Dinner Interrupted


**This was written on behalf of someone special to me and expresses one of her desires. I think she approves of it. :-)**

The drive to dinner was uneventful until we hit the traffic lights in the city. It was stop, start the last couple of miles. Being a nice spring day, there was plenty of foot traffic as well and we both seemed to just drift off looking at the passersby.

Catching you staring at one woman, I leaned over and slid my hand up your knee.

“See something you like?”

“What…? Oh, I…” Both of us laughing, knowing that we have always enjoyed looking and flirting around each other.

My hand continued up, giving you a little squeeze to let you know it was ok with me. Your cock soft but still easy to find under your slacks and boxers. Feeling playful, I kept it there as you continued working the way through traffic.

At the next light, a young woman crosses in front of us. She’s dark haired, thin, pretty I think with long legs and a nice ass. Both of us watching as she strolls by, I feel your cock stir and thicken a bit in my hand.

“Oh, do you like her?” My fingers tightening a bit, then lightly stroking you.

“I think she’s nice, and such a nice ass like yours.”

Halfway across, she turns to look into the car. Did she feel our eyes on her? Or sense our interest? Either way, she makes eye contact with me and I feel a blush rise up. Before I can react further, she’s gone.

“Well, seems I’m not the only one who finds her attractive.” Its only then that I realize how flushed, and how much firmer my grip on you, I’ve become.

I look over and see a twinkle in your eye. I smile, wondering if you knew or suspected of my attaction to girl/girl sex. How I’ve explored that side of myself and wanted to explore it with you.

I give you wicked grin, and in the best innocent voice I can manage, “There’s nothing wrong with me enjoying the sight of another pretty woman. Women really dress for other women anyway. Men could care less about the clothes and all that goes into getting ourselves presentable. All you want is to have your dick sucked Escort Eryaman and you could care less if we were in rags and ugly once all you can see if the top of our heads!”

“Then you’re just critiquing her clothes then eh?” A short chuckle accompanying his statement and before he can utter another word, we are interrupted by a car horn behind us. The light having changed several moments earlier.

“No, that’s not all I was looking at…,” my sentence drifting to an end as you become fully erect under my palm. Surprised that you seem excited by my admission, I decide to take advantage and push it further. “I do think about what she looks like without clothes and what she might be like in bed.”

My fingers move along your shaft, making you shift your weight in the seat to become more comfortable and so you can enjoy it. Your cock straining against the fabic of your pants, I continue my teasing and testing. “And I suppose you were thinking of something different? Don’t think I don’t know that you would love to get a hot young thing like that in bed…”

Before you can answer but after a short pause, I add in a low but clear articulated voice, “…with or without me. Just as I was doing.”

The sudden flash of shock in your facial features isn’t lost on me, and I know that you heard me exactly. Your eyes dart over to see if I’m kidding or, and I can see your mind working around the ‘can’t be’ concept, serious. To ensure you understand my intentions, my fingers pass along the confirmation directly to you. In those touches that have let you know for years in bed what I like and don’t like.

The rest of the trip is in silence. You mulling over the possibilities this short exchange might portend, while mine wonders if this might finally break that ice for us. To change thoughts into words, words into actions.

Waiting for you to ask. Would I really? Then where would this lead us. Would I tell you all the things I want to try? The things I have tried? I want you to ask, so I can tell and we can do.

Pulling into the restaurant parking lot, you take a space Eryaman Escort in the corner of the lot. You turn the car off but neither of us moves. Well, there’s the movement of my hand but otherwise we remain still.

Just as I’m thinking that you might let me just jerk you off into your pants, you face me. “I love how you touch my cock and I don’t want you to stop. But we should if we’re going to go in.”

Sensing another moment that requires another push from me, I don’t stop. My hunger for food replaced by my hunger for something else. With my free hand, I reach over and unzip you instead.

“What if you could have her hand on you instead of mine?” You don’t answer but rather take in a gulp of air trying to decide whether to take that leap with me. I lower my voice, “Or what if I held it while she licked at the head?” My hand moving inside your open zipper and taking hold of you.

Your cock is so hard I have a difficult time getting it out of your pants. But I get it out, and I’m jerking you as we sit, faces turned to each other.

“Her pretty face, pretty young face, between your legs. Sucking you, while I watch. Then telling and showing her what you like.”

Precum is leaking out and making your cock slick in my fist. My pace increases.

“And after you cum in her mouth…it will be my turn. To have her between my legs, licking me.”

Your eyes widen in surprise and sudden lust. Finally seeing into the first pages in the book of my hidden desires. Your cock throbbing in my hand, I feel your hand behind my head. Pulling me to your face.

We kiss, deep and hot. My hand never stopping. Your tongue rough in my mouth. Knowing that I’ve given you approval to think and to do. To do, what I’ve wanted to do for so long. And my kiss makes certain that it will happen.

I suck on your tongue. Loving the moan that it draws from you. Taking charge for the time being. Still in charge, I release your cock then your mouth.

“Wait…why are you…?”

My movements quick and certain, my panties pulled down and I’m in your lap. Your hand had replaced Eryaman Escort Bayan mine. Holding and jerking in the short seconds that it took me to ready. Before lowering onto you, I watch you fist yourself.

You push to the right for more room so that the steering wheel is out of the way. This gives me the room I need and I ease down on your cock. It fills me, stretches me open, until I am seated fully upon it. Looking into your eyes.

Knees on the seat as I straddle you, I lift and fall on your cock. My arms over your shoulders. Still in charge, I’m fucking you and you are sitting there, enjoying it for all its worth. Still uncertain whether I want what I just told you I desired. But now I know that all uncertainty will soon be gone and my fucking you is just the beginning of it.

My mouth at your ear. “After you cum in me, we’ll go look for her.” I’m pushed up a bit as now your hips drive forward. A smile on my lips.

“She works in that store on the corner where we saw her. Her name is Jenny.” A moan fills the confined space of the car and I move faster. Squeezing you as I rise and fall. Feeling and hearing my wetness flowing over you.

Your mouth at my throat, I lift my head and continue. “We can either take her back to our house, or rent a motel room. Her place it too far for tonight.”

Grunts now from both of us. Our sex hard and needful. I take your head with my hands so we again are looking into each other’s face. “I want you to watch me with her, as I make her cum again and again. Then you can fuck her. I want to see you fuck her.”

Hot spurts of your cum shoot deep inside my pussy. I hear you groan out in your orgasm but I too intent upon my own to allow it to really enter my consciousness. All I know is that the warmth of your cum is mixing with my own liquid heat and spilling out of me as I continue to fuck you.

As I near my peak, you words cut through the haze of my lust. “I want to see you lick her pussy…and to taste her on you…and you on her. The two of you together would make me cum just watching.” This pushes me over and I cry out as I cum and cum and cum.

After a few minutes, our panting is reduced to heavy breathing then finally to normal. I remain in your lap, soft kisses without words as we calm ourselves. You smile and I smile back at you. Wondering when should I tell you the rest of it.

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