Exit 23 Ch. 03


After their exuberant ride on the Ferris wheel, Vicente and Temperance walked back to the parking lot to retrieve Vicente’s car. The two of them held hands while they walked, Vicente was either humming or whistling a cheerful tune and Temperance was giggling at him. They reached the car, climbed in, and then they drove off through the darkening sky.

“Go grab your overnight bag.” Vicente instructed Temperance as he pulled up to the front of her truck.

“Giving me orders now, huh? And what makes you think I want to spend the night with you?” Temperance gave Vicente a serious look while she waited for his answer.

“Because you’re curious and want to know what else I have planned for us tonight.” The lustful look in his eyes from earlier today returned as he looked Temperance up and down, biting his lower lip when his eyes finally met hers.

The look in Vicente’s eyes could take a woman’s breath away. Of course, Temperance was curious about what else was planned for tonight, so she got out of the car and snatched her overnight bag from her truck and then returned to Vicente’s car. Vicente pulled out of the truck stop as soon as Temperance closed the car door and they traveled back in the direction of the downtown area.

The sky was dark and the moon was out when they entered the downtown area. Taxies were speeding around, carrying their last fares for the night, the streets were almost empty of pedestrians and the cops were sitting in the old diner on the corner finishing their dinners. Vicente pulled into a parking garage, he snatched a parking ticket from the machine and proceeded to find a parking spot.

After parking the car, gaziantep escortları Vicente and Temperance got out, Vicente walked to the passenger side to grab his bag out of the back seat. But when he closed the door, he grabbed Temperance by the arms and pinned her against the car. She looked up at him in shock, his lustful eyes were looking back at her, and he pushed himself against her. Temperance could feel Vicente’s hard cock pushed up against her through their clothes and the look in her eyes softened.

“Look what you do to me.” Vicente whispered, and before Temperance could make an argument, Vicente put his mouth on hers and kissed her. A deep passionate kiss, Temperance could feel his tongue against hers and it reminded her of his oral performance the night before and almost made her weak in the knees. Temperance was sucking on Vicente’s bottom lip and rubbing herself against him when he broke away from their embrace. Vicente took Temperance by the hand, gave her a “follow me” gesture, and lead her out of the parking garage and into the high-rise hotel across the street.

After checking in at the front desk, Temperance and Vicente walked towards the elevator while holding hands and acting like a couple. As they wait for the elevator, Temperance is all over Vicente, she has her arms around his waist holding him against her, she’s giving him light flirty kisses on his cheeks and mouth. Vicente can’t help but grin and giggle at the way Temperance is acting.

The elevator arrives, the doors open, and a few people exit before Vicente whisks Temperance inside and the doors close behind them. Vicente is leaning against the back wall with his arms wrapped around Temperance’s shoulders. Temperance continues to kiss him with the same light flirty kisses as before, but within seconds Vicente pushes Temperance back against the wall and pins her there. He begins to kiss her neck while reaching his hands into the waistband of her leggings. Without Temperance even realizing it, Vicente slid her leggings and panties halfway down to her thighs, then he placed his hands on the back of her knees, lifted her against the elevator wall, and placed her legs on his shoulders.

With one swift move, Vicente pulled his hard cock out of the open fly of his jeans and pressed it hard and fast into Temperance’s juicy warm pussy. The speed and force of Vicente’s actions made Temperance almost scream, but no noise came out when she opened her mouth. Vicente was pounding hard and fast into Temperance while pushing her legs into her chest. Temperance could barely breathe, but she was too distracted by the pleasure and pressure she was receiving from Vicente’s pounding. She never knew a man could move this fast and with such force, she never had anyone fuck her like this before. She wanted to moan and scream in delight from Vicente’s powerful thrusting and the feeling of his balls slapping her ass, but she still couldn’t breathe. Not even realizing it, Temperance had her eyes clenched shut, she needed to open them, she needed to tell Vicente she couldn’t breathe. His rough and fast pounding was driving her insane and she thought if he continued for much longer that the head of his cock would break through her cervix.

Temperance finally opened her eyes, she still wanted to scream out in pleasure from the intense rough fuck she was receiving, but when she looked up into Vicente’s eyes all of that changed. Vicente was staring into her eyes while continuing his fast and rough assault on her tight and soaking wet pussy. But all Temperance saw was the devil looking back at her, it was still Vicente that was pounding her like there was no tomorrow but the look in his eyes was of pure insane lust, she’s never seen that look in her entire life. Before she could try to stop it, the pressure and pleasure mixed with the look in Vicente’s eyes brought her to the point of no return. Once again she opened her mouth to make any noise she could but she was still absolutely silent. Vicente didn’t need her to scream out, he knew she was cumming, he felt her body tense and her pussy tighten around his cock so hard that he thought the grip would pull it right off, but he didn’t stop, instead he went faster. Temperance was shaking and trying to push Vicente away with her legs but she had no strength left, and she knew Vicente would torment her as much as possible.

Finally, the elevator was slowing down, and Vicente knew he had run out of time. He quickly pulled out and tucked his cock back into his jeans while still keeping Temperance pinned against the wall. Then he carefully put her legs down one by one and pulled her panties and leggings back up to her waist. He reached down to grab their overnight bags with one hand and as he stood up, he swooped Temperance up into his arms and carried her out of the elevator just as the doors opened.

“Do you think that elevator has cameras?” Temperance asked with her arms around the back of Vicente’s neck and her legs still trembling.

“I hope so.” Vicente’s eyes rested back on Temperance and she could see that devilish look was back.

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