destiny. As Xander lowered her onto the bed Rachel looked deep into his eyes and murmured, “Thank you.”

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