Empty Hallway Ch. 02

Big Tits

I simply stared at her for a moment, fumbling with my belt.

She’d come into our otherwise deserted office, and practically sat right down on my face by way of hello. Her sweet ass was waving in front of me, as she lay forward on the place’s best conference table, recuperating from a knee buckling orgasm. And I was just finding my way out of my pants…

The way her eyes watched the door – she’d not looked me in the eye yet – sort of tweaked my pride a bit. She’d had no problem staring at me in the hallways on the encounters that had led up to this. So, just to catch her attention, I drew my belt free of my pants, and flipped the end of it down the table as I laid it there beside her, about a foot from where her head was cradled on her arms.

That got a look, all right – she rolled over on her back, propped up on her elbows, and met my eyes with an openmouthed stare, her breathing still returning to normal. Scared? Excited? Tough to tell, from eyes as wild as those – she clearly was enjoying just letting go, being taken wherever it led after her first crazy impulse to spread her legs over me. I smiled to reassure her, wanting to keep her in the moment – and she smiled too, but her eyes were already traveling down my body as she did.

She gaziantep escortları bounced forward off the table, and her nails scratched the fur on my abdomen as hooked her fingers inside my waistband and grasped me by the top of my pants. She grazed my fully-erect cock as she did so, and her fingertips quickly found my head and rubbed the sticky drops of precum I was leaking.

Butt braced against the table, legs set well apart, she dragged me towards her by the pants, my thighs coming to rest against hers. I tipped her chin up again, looked into her eyes (even wilder), and kissed her with my sticky face as her other hand reached to grab my cock through my pants. She leaned into the kiss, but broke it quickly – her hands working to unbutton me. Not wishing to appear reluctant, I slid out of my weekend-wear sandals.

She pushed me back a bit, and knelt in front of me, both hands tucked into my waistband. She pulled my pants and shorts to the floor in one motion, leaning forward so my cock popped right in front of her face as it came free. The pants landed in a heap around my ankles as her hands moved to my dick.

She paused then for what seemed like forever, just staring. Right hand cupping my balls softly, lifting and weighing. Left hand circling the base of my shaft, not pumping, just squeezing hard. Watching my excited dick drip a slow stream of fluid, starting to drip toward the floor.

I watched her watching me, my breath coming quicker. Soon I couldn’t help but stare out that still open door, though, at the empty hallway, listening for the sounds of others in the building.

Suddenly I let out a little yelp – she’d licked the very end of my cock while I was distracted by the door. I looked down quickly to see her grinning back at me with mischief in her eyes.

She stood abruptly, and patted the table. “I need you to lie up here.”

Blood pounding in my ears, I went for a joke – “You mean lay up here?” (We’d had fun earlier in the week teasingly misconjugating that verb in a discussion.)

Her eyes narrowed a little bit, her lips did a mock pout through her smile – and her hand went to my belt, laying (lying?) on the table.

“Okay, okay”, I laughed, and levered myself onto the table, on my back, knees hanging over the edge… pants still around my ankles.

She leaned forward and licked me again, once, balls to tip, smile never leaving her face… I may have blacked out from blood flow issues for a second, because the next I knew she was on the table too, straddling my hips, hitching her skirt up to show me again her soaking pussy.

She leaned forward, her chest against mine, and kissed me. Her hand reached back, grabbed me, positioned… and slowly she eased back, sliding my cock into her slick cunt.

I gritted my teeth to stay still, to keep from simply slamming into her as she raised her torso up, still slowly sliding herself down onto me. I felt every instant of the penetration until we reached bottom, and I could feel her stiff clit grinding into me. So tight – I could have drawn you a map of her insides at that moment, if I wasn’t so busy.

She started rising up, and slipping back down, with wet sound effects amazing to hear. Arching her back as we established a rhythm.

I stared at her nipples through her top, swaying as she moved. I slid my hands under her top and cupped her breasts. Tried to concentrate on squeezing and rolling them between fingers and thumb, to try to last a few more strokes…

Suddenly she grunted, slammed down on me hard, and her cunt clenched me as she shivered. I immediately came, pumping burst after burst into her, feeling the table I took meetings around ten times a week beginning to be soaked with our juices.

When my vision cleared, I looked up at her face…

… and her eyes, again fixed on the door behind me, and the hallway beyond.

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