Did You Like That?


Amanda and I were both seniors in high school when we started dating. She had moved to our small New Jersey town from California during our sophomore year. Throughout high school, she was always quiet and reserved while I was your typical class clown. We both took ‘advanced placement’ curriculum, so we found ourselves in the same classes every year. She wasn’t considered an attractive girl. But she wasn’t trying to be. She didn’t wear makeup or do her hair in the current fashion. Her cloths were as plain as everything else about her.

At the beginning of our senior year, she sat next to me in physics class. While she was looking for a book in her gym bag one morning, I noticed she had a cd of a band I loved. I thought I was the only person within a hundred miles who liked that band. So, I asked her about it. She seemed both confused and annoyed I was talking to her. I pressed on though. Every day she opened up a little bit more about music, movies and books she had read. Eventually, I persuaded her to let me take her to the movies.

Amanda turned out to be amazingly deep, smart and funny. She hated New Jersey and couldn’t wait to get back west. She and her mother moved here after her parent’s divorce. Her mother was originally from our town. Amanda wasn’t interested in compromising her interests and personality just to fit in with the popular crowd in school. She saw her time in New Jersey as a sort of prison sentence. She was just doing her time until she was set free. She was shocked that I had tried to talk to her. I was her apparent opposite; popular, a varsity football player, basically one of the most known people in school.

We were both 18-year-old virgins when we started dating. Girls from our town didn’t often give it up. It was a small school and no one wanted to be known as ‘the one girl who would have sex’. So I didn’t expect Amanda and I would be making love. Besides, I really liked and respected her. As cool as I thought I was, she was 10 times cooler. She turned me on to counterculture literature, cutting edge bands and art films that I would have never discovered without her. Thankfully, she was patient with my cultural ignorance. We loved each other’s company. We could get lost in deep conversation or just hold each other in contented silence. I was in love with a girl I both adored and admired.

We would have had sex that year if we could. We trusted each other completely. There was no worries of gossip or loss of reputation. The issue was a physical one. She was a very petite young woman. She weighed less than 100 lbs, b cup breast that fit her body perfectly. I could hold both of her ass cheeks in one hand. I was a big, strapping young man. I was over 6 feet tall, a muscular 220 lbs. I had a long, thick cock proportionate to the rest of my big, chiseled body. When Amanda and I were alone and naked, we would lay my erection on her belly. When the base was at her vagina’s entrance, the head was well past her belly button. She would look at me with mock terror and say ‘No way, Jose. That will never fit.’

We were very passionate lovers despite the lack of intercourse. I wanted to please her in every way I could. I was always hyper-sensitive about coming off as a stereotypical small-town New Jersey meathead. So when it came to sex, I gave myself a crash course in female anatomy and how to pleasure a woman. I traveled to every mall and bookstore within a hundred miles, searching for any and all publications on how to be a master lover. Many a store clerk gave me the stink eye as I stood for hours in the Couples/Marriage section reading The Guide to Cunninglingus, The Joy of Sex, The Art of Pleasing a Woman, and on and on. I would always stagger out of the stores trying (usually unsuccessfully) to hide my hardon.

I loved licking Amanda’s sweet pussy and she loved having me lick it. I could make her cum in 5 minutes or keep her on the edge of release for an hour. I could make her come over and over until she literally passed out. It was passionate, intimate and always a physical expression of the love I felt. For her part, she couldn’t really suck my dick too long as it hurt her jaw. But she worshipped it with kisses, sucks and nibbles all along the head, shaft and balls. When she was ready, she’d grab the shaft with two hands (she needed two) and vigorously jerk up and down. It never took long for me to start cumming. She would wrap her lips over my meatus and try to Escort Ankara drink down my ejaculate. She was ravenous for it. If any were to spill on my balls or belly, she would lap it up with a hungry growl.

Still, we both yearned to love each other in the ultimate way. There was a two week break after our final class and before graduation. Amanda was going to spend it in California with her father. The plan was, when she got back, we would slowly introduce dildos into her until she could accommodate me. Obviously, we’d start with small, finger-sized vibrators and over the summer, use larger and larger toys until we felt she could take me. We were both looking forward to this summer project.

We said a tearful goodbye to each other the night before she left. She’d only be gone for two weeks, but she was my love, my lover and my best friend. I was going to miss her terribly every moment she was gone. Indeed, the first few days seemed torturous to my over-romantic, love-drunk teenage heart. But then I got a call from Amanda’s mother. My own mother had answered the phone.

“Uh, Jonathan… It’s Amanda’s mother wanting to speak to you.”

My mom handed me the phone while giving me the most disapproving of looks. My parent did not like Amanda’s mother. They like Amanda, but not her mother. She was a single mother, didn’t go to church and dressed like a new age hippy. My mother even once observed, ‘That woman doesn’t wear a bra!’ Like that was the ultimate sin a woman could commit. Such was the mentality of our shitty little town.


“Hi Jonathan, do you have some time to come see me this afternoon? I’d like to talk to you.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll be over around 1 o’clock.”

I liked Amanda’s mom very much. Like her daughter, she was smart, funny, well-read and liked good music. And yes, it was true she didn’t wear a bra. She had magnificent d cups. Often her fat nipples would protrude from under her blouse. She’d catch me staring and give me a wink and a smile. I never took it as anything other than a parent catching me being naughty. I’d give her a smile back and it was all good.

Sometimes, she, Amanda and myself would all be sitting on the couch watching a movie. Amanda and I would be holding each other under a blanket while her mother was only a foot away. Amanda would take my cock out and slowly jerk and squeeze it throughout the feature. I was really pressed to act interested in the film. I often suspected her mother knew what was going on under that blanket. She just happened to be the coolest mom ever and didn’t make a big deal about it.

So I was curious but happy about going to visit. I made up a lie to my disapproving parents about a tree having fallen on her property and she needed me to help remove it. When I arrived, she greeted me with a big smile and a long, warm, loving hug. She was 40 years old. She had long, fire-red hair. She smelled fantastic, like flowers from some far off tropical island. She was only a couple inches taller than her daughter but weighed about 50 pounds more. And I would guess most all of that extra weight was in her matronly tits and ass. Unlike her daughter, I would’ve needed two hands to hold her ass.

She wore an ankle-length tie dye dress that didn’t hide the fact she was naked underneath. Not only were her nipples announcing their swollen presence, but as she led me into the house, her ass cheeks rose and fell unhindered as she walked before me. There was a particular odor in the room I had detected on previous visits. Amanda said it was marijuana her mother smoked on occasion. I didn’t mind it. In fact, I looked forward to the day when Amanda was up for experimenting with it.

She had me sit on the couch. She sat right next to me, almost hip-to-hip. I could see she had put on some make up. She usually was all natural, but she sure knew how to enhance her beauty when she wanted to. I suddenly felt nervous. I had never been alone with this gorgeous woman before. I had no idea what she wanted and there was a powerful vibe in the air. I just didn’t understand what it was about.

“I just spoke to Amanda before you arrived. She’s enjoying herself. She says she misses you.”

Her voice was just a little deeper, a little more musical, a little sweeter than normal

“I miss her too. So much. And it has only been a couple days.”

She put her hand on my thigh. It could have been interpreted Ankara Escort as just a warm, motherly gesture. But it made my heart pound.

“You know Jonathan, Amanda tells me everything. I mean everything.”

Yeah right, I thought. Parents always think their children tell them everything. There was no way Amanda told her about our orgasm-drenched romps, let alone our plans to make intercourse possible that summer.

She must have caught a glint of skepticism in my eye.

“I know you two have been lovers”, she half-whispered as she ran a finger up and down my jean-covered thigh. Her eyes were on my slowly expanding cock, worming its way slowly down my pant leg as my nervousness turned into excitement.

“She’s told me your tongue is magic. I think you make my daughter cum more in a week than I have my whole life.”

I was feeling very warm. I was trying to control my breathing. Still, I wasn’t feeling ashamed. She was speaking with a tone of admiration, even envy for how I pleasured her daughter.

“I’m sorry you two haven’t been able to make love. I want to tell you, I really appreciate how caring and gentle you’ve been with Amanda. I know how driven a boy can be when he wants to be inside his girlfriend. You’ve been so understanding. I think your plan for getting her ready for you might work. Just take it slow and be patient. Ok?”

She was now looking into my eyes, our faces but an inch or two apart. I could only nod my head in agreement. She smiled than gave me a soft kiss. As her lips lightly pressed mine, she made a low purring noise. After several pulse-racing seconds, she pulled away. She smiled lovingly at me. Then my flexing, steel-hard rod caught her attention.

“Oh Jonathan! Oh my… Honey… I want to give you something Amanda can’t right now.”

She leaned into me, her lips to my ear. She whispered.

“I want to give you my body. I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours.”

As she breathed into my ear, her hand had found my erection. She palmed the fat head. Then continued down the shaft.

“Would you like that, honey? Would you like to pound my wet pussy with this monster?”

My brain was in a fog of lust. “Oh fuck yes,” was my moan in response.

She lifted herself off the couch. She took my hand and had me stand before her. She lifted my shirt off over my head. She growled in approval before clamping her mouth to my nipple and sucking. I had to catch myself as my knees buckled with the sensation. Amanda always kissed and licked me with enthusiasm. But her mother attacked me with a wild hunger. She bit, kissed and sucked her way down my torso until she was on her knees. She looked up at me. In her eyes was a woman possessed with lust. She roughly tugged and pulled until my pants could be pushed down and taken off. My cock was fully erect, sticking straight up and slapping against my belly with every heartbeat.

She grabbed it with both hands and lowered the head so she could inhale it. The four or five inches she could get into her mouth got the sucking of their life. She was loud as she worked my cock. She moaned with pure pleasure as if my 18 year old erection was the greatest thing she ever tasted. Drool ran down the shaft and off my balls. She slurped it back into her mouth obscenely.

She may have wanted to make me cum, to drink my jizz like her daughter oh so relished. But she had offered her pussy. And I intended to take her up on that offer. I withdrew my cock from her mouth and pulled her to her feet. She looked confused as to why she was taken from her afternoon feast of teen pre-cum. Our lips found each other. Our tongues wrestled in total abandon. All the while, she continued to jack my cock with both hands. Again, I felt the impending rush of my seed. I pulled her hands away. I lifted her dress over her head. I stepped back. She was an erotic vision almost too hot to be true. Her freckled upper chest was red with the flush of passion. Her breast hung full and mouthwatering, topped with dark red half dollar sized areola and fat, half inch nipples. Nipples that begged for a sucking mouth. She had a slight, feminine paunch above a smoothly shaved kitty cat. A pinky finger tip of a clit poked out between two delectable labia.

I scooped her up in my arms and she squealed with delight. I carried her up to Amanda’s room, where I had lapped at her daughter’s folds countless Ankara Escort Bayan times. As I climbed the stairs, her mother bit and sucked my earlobe. Breathlessly asking,

“Are you going to fuck me? Are you going to fuck me with that beautiful cock? Huh? Are you going to fill me with cum, baby?”

The exertion of carrying her up the stairs was just enough to keep my orgasm at bay. I laid her out on Amanda’s neatly made bed. She spread her legs, her pussy looking like a pink rose after a summer rain; beautiful, delicate and soaked. I positioned myself between her legs but kept my erection away from its dreamed of destination. I needed to taste this goddess of a woman first. We made out for a good ten minutes. I had to keep her wrists pinned to the bed as she was fully consumed with the need to be fucked. She would had grabbed me and forced me inside her ravenous womb if I didn’t hold her back.

My kisses leaving her gasping for air, I made my way down her body. I could had nipped, chewed and sucked her amazing tits for an hour, but both our needs demanded I soon keep moving. Down her soft, pillowy belly to the wettest, hungriest pussy I will ever know. I had only begun to flutter my tongue across that fat clit before four or five little squirts of cum splashed across my chin. She was primed for a massive orgasm and I was going to give it to her with my mouth. But she screamed and begged me to fuck her instead. She pulled at my hair and ears so insistently, I could not deny her.

I again positioned myself between her legs, this time allowing her to grab my hard rod. She swiped the head back and forth along the length of her drenched opening. Looking into my eyes, she asked,

“Are you ready, Jonathan? Are you ready to be inside your first woman?”

“Oh God, yes. Yes!” The heat of her needful opening was drawing my whole being like a magnet.

She placed my cock head at her vaginal opening. She tilted up her hips and pushed. The spongy helmet slid past her drenched gates. Her eyes were wide opened. I couldn’t tell if she was feeling panic or ecstasy at first. She then closed her eyes and pulled me down so we were cheek to cheek.

“Slow baby, slow… Oh my God… yes… yes… Baby? Baby?! BABY?!? BAAAAAABYYYYYY!!”

She threw her pussy down the length of erection. My cock head nudging hard against her cervix. Her vagina pulsed violently around my length. She felt like a hot velvet vice throbbing form her center to mine. She dug her nails into my neck and shoulder as waves of agony and pleasure crashed within her racked her body. It took almost five minutes for her to be relieved of the most intense of her orgasmic contractions. Finally, her tight hold of me began to relax. I heard soft sobbing and lifted my head. She was indeed crying.

“Are you ok?” I gently asked.

She didn’t answer. She silently nodded her head as tears of joy ran down her face. She pulled my head down again as I slowly began the ancient rhythm of mating.

“You are absolutely incredible,” she hotly whispered through the tears. “Did you like that? Did you like the way I came all over your magnificent cock? I’ve never felt anything so amazing. I hope you love this pussy because it’s yours. This pussy is yours forever.”

My mouth found hers. She tasted like blood and tears. A mist of pussy juice sprayed between our bodies every time our pubis slapped together. I wondered if anything could ever be as hot and delicious as that moment. But I couldn’t stay there for long. Yet again, I felt the rushing of my load making its way to the root of my shaft. This time nothing would stop its release. Amanda’s mother was also on the doorstep of another orgasm.

“Jonathan? Baby? I’m cumming again! Baby, you’re making me cum again!”

“Oh God… Me too! Me too!”

“Yes baby! YES! Fill me up! YESSSSS!”

We locked lips and moaned in unison as our orgasms hit simultaneously with the force of a head-on train collision. I felt at least 6 full blasts of jizzum shoot out of my shaft. I more than filled her uterus with my seed. The excess spurting out between my cock and her labia. My whole body trembled with the release. Below me, Amanda’s mom was frozen, as if she was locked in a full body seizure. A wave of panic hit me as her face turned crimson and her eyes stared out into nothing. Suddenly, she gasped in a massive gulp of air and curled into a shivering, moaning ball of contractions. I spooned my body behind hers, hold her in my arms until she could get control of herself. Once she was back on Earth, she silently turned to me and passed out, her legs entwined with mine and her arms holding on to me as if she would never, ever let me go.

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