Dreaming in the Shower


I walked into my room thinking that I had stayed on the beach longer than I should. A light dusting of sand was clinging to parts of my body courtesy of the sunblock, which I used liberally. I just arrived on a weeklong vacation on a Caribbean island. I opened the valve on the shower to the medium position and waited for the water to become slightly warm. I slipped into the enclosure closing the glass door behind me. I watched as the last remnants of the beach washed down the drain. The water cascaded down my head and off of my body.

I dispensed some body wash on my hand and soaped up my pubic hair, penis and balls. I was remembering the woman that occupied the umbrella down and to the right of where I was sitting. I was on the beach before she came down. My partner had sent changes to a screenplay that we were collaborating on, but my attention moved elsewhere. I watched as a woman moved to the unoccupied umbrella. She pulled off her white cover up showing her swimsuit. She was wearing a tight one-piece suit that showed off her curvy butt and large breasts. My memory of her caused my cock to become erect and stick out at a right angle.

I theorized that she had a naked pussy. Every twenty minutes she got up and walked into the surf and splashed around then walked back to her umbrella and sat under a large hat. The hotel waiter walked around the beach taking drink orders. I watched as she sipped some tropical concoction.

I speculated on her life, was she a vice-president for an Internet startup, an attorney for a big city law firm, or a disaffected wife of some corporate mover and shaker. My cock was demanding attention as the streams of water fell on it. I pulled the hand shower and sprayed, the water hitting the sensitive areas of my cock causing it to jump. My right hand instinctively began to massage the crown.

As I continued to masturbate I fanaticized on her large breasts. The suit material was thin enough that her nipples showed through. The fabric was translucent especially when wet and left nothing to the imagination. She could very easily be a model in a topless photo spread. After the second time that she dove into the surf, she released her hair and combed it out. Pulling it back into the ponytail that ended between her shoulder blades

My hand started to move faster as I was feeling my orgasm beginning to build. I squirted more body wash to act as a lubricant. My cock contracted and shot a wad of cum that hit the wall under the valve assembly. I furiously massaged my cock trying to keep it erect. But it faded and moved between my legs.

The water continued to beat down on my neck as I dreamt I was in the hotel bar and she took the seat next to me and ordered a martini. She was dressed in a backless dress that came down to just below the knee. There was no bra so her breasts moved when she did. Around her neck was gold rope with a large diamond pendant. Two diamond earrings complemented the necklace. Several large gold bracelets were on her wrist. The drink arrived and she dispatched it to be replaced by another. She had a large gold colored handbag. I speculated that she was some kind of secret agent with a gun in her bag.

My cock perked up again ready for another round. I squirted some more body wash in my hand and began to rub my cock to Escort Etlik another erection. In my mind we spent the evening discussing various boy friends and girl friends, our favorite sexual positions. I tried to keep her talking hoping that she would either suggest that we go to my room or invite me to her room. I did not want to let the fantasy go. My hand was around my cock trying to have another orgasm. Finally my cock shot again and I relaxed panting from the exertion.

I reached up and cut the water off and allowed my body to drip. I stepped out of the shower and on to the bathmat and continued to drip. I pulled two towels from the rack and began to wipe my body dry. My mind wandered back to the beach and lovely woman. My brain went into over drive thinking about her. I remembered that her breasts were perfect. I could tell that she did not care who saw her, as she paid no attention to those around her. I dreamed so much that I had another erection. There was a seat in the bathroom that I moved to and began to massaged my cock again.

I finished wiping down my body and moved to the bedroom to dress for dinner. I almost ordered room service but I decided to go down to the hotel grill. Maybe just maybe she would be there hopefully alone. Why didn’t I go over and strike up a conversation?

I pulled on a pair of cream-colored slacks and a blue Polo, grabbed the jacket that went with the slacks and moved toward the elevator. In the bar I ordered a scotch and sat back and looked over the people in the dining room. An older couple walked in and took a seat below me on the main floor. The waiter brought a bottle of some kind of sparkling wine as I over heard that they were celebrating their anniversary.

Walking down the line of bar stools was the woman that I dreamt about. She was walking toward me her eyes were piercing though me. “There doesn’t seem to be any seats available, can I join you?” She said.

I looked around and the bar was almost empty, but I stood and invited her to join me. “Sara Jane Solsberry,” she said in a tight educated English accent, offering her hand. I took it and gave her a handshake.

“You were undressing me on the beach this afternoon,”

“I have to plead guilty but I was not undressing you just watching you, Ms. Solsberry.

“When I am at home there is a “Lady in front of the name but here I am just Sara.”

“Do you have some other nobility to go along with that?”

“Yes but let’s just keep it to Sara. You know my name what do people call you.”

“John Rogers, if I am being fancy I put ACE after it”

“Are you trying to show off Mr. Rogers?”

“Not at all,” I said.

A waiter came by and dropped a replacement whiskey for me and a martini for her.

“To chance meetings,” she said lifting her glass.

“Does Lady Sara do anything when she is not on an island?”

“I read the law in college and I am a qualified Solicitor. Right now I am on holiday.”

“Interesting, I speculated on your situation and being a lawyer was on of my choices,” I said.

“What were my other choices?”

“Internet startup Vice President. Lawyer, and disaffected wife of some corporate mogul.”

She laughed at the last suggestion, and said that there was a little truth in that. We Etlik Escort finished our drinks, declining a third round and decided to have dinner. The meal was decent but not extraordinary. After splitting the check she wished me a good evening and left.

I could not have come this close to fucking the woman of my dreams only to watch her walk out of the room. The only thing I had to look forward to is pouring over the pages of the script. I debated staying at the bar and drowning my sorrows.

Thinking that I would never hear anything but complaints from Bret if I did not work on the pages she sent to me. I got up from the table and walked to the elevator. I was passing by an alcove when a hand caught my arm and pulled me to a stop. Lady Sara pulled me close and kissed my earlobe.

“I thought you would never come out,” she whispered.

She directed me to the elevator and slipped her room key into the slot and pressed one of the concierge floors. When the doors closed she planted a kiss on my lips. Her hand was groping my crotch and my cock was very excited.

“Darling, we must do something about that,” she said continuing to massage my cock through my pants.

“Yes and I think you can do it better than I can.” I said with a laugh.

The door opened and she directed me to her suite. My room was nice but this was a small apartment, there was a bedroom, sitting room, small kitchen, and a complete bar.

“I am going to slip into something more comfortable. Can you make us a martini?” Jane asked.

I went to the bar and found the gin, vermouth, olives and started to mix the drink. Just as I was pouring Jane walked into the room dressed in a white satin set of pajamas. I handed her the drink and we sat on the couch.

“Do you believe in sex on the first date Mr. Rogers?”

“I am not against it.” I said hoping that that was the right answer.

“So when you sit in the little room with the tv screens, you spoke about, and watch the women actors do you fanaticize having sex with them like you did me?”

“I take cold showers after a session, to calm the fires.”

“Tell me about the film you are writing, sounds like a lonely job.”

“Bret Peterson found this book about women code breakers during world war two. She and I are trying to write a movie about that part of history. Similar to “Hidden Figures”

“So you and Bret are attached?”

“Professionally, she has two kids and a husband that is mad about her.”

Lady Sara slipped between my legs and opened my slacks. Her hands quickly freed my cock from the briefs and massaged my pole. In my mind I kept wondering when there would be a knock on my door and I would wake up from the dream.

I watched as she took my entire length in her mouth. I could feel the negative pressure as she tried to suck the life out of my cock. Her tongue played with the crown as her hand manipulated my balls.

She stood and fished a condom from the pocket of the PJ’s. She dropped the bottoms and I was looking as a perfectly smooth pussy. Her vulva were bright pink and completely aroused. She continued to hold my cock, and slipped the condom over it. She hovered over my poll and directed my cock into her pussy.

“I hope you don’t mind the protection?” she said as Etlik Escort Bayan I watched my cock disappear into her. I could feel the warmth through the latex. She started to ride my pole and I reached up to try to unbutton her top. She slapped my hands away “Not just yet, Darling.”

She continued to ride my cock and, even with the condom I began to feel my climax building. She leaned down and brought her lips to mine and we kissed. She tried to insert her tongue into my mouth but I closed my teeth to the advances.

“I need a little encouragement Lady Sara.”

She took my hands and I fondled her breasts through her top. She again tried to invade my mouth and I let her put her tongue in my mouth. My brain was going into overdrive and I thrust my cock in her pussy. I exploded and felt my cum run down my cock. She continued to drive up and down on my cock but it dropped out of her pussy and she leaned into me continuing to kiss me.

We both came down from our session and I felt a hand tug on my cock releasing it from the rubber. From an unknown location she brought a warm rag and began cleaning my cock.

She stepped back and brought the Pajama bottoms back up covering her pussy. She sat down next to me and we kissed. She felt my crotch and noticed that I was getting excited again. “Is that all you think about?” she whispered to my ear.

“When I am with someone as beautiful as you yes.”

She continued to massage my cock until it was a bar of iron. Then she walked away. From the bedroom she called to me; “John Rogers ACE can you come to the bedroom?”

Following her voice I walked in just as she was loosing the pajama top. She turned around and I finally saw her breasts and they were as beautiful as I thought they were.

“Darling you are over dressed.”

I lost my clothes and followed her to the bed. Again she applied the raincoat and lay back and opened her legs. “I believe you know what is next?”

I slid down and kissed her engorged vulva pushing my tongue into her. I maneuvered up and down her slit with my lips coming to rest on her clit. After a few minutes I used my hand to maneuver my cock into her and gently rested on her. As I had seen on the beach her breasts were what a twelve year old male dreams about. I was lucky that the thirty year-old me was in a position to experience them.

There was a sharp pain and crack across one of my cheeks “Sir I think that you need to pick up the pace.” Lady Sara Commanded.

I started to fuck her watching her face as I drove in and out of her pussy. She kept up the pressure and soon I was reaching a crisis. My cock let go with wads of cum collecting in the rubber. I kept the pace up as long I could but my cock was exhausted and slipped out of her. The combination of the sex, booze and last night’s dinner caused me to slip into a very contented sleep.

When I woke up Lady Sara was not in the room. There was a note on the sitting room coffee table. The envelope was very heavy paper and the content inside was also of heavy stock. The note in beautiful handwriting, written with a fountain pen, was on one side of the paper.

“Mr. John Rogers ACE,

You were fantastic last night. But alas I got called back to London and left before you woke up. Thank you for a marvelous evening.

Sara Jane Solsbery Countess of Redding.

p.s. I ordered you breakfast feel free to use the room for the day.

Shortly after I replaced the note in the envelope there was a knock on the door and finding a bathrobe I let the waiter in the room.

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