English Country Spinster


“Would you like to see the house?”

Phillipa was some distant relative of the Earl of Wherever, our host for the weekend. The Earl was managing director of what was billed as a public relations firm, but was really just a conduit for matchmaking between American and European companies. “Willy”, as the Earl seemed to universally be known, casually knew everybody worth knowing, it seemed.

I did not need to know Willy’s full name, nor did I really need to be at the party. I was the “quant”, the analyst in tow with his American guests. My work was done in plain jane hotel rooms, exchanging data with the prospects, preparing charts and graphs to translate the numbers into concepts for my bosses and their investors. Since I was part of the group, I got swept into a limo headed to the Earl’s estate for the weekend of boozing, shooting and salesmanship. My job was to be the one who stayed sober and kept my bosses from agreeing to anything too stupid while drunk.

Bruno had the tougher job. He was our director of security, and his job was to make sure there were no “honey traps”- opportunities for sex related blackmail. No one much cared if I was photographed in a compromising position however. I had no real influence, was entirely single, and could be disavowed easily enough. So, I figured, even if Phillipa WAS the bait for a trap, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Heck, even if I lost this job, another would come along. Not many people make numbers dance the way that I do.

In my admittedly limited experience, not many people swung their hips the way that Phillipa did. I had noticed her earlier. No Victoria’s Secret model, she was a bubbly curvy redhead, all freckles and pleasant voluptuousness. No teenager, but still with a fresh bloom about her, her cheeks were rosy over porcelain flesh. She wore a modest cotton print dress that both hid and displayed her curves. If she were a painting, she might be “English Country Spinster” by Rubens.

Someone had introduced us, but her invitation was as surprising as the feel of her ample breast pressed beside my arm as she guided me away without waiting for an answer.

“I could tell you’re as much of a fish out of water at these things as I am,” she confided as we went up the massive sweeping staircase to the second floor.

I wanted to say something witty about how a voluptuous vision like Phillipa must fit in wherever she swam, but my mouth was full of cotton.

“This is the library,” she explained, steering me into a musty dusty room stacked floor to ceiling with moldy tomes, the dreary English afternoon lacking enough sun to penetrate the moth eaten holes in the tapestry drapes.

She did not seem to pause to close the door, yet it was closed and we were in the room, alone save for words and dust motes.

“Do you want me?” she breathed against my lips as she pushed me back against the shelves.

My head spun. I had never known what that meant until I met Phillipa. Maybe it was the rush of blood from my brain to my groin, but I was dizzy. To keep my balance, I grabbed her ample hips. It was not clear whether I pulled her against my body, or if she pressed forward of her own accord, but it was clear that she was no spinster.

She kissed me and then my hands started moving over her body, rubbing her buttocks until she squirmed against my growing erection, and then sliding up her torso to cup those magnificent tits, hefting them gently at first. Her breath sighed into my mouth.

“That feels so good,” she said as she paused to catch her breath, before gaziantep escortları kissing me more deeply, one hand ruffling my hair.

Since she seemed to enjoy it so much, I continued to play with her tits some more. After awhile, maybe while I fiddled with the buttons on the bodice of that dress, she slid her hand down my pants and rubbed my shaft. She undid my pants as I freed her bosom from her lacy bra.

“Suck my nipples,” she directed as she stroked my fully erect shaft.

In the dull light it was hard to make out the shade of her nipples, but I imagined them to be pink like bubble gum, a match to her freckled paleness. First one nubbin, and then the other, surged to full hardness between my lips.

“It’s okay to use your teeth, gently.”

The way her rubbery appendage squished as I bit made my cock throb more intensely. I pulled back slowly, Phillipa groaning as the sensations travelled through nerve endings that must have been connected directly to her clit. That pearl already was bobbling at the tip of my finger.

Her grasp in my hair stiffened as she pulled my mouth off her boob. The soft “plop” echoed in that vast empty library. The only other sounds were our breathing.

My fingers easily slid inside her wet slit. My fingers danced inside her moistness, thumb flicking her clit until she buried her face against my chest to muffle the sound of her climax. I pressed my lips to her ear and then nibbled her earlobe until her spasms subsided.

Silently, Phillipa dropped to her knees, her face level with my rigid member. Her wild violet eyes danced above her flushed cheeks as she looked up at me, one hand stroking my shaft, the other kneading my scrotum.

“I’m going to suck your cock,” she said, like she was talking about having porridge for breakfast. “It is a very nice cock. Just right. Not too large, not too small.”

First, Phillipa simply licked the slit, tasting my precum, and then looked up at me again, smiling, her lips coated with my fluid.

Then her tongue poked out past those lips and she leaned forward, exploring the whole head of my cock with her tongue. She spent extra time licking the rim where the helmet met the shaft and then continued licking down my length with her flattened tongue.

My body shook with excitement as Phillipa proceeded to swallow my cock, her tongue continuing to dance around my shaft as her lips closed around the flesh. She reached my pubes and then drew her head back, allowing her lips to pull off my tip. Almost immediately though, she resumed licking the underside, running her tongue slowly along until she bobbled each of my balls with it. Her dainty fingers fondled wherever her tongue had last licked.

The warmth and wetness of her mouth and the sight of her was too much to stand for long. I could feel my balls churning, ready to exploded, and wondered whether I should warn her. There really was no place to come other than inside her mouth. I did not dare soil this ancient library, and a stain on her party dress would tell a sordid tale.

“Take me in your mouth,” I moaned.

Phillipa seemed to understand what she needed to do. Slowly she began to take all of my cock into her throat and then started bobbing her head. With each stroke, she seemed to stroke me harder than before. My cock was soaked by her saliva. The only sound was her slurping.

I began pumping cum down her throat as Phillipa eagerly kept sucking my cock. When I finished cumming and she had licked the last of the cum from my cock, she stood close to me, licking her lips with a smile on her face.

“That was really great gobs of goo. I’m a bit amazed I managed it all” she giggled, “but now, your turn.”

She spun around, pressing her back against the spines of old books as I turned, sinking to the carpet. My hands slid effortlessly up her legs, discovering that she wore stockings, and that above her garters were a fancy pair of black lace panties, already soaked.

I happily bent forward, lowering my head beneath her dress as Phillipa spread her legs to help my access and her balance. Easing the lace aside, I uncovered a cunt blessed with only a sparse nest of curly red hairs. Her pussy lips parted, revealing her clit, already stiff from earlier attention.

I planted a token kiss on each inner thigh, but knew what Phillipa wanted, so without further ado I stuck my tongue deep between her lips, running it up to her clit, fingers close behind. Not quite touching that nub, I began to suck and slurp all around, drinking her juices. My tongue burrowed deep in Phillipa’s streaming wet pussy, stimulating the velvety flesh, exploring to her very core. Phillipa’s back arched as I gripped her ass cheeks, kneading the ample buttocks, burying my nose deep within her cleft.

Phillipa’s hips started thrashing about, bumping against the bookshelves, grinding against my face and then I finally transferred my attention to her throbbing clit, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. Phillipa rocked, her knees quaking. She purred with delight as I sucked that engorged organ deeper into my mouth, drawing it between my teeth, nibbling it like I had aroused her nipple earlier.

I moved one hand from her ass, thrusting four stiff fingers deep up her pussy, immediately triggering another orgasm which made her whole body shake above and around me, her fingers ripping at my hair.

“Stop…no…don’t stop…” she groaned, until she collapsed back against the wall, limp, heaving to catch her breath.

As Phillipa regained her composure, the flush retreating from her cheeks and the exposed valley of her bosom, I stood, stepping back, assuming this adventure was finished, and that my dreary day would resume.

But then she giggled again. I was puzzled for a moment, but then she pointed down, and I followed her glance. My cock was rigid, sticking straight out from my groin, right at her.

“I think somebody is ready for some real fucking already,” she observed.

Without giving me a chance to object, she placed her hand on my chest and tipped me backward. My knees struck some table that I had not noticed, but quickly discovered was covered in old manuscripts, as Phillipa tumbled my butt onto the table, and barely gave me time to gain my balance before she sat astride me, her well prepared pussy slipping smooth as a glove over my manhood.

“Wh…wha… what about protection?” I stammered.

“Silly boy,” she replied, “one glance at you and I know you must be clean, and so am I …”

The sensation created by her muscles clamped around my shaft defeated any further protest. In any event, her lips pressed firmly to mine prevented me from speaking. Having already figured out how much Phillipa liked ass play, I just took two handfuls of her buttocks and held on tightly as she bounced up and down on my shaft, her tongue fucking my mouth in the same rhythm.

Phillipa continued this activity for a dozen or more trips up and down my length, her delicious tits rubbing my chest as she rode me, rising high up until only the head was still inside her labia, holding that for a heartbeat or three before sinking slowly down again. Her muscles were working magically around my member, milking me. Her excitement trembled through her body, right into my flesh. I was glad that I had already ejaculated, or I would have filled her womb right then.

My hands slowly travelled closer and closer to the cleft of her ass. Soon my strong fingers were pulling that flesh open. Again my hands shifted, one sliding down a couple of fingers teasing the bottom of her swollen gash where my throbbing cock entered her womanhood. The other hand more boldly explored her anal rosebud, which seemed to sigh in welcome just before my middle finger invaded that forbidden zone.

That violation was all that it took to trigger another wave of shivers through Phillipa’s entire body, her pussy clamping tight around my cock until the wave of orgasm subsided. I remember wondering whether she might be sated, and a moment of fear that she would just climb off, rearrange her clothing and leave me there on that table, my hard cock standing naked upright in the stale air.

No fear of that it seemed though. She rested there, not moving, except her abdominal muscles flexing around my hardness.

“I do so enjoy the presence of a hard cock in my pussy,” she sighed, and then she kissed me again, tongue thrusting into my mouth like she was fucking it. My fingers knew better than my brain what to do in response. I felt her asshole tighten quickly and firmly around my finger, as her pussy twitched in response to each thrust.

Phillipa snaked her tongue back into her own mouth long enough to say, “You like that, don’t you?”

All that I could do was nod.

“I’ve never ass fucked bareback before,” she explained, “and it is hopelessly naughty, being high risk and all, but I just need to have that meat in my rectum.”

Phillipa pressed her lips to mine to stifle any possible protest on my part. Her hips rose again, but this time, instead of just settling back done burying my cock deep in her womb, she lifted clear of the tip, and subtly shifted up my body. When she lowered herself, I felt my cock slid between the cleavage of her ass.

“Use your fingers to hold me open as you slide in,” she advised, and I complied, nudging the tip of my cock against the target.

“More,” Phillipa sighed, the tightness giving way, welcoming my invasion. An audible “pop” echoed off the books surrounding us as my helmet finally penetrated her defenses. The full length of my shaft slid effortlessly into her depths.

Phillipa began pumping up and down again, riding my cock as enthusiastically as she had moments before when it had been inside her pussy. My hips rose off the table in response, my hands squeezing the globes of her great ass as we fucked like wild animals, in that most civilized of rooms.

When I could hold back no longer I came for the second time that afternoon, my scream swallowed by Phillipa’s kiss. Since I had already come so hard, I was amazed at the force with which my seed flooded her tight passage. Another wave of climax surged through Phillipa’s body, and we held each other tight until it subsided.

Phillipa lay there for just a minute, her red hair tickling my chin, before she said, “Well, thank you for livening up a dreary afternoon, but we best get back to the party before we are missed.”

The last word had hardly left her lips before she kissed my cheek tenderly, bounded up off my sprawled body, and shrugged herself back into a state of propriety. No one would know at a glance that she was pumped full of my seed.She blew me one last kiss before she exited the library, leaving me still half naked lying on the table.

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