Drunken Fun


Zach stumbled in at 2:01 am, drunk as a skunk, giggling childishly with the girl from across the hall.

“College life. This is how it is…” I muttered to myself angrily. Being stuck in the dorms was not my first option though my parents insisted upon it. The 8ft by 10ft room meant close quarters that I was not fond of. Zach was quite the football star, able to hook up with any chick he wanted which he surely took advantage of. In his drunkeness, he stumbled over the shoes piled on the floor over to his bed, leading the girl over as well.

“SHHHHHH, Kelly. Stop you’re gonna wake my roommate up,” he slurred thinking he was being quite when he was speaking at a normal volume.

“No…no I’m not,” Kelly stuttered, obviously hammered as well.

I peeked out of my covers that were pulled over my head, just enough to get a glimpse of the girl. Light brown hair fell down her back, leading my eyes to her tight buttocks. Booty shorts cupped each cheek snuggly. Her thin frame extended upwards so she stood about 5’5″. Her small breasts lifted gently with every breath as I noticed Zach eyeing the very same thing.

“Come’mere,” Zach said lightly and drew her in with his spider-veined arms. She laid atop of him, entangling his lips with hers, stopping every now and then for a breath. Her breasts smooshed up against his chest, nearly busting through her petite tank top. She playfully bit his upper lip and drew away, straddling his hips, sitting upright now. She kept eye contact as she lifted his shirt up and over his head, Zach complied and lifted his back off the pillows gaziantep escortları to remove his shirt. He then laid back down, resting comfortably and smiling smuggly as he watched Kelly kiss from his happy trail to his lips. She then whispered something in his ear that I could not quite make out. She drew away and allowed Zach to switch positions with her, now laying with her head against the pillows and Zach straddling her thigh, one leg in between her two. He squeezed her breasts gently through her shirt and leaned down to kiss her chest and neck, she gasped as he reached her ear lobes, playfullly biting and sucking on them. He unclasped her bra and lifted her shirt off and removed the lacy constraint. His muscles grew taught and rigid upon the sight of her perky nipples, a deep pink color. She reached to unbuckle his pants and slid them down his thighs, revealing smiley-face patterned briefs below. He sported a bulge the size of a tennis ball and that she grasped and started to caress with her hands. As she started to massage his member through his briefs, he unbuttoned her pants and slid them down just a bit, exposing a red thong. He shoved his hand down to her slit and probed for the opening. He rubbed her clit with his thumb, moaning slightly as she rubbed his cock. Now both throbbing with pleasure, she released his cock from his briefs, stroking and tugging at it like it owed her something. Her hand hugged his dick as she pumped up and down, up and down in a hypnotic manner. The head of it turned a deep purple-red, engorged with blood and standing at attention, straight and rigid.

“Fuck me,” she said audibly.

He then got up, tripping over himself but regaining his balance quickly as he slid off the rest of his pants and hers as well. Her pussy looked delicate, the labia opened like a flower and he pressed his cock deep into her hole. She spread her lips with two fingers, stretching and allowing more pleasure to fulfill her. A sharp squelching sound indicated the wetness of her pussy, all accompanied by the loud moans from the two. I tried to look away but I could not, this girl was enthralling. Zach placed his thumb back on her clit and rubbed vigorously as he thrusted his cock deep inside her.

“More…faster,” she moaned with delight. Zach kept pumping her pussy, creating suction by removing it fully and then returning his jewel deep into her hole. “Oh god…stop a minute,” she pleaded as she tried to regain her composure. Zach pulled out with a deep breath and moan, precum dangling from the tip of his penis. Kelly rubbed her clit and put her finger to her lips, opening her mouth letting her tongue bathe in her juices. She then stood up and told Zach to lay down with his legs slightly apart. She kneeled between his knees, cupping his balls and massaging them as she slid his thick cock into her mouth bobbing her head up and down along the popping-veins. Zach moaned in extascy. “Don’t cum yet, you can’t yet.” Zach wiggled and squirmed so she knew just when to stop to keep him from cumming. She then laid between his legs on her stomach, nipping at his balls and pressuring his asshole with her finger. “You’re tight,” she giggled.

“Damn right,” Zach drunkenly replied.

She continued on to suck his balls, one at a time, into her mouth and moving them around. Zach was enjoying the warmth of her slick mouth, moaning so loudly I’m sure he could be heard in the next room. She suddenly stopped and said, “You ready?” Zach couldn’t even respond with words he was so deep in pleasure, he just nodded his head, eyes closed. Kelly mounted his cock with hunger and started sliding her warm, wet pussy up and down his shaft. Faster and harder she pumped, rocking back and forth, bringing his taught balls up into her ass crack with every movement. “I’m going to cum,” she announced to Zach loudly. I quickly grabbed my cock and started rubbing myself off, I couldn’t resist, this was like a live porno. Zach thrust his hips upwards deeper into her pussy as she slammed herself down onto his body. Her juices exploded and squelched all along his stomach and dribbled down his cock while she sat for a moment atop his cock, contracting around his shaft. Zach responded with the inevitable reaction of reaching climax and cumming inside her. He thrust one more time with Kelly claiming, “Uhha!” as he squirt his spunk all over her pussy walls. She then lay forward on Zach kissing his neck and mouth while his cock grew limp and slid out of her pussy. She reached up atop the desk to turn out the light, displaying her breasts and erect nipples perfectly to Zach who proceeded to suck them and massage her breasts. Kelly moaned as she turned out the light and then all I heard was the breath of two exhausted teens. I finished myself off, cum pooling just above my penis and exhausted from what I had just witnessed, I drifted off to sleep.

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