Draining the Count


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I had always enjoyed doing this, especially when I had a setup as sweet as this. I’d done a lot of haunted houses over the years, but this one had to be one of the best for Count Dracula to pick his victims.

Picture a long narrow hallway with a small trail of tracer type Christmas lights at the far end, leading you into a tunnel. As you walk down the gloomy corridor your attention is drawn to the tunnel ahead and the array of severed heads and hands hanging down in front of your face as you weave back and forth between them, trying not to touch the bloody disgusting things.

With all your attention focused forward, you don’t even notice the dark form slip from its hiding place behind you and slowly walk up behind you, his cape spread, ready to engulf you and drag you away to become his next meal. You don’t even realize the level of danger you’re in until you feel his breath on your neck and his low growling words. “AHHHHH Fresh blood!” You turn, see the hallowed grayish face inches from yours, his fangs red with blood and his cape spread, ready to capture you and drag you away.

Yeah, and the best part is that the ones who hang back at the rear of the group are the most scared, letting the “braver” ones take the lead. Little do they know that they are by far my favorite prey!

This year it was at a middle school as a fund raiser for the fifth and sixth grade classes. My wife was busy someplace else in the haunted house, making sure that her school kids were doing their appointed tasks and that everything was going the way it should. My hiding place was secluded, a dark pause to catch your breath between the tunnel to the graveyard ahead of the dark maze that dumped into my corridor.

I pick my victims with care, usually going for the parents or the older kids. Many of the little kids were just too scared by the time they got to me that I didn’t want to give them a heart attack. But the parents….ohhh yes, those soft exposed mothers necks. Sometimes the high school kids would come through and I’d go after one of the younger necks, looking for my fresh blood meal in the form of a truly young blood….

But then it’s all make believe anyway. Although the way they screamed in that truly high pitched shriek and ran was always so fun to watch. And those were just the boyfriends! Yeah, I loved it when I scared the crap out of the big strong guys that were supposedly protecting their girlfriends. One guy earlier in the evening got so scared he dumped his girl to fend for herself, and crashed through the crowd ahead of him, practically diving into the tunnel. And then there was more than one young lady who had the piss scared out of her….literally. It has been a truly spectacular scare when they wet their pants! More than one young lady, and perhaps a mother or two had to change their panties after their little encounter with the Count.

But I still enjoy going after the mothers the most. They had that protective instinct, getting between me and their children, the face of pure terror glued on, yet not breaking to make that run. No they were the best because I could advance on them with them looking at me, lifting my cape and engulfing them into my dark realm, nearly reaching their neck with my fangs before letting them slide away from me, pushing their children toward the tunnel. They came to be scared, so why not do it right, ya know?

I’d been at it for almost three hours, a bit less than an hour to go as I slipped quietly back into my little cubby hole, a curtained off corner with walls on two sides, a folded lunch table for a third wall and a black curtain to hide me from my victims as they entered my corridor.

At about five feet deep and about three feet wide I had plenty of room to wait between groups. Someone had even provided me with a folding chair if I got tired. My fifty year old legs did tend to get tired, so the chair was nice, but I didn’t get to use it often. I usually just stepped behind the curtain and watched through the tiny slit up the middle of the curtain to see what the next group looked like.

But something didn’t feel right, something was out of place. I couldn’t Escort Etlik put my finger on it in the dark. Maybe it was my own imagination, I thought to myself as I peered out at the first people coming through the maze exit.

At first it was the cold hands that startled me, making me jump as they slid around my chest and waist, pulling me backwards into the darkness. My heart leapt to my throat and I was about to scream in surprise more than fear before the soft female voice whispered in my ear.

“So you like to scare women, count?” The quiet voice whispered. “Just how brave are you?”

“The count is fearless!” I said in my best Transylvanian accent, totally unsure who it was that was trying to put the scare on the count. Probably one of my victims that managed to sneak back in somehow.

“Really? Then let’s see what the count does when he’s the one having his life sucked from him.” The voice whispered softly, followed by a set of soft lips pressing to the base of my neck.

I’ll admit I was surprised. My wife wasn’t usually into surprises, and I was sure she was busy elsewhere…or was she? The person behind me was the right height. The husky whisper sort of sounded like her, not that I’d heard her trying to be scary in a long time. The proportions of the body pressing against my back seemed about right for my wife. And besides, who else would sneak into my hidey-hole and start kissing the base of my neck.

“I’ve been watching you.” She whispered. “You like to go for those young mother’s necks. You like to sneak up on them and get ohhh so close to them.” She whispered as her hands slid down to my belt and start undoing it. “I can tell you want to be a naughty boy, but you’re holding back.” She whispered as my pants slid down to my ankles.

Ok this wasn’t my wife! My wife might kick my butt if she thought I was having too much fun with other women, but not this. Who the hell was she? And more to the point, what was I going to do now that I had let her get my pants down.

“You are a naughty naughty Count. But let’s see how you do with a victim that is as hungry for you as you seem to be for young sweet female necks?” She whispered as she pushed my briefs down, exposing my semi-hard cock. I felt her sweep my cape aside behind me press her body against me again, the heat of her bare skin pressing against my now bare ass, her bare thighs pressing against the back of mine. Her hands moved to my cock and began to slowly stroke it, working it slowly with both hands, stroking its full length and twisting back and forth as she worked its length, over my head and back down again to the base of my nine inch shaft.

“Who are you?” I asked quietly in confusion.

“The temptress that holds your reputation in her hands.” She whispered. “Just think what would happen if we were somehow discovered, me completely naked, you with your pants down and your hard cock exposed? Think of the questions, the scandal. Think of how hard it would be to get anyone to believe that you were innocent,” she whispered.

“That would be difficult.” I whispered back, trying to figure out just who this was as one hand left my cock and began undoing the buttons of my white shirt, starting at the bottom. One by one she teased the buttons apart, her other hand never stopping its slow travels up and down my cock. Her fingers opened the last two buttons and spread my shirt across my shoulders, her hand leaving my cock long enough for her to slide my shirt down my arms and pull it off, leaving me naked from my knees up, to my cape, still tied around my neck.

I felt her pull me back, her body separating from mine until the cold metal of the folding chair pressed against my legs. I had no choice but to sit, which I did. Almost immediately I felt more than saw the woman behind me step around me. I felt the softness of her bare skin press against my bare legs as she straddled my lap, and then her hand again close around my hardon, although this time in a much different way. I felt her palm against the top of my cock and her fingers grip as far around me as they could her hand stroking slowly up and down its length. Her motions changed, moving it to and away from my stomach, her hand slid far down Etlik Escort , and then a hot wetness brushing against my bulbous head.

I stiffened slightly before she leaned her face down to touch mine and whisper into my ear. “Don’t worry, I promise this won’t hurt.”

I felt her sweep my head back and forth between a pair of very soft delicate pussy lips, her hot juices slowly lubricating me, her lips feeling hot compared to the cool of the air where they weren’t touching. The sweeping grew shorter and shorter as the tip of my head found the entrance to her tunnel and she gently worked it in to engage, the soft yet hard skin of my head pressing against her tight tunnel opening. I felt her settle more of her weight on me, pressing down on my cock forcing it downward and at the same time feeling the entrance to her tunnel grow slightly wider, her hot wetness engulfing more of my head fraction of an inch by fraction of an inch. It happened almost suddenly, the pressure changed, the wetness enveloped more of me and I could feel the tight confines of her tunnel clench around me just below my head as she held me within her, not moving at all. I heard her suck a gulp of air in and then slowly release it, her breath, blowing through pursed lips blowing across my face. She began to move again, up and down, just a little bit, just enough to move me slightly deeper into her unbelievably tight tunnel.

I could feel the heat of her body flowing into me as she spread her wetness down my shaft, inch by inch, bounce by bounce, until my entire cock seemed to be engulfed in her fiery wet body. I could feel her bare ass was resting on my thighs, wiggling gently, the pressure around my cock changing slightly with each new move she made.

“Mmmmmmmm that’s my count!” She moaned softly in my ear after nearly a full minutes sitting on me. She began sliding up and down my shaft. “Do you like feeling my hot wet cunt around your shaft. The feel of my young pussy sliding up and down your hard fat cock? Mmmmmmm. This temptress is enjoying what the count has to offer, but I don’t stop until your very life force is drawn from you. I won’t stop riding you until I feel your hot juices welling up inside me, filling me and flowing into me,” she whispered breathlessly as I slid my hands up from where I rested them on her knees to her firm hips.

The chair made a soft gentle rhythmic squeak as she lifted and lowered herself on and off of me. I could feel every little ripple and squeeze of her tunnel around my fat shaft, the softness of her lips following the tight caress of her deep insides.

I let my hands travel over her body, exploring what I couldn’t see. Her skin was smooth and soft, yet her body was firm in my hands. I stroked slowly up from her round ass, teasing my fingers across her round globes as I let my fingers dimple her skin, moving in slow circles from the cleft between her cheeks to her hips. I let my fingers stroke over her hips to her thighs, stroking up and down her firm thighs, her skin soft and her muscles underneath rippling with each stroke she made up my shaft. I felt for her curls, but found her mound completely bare and smooth, only the slightest hint of stubble under my fingertips as I stroked across it, reaching lower and lower until my fingertips found her hard and exposed clit.

“Ohhh yes, that is a naughty Count!” She squeaked softly as I stroked my finger back and forth across her exposed nub. I let one hand remain on her mound, following it up and down with her strokes while I let my left hand travel up across her firm stomach, my fingers dimpling her soft skin slightly as I made my way upward.

“That’s it. Explore my body, find all its most secret places. Use whatever you choose. I’m yours for this moment, feel me, taste me, explore any part of me you wish.” She whispered as my fingers found her firm round breasts. “Mmmmmmm yesssssss!”

I stroked my fingers across one and then the other of her breasts, each full round orb of soft flesh easily an overfull C cup or maybe even a D cup. Her nipples seemed to be indistinct; two full round mounds on top of her already full breasts, each one a full two fingers wide. Her puffy nipples were exotic compared to my wife’s breasts, Etlik Escort Bayan and I couldn’t resist leaning forward to draw one into my mouth.

“Yesssssss,” She hissed softly, pulling her head back from mine and arching her back to provide me more of her full breasts.

I sucked her nipple for some time, tasting the slight saltiness of her perspiration and feeling the tiny bumps on her engorged areola and nipples with the tip of my tongue. I circled first one and then the other nipple, teasing it with my tongue while I sucked it as deep into my mouth as I could. I let it slip from my lips with a slurp and then kissed my way to the other side, finding that breast and nipple as I had the first, with my tongue.

I heard her moan softly in my ear and her body trembling slightly as she continued to bounce, the soft squishing sounds of her pussy being impaled over and over by my rock hard cock. I felt that tingle deep inside that said I was only moments away, the feeling building deep inside me. She must have felt my cock grow a little fatter, or some subtle change in my position, drawing a new comment from her.

“That’s it. Give it to me. Flow your life force into me! Fill me with your hot juices from deep within, pushing every bit into my own depths!”

“Oh shit.” I groaned the load she begged for welled up inside me, suddenly causing my body jerk, driving my hard cock up into her, lifting her with me.

“Oh lord yes.” She moaned as the first surge of cum surged up into her pussy.

“OHHHHH LORD YESSSS!” she practically growled as she forced herself down on my spurting cock, her hips screwing her tightness down my shaft as far as she could, her tunnel rippling and clenching me as her legs and arms trembled. Time and again my body surged more into her, filling her with my juices as she so aptly put it.

We sat for what seemed like an hour, both of us panting for breath while my cock slowly faded within her.

“That’s my count. Now that I know I can draw forth your life force I’ll return. You’ll never know when or where, but I will return. I’ll draw forth your juices and take your strength from you. I’ll ride your hard rigid appendage until you finally flow yourself into me, bringing both of us to the pinnacle of pleasure.” She whispered in my ear as she lifted herself from me.

“Who are you?” I asked again as she moved around behind me. I could hear rustling and then felt her face near mine.

“I am the temptress of the darkness. I have watched you. You like to play in the darkness, but now you play in my realm. You are mine…I have placed my mark on you and shall come again, in the darkness, that is all you need to know.” She whispered huskily.

I shook my head and turned to see if I could see anything of who she was in the near total darkness in my little hidey hole. To my surprise I couldn’t see anything, or anyone, not even the slightest of shadows.

“Are you still there?” I asked, greeted only by silence in return. I got up and quickly pulled my pants back up and dug in my pocket for the tiny red light that I kept there. I shined it around and saw I was indeed alone. But how? And who?

I was beginning to believe that I was imagining things, but what I felt was definitely not my imagination. The two walls were solid brick and the table with a black cloth hung over it made the third wall. I didn’t see a way out. I took off my cape and looked around the floor for my shirt. I picked it up and realized there was something under it. I picked it up as well and studied it in the dim red light. It was a small thong panty. Very small and petite. It said simply “fuck No I hadn’t been alone.

It took me a few moments to realize that the black drape over the table left a gap, large enough for me to squeeze through. I slipped through and found myself on the stage behind the curtain, the blackness not quite as total as my small cubby hole. The stage door on the far side was ajar and it was clear someone could have entered there and snuck into my lair. But who?

It was perplexing, and I still hadn’t solved it when the lights came on, ending the nights work. I walked around, trying to gauge who might be my temptress, but having little success. There were at least six women that fit the general size and shape, but then there were also dozens of mothers that had come through. I wondered if I’d ever know who my temptress had been. My only clue was a pair of tiny thong panties.

The end… or is it?

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