Emergency Repair


Ever since I moved into my house, I’ve become painfully aware of how little skill I have in home repair and maintenance. As a result, I’ve developed a wonderful fantasy that has taken many twists and turns over the years. It is a frequently recurring fantasy over which that I have spent much time daydreaming, and night dreaming too about each arousing detail.

I moved into my house a few years ago. It’s not very big, but it’s mine and located in a great neighborhood. I have a nice kitchen, with a little utility area off to the side for my washer and dryer. Prior to living in this house, I always had to go out to the Laundromat to wash and dry my clothes. What a pain. The house also has a nice den and living area with a cozy fireplace. Oh, how I love my fireplace.

In my fantasy, I am off from work, doing my housework, cleaning the house, and washing clothes so that I can go out later in the evening shopping. I put another load in the washer, turn it on, but it does not work. It turns on, but the thing that whirls around in the middle will not turn.

I really need to get my clothes washed or I cannot go out later. So I look in the phone book for a repair man. I find one that looks like it’s the one and phone him. I try to explain my problem and he says he’s not busy at the moment and he’ll be right out.

When I am home during the day, I usually run around the house in a pair of sweat pants and Tee shirt with no bra. It is so comfortable, but it’s easy to tell I’m braless the way the thin cotton covers my breasts. That’s the way I’m dressed when I call the repairman and I do not think anything about it. But, I decide to fix my hair a bit and put on a little makeup before the repairman arrives. I like to look a little presentable to strange company.

I am just finishing with my makeup when there is a knock at the door. I open the door and there is this gorgeous man standing there with his toolbox and a big smile. He looks like he is about 40, tall, well built, with dark hair and the prettiest blue eyes you have ever seen.

I am standing in the doorway just staring at him.

“Hi, I’m Steve. You called about a problem with your washer.” He says by way of introduction. I just keep staring, he’s so gorgeous.

“Uh, can I come in?’ He finally asks.

“Oh, uh, yeah … sorry …”

I show him in and lead him to the utility room where the washer is located. As I am explaining the problem to him, I notice that he keeps cutting his eyes toward me, no doubt admiring my braless breasts. I suppose it doesn’t help that my nipples are really hard and showing through the thin cotton of my T shirt.

Steve tells me that he will check the washer and let me know what the problem is as soon as he figures out what’s wrong. I go about doing other things around the house.

After about an hour I decide I’ll go and check on my handsome repairman. As I turn and walk into the room, I notice that gaziantep escortları he is standing there examining a pair of my thong panties and adjusting himself in his jeans. He seems to be mesmerized by my panties and does not hear me come in.

“How’s it going? Find the problem yet?” I say; clearly, my voice startles him.

He turns toward me looking flustered.

“Uh, yes … I did find it.” He says, slightly stammering like he’s a little embarrassed. “It seems a pair of your underwear got jammed under the agitator so tightly that it would not turn.” He holds up the panties for me to see.

“When I removed these, it started working just fine.”

I notice that he has a nice big bulge in his jeans which he is trying desperately to cover up. His face is flushed red with embarrassed. He hands me the panties trying to be very professional.

I want to have a little fun with him so I look them over.

“These are my favorite thong panties, I’m so glad they are not torn up. Thank you so much for retrieving them and getting the washer working again.” I tell him. “Say, would you like a cup of coffee before you go? It’ll only take me a second.” I add with a naughty gleam in my eye.

“Oh, yeah, sure … coffee sounds great.” He replies.

I lead him in to the den and ask him to have a seat while I get the coffee. After a few moments, I come into the den and hand him a cup, while holding one for myself. I sit right next to him on the sofa.

“You know, you really should put your bras and panties in a lingerie bag when you wash them so you don’t have this sort of problem again.” He tells me.

“Good idea. My mom always used to use a lingerie bag … I’ll have to pick one up next time I go shopping.” I say. As I speak, he picks up a clipboard with the bill attached.

“OK – Let’s see, there’s a minimum $49 service charge for the house call, and one hour of labor at $75, plus sales tax, so the total is … let me see, uh, $132.68 … at least there weren’t any parts to replace. That can add up real fast, if you know what I mean.” He says.

“Holly shit! Oooops, sorry. That much?! I thought it would be like twenty bucks or something.” I say incredulously. “I’m sorry but I just don’t have that much … not until pay day next week, anyway.”

I know the guy is going to be furious with me, thinking I’m a deadbeat; which I’m not. But, he surprises me when he speaks.

“Well, Miss, I can tell from that thin little shirt you’re wearing that your breasts must be really beautiful; if you’d agree to show them to me, I think we could call it even.” He says this with a slightly wicked gleam in his eye.

Knowing that I do not have much choice, I decide it just might be fun, so I pull my shirt over my head, letting my breasts hang freely in front of him. I can tell instantly he really admires them — mostly because I notice the bulge in his jeans getting bigger.

“Would you like to touch them?” I ask him in my softest sexiest voice.

He reaches out and cups them in his hands. I can feel the strength in his hands as he begins to squeeze each breast. Looking into my eyes, he sees that I clearly do not want him to stop. He rolls my nipples between his fingers and I let out a soft moan of approval.

Leaning down he begins kissing the soft flesh of my breast and then licks and sucks my nipple firmly between his lips.

“Ohhhhh Yesss” I squeal.

I feel the tingling of hot desire envelope my body. My breathing is getting deeper and my moans are getting louder as he wets my nipple with his saliva.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt too, baby?” I ask.

He quickly obliges me, unbuttoning it and throwing it on the floor.

Oh my, I think to myself, his chest is so firm and muscled with a light covering of hair. Just enough for me to start running my fingers through. Running my hands across his chest I feel every contour of his toned muscles.

I very much love a big strong man. I am getting so turned on as I run my fingers through his hair. All I could think is; I want this man. I want him so bad!

I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual as he continues to massage and squeeze my breasts. Reaching down I begin to undo his belt and pants. I cannot wait to see the reason for that huge bulge hidden behind the covering of his pants. I finish unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans; then I kneel down in front of him as I pull his pants and underwear down his legs, allowing his beautiful cock to spring free.

I am not disappointed! His cock is really big and thick as it semi-hangs in front of my face. I keep thinking to myself what an incredible man he is. I take his large tool in my hand and start stroking the length with long slow strokes.

“Mmmmmm.” He moans.

I look up and see him watching me as I softly lick around the head before taking his cock into my mouth. I hold it in my mouth and can feel it getting harder and hotter. I start moving my mouth slowly up and down the length of his shaft; feeling the length fill my mouth and start down my throat.

At that point, he takes control. I feel him reach out and take my head in his hands; firmly gripping my hair. He starts to move his cock in and out of my mouth. He begins to move faster and faster, fucking my mouth in a very strong and positive rhythm. My eyes are watering with the depth of his thrusts.

His grunts keep getting deeper and louder. Raising my eyes, I look up at him and see the animal lust possessing him. I want him to cum in my mouth but he has other plans. Pulling his cock out of my mouth, he looks down at me, and pulls me up.

“Damn Miss, you are so hot, lie back on the sofa.” He commands.

As I lie back on the sofa, he reaches up and pulls my sweatpants down my legs and off in one quick pull. He spreads my legs and crawls up between them with his head just inches from my wet pussy. Pulling my panties aside, he breathes in and takes in the aroma of my intense arousal. Then he takes a long lick with his tongue from my vagina up to my clit.

“Oh fuck!” I moan loudly, and I arch my back and scream out my feelings of intense pleasure.

His tongue is magical. He continues to lick my pussy with long, deep strokes. My pussy is on fire with the heat of my desire. I scream out again as my first orgasm starts taking over my body. His tongue never stops as he takes me to new heights of pleasure.

At the point at which I think I cannot take any more, he stops; then he pulls me up and turns me around. He bends me over the arm of the sofa and I know that he is going to take me from behind. It doesn’t matter, just so long as he takes me! I want him in me so bad.

He pulls my panties down my legs, and helps me step out of them. Then he spreads my legs wide apart, allowing him unrestricted access to my pussy. He stops for a moment, seemingly to admire my ass as he runs his hands over my cheeks and firmly squeezes them. Spreading the cheeks of my ass with his hands, I feel the head of his cock at my pussy. He starts pushing the head in and then I feel him grip my hips firmly in his hands. He pushes slowly at first.

“Oh my god, you feel so big.” I say breathlessly.

I feel my pussy stretching around his huge cock as he pushes deeper into me. I have never been filled as deeply as I take his entire length. One last thrust has him all the way in me. He begins fucking me with long hard deep thrusts, gripping my hips firmly. He pumps in and out of me, grunting every time his hips slap against my ass. He fucks me really hard for several blissful minutes, slowing down occasionally to regain his rhythm.

My mind is spinning with the pure lust of my sexual passion. I am lost in sexual bliss as he comes closer to a climax. With one final deep thrust, he pulls out.

“Ah fuck! I’m cumming!” He yells.

The first glob of his hot gooey cum lands between my shoulder blades; and then the thick white stuff runs down my back. He covers the small of my back with more hot cum and my ass with the rest of his steamy cream. He rubs his cock, still wet with my juices, up and down in the crack of my ass as he regains his composure.

As his breathing returns to normal, he is using his cock to rub his cum into my ass.

“Damn, Miss, you are incredible.”

Without saying a word, I look back at him and smile in lustful delight.

As we get dressed, he tells me my debt is now ‘paid in full’ and he gives me his card and tells me that if I ever need him again, to just give him a call. Leaning over, he kisses me on the cheek. He picks up his tool box, winks at me, and then walks out the door.

“Mmmmmmm,” I do love a strong, handsome man.

My handsome repairman comes back to my house many times; repairing the kitchen sink, the dryer, my bathroom sink, a light in my bedroom, the water heater (a girl has to have hot water for her bath). wink, wink.

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