Drew Ch. 05


Thanks to all of you who love this bunch as much as I do. And to those of you who had a problem with the brothers thing, talk to more girl, you’d be surprised. That said, enjoy and keep letting me know what you think. It’s so important that I get feedback, it edges me on. Again, enjoy…! Nefatiri


She looked at Drew asleep on her bed. He hadn’t been home for about a week and she was sure it was causing its own brand of upheaval in his household. He looked softer and had a slight smile on his lips. How absolutely adorable, she thought and pushed a lock of hair off his forehead. He stirred in his sleep and opened his eyes immediately.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you up.” She whispered as he focused on her properly through the dawn lighting.

“Army thing, we sleep very light.” he told her easily and sat up in the bed managing to uncover her in the process. She tried to pull the sheet up but he prevented her.

“So, what makes you wake up and stare at me creepily? Though I have to say it is flattering. Unless you were planning some criminal act that is.” he told her. He reached for one of her cigarettes and she took it away from him.

“You don’t smoke, don’t start now. It’s an otherwise very unattractive habit.”

“When you’re right, you’re right.” He agreed and out the lighter back on the night stand. He somehow managed to put her underneath him startling her with his strength. Kissing her slowly, Drew ran his hands appreciatively along her body eliciting a murmur of appreciation from her.

“Sexy!” he told her and she smiled shyly. Wrapping her legs around him, she wriggled in an effort to get even closer to him if it was possible. He stilled her with the sheer weight of his body and after ensuring she was still, his hand found its way between her legs.

“Do it again Drew, kiss me.” She asked breathily and he groaned at her arousal. He obliged and Marci could feel him get impossibly hard on her belly. He still wouldn’t let her move. His fingers were still splayed on her clean shaven self and she wanted him to go lower.

Releasing her mouth Drew got off her and climbed between her legs, nudging them even farther apart. He was yet to touch her pussy but Marci could feel it positively seeping. This man was going to be her death she though with a low chuckle as he rested his cock against her pussy.

He reached down and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking it soft and hard alternatively. He bit on it gently a couple of times making her back arch upwards and her mouth part in a soft gasp. Her breathing was getting erratic and she was wriggling on the bed a little more agitatedly. This had the effect of rubbing his cock on the outer lips of her pussy. She was wet! She could feel him getting slicked by her.

Drew finally touched her. It was not with his fingers however. Being the lithe man that he was, it took one fluid movement from her tits to her core. He didn’t waste time getting to it. Spreading her lips apart, he inhaled and closed his eyes in appreciation. She was soaked. He pressed his long middle finger inside and crooked it upwards making her moan louder. His lips and tongue found her clit and worked on the little nub driving her to distraction. He nipped it lightly making her shake. She came hard. Drew sat up with a smug smile and looked down at her.

“Your body loves me.” He said reaching up to lie on her again.

“Yes it does.” She purred taking him into her arms for a hug. She didn’t know why she did that but it felt good.

“I’m not done babes. I doubt I’ll ever be.” He said getting off her and getting her on her hands and knees. Getting behind her, he slid his hard cock in with one sure and precise thrust. She was even wetter thanks to her orgasm and Drew groaned at feeling her squeeze his dick inside her.

This wasn’t the teasing sex of before. He plunged deep and kept it there. She whimpered at the sweet onslaught. Pushing her flat on the bed, Drew straddled her and continued fucking her.

“Look at me Marci.” He asked. She turned her neck and looked into his green eyes. Passion filled and aroused Drew was impossibly gorgeous.

“Change position Drew, I’ll snap my neck.” She whispered to him. He turned her and pinned her hands over her head.

“Wrap your legs around me. I can never get enough of that.” He asked with a cheeky smile and Marci didn’t need to be asked twice. He pounded into her faster and harder with Marci looking at him, thinking how amazing he was. She was taken up by another orgasm, lighter than the first but still darn good. It took her by surprise and she Escort Kızılay cried out Drew’s name. He came immediately after that, fixing her with an intense look of his own. He then threw back his head as the last dredges of his cumming took and shook him and gave what she could only describe as a near shout. She smiled at him knowing he preferred sex to last longer. He was all about drawing it out.

“Love it when you loosed control like that. It flatters me like you wouldn’t believe.” She reassured him with a kiss. Sliding off her, gathered her into his arms and fanned them both with the magazine next to the night stand.

She almost melted; he was so fucking sweet sometimes!

Marci made to move out of the bed and he stopped her. Smiling at him, she told him she was just going downstairs to get a cold glass of water. He let go reluctantly and she placed a brief kiss on his lips. He could be so endearing. She quickly donned Drew’s discarded shirt and left in the wake of him wolf-whistling at her.

Marci had a quick drink in the kitchen then decided to fix Drew a glass as well. With an amused smile to herself, she took out another glass and bent into the fridge. The poor man had worked very hard — and very well she might add — the previous night and today morning. She could feel it in her tired limbs. He must be dehydrated, it wasn’t exactly easy work. Chuckling, she looked around the fridge to see If there was any food in there.

“Hi.” A voice said making her drop the glass.

Nathan was standing in her kitchen. She wasn’t sure how long he’d been there because she hadn’t heard him come in.

“I used my key.” He told her levelly.

“Hi Nathan.” She stepped around the broken glass and debated the merits of cleaning it up. She was in a short shirt. There was absolutely no way she was bending over in that. Nathan, being Nathan, looked at her, the broken glass and grabbed the broom nearby. She watched quietly as he swept it into a dustpan and binned it. When he was done, they returned to the uneasy staring contest.

“Nice speech the other day.”

“Uhm….thanks?” Marci said uneasily. Her hands were wringing behind her in discomfort. Nathan looked remarkably well and she wasn’t sure it was a good sign as such. He was leaning against her kitchen door, regarding her with what she could only call a smirk. Or maybe it was repressed violence, she couldn’t quite tell. Neither was comforting.

“So, you and Drew, huh?” he asked without really needing an answer she hoped. Said man was upstairs and with his bat like hearing, he was bound to come downstairs after that glass crash. It was the type of thing he did. It was the last thing she needed. His self assured statements were not going to be taken well. They made her uncomfortable in public but oh-so-hot in bed.

“Say it.” She told Nathan finally facing him fully and crossing her arms across her chest. Defensive all the way. She waited for the accusations.

He disappointed her.

“I always knew he’d come back for you. Actually, I’m surprised he waited ten years. He’s my brother, I know him well enough to know when he ain’t playing. What are you going to do with him?” Nathan asked instead.

Marci was thrown for a loop. She gaped a little, inhaled and wondered how on earth she was going to reply to that.

“Just so I’m clear, you want to discuss Drew and me as pertains to us being together?”

“That’s one of the things I love most about you, fine print with spoken words. You take it to a whole other level. You never use words loosely. Yes Marci, I may be hurting but that doesn’t mean I can’t contemplate how you must feel. I’d say let’s make sure we remain friends but given the proximity between you and both my brothers, I think we have no choice in the matter. Besides, you’re very likable as a friend.”

“This is too easy Nate. I should be dying in angst and feeling a faint coming. Can I for the record say I’m sorry I hurt you?” she asked him breaking into an uneasy smile. She was relieved when he smiled back.

“Hey Nate.” The dreaded voice said behind her and she whirled right into Drew’s arms. He took the expression “pushing it” to insane heights. He was shirtless and planted a kiss squarely on her lips. She stiffened at the contact and he responded by tightening his grip around her. There was again no way she could extract herself without causing an awkward moment for the three of them. Correction, for her and Nathan. Drew didn’t seem like he understood the word, she doubted it would affect him.

“Drew.” Nathan said with a tight-ish smile. Kızılay Escort The stare off, as Marci saw it, didn’t last nearly as long as a rap video. Nathan decided to be familiar with her kitchen and fix himself a drink. Drew followed suit and fixed himself one as well.

“While the two of you are at it, make breakfast.” Marci told both of them and left the room. She resisted the urge to literally run out of the room which was becoming increasingly small the more she stayed there.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” She hissed to herself as she entered her room.

“I aim to please.” Drew said behind her and she once again whirled around straight into his chest. He was prepared and held onto her.

“Drew! Why do you lurking?” she asked getting her breath back and Drew chuckled in response, “The innocent don’t lurk.” She added and his smile faded only to be replaced by a more potent look in his eyes.

He lowered his head to place a lingering kiss on her lips. She responded ardently mostly because there really was no other way to respond to Drew’s kisses. He kissed like a dream.

When he threatened to take things a notch higher, she carefully extracted herself from his arms and shook her head.

“Nate?” she whispered trying to hear if there was any movement coming from the kitchen.

“You asked us to fix breakfast. He’s doing that. He’ll be fine Marci, stop the nervous act. As far as I can tell, you have been nothing but honest with him. I, on the other hand, haven’t quite had that from you.”

And with that, Drew went back into the kitchen leaving a disturbed Marci to take a cold shower.

When she walked into the kitchen about ten minutes later, the brothers were seated at the island, eating. It was probably a DNA thing she decided as she marveled at how at home they had made themselves. She was feeling all weirded out and they were in HER house. Wow.

“I was being sarcastic when I said make breakfast.” She murmured more to herself but they heard her anyway.

“Ignored it.” Nathan told her and Drew laughed.

“That’s how you deal with her!” Drew commented and Nathan nodded eating rather heartily Marci noticed. Maybe he was pining. Pining was supposed to make you eat wasn’t it?

The kitchen door swung open and in walked Brian. He looked at his brothers with an eyebrow cocked so far up it was almost at the center of his head. Marci wanted the fucking earth to blow up. Who knew the environment was so slow to anger, huh? It should have been spiraling out of environmental rage about now and she would have been fine.

“Hey Marci, do I get to be fed too?” he asked placing a kiss on her forehead and subjecting to a rather comforting hug. She returned it hungrily feeling she needed some strength.

“Actually, you feed yourself. They are.” She replied pointing at his brothers who were watching the two of them rather avidly. Unnecessarily so she thought.

Brian walked over to the island and took Drew’s plate from him. Drew protested and demanded for his food.

“I’d have taken Nate’s but with Marci over here also taken, I thought we’d give our small bro a break.” He stated so easily it would have slipped unnoticed. Marci closed her eyes in frustration. When were things going to get less awkward? Or perhaps it was more prudent to hope that everyone got a job in a foreign country. That way they’d be able to all successfully avoid each other.

“She wasn’t taken.” Nathan retorted.

“I am here boys, some respect please. Now, should you feel the need for a more physical conversation concerning this matter, feel free to frolic in the backyard. It’s large, grassed and rather pretty if I may say so myself.”

“You aren’t getting away that easily Marci. You have to learn to get comfortable with this, it’s going to last.” Drew told her quietly stopping her in her tracks as she attempted to exit an awkward situation once again.

“He’s right you know.” Brian agreed picking food off Nathan’s plate now.

Taking another glass, Marci filled it with juice and went towards the island. She stood behind Drew and faced his younger brothers. Nathan actually looked fine. Brian looked like he was dying to say something but she knew better than to push him. He never reacted well to being prodded. It made him clam up. She would know; they were after all the best of friends.

When Drew cleared his throat a little, she automatically handed him her juice. He took it while his brothers gave her a most unnerving look. Drew tilted his head back and smiled at her. It was the sweetest smile she’d ever seen and she smiled Kızılay Escort Bayan back in return. Reflex action.

“Nate?” Brian asked his younger brother who shrugged but didn’t say anything.

“Come on Drew. Let Nate get closure at least. Leave the girl for five minutes will you?” Brian urged and Drew didn’t budge.

“I’m not leaving her here with him.” He said looking straight at Nate. Marci once again felt like she was missing some key information.

“Marci, tell your puppy dog to give you a few minutes. Nate wanted to talk you since the other day.” Brian addressed Marci this time.

“Drew?” she asked him and he stood without another word.

“I love you.” He whispered only for her ears and went out with Brian.

“Why do I get the feeling this isn’t good?” she asked a now visibly shifty Brian. He stood and once again got comfortable in her kitchen fixing himself a drink. A rather tall vodka. It was about 9am. Pacing around her kitchen a little, he then sat down and looked at her squarely.

“One of the reasons I am not even allowed to take the whole you and Drew thing badly is that I haven’t been very clean myself.”

Marci could feel her stomach turning. It was not turning gently either.

“Keep talking.” She told him hoping she didn’t sound judgmental. After all, she’d slept with this brother who was now all but living in her house. She even managed a little smile for him.

“Mila’s having my baby.” He dropped and took a long swig of the vodka. Marci sat down and thought of her friend. She had noticed that the girl was moody but she thought it was just PMS or something. She recalled the night they had been out and she’d hooked up with Drew. That was probably what was bothering her. Nathan and Mila? How had that happened without her knowing? Was she really that self absorbed that she didn’t notice other people’s change in behavior?

“Mila, my friend and Jeff’s sister?” she asked just to be sure they were talking about the same person.

“Yes.” A man of few words, Nathan.

“How far along is she?”

“Three months.”

“Wow! I couldn’t tell. Oh dear! The poor girl. No wonder she’s been so out of it lately. Is she worried about how my friends and I will react?” Marci asked genuinely concerned for Mila. It really wasn’t the time to wonder about the fact that she’d been back on with Nathan for about eight months until the Drew debacle. It really wasn’t.

“I’m sorry Marci. I……..”

“Come on Nathan. You’ve watched enough tv to know these conversations really don’t go anywhere. Like you said earlier, we have to be friends. I must say though, makes me feel a lot less awkward about Drew. And I have to talk to Mila, let her know I’m here for her. Are you?” She asked Nathan with a half smile.

“Of course I am. Her folks will want us to get married. I’m turning the thought in my head. I mean I like her and I do feel deeply about her sometimes but I am in love with you. I’ll get over it, don’t worry.” He replied sheepishly. Marci instinctively gave him a hug. It was at that point Brian and Drew came trooping in.

“Told you I didn’t want to leave him with her.” Drew stated flatly as Marci and Nathan dew apart. He sent them both a questioning glance. Nathan shrugged it off. Marci smiled sweetly at him, narrowed her eyes at Brian and placed a soft peck on Nathan’s cheek. A jealous Drew was really very sexy. It was also very flattering.

“Relax. I was telling her about Mila.” Nathan cleared and both his elder brothers turned to scrutinize her face.

“What?!” she asked defensively. Drew came round and put his arms around her from behind. She loved it when he did that. Resting against his army trained chest made her feel very safe and solid. He kissed the side of her neck and she giggled. Brian sent her an incredulous look. She was by nature and disposition not a giggler.

Brian and Nathan left a little after that. She made a date with Brian first though. He had to have known what was happening. Why he didn’t tell her was anyone’s guess. She wanted to send him on a guilt trip so fierce that he’d offer to buy her a Greek Island after. Smiling to herself, she tiptoed to kiss Drew.

“I’m so glad you are back.”

“You and I have a long conversation coming. I have my own demons to tell you about.” He told her and her stomach sank.

“However, I always find that bad news makes me want to sink into sexual oblivion.” He added and pushed her against the kitchen sink. Pulling down the sun guard at the window, he reached into her top and caressed her breasts possessively.

“Drew.” She breathed into his shoulder.

“I can’t stop because I love the way you say my name.” he informed her, pinched her nipple gently eliciting another “Drew” from her. She could feel surrender on its way and it wasn’t sexual surrender per se. It was much scarier than sexual surrender.

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