Dirty Talk Ch. 1

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Miranda lie on the silk sheets of her bed, her laptop sitting next to her as her hands wandered across her excited body. The story that kept her so enthralled caused her breath to quicken; of course, her fingers stroking and circling her hard little button could have been the reason she was out of breath.

Moaning softly, her probing fingers came to be not enough. She reached into her bedside table to get the vibrator she kept for occasions such as these. Pulling out the little cock shaped vibrator, she became even more excited by the soft hum. The noise was quickly mirrored by her gasp as she placed the cool tool against her burning slit. One hand came to pinch and twist her nipple as the other hand worked the vibrator around and around her clit. Gasping for breath, each exhale was a small cry as she turned up the speed. Soon, her hips were gyrating in time with the artificial dick between her legs and in tune with her hand massaging her hard nipple. The tension built and built as her body convulsed on the bed. Heat filled her and her eyes rolled back into her sockets with pure pleasure: She let out a muffled scream with her release.

She lie still for several minutes, still breathing heavy and her muscles still convulsing involuntarily from the orgasm she had given herself. As the euphoria slid from her body she frowned. It wasn’t fair she had to “give herself” pleasure. Sighing, she strolled to the bathroom, unconcerned with her nudity. Turning on the shower, she walked back to the bed to put away her “toys.” Parker would be here soon. She smiled brightly at the thought of her loving boyfriend, who always smelled of Italian food after a long day at work. He would complain, and she, drowning in the sight, feel, taste and, yes, smell of him, would always tell him he smelled delicious. It wasn’t a lie either: she wanted to eat the boy with a spoon.

She wiped her juices from the smooth surface of the now quiet vibrator and put it back in its place. Parker would be hurt to see she was satisfying herself and, so, she did her best to keep it from him. Miranda sighed once again as she slid beneath the too hot water. She quickly washed her hair, hoping to be out and beautiful before he came through the door, but as her soapy hands ran over the fullness of her breasts, her soft tummy down to the still sticky source of her arousal, she became lost in her body again. Slipping one soapy finger into her slick pussy, her legs shook. God, she was so horny, and, in her mind, Parker was there. Humming her enjoyment, she closed her eyes so she could see her lover as his hand caressed her.

His lips searched out hers in a passionate kiss that left her wanting more. The water became his body as she slid a second finger inside her now dripping hole. Her palm opened over her still oversensitive clit, she began moaning as he kneeled before her to lick her clean. With that thought she slid down her shower wall, spreading her legs to aid him in his oral pursuit. He grasped her ass to pull her closer to his mouth.

He teased her, licking all around her outer lips and avoiding the source of her pleasure. She squirmed in a mixture of delight and frustration. Finally, having enough of this torture, she gently directed his mouth to where she needed it most. The first contact of his tongue on her clit sent shivers straight down her spine and Miranda called out in ecstasy. He suckled her clit as a child would a bottle, as if he could not get enough of her. Alternately flicking and sucking on her clit, he slid two fingers inside of her gently, crooking them to touch the softness of her.

Miranda was delirious by now, calling out “Please… Oh, God…. Yes that’s it… oh God, fuck me… fuck me now…”

He became relentless: his mouth ravishing her until she couldn’t think, hear, feel anything but the warmth of his Escort Sincan tongue and the roughness of his hands. She screamed and didn’t bother to muffle it this time.

When she could move again, several minutes later, Miranda got up and began drying herself off. Although the orgasms had released some of the tension in her body, it quickly returned when she thought of Parker. They had been best friends for 4 years, dating for a year next month and yet they had not become lovers. In the beginning, she had realized that his past religious beliefs were still in battle with his newfound life. He was a 20 year-old virgin and had planned to stay that way until he got married. Now, his beliefs had changed. Nine months later, they still hadn’t made love. Miranda now feared that this lack of passion was because of her.

She stood in front of the full-length mirror; she scrutinized every detail of her body. Its true she wasn’t astoundingly beautiful, she wasn’t the petite almost bulimic look that most boys her age loved. She had a pretty face and nice figure though. With raven colored hair and blue eyes, her pale skin looked like ivory normally: right now it had the heat of after-sex. Miranda took pride in her 36D full breasts and pale pink nipples. She liked the softness of her tummy, not tight but not flabby either. She smiled at her hairless mound and smooth thighs that led to the length of her muscled legs. Could it be Parker didn’t think she was beautiful? The idea brought tears to her eyes.

They had a great relationship outside of the physical. They spent hours talking and laughing over anything and everything. He was the rock she leaned on, and she knew more about him than anyone he had ever met. Before him, she had been commitment afraid: she left everyone before they could get inside her heart, and he had not ventured into any type of healthy relationship whatsoever. The love was there… she knew that for sure. They trusted each other and she couldn’t imagine being without him in some way for the rest of her life. Talking had never before been a problem but, whenever the topic led to sex, he avoided it and her as if she could give him the plague.

No, no. She wiped at the tears that streamed down her face. Parker was always quick to kiss and hold her. He would kiss her softly and slowly on the lips, deepening the kiss as his hands came up to cup her face as if he worshipped her. He cupped her breast through her clothes and moaned as she nibbled on his neck and ears. He would never remove more than his and her shirt and his hands never strayed far. Even caressing her breast had happened seldom, and only after hours of other touches. He moved against her and she swore she could feel him hard in his pants. Whenever she reached down to pull at the button of his pants, he froze and pulled her hands away, placing them back on his shoulders.

Normally, this was okay with Miranda, but it was almost a year, and she was feeling undesirable. He seemed to be spending less and less time with her. With work, and college, both had been so busy lately. Her mind never began to replace logic with the deep-seated fears that haunted her heart: He didn’t love her, he didn’t want her and that would never change. She began to get depressed and lose control of her emotions. Just last night, she cried after he left her with a plate of cold pasta and the excuse of a paper that was due tomorrow. If she hadn’t felt so awful, she would have understood; she, herself, had a paper due the next day.

Hearing the knock at the door, she realized she was still standing naked in front of the mirror. She quickly wrapped a towel around her frame and ran to see her love.

He had opened the door by then, and his head was peering in carefully. “Miranda? Where are you?”

“Right here baby.” She smiled at Sincan Escort his shocked face as she pranced around in the tiny towel that accentuated all the right curves and barely covered what should be to be considered “decent.” She walked over to him and pulled him by his tie down to kiss her deeply. Slightly breathless, he pulled away a few moments later, “Woah… what has gotten into you tonight?”

“I’m just happy to see my boyfriend is that okay?” She asked sweetly, leading him by the hand to her room.

“That’s certainly okay… umm… aren’t you a little cold?”

“That’s what you are here for, babe: to keep me warm.” She smiled, having sat on the side of her large bed, looking up at him. Reaching for him, she pulled at the buttons of his dress shirt with her long fingers. She had his tie off and his shirt halfway unbuttoned when he still her hands.

“Uh… I, uh, can’t stay long I –”

She cut him off, “Shhhhh…. Kiss me. Kiss me now.”

She stood to push herself against his firm body. Lifting her arms to wrap around his shoulders forced him to slide his hands down her arms to her sides or buttocks. She began kissing him and, each time he pulled away, she became more insistent.

“Kiss me! I want your tongue inside my mouth. I have to taste you. Kiss me…”

She nibbled at his lips, sliding her tongue over them until he sighed and she gained access. Thrusting her tongue into his mouth, she moved closer so that her whole body was pressing to his. The towel began to slip as his hands ran over the length of her hair and back. She could feel his trepidation begin to seep in again.

“Oh, Parker… you taste so sweet. I want to feel your hands on my skin. I’m aching for you…”

He groaned and slammed his mouth back onto hers. She squirmed causing the towel to fall to the ground and him to moan as he touched her bare skin.

“I want your chest to scrape against my nipples… they’re so hard, Parker, so hard…” She was gasping for breath but her words seemed to have the desired affect for, at once, he ripped the shirt from his back and pulled her to him again. He led her backwards to the bed until he lie on top of her. Miranda had never felt so whole as she did with him on top of her sensitive skin.

His breath at her neck was shaking her to the core. His hands sliding, so sensually, up and down her sides was threatening her ability to think straight.

“God, you feel so good baby, don’t stop… please.” She whispered, wriggling under his touch.

He groaned and attacked her neck savagely with teeth and tongue. Miranda cried out, digging her nails into his back and lifted her thighs so to clasp at him with her calves. She felt him hard against her and she knew that this was it. She had won. He was hers!

“Mmmm, you are so hard… it makes me wet knowing I make you hard… I’m so wet…”

He growled in response to this and his hands on her ribs squeezed harder. He didn’t stop at her neck as he always had before, but continued his tongue lashing downward to her breasts. He slid his mouth down the center as his hands both came up to flick her nipples. He then traced the outer circumference of her breasts with short flicks of tongue.

“Yes! Yes! Baby… lick my little nipples… oh… mmmm” She cried cupping his head to her breast.

She used her heels to attempt to bring him, again, to her craving mouth but he refused, and instead with a loud groan he took her nipple into his warm mouth. His tongue swirling around: flicking and sucking at the same time was driving her to the brink of insanity.

“Oh yes…so warm… I’ve wanted this forever… your tongue, your teeth, mmm sucking…” Her hands pulled at her hair as she purred her satisfaction.

With almost a growl, he kissed his way down to her belly, paying special attention to her Sincan Escort Bayan ribs and navel. His hands swept her sides and legs.

Instinctively, her legs spread as his hands cupped beneath her thighs. He had her lifted off of the bed, his mouth so close to her she could feel his warm breath on her extended clit. She stared at him, without moving, without saying a word. She just stared as he examined her. Her mind wasn’t functioning anymore; her brain was on overload. Miranda had just fantasized of her lover licking her and, now, it was coming true! Suddenly, he dropped her to the bed as if she had burned him. He stood quickly and backed away from her.

“I’m…I’m so sorry Miranda… I… I… didn’t know what I was doing. I lost control.” He had such fear in his eyes that she jumped off the bed to comfort him but was stopped by his extended hand.

“No… don’t touch me… I… was awful tonight… I should have respected you… I need to get out of here…” He grabbed his shirt and tie and almost ran to the door.

“Wait! Parker! Don’t leave me! I love you!” She began to sob, knowing full well she had lost him forever because of her ill-fated attempt at seduction.

“I love you too, Miranda, and that is why I’m leaving you now before I lose control again.” He said from the door.

“Youre supposed to lose control… that’s what passion is all about.”

“I don’t know what passion is all about, Miranda… I just know what love is about… and I am not going to lose you because I don’t know how to please you… I refuse to lose you… and I thought you knew that. I have it set in my mind that I won’t do anything and then… I get here… and you’re sleeping… or you’re in the shower and I cant help but think about touching you… and…. Grrrr… tonight you were saying those things… and I couldn’t stop myself. Damn it Miranda, I wont!”

So it was the dirty talk that made him so bold earlier? Miranda sat there, quiet as a mouse, listening to the man she loved telling her that he wanted her but was too afraid to take it a step further. He wanted her! The second part could be solved, maybe not tonight, but soon. She smiled, a plan already forming in her mind.

“I understand, baby. Could you just kiss me before you leave? I promise I won’t be bad again… I wont try to get you to touch me. Please?” She curled up in a ball on the bed, and watched him walk slowly across the room towards her. He stopped twice as if to bolt out the door any second, but continued to the bed.

He started to peck her lips, but she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him to her. He remained in control this time, but the desire was just beneath the surface of his kiss. He caressed her tongue slowly and softly and she could feel her juices start to run down her inner thigh.

After kissing her softly, he said. “I really do love you, Miranda. I swear I do.”

“Stay with me tonight, Parker? Please?” She asked in a small voice, whether or not she decided to seduce him tonight, she needed to have him near her.

She saw his hesitation and had the rebuttal ready. “I’ll even put on some big pajamas…” She smiled her sweetest smile, knowing he couldn’t resist.

“Okay, love, but please put on a t-shirt…” he smiled and chucked her under the chin.

“No, I want to wear your dress shirt. Take it off.”

She kneeled on the bed and once again unbuttoned his shirt while he openly stared at her breasts. He was flushed and she could still see the outline of his erection through his pants. He lifted a finger to her nipple and touched it softly. She immediately reacted to the touch by leaning into his open hand. Her nipple hardened at the continued attention it was given. She shuddered inwardly and sighed.

“You are so beautiful, angel…”

There was no way she would let this boy leave her tonight. He was her best friend, her boyfriend, and tonight they would truly begin their love affair. She just had to figure out a way to break down the walls inside his mind and heart. She had a feeling it would be a long night, and maybe even a long month. She smiled at the thought.

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