Diamonds in Cream


Smacking my lips to even up the gloss and wiggling my tiniest little black skirt over my bare ass, I finally had butterflies in my tummy saying hello. Only five minutes to spare and I shook with anticipation. My mouth watered. My thighs trembled.

Desperation had finally driven me to accept my friend Tim’s urgings to go out with one of his college buddies. Blind dates weren’t my thing, especially now I was a single mom, but my nightly sex dreams were making me antsy. My urges more erotic. I hadn’t touched a man in a year and lately, that dry spell wasn’t so dry. I swear I walked around wet and horny. And not just wet panties, either. My bra got in on that action.

My red shirt didn’t close all the way. I tugged on it and buttoned from the bottom. My boobs were so big the thing didn’t want to close. Already my milk leaked, soaking my bra and running down my stomach. With a tug, the fleshy globes squished together and I worked the button into its hole.

It popped off and flew across the room.

“To hell with it then.” I stared down my body. I had curves in all the right places, a bit extra on top, and it all showed—defiant and completely unapologetic for bursting out of my clothes. My fully exposed cleavage could hide an entire DVD case.

Six months ago I’d had my baby. Chloe, my little girl, was having her first sleepover at grandmas while mommy was gonna go out and get some. It’d been a while. Not since the one night stand that’d ended with a sweet baby and these gorgeous tits had I had a cock. I licked my lips and ran my fingers over the tops of my breasts. I’d never had my boobs fucked. Time to do something about that. At least, I should take advantage of this hot-to-trot mood. Besides that one-nighter, I really didn’t do things like this. Things I’d do tonight.

The moment I told Tim to set me up, I knew I’d seduce my blind date no matter what the man looked like. Besides. Tim was okay. His friend would be, too. I didn’t worry he’d be a serial killer or anything. I just worried he’d be too uptight for a no-strings one-nighter.

I smiled and my skin shivered.

My nipples puckered against the black lace that barely covered them and poked straight out, pushing the shirt even further to the side. Milk dripped through the thin material. I didn’t care. I threw a thigh-length jacket on, slid on my fuck-me red stilettos, and left the apartment, a bounce in my step.

It was time. Tim said I’d recognize the car. I shrugged and shut my door behind me.

Outside at the curb, I opened my coat a bit and the breeze caressed my bared skin. The sound of evening traffic had a different feel and the hot scent of city reminded me of lurid nights. I sucked it into my lungs. My leg showed nearly to my cunt and my tits struggled to surge out of the top of my coat. A long black car, maybe a limo—what did I know?—screeched to a halt and the back door threw open. A sexual thrill made my breathing go rough. Someone was in the back.

My blind date.

I climbed in and a low masculine grunt made my pussy go wet.

“Like what you see?” I purred.

A man sat back in the shadows of the long car. His strained whisper told me all. “I do. Cindy.”

My name in that husky growl sent shivers all over me. I licked my lips slowly. A breath caught.

“Still the same destination, sir?” The question stopped me from sliding across the seat until I was in my date’s lap.

“Change of plans, Nelson. Take us to the Silk Club.” The deep command coming from the man next to me sizzled over my nerve endings.

“Hello there.” I waved toward the chauffeur. Dark haired, scruffy beard, and wide eyed, he stared at my chest.

“Evening Ma’am.” Turning to face the wheel, he cleared his throat.

The glass between the front and back seats slid quietly up. I sat back and let my coat fall open. I’d never been to the Silk Club. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but the thrill of the taboo had taken hold and wouldn’t let go.

“You smell heavenly,” the stranger said. I still hadn’t gotten a look at him.

“Your name is Devin isn’t it?” Urges delicious and hot brought a question to my lips that I knew would change my life. Deep in my gut, the conviction and fear nearly made be balk, but fate propelled me forward. That and a driving need for sex. This would put it all out there and he’d take it. Something about the set of his long body in this expensive car, the confidence radiating off him, told me. “Do you like milk?”

A blush heated my cheeks. Scalding heat ran through me and my pussy pulsed. I held my breath.

Sure enough, his tight reply only made me want to push him, see how far he’d go.

“I do.”

“Everybody likes milk.” I babbled a bit, rushing into the breach. But I couldn’t stop what was about to happen. Neither could he. “I’m really in need here. You seem like a man who’d help someone in pain.”

“Never doubt I’m there for whatever you need.”

“Good,” I rushed out. My fingers fumbled at my barely closed shirt and I drew it aside, revealing the tiny scrap of bra Escort Sincan that did nothing to keep my tits from bounding out. Soft pale skin shone in the passing street lights. My large areolas darkened, tightened. I ran my fingers along the lace, sliding it down as I teased my naked flesh. Catching at my long, hard nipples, I gave a tug. I tingled as my milk let down.

The internal tugging radiated from my chest. I gasped. Lust had never hit me the same time as engorgement. The extreme passion was so titillating I couldn’t think. I just needed. I panted. “Suckle me. It’s too much.”

Devin groaned and slid over. A bit embarrassed and unable to meet his eyes, I jerked my chin up to give him access. And I didn’t want to see him. Not yet. What if he wasn’t what I wanted? What if he turned me off when I was so past the point of pulling back? I stared forward toward the glass separator. My mouth fell open with a hot exhale. The chauffeur had slid the partition open just wide enough to see his rearview mirror. In the glinting reflection, his eyes blazed. The driver’s attention flicked back and forth, from the road, to me. My pussy throbbed, hollow and aching.

“Oh fuck.” The ragged curse sent me higher. Then a mouth latched onto my nipple and tugged.

A long groan ripped from me and I sank into the plush seat. A large hand kneaded my other tit. Milk squirted between his fingers and hit the back of the glass. The driver jerked his gaze to the drops sliding down the window. I’d never been watched before, much less had anyone stare in fascination as my milk painted the inside of a car. I’d never been so turned on in my life.

Devin’s tongue circled my nipple and his teeth gently bit.

“That’s good, baby, suck me, suck me.” I couldn’t stop the pleading. Milk came hard and fast and Devin suctioned in as much of my breast as he could. The pull as he swallowed draw a virtual line from my breasts to my clit. He tugged and tugged, like he stroked the slit between my legs with every swallow.

I clutched his head, forcing him closer. His chest heaved against my legs. My hips wiggled on the seat. My clit throbbed and throbbed.

“So good. I’m gonna come just from you taking my milk. Take it. Take it all.” Yanking on his hair, I jerked him off. His mouth popped with a loud suction and I couldn’t get a look at him, my vision was so watery from the pleasure. I pulled him further over me and shoved my other leaking nipple toward his mouth. His tongue lapped at me, slurping.

“Now. Take it now.” Milk flowed down my chest and pooled on my belly. The heated liquid slid lower, finding its way to mingle with the slickness of my pussy.

He grunted but didn’t latch on. He blew hot air across my elongated nub. My hips jerked up and I keened, loud and long. His weight and the clutch of his hands kept me from hitting the roof.

“You like that?” His voice was a whisper. “You like getting your tits sucked ’til you leak?”

I whimpered and ground down into the seat. My pussy wanted to be filled. My body had taken control and all thought evaporated.

The car stopped and the thump of music throbbed through me. Beady black eyes peered into the mirror, the driver’s gaze on my exposed chest. Then the lick around my nipple and the harsh tug on the other jerked my attention downward. Let the chauffeur watch. I didn’t care. I loved it.

Devin nuzzled my white skin just beside the dark red nipple jutting out at him. I was so hard and aching I thought I’d scream.

All I cared about was that mouth. His red lips were wet and puffy. It brought me such pleasure. It was my world, that gorgeous set of lips. It was all I could see through my fuzzy vision. He snaked his tongue out and slid it around the bottom of my stout flesh. Milk coated his tongue and he groaned. But he held that way, open, letting it spill down his throat. Seeing him drink from me brought me to the edge. My keening filled the car. He lapped at me. Over and over. My eyes crossed and my vision blurred.

“Now, baby. Momma needs it now.”

His hot mouth sucked me in. My other breast spurted. I grabbed at it, pulling and yanking to the rhythm he suckled.

“That’s it. That’s it.” I murmured over and over.

A gurgle came from Devin as he swallowed.

My body bowed and my pussy shuddered beneath my skirt.

“Hard. Suck hard.”

He did. His hands gripped my thighs, pressing in at the V of my crotch in, putting pressure on my clit, pushing in, out. In, out. My stimulated pussy pulsed, clutching, seeking to be filled. His teeth pressed into me. Blushing prickles covered my chest. The heaviness of my breasts became pain and pleasure all together.

With a scream, I came in a hot blinding flash. Milk flowed everywhere. I shuddered and my thighs shook.

For a moment, he held me in his mouth. The buzzing in my ears quieted and the cool night air caressed my fevered skin.

Then he sat back and straightened his clothes.

My ragged breathing was lost in the cab. I closed my eyes and floated Sincan Escort in the aftershocks. When my body stopped quaking, I tried to pry my eyes open to see him, but I couldn’t do it. So far, Devin was a stranger with a husky whisper, a commanding presence and a wicked mouth.

The pull of the music finally brought me around.

“Ready to go in?” A deep baritone asked. Devin’s voice alone could turn me on, if I weren’t so hot for it already.

“Wait.” Sudden mild panic finally prodded me straight in the seat. “I’m not sure we should go anywhere. My clothes are soaking wet.”

“Take them off.”

I gulped back a protest. He’d given me a command. I heard it clearly. If he wanted to go all dominant, I could play it that way. The thrill of stepping out of my life and living for the moment swept over me. I swallowed and shrugged the shirt off my shoulders to let it fall on the leather seat.

“The bra.” He directed.

“You mean this slingshot?” I quickly reached around and snapped it open. It did in fact shoot off me and hit the seatback in front of me. I huffed a laugh.

“Stunning, Cindy. I could sit here all night and stare at you.”

“You really like these milk jugs?” My tone was snide, as if it’d cover my sudden vulnerability.

“I do. Any man would. Come on. I’ll show you.” He opened his door and still in the shadow of the car, he paused. “Stay right there. I’ll come around.”

As soon as his door shut, insecurity grabbed me by the throat. As if he knew it would, he wasted no time opening my door. He must have run to get around the car so fast.

A gorgeous, strong hand reached in. He still wore all his clothes. That crisp black tux. I knew he had great hands, a gorgeous mouth, black hair, and some stubble that had given my tits a bit of a beard burn that started my flesh prickling again.

I took his hand, and let him pull me out, naked from the waist up.

With a strong jaw and those full insanely perfect lips, he was tall, broad shouldered…and now wore a black silk bandanna mask, like Zorro. From his pocket he pulled another mask. It twinkled in the light. Rimmed around the edges with rhinestones, this black disguise was more like a regular costume type thing. It’d cover my upper face, hiding me. Gently, he positioned it. It was soft and with a slow thoroughness, he tied it in the back. My cheek pressed against the front of his jacket as he secured the straps and the barest scent of manly cologne enticed me. I wanted to nuzzle into him to get a better whiff.

My tits were bared to the night. Everyone around us could see them, but not my face. My body was a temple, and I was safe in anonymity.

It was going to be a fucking fantastic night. Even if I had to wait in line in these five-inch heels. But of course we didn’t wait. At least a dozen people stood against the side of the non-descript, plain block building. Velvet ropes kept them from entering the well-lit door. Men in tuxes stood to the side, the best dressed bouncers in town.

One of them caught my attention with the lift of a finger. He licked his lips. My breast filled again. Soon I’d be engorged and aching. Devin’s hand came lightly to the small of my back. My spine prickled at the show of possession.

Soft, warm breath filled my ear as a body pressed against my rear. A hard long cock rubbed into my ass. My coat and thin skirt pressed into my hot prickly skin. The sweet scent of milk on Devin’s breath and his now familiar whisper eased me. He might be a blind date, but he’d been just what I needed in the back of that limo. “Care to see share the delights of The Silk Club with me?”

I whispered a “yes” on my breath.

Devin directed me to the door, the men in tuxes parted—he whispered something to one of them who nodded and swiped across a touch screen, and then we were inside. I don’t know how he’d gained immediate access, but we were in the swankest club, walking past couches lining the walls, couples (and more) sprawled all over them. Kissing, groping, and definitely petting. The scent of sex filled my nose and my breasts hurt.

“I need your mouth on me again.” Boldness had infected me. My chest was completely uncovered and I relished in it.

“I have it arranged.”

“You work fast, don’t you?”

“When it pleases me.”

Next I knew, I was in a back room. It was clean. A large bed stood in the center. Mirrors lined the walls. I’d never been in here. But I knew that one if not all of the mirrors allowed an audience to watch, if the curtains weren’t pulled.

Heat washed over me and I struggled to stay on my feet as my knees went weak. Behind me, Devin clicked the door shut and the rustle of his clothes was all I could hear now that the music had been shut out.

“I’ve never been in here,” I confessed. “We’ll be watched?”

“Ever fucked in public, Cindy?” The words curled around me and goosebumps pebbled over my skin. Then my stomach clenched and I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Shhh.” He whispered. “Let them see you. Let Sincan Escort Bayan them see this.”

Devin stood behind me, so close his jacket pressed into my back and his erection fitted to my bared back, only his pants between us. Then he stepped back and something slid around me and settled, cold, on my chest. I stared into the mirror and had a surreal moment, staring both at people I couldn’t see who were definitely staring at my exposed tits.

Then my mind blanked.

Around my neck, a huge diamond necklace hung heavy. It had too many rocks on it to even think how many. It was in the shape of a triangle, the point nestled into my cleavage. I ran a hand over it, then both hands. The bumpy, hard texture against my skin titillated me. And so much money, coating my breasts. I rubbed them, plucking at my swollen and aching nipples. Cupping myself and squeezing the soft weight and flesh, I stared at the picture I presented, a turned on, masked woman, a blush staining her cheeks, her incredibly large breasts weeping milk.

I moaned.

I’d already allowed my blind date to suckle. And men on the other side of that glass expected to see me have sex. I wanted to show them. I wanted to flaunt my body, these diamonds, my lust. What did I have to lose? When would there ever be a time like this again, when I could be this free? The mask tickled my nose. I laughed and finally turned to him. My arms fell to my side and I smiled. Tension lifted from my shoulders.

I couldn’t see his full expression beneath his mask, but he didn’t return my smile. His intent regard froze me to the spot. His tux jacket hit the floor. He tugged off his tie and unbuttoned his vest and shirt before I could speak.

My chest heaved.

“Take off your skirt,” he commanded.

I hesitated and glanced at the mirrored glass. People would see my pussy. See it as it swelled even now. Passion rocked through me and my tits filled even more. Swallowing hard, I strangled a groan when the engorgement came so fast it hurt.

“You let a complete stranger drink your milk.”

I wanted to tell him he wasn’t a complete stranger. Friend of a friend and all that. But instead, I whimpered. Working on his belt, he walked near. His hard cock pressed against his slacks. It was big. Long. I whimpered again and my cunt pulsed. He slid the belt out and let it drop, too.

“You came. From my mouth on your tits. Did you like that?”

Unable to speak through my tight throat, I nodded. My stare caught on his talented hands and narrowed there. I licked my lips.

My mouth fell open and my pussy slicked, eager and ripe. Milk ran freely, soaking my chest. It dribbled down my stomach.

“How do you want it?”

I shook my head.

“Why don’t we take some of the pressure off those glorious tits?” His muscles bunched and slid, the shadows to the side of the room caressing him as he walked to the wall and pushed a padded bench to the middle of the floor. A light shone done there. He waved a hand toward the red velvet cushion. “Have a seat.”

My knees barely cooperated as all the bravado left me. But I made it. My vision swam and I rubbed a hand over my forehead. I nearly unseated the mask and quickly straightened it. My heart thudded in my chest and I gasped.

“Careful. You need to leave that on.” Devin straddled the bench and his strong but gentle hands turned me until my back was to him. His hand touched my thigh and drew away. “Go ahead. Straddle the bench. Let them see you. They’re hungry for you. Like I am.”

I closed my eyes and dragged my leg over the bench. I felt sluggish and hot. My mouth ran dry and my ears rang. I whispered, “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”

A light nip on my shoulder made me jump. He spoke against my skin.

“If you don’t like it, we won’t do it again. Let it go. Experience it.” It sounded like a promise. One this stranger couldn’t really make. That there’d be another time.

“This is the best I could do, with the oil. I could secure the room, but not get the best cream for a woman of your amazing ability. But it’s edible. So we’ll make do.”

The rest of the tension left me as I giggled. “I’m not sure what’s funnier, that you called my milk jugs an amazing ability or that you’re using edible oil on me so you can still suckle.”

“And I will.” He kissed my shoulder then his hand covered the spot, as if he trapped the kiss. “Lean back.”

The first contact of my naked back to his warm chest gave an erotic charge of its own. I fell into him and his strong arms. I hadn’t been held in so long—I didn’t even know when. Tears stung my nose and I cleared my throat.

“Where’d you go there?”

“I’m right here.” I wiggled my ass further back and connected with the hard ridge in his slacks. “You’re still dressed.”

“And you’re wearing nothing but my diamonds and those sexy shoes I want to lick.” He nipped my neck again and pulled the skin a bit. The sting was welcome. Enticing. “But not today. Today we have this.”

He brought his arm around and in his hand he held a bottle, tipped toward my chest. His arm brushed over mine. Heated oil dribbled on me just below my neck. It slid down and I gasped. The cold trembled over me in rivulets of oil. My gasp stuttered and drew out as one drop slid all the way down to my crotch.

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