Do as I say, Baby Girl


*For a woman, written by a man.

Disclaimer: I wrote this as part of a writing prompt I found on reddit where a woman wanted to be dressed up and used. She let us decide if it would be sweet and loving or to abuse her as our own fuck toy.

She wanted either links of what we’d dress her up in or to be very descriptive, I used links originally, but this site doesn’t allow them, so I went back and described what I had in mind.

She mentioned a few of her kinks (ones I chose to go with being cunnilingus and anal, as well as going with her original theme of “I am your slave and my body belongs to you.”), so I put some of them in there.

Sometime just before I finished this story, she deleted her account (less than nine hours after posting the prompt). Now I want someone to read it, so I’m putting it here. I’m not really a writer, so some of you may not like how it’s written, not to mention possible spelling and grammar errors.

Also, for those of you that like it, I may not do any more. I happened across this post, was inspired by it and past events (which some of this story is based upon), and decided I needed to do this. So here it is, for better or worse, whether it’s good or bad.

Also note that I wrote this story using her user name from time to time to make it more personal, but since I’m not sending it to her anymore, I have begrudgingly changed all instances of her name into pet names. *


Call me Fenrir. We’ve been together for a little while, long enough that we have keys to each other’s apartment. We’ve both been busy with work lately, so we haven’t had much time to see each other recently, but we still text and call when we can.

You have a very hectic and stressful job, compounded by the fact that your boss is a douche and your coworkers are idiots. Because of these facts, your coworkers come to you instead of their boss when they need help (which is way too often in your opinion) and you end up making a majority of the decisions of how things get done (which your douche boss doesn’t mind since he can just take credit for it later, and he wonders why you refuse all his sexual advances toward you), not a place you’d thought you’d be at this stage in your career.

Also, because of some major project going on, you’ve been working some over time and haven’t really had a day off this week. In one of your rants to me while we were talking on the phone a few days ago, you told me how you were really tired of being the one “in charge” and really needed some time to just switch off and enjoy yourself. An idea forms in my head.

You’ve told me your project is set to be finished on Friday, so you’ll actually have the weekend off. I tell you not to make any plans, that we’ll be spending the weekend together, and that you’ll feel refreshed by Monday. You ask me what we’ll be doing, but I tell you it’s a secret. I spend my free time over the next few days getting ready.

Finally, it’s Friday. You get home around five, tired, but excited to have the next few days off and to see what my secret is all about. You put your purse on the table, immediately noticing the note I’ve left you.

It reads “Welcome home. From this point on, you are to do everything I instruct. To disobey me is to bring about severe consequences. Good little girls get rewarded, bad girls get punished. Be my good girl tonight. First, make yourself a drink. After that, you are to go directly into the bathroom.

Take a bath and make sure you are clean and freshly shaven. Once your bath is complete, dry off and feel free to apply lotion if you want, but no makeup. I want to see your beautiful face tonight, not a bunch of powder and creams. After all that, then you can go to your room. There, I have laid out clothes that you are to wear. Put them on, then kneel down on the floor and wait for me.

I’ll be arriving around seven, so feel free to enjoy your bath a bit, but you better be ready by the time I get there. -Fenrir”

You smile and wonder what I have planned for tonight. You always liked it when I took charge, and thoughts of the last few times I did have already gotten you a little wet. You go to the kitchen and make your favorite drink, savoring the taste. You walk to the bathroom with your drink and notice I’ve moved the clothes hamper to the bathroom.

You start the water, take off your work clothes and put them in the hamper, and finish your drink. As the tub continues to fill, you decide you want another drink. It’s winter, so it gets dark earlier, but the sun is still up, and you’ve left your blinds up.

Walking back to the kitchen naked knowing someone might happen to look in and see you and your sexy body gives you a bit of a thrill. You make another drink and head back to the bathroom.

You turn off the water and slip into the tub. The warm water feels really good on your skin. You start to relax, feeling some of the stress from your very long week start to slip away. You decide Escort Eryaman to clean yourself and shave right away. When you finish, you noticed you actually got done rather quickly and have a bit of time before you should get out, so you decide to just enjoy the water and relax for a little bit.

As you sit there, you again begin to think of what I have planned, and start to slowly run your hands over yourself as you think of some of our last encounters. As you start to play with your tits, squeezing them, massaging them, rubbing your nipples, you remember the time you modeled dresses for me at the mall for one of our friend’s wedding and we ending up having sex in the changing room.

You move your hands down and start to rub your clit and finger your pussy as you remember the first time we had sex, where I started eating you out, and refused to let you do anything else until I had licked, sucked, and fingered three orgasms out of you. As you feel your orgasm building, you think it’d probably be best to hold off on that, and with a lot of will power, you pull the stopper and get out of the tub.

You dry yourself off, apply lotion to your skin, and do a little bit to your hair. You look at yourself in the mirror and admire yourself for a moment. By this time, it’s 6:45, and I’ll be arriving soon, so you apply that perfume you like and head for the bed room. Once there, you notice a bunch of candles spread out all around your room that weren’t there this morning. You also notice the clothes I’ve put out for you. They’re new, I got them for you specifically for tonight.

The top is a sexy, sleeveless red baby doll dress. The straps are lace until just under your breasts, allowing just the hint of nipple to be seen. There’s also a frilly lace skirt like part at the bottom that starts at the waist and goes to about your mid thigh, teasing with just barely obstructing a view of your delicious pussy. The panties are very sexy hip hugger low rise red lace panties, covering only part of your ass. There are also red sheer stockings with lace tops. Altogether, a very sexy outfit. You put them on and look at yourself in the mirror, again, admiring yourself.

There’s a sudden noise at the front door and you quickly get into place, kneeling down on the floor between the door and the bed. As you hear the footsteps get closer to the bedroom door, your heart begins to race.

I open the door and we lock eyes. My god, you look even more beautiful and sexy in that outfit than I thought you would. My instinct is to throw you down and fuck you right there, but I have to control myself. I have a plan and we’d both enjoy ourselves more if I stick to it.

You look up at me, noticing I’m wearing slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie. You always love when I get dressed up like that. You stand up to greet me.

“I didn’t tell you could get up, did I? Now kneel back down!” You’re shocked at first, but as I fold my arms in front of my chest and look at you, you take a step back and kneel back down, submitting to my will. “Good girl.” I say, smiling. I then begin to slowly walk around the room, lighting the candles I had set up after you left for work.

I take my time, knowing the anticipation and wonder is getting to you. I close the blinds, then shut off the light. The sun has gone down now, so now it’s just the candle light that lights your bedroom. I’ve set enough up that it’s still rather bright in the room, but softer and less harsh than the light from the ceiling fan.

As you watch me, looking at me in my suit, wondering, knowing you aren’t in control here, you begin to squirm a little in anticipation. You wish so much for me to touch you, to take you, hard and rough, and bring you to the orgasm you denied yourself earlier. But I barely look at you now. I walk over to the dresser, take my phone, wallet, and keys out of my pockets and put them down, then walk over to you.

I stop directly in front of you and look down at you, as you look up into my eyes. “Baby,” I say, “Are you good little girl?”

You nod your head rapidly, “Yes, Fenrir.” I kneel down, putting my face directly in front of yours, so close, you can feel my hot breath on your skin.

You fight back the urge to lean forward and kiss me, remembering how I acted a few minutes ago when you acted out of turn. “So,” I continued, “you’re going to do everything that I say?”

You nod your head again, “Mmhmm.” I lean closer, our lips almost touching, teasing you, seeing the longing in your eyes.

“You sure?” You let out a heavy, ragged breath, and you only manage to nod your head yes. “Good girl.” I say as I stand up. I walk over to the bed and sit down on the edge facing you.

“Stand up, Sexy. Now, dance a little for me, I want to admire how your body looks in that new outfit I got for you.” You close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath, trying to collect yourself.

You pick a tune in your head, then begin Eryaman Escort to slowly sway back and forth in time with it. You twist and turn, making your moves sensual, knowing I don’t care for things like twerking or whatever club rats do.

As you continue to dance for me, you open your eyes, noticing how I’m drinking in your form. You love how I look at you, it turns you on, so you begin to run your hands over your body as you dance, enjoying the smoothness of your own skin and the feeling of the fabric. “That’s it, baby girl, I want you to start to touch yourself,” I say. You run your hands through your hair, down your arms, down your sides, across your stomach, and over your tits. You leave your left hand to play with your tits while your right hand slides downward.

You begin to run it around your pussy and over your thighs as far as you can reach. “Fuck, Babe,” I say, “you always amaze me with just how fucking beautiful and sexy you are. Now come here, put one leg up on the bed, and show me how you touch yourself.”

You walk over and put your left leg up on the bed, facing me. From this angle, I can see up your dress, to your new panties. You begin to slowly rub your pussy through your panties, noticing how much I’m enjoying it. I start, “Baby, are you wet?”

“Yes, Fenrir,” you moan.

“How wet, Baby Girl?”

“Mmmm, very wet.”

“Let me see.”

At this, you pull your panties to the side with one hand, and use the other to spread your pussy lips apart. You are indeed glistening. “You’re not wet enough, make yourself wetter for me.” You begin to rub your clit, up and down, tracing light circles around it, flicking it back and forth. Then, you slide your fingers down and rub your outer lips, pressing just hard enough to get your fingers wet. After a little bit, you push a finger inside, and slowly start to push it in and out.

I lean in closer, getting a better look at what you’re doing. I can smell your pussy juice. It always drives me wild, makes my mouth water. I lean in closer and begin to lightly blow hot air across your clit as you finger yourself. You moan and begin to breath heavier. I tell you to add another finger, and as you slide a second finger in, I begin to kiss, lick, massage, and lightly bite your inner thigh. You bite your lip, loving the sensations, feeling your need grow inside you. I can now hear the light sloping sounds of you fingering your pussy.

You’re soaking wet now, just the way I like you. I grab your hand and pull it away from your pussy, then lick and kiss my way over. I breathe in your scent, becoming intoxicated, and again, blow lightly across your pussy. I look up into your eyes, and you’re staring down at me, begging me to continue. “Put your hands on my head, Baby Girl, run your fingers through my hair while I make you cum with my mouth.” You happily do so.

I turn my attention back to your dripping lips. I ever so lightly lick from the bottom of your slit up and across your clit. Then I do it again. Then again. I add a little pressure and start licking up and down your slit, enjoying your taste. After a little bit, I push my tongue inside you, getting a mouth full of juice. I move my tongue in circles, licking your walls in slow, sensual motions. You’re moaning loudly now, calling my name and saying please.

I take my thumb and rub your clit while I turn my tongue’s attention to the roof of your pussy, trying to find your g spot with my tongue. The new sensations are too much, and after a few seconds, an orgasm rocks through your body. I have to hold you up so you don’t fall, and once it starts to pass, I lay you down on the bed.

A minute or so passes and you come back to your senses. You’re breathing is slowly coming back to normal.

“You ok?” I ask, “or do you need a minute?”

“No no, I’m ok, that was just fucking incredible,” you manage to say, still breathing kind of heavily.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, Baby Girl, but we’re not done yet. Now, do you trust me?” You hesitate at this question, unsure of what I could be planning next.

After a moment, you respond, “Yes, I do.”

“Good girl, now, stand up.” You move to the edge of the bed and stand next to it as I walk over to the dresser. “Turn around,” I command. Like a good girl, you do as you’re told. You hear a drawer open, a little bit of rustling, then the drawer close.

As you hear me walk back toward you, you hear the sound of velcro pulling apart. I grab one of your hands and pull it behind you, wrapping a wrist cuff around it, then do the same with the other one before hooking them together, restraining your hands behind your back.

I turn you back around and kiss you for the first time tonight, passionate, deep, our bodies pressing against each other. I break the kiss and take a few steps back from you. I take my time undressing, taking off my shoes and socks, unknotting my tie, take my time with each button of my shirt. Eryaman Escort Bayan I leave my pants and belt on, reaching into my pocket as I walk toward you again.

As I get close, I take out what I put in there a few minutes ago, and blind fold you. Once I’m sure you can’t see anything, I kiss you again. My hands start to wander your body: over your arms, across your back, pulling you closer. I break our kiss and start to kiss my way up your cheek to your ear, and I tease your ear, licking, blowing, lightly biting, as one of my hands cups your breast and begins to squeeze.

My other hand is rubbing your back, reaching up underneath your dress and lightly graze my finger nails across your skin. My mouth moves its way to your neck, kissing, licking, biting, between your neck, shoulder, and collar bone. My hand at your back is now moving down to your ass, giving it a rub, then a smack, before it gropes you. I’ve always loved your ass, so perfect, the right look, the right feel.

Feeling it in my hand is always a turn on. That being said, I grab your ass and push your waist into me, letting you feel my hard cock press into you. My hand on your ass reaches under the fabric of your panties and begins to lightly press against your ass hole, teasing it, encircling it, slowly pressing into it. You’re moaning loudly again, really enjoying the treatment I’m giving you.

Suddenly, I spin you around and push you onto the bed so that you’re leaning over the edge, chest on the bed, ass in the air. Again, you hear, me walk away, open a drawer, close it, then come back. You feel me move your panties aside again, and then lick from your clit to your asshole. I do lick your pussy a bit, but this time I’m focusing more on your asshole, licking it, licking circles around it it, licking into it a bit, then licking back at your juicy pussy, again licking circles inside, then back to your asshole.

You feel me stop, then feel something press against your pussy lips. As it pushes inside you, you recognize it as being one of our vibrators. You moan a bit as I push it almost all the way inside you. Then, you feel a pressure on your asshole as I’m pushing another vibe slowly into your asshole. Once, I’m satisfied with how far in they are, I turn them both on to a low setting and pull your panties back, holding the vibrators in place.

I then grab you firmly by the hair and pull you back, off the bed, and onto your knees next to the bed. You hear my belt jingle as I take it off, and the sound of cloth rustling which you guess to be my pants. After a moment, you feel my cock press against your face. You hesitate, unsure if you’re supposed to move or not.

“Good girl, you still haven’t acted on your own. Now, go ahead and play with my cock.” At that, you start to lick me, from my balls to the head of my dick, and back down. You kiss it, and lick it, and then finally take it into your mouth. You’ve always thought my cock was the perfect size for you, not to small, not to big. You love the way it filled you up. The vibes teasing you on their low setting causes you to moan around my cock, which causes me to moan as you bob your head up and down my shaft.

After a few minutes, I grab your hair again and force you off my cock, bend down, and turn up the intensity on your vibrators to about medium. This sends a shock through your body. The sudden increase in pleasure causes you to gasp. I grab your hair again and put my balls on your face. “Suck on my balls, Baby!” Like a good girl, you do as you’re told, licking and sucking on my balls, running your tongue over them.

After a few more minutes of this, I pull you off again, and turn your vibes all the way up. You shriek at this, then let out a long moan. As you moan, I shove my cock back into your mouth, guiding you as you blow me, having a firm grasp on your hair as your head moves up and down my shaft. You no longer have any sense of time. An orgasm rips through you again, the constant pleasure of the vibes prolonging it. I can hear and feel you moan around my cock as you orgasm, continuing to fuck your mouth.

Once I’m sure your orgasm has subsided, I stand you up, push you on to the bed on your back, and lift your legs up.

“Are you ready for a real cock, Baby Girl?” I ask.

“Yes, yes please fuck me, Fenrir, please! I need it!” You shout. I pull out the vibe in your pussy and press my cock into it. I take off your blind fold and kiss you again, long, deep, passionate.

Once we break our kiss, I begin to fuck you, your legs on my shoulders and pressed back toward your chest, opening your pussy up for me more. I can feel the vibrations from your anal vibe as I fuck you, both of us moaning. “Fuck, Baby Girl, you’re pussy is so fucking wet!” I pump faster, losing control of myself.

Your tits bounce out of your dress, and I begin to suck on them, loving the sound of your voice as you moan my name. After a bit, I slow down, I’m not ready to blow my load, not yet.

I stop and flip you over. I undo your wrist restraints, giving you back the use of your hands and force you into the doggy position. I pull out your anal vibe and begin to push my cock into your sweet ass. You let our a long moan as my cock slowly pushes all the way in.

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