Elevator Ride


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“What the heck?” Eve cursed as the elevator came to an abrupt stop. She had been looking at the display and knew that they were somewhere between the 5th and 4th floor. “Damn it, I don’t have time for this,” she muttered as she stared at the display.

There was only a red light on the emergency button. Everything else seemed to have been turned off.

“Neither have I,” a deep voice stated behind her.

She jumped in surprise. She had been so focused on her tablet and the presentation she was preparing that she had almost forgotten that Sean was there. It was a miracle really. His manly scent and his large frame were difficult to ignore.

He could make her moisten her panties just by looking at her, but at the same time, he constantly rubbed her up the wrong way, making her growl when she really wanted to purr. She looked around. There was no one else in the elevator beside them. Great. Just fucking great.

“Press the red button!” he ordered.

Just that ordering her about always made her annoyed.

“Press it yourself,” she countered.

“Life would be a lot easier if you just did what you were told once in a while,” he said with a frown.

“Well, excuse me for not believing being stuck in an elevator with you a favourite fantasy of mine,” she said ironically.

“It should be,” he said and grinned that wide smile that seemed to work on all the other women in the company, landing him more than enough bed mates if he ever bothered to look.

She had vowed never to become one of them, which meant that she had to hold on to her anger, giving him verbal spikes for every sexual comment that he threw in her direction. The best solution had been to stay far away from him and she preferred that over getting into verbal disputes with him while her body heated up and tried to persuade her brain to attack him with some other parts of her body instead of her tongue.

“Oh, just stuff it!” She pressed the red button hard and started stamping her right foot.

The security company had better listen and get them out of here really quickly.

He grabbed his mobile and called someone. That seemed to work a lot better than the red button.

“Hey Mark,” he said. “We’re stuck in the northern elevator. Get us out before the lady faints.”

She snorted loudly. As if she would ever do anything that stupid.

“Which floor are we at?” he asked her.

“Between 4 and 5.”

He relayed that information to Mark before he hung up.

“The cavalry is on their way.”

“I’m more concerned why no one answers that damn panic button,” she said. “Not much use in panicking when no one bothers to save you.”

“Feel free. Just panic all you like.”

“As if!” she huffed.

“I can save you. Don’t worry.”

She laughed. “That’s exactly why I’m not panicking.” She looked down her nose at him.

“Yes, that’s just what I’ve always liked about you.”

“Don’t go there, Sean,” she said and gave him a hard look.

“But I like you, hon,” he said sweetly as if he was calming an angry dog.

“Oh, just shut up. Spare me the routine.”

“Which routine?”

“The ‘let me talk you into my bed’ routine. Just stop it. I’m sick of it.”


“As in I’m about to vomit.”

“Nothing wrong with a little flirtation,” he said.

She looked to the ceiling and turned away from him.

“Have they fallen asleep or what?” She banged the door. “Hey! Get me out of here!”

“We’re working on it,” she heard Mark say from far away.

The thick walls in the elevator dampened all sounds.

“How long will it take?” Sean shouted.

“About an hour or more,” Mark said. “We need the fire department and they are busy. There’s a large fire in one of the wooden buildings in the city centre.”

Eve sighed. She knew exactly what that meant. Every firefighter from miles away would concentrate on putting out that fire before it spread to the rest of the city, which meant saving people from elevators was much lower on their priority list.

“I’ll try to get hold of an elevator repairman instead. But I believe most of them are on strike this week.”

“Could things possibly get worse,” she mumbled.

“Sure they can. Do you need to pee?”

“What sort of question is that? No, I don’t,” she hissed at him. “Do you?”

“Not yet. But when we do, we should decide which corner of the elevator to use.”

She just stared at him, completely flabbergasted.

“Not happening. Just keep it in the pants, buddy!”

“It’s not wise to ignore your bodily needs for too long.”

“Huh! Normal people control their urges with their brain. You should try that,” she flung at him.

“Ouch. Or perhaps you should listen more to what your body wants?”

“I’m not peeing in front of you. Forget it.”

“I was more thinking about what other interesting things we could do while we’re Escort Çankaya waiting.”

“I don’t want to hear this.”

“Running away again?” He grinned at her, before making a show of staring at the walls surrounding them. “Oh, wait, you can’t run. Excellent. For once you will actually have to stay and talk to me.”

“No, I don’t. I can just close my ears and ignore you,” she said as she turned her back to him.

She heard him shuffle at the other end of the elevator and he sighed contently. She could not resist peeking at him and noticed that he had sat down on the floor and laid his papers beside him. He looked up her legs as if he was trying to peek underneath the hem of her skirt. She grabbed the hem and pulled it down, almost losing her tablet at the same time.

“Why don’t you sit down and relax? We’re in for a long wait.”

She hesitated. His legs were so long that he blocked most of the floor. She could either sit beside him or opposite him. Opposite was more tempting but she noticed that the floor was more dirty on that side. She didn’t want to get her clothes soiled.

He seemed to read her mind.

“You can sit on top of me,” he offered. “Then you won’t get stains on your skirt.”

“No, I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?”


“I promise I won’t bite.”

He could promise all he liked because she could see from his eyes that there were a lot of other things that he wanted to do besides biting.

“That desperate, huh?” she flung at him. “Not getting anything these days?”

“I can be patient,” he said warmly. “When there’s something I really want. And I’ve learned that sometimes the skittish ones are worth the wait.”

“Sounds more like abstinence if you ask me. You know, a good psychiatrist could probably help you with your addiction.”

“What addiction?”

“The conquering and plundering.”

He laughed. “That’s instinct. Not a medical disease.”

“If you say so. Most addicts deny they have a problem when everybody else sees it clearly.”

“I love your legs,” he countered. “And your habit of wearing short skirts.”


“If you come a little closer I can see the colour of panties as well. Or aren’t you wearing any?”

“Why don’t we discuss the Anderson case instead?” she suggested.

“I bet you have white underwear in a matching colour.”

“And how many meetings will you lose by sitting here?” she tried again.

“Mark will inform them. Besides, they can manage without me.”

“You can always call in on the Skype app.”

“Nope. I prefer to live in the moment and right now I’m stuck in an elevator with a beautiful woman. Only a braindead man would prefer work when we can strip down and fuck hard while waiting.”

“You’ve seen too many porn movies.”

“I have a vivid imagination but right now I prefer to see if your breasts are as large as I think they are.”

“Sorry to disappoint you. Push up bra with extra padding,” she grinned at him before she could stop herself.


“For the same reason that men wear shoulder pads and stuff socks into their trunks.”

He laughed. “I don’t,” he said. “I have no need to exaggerate anything. I’m already large.”

She sighed. “Too much information. I’m not interested.”

“You are hurting my ego to say that,” he said. “Now I have to prove myself.”

“Ah, ah, no, you don’t. As I said, I’m not interested and I don’t want to see more of you than I have to.”

She sighed before sitting down opposite of him. She didn’t care whether she got dirty as long she didn’t touch him. He might take it as an invitation.

“Here,” he handed her the papers he’d been carrying.

“What for?”

“Sit on these so you won’t get your skirt dirty.”

“Thanks,” she said and accepted his gift. She rose on her knees and placed the papers underneath her backside, before sitting back down again.

“Why won’t you sit near me?” he asked.

“I’m fine over here.”

“Give me the real reason.”

“Do I look like an octopus?” she asked.

“No,” he stared at her in wonder.

“Good. Because if I was, I would be clinging to you.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“Your question is impertinent and don’t require an answer.”

“Impertinent?” He laughed. “I’ve never heard that before.”

“Look it up. I’m sure Google can explain it to you.”

“Belittling my intelligence will not help you.”

“Look, Sean. We’re stuck here, but that doesn’t mean that we have to engage in polite conversation for that hour. I prefer reading my emails,” she said as she grabbed her tablet and started to open her mail program.

“Pity. I can think of a lot of other and more interesting way to spend my time than working,” he said.

She tried to ignore him, but the sudden rustling of his clothes made her lift her eyes and watch him. He had taken off his suit jacket and was in the process of unbuttoning his shirt.

“What are you doing?” she hissed at him.

“Getting more comfortable. It’s warm in here.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Come closer and cool me down then.”

“Don’t Çankaya Escort undress everything.”

“Why not?”

“The firefighters will be here soon,” she reminded him.

“I’m sure they have seen a naked man before.”

“Naked? Are you out of your mind?”

“I’m sweating. Aren’t you?”

Come to think about it, yes, it was warm in there.

“Can’t they just turn down the heat?” she complained.

“Just remove a few layers and you’ll feel better.”

She grabbed one of his papers and started fanning herself. It was helping to some degree but the air was still warm.

“We’re probably stuck right beside the central heating system,” he concluded.

“Feels like it,” she murmured.

“It won’t kill you to remove some clothes,” he reminded her.

“I can cope.”

“Oh well, it’s your decision. I thought women were hysterical about sweating during the day.”

She cringed. Did she already stink of sweat? Oh, no, how embarrassing. She tried to check herself, but she could not smell her armpits when he was staring at her. He seemed terribly amused by her expression.

“Don’t worry. You don’t smell bad. Yet.”

His grin was much wider than she appreciated. Still, there was nothing else to do. She shrugged off her cardigan and decided to take off her stockings as well. Only, she was wearing a pantyhose so she would have to lift her skirt up to her waist to remove it. She looked over at her colleague, He seemed to have understood her dilemma.

“Don’t let me stop you,” he teased her.

“Oh for god’s sake, Sean. Can’t you just close your eyes and be a gentleman for once?”

“Hah! This is probably all the fun I will get out of this so I’m enjoying the show.”

“There won’t be any show. I’ll just remove my pantyhose.”

“Everybody will suspect that we did a lot more.”

“If so they have a boring life and too much imagination.”

“You don’t have a favourite elevator fantasy?” he asked.

“None that I care to share with you.”

“Oh, come on. Enlighten me.”

She snorted.

“Or, try to shock me,” he said as if he doubted her ability to do that.

“Why don’t you tell me your fantasy first?”

“Nah, you probably know that already.”

“Try me.”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

He was taunting her. Trying to make her play his game. She wanted to ignore him but at the same time, it lurked at the back of her mind that it would be much more fun to shock him. Torment him like he was tormenting her. She got up on her feet and yanked up her skirt before grabbing her pantyhose and pushing it down passed her thigh.

“My favourite fantasy is to be taken against the wall,” she said. “Legs spread wide as my lover lifts me up and pushes deep inside of me.”

She rolled her pantyhose down passed her knees and leaned her right hand against the wall as she pulled the fabric away from her left leg. She glanced over to him. He stared at her, his mouth open as he took in her naked legs, following them upwards to her panties.

“My second favourite is to straddle my lover, taking him deep inside as I ride him hard.”

She pulled the pantyhose away from her other leg and placed it over her cardigan on the floor. She pulled her skirt down and covered the pink panties she was wearing.

“Would you like to hear my third fantasy?” she asked.

“Huh? What?” He seemed to have lost his ability to speak clearly as his voice sounded hoarse.

“I take that as a ‘Yes’.” She grinned at him. “My third fantasy involves being taken against my will, bent over and all the pleasure being forced upon me. Now, does that shock you?” she asked before she sat down and started unbuttoning her blouse.

“Shit,” he wheezed. “Are you taking that off?”

“Sure, why not?”

She had his attention now. There was no doubt about that. He stared as she unbuttoned her blouse and revealed the tank top underneath. She smiled at him. It was childish to try and beat him at his own game, but she could not resist the temptation.

“Any hope of you wanting to live out any of those fantasies?” he asked.


“Why not?”

“You’re not my type, Sean. Sorry.”

Her words seem to have the desired effect. He was scowling at her.

“But you can tell me about your fantasy. It seems we have plenty of time to kill,” she said.

“Getting bored, are you?”


“I can’t tell you my fantasy,” he said. “But I can show you.”

“Hm, interesting, but I won’t bite.”

“You don’t dare to. I know.”

“You know?”

“You’re too nervous around me. I understand.”

She didn’t like the sound of that at all. He thought he had her pinned, didn’t he?

“And if I wasn’t too nervous, what would I do?” she asked.

“You would sit on my lap and let me kiss you.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes, that’s my fantasy. Nothing more.”

She stared at him. She had thought he would have gone for a more X-rated group fantasy involving him and a few women.

“You must have other and more colourful fantasies also?”

“I prefer Çankaya Escort Bayan living, not dreaming about it.”

“That explains why you have a new girlfriend every week.”

“Actually, I don’t change that often.”

“They are flocking around you.”

“That doesn’t mean that I accept their offers.”

“So you’re not attached?”

“Not at the moment, no. Are you?”

She laughed. He had no idea who he was asking. She was the most single person around. Hopeless at relationships and even more hopeless with understanding men.

“No attachment right now,” she said, not wanting him to know how long it had been since her last boyfriend had dumped her.

She didn’t want to think about it, but it must have been ten months or something. Almost an entire year since last time someone had wanted to touch her. It was a long time ago. Too long.

It meant that he was an even bigger temptation than he would normally be, teasing her with the fantasy of a quickie inside the elevator with the hottest man she knew. She looked at him, taking in his open shirt and the abs he was revealing.

“Will you open your shirt more?” she asked before she managed to stop herself.

He pulled his shirttails aside, allowing her to see his tanned and muscular chest. She should have known that such a stunning man would look just as stunning beneath his clothes.

“Can I touch you?” she asked.

He held his arms out to her.

“Feel free,” he said.

Oh, my, she thought. Maybe there were some benefits to being stuck in an elevator with Sean after all. She walked over to him and sat down beside him on her knees. Her head was at the level of his shoulders, still he felt a lot taller and broader than her.

She placed her hand on his naked chest and stroke it across his chest, taking in his hardened muscles before moving them up to his nipples. She watched as he sucked in air in a large whoosh and she saw his nipples tightening.

It could not be from the cold, so she suspected that it was his sexual awareness making him respond. She moved her hand across his chest hair. It made it feel more forbidden, and more tempting at the same time. A grown man in his prime just allowing her to touch him.

“What was that fantasy of yours again?” she asked hoarsely.

“You straddling me and kissing me.”

She climbed onto his lap, straddling him as she pushed her skirt up to her waist to away her legs to spread wide enough.

“Where would you like to be kissed?” she asked.

He placed his hand on her chin and tilted her chin slightly up. Then he leaned closer and placed his lips on top of hers. She opened her mouth in surprise and placed her hands behind his neck, holding on to him as he deepened the kiss.

After a while, he let go of her lips and she leaned her cheek against his shoulder, listening to the sound of his beating heart as it pounded against her ear. She could feel his hard body underneath her and the bulge in his pants was pressing even more insistently against her pussy.

She rubbed herself against him, she couldn’t resist the temptation and she could feel all her body heating. Her lower regions felt as if they were flooding with wet warmth, obviously preparing her body if the need should arise. She wanted and needed but knew that she should resist the temptation.

Still, having him this close made her long to just go with the flow. For once in her life, she wanted to just do what she knew was wrong, get naked with a man that would not stay and experience the best fuck she had ever had.

It might be that he couldn’t live up to the rumours that she’d heard about him, but she doubted that was the case. She would probably never get such an opportunity again.

“How about fulfilling my fantasy as well?” she asked.

“Which one?”

“Me on top.”

“Gladly,” he said as he pushed her skirt further up.

She placed her hands on his pants and tried to open them. He helped and soon his cock free from the constraints as she pushed his trunks further down.

“Your turn,” he said as he pulled at her panties.

She lifted herself and pulled them off before she returned to his lap. He pulled out a package of condoms and sheathed himself. She helped him roll the rubber halfway down his long cock. She took in the size of his.

He was larger than she was used to and as she placed her hands around his shaft she wondered if she would be able to take him without feeling pain. No matter what she was desperate to give it a try. She straddled him and lifted her body on to her knees while she steered herself into position.

He grabbed his cock and placed it against her sex lips. She lowered herself as he leaned toward her and lifted her breasts up from her bra. He took his left nipple into his mouth and started sucking her. She moaned and felt her body heating even more.

She lowered herself on to his erect flesh and she felt him push his way inside of her. She arched her back, trying to make it easier to take his wide shaft. He slid his hand down to her clit and started rubbing her, gently and circling her nub before pushing directly at it.

She shivered in excitement, closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling more. She lifted herself and sank down on to him, taking him deeper. She could hear him breathing harder, feeling his hands on her waist as he directed her movements.

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