Fall from Grace

Belle Knox

I never meant to cheat. It was never who I was or who I wanted to be. I was raised to believe the Bible and try to follow what it said. I was always a good girl raised in a Southern Baptist church. I married a preacher and had two children. We were the perfect southern family. We were perfect until Clay joined our church. Clay was the type of man who could tear a woman down by looking at her. Undress her and turn her into a whore with his crooked smile. When I first saw him, I admit I felt the tug of temptation. He wasn’t tall but he was very fit. His shirts seemed to cling to his hard muscles. He had such a cocky smug look and he made me tingle in places that usually stay behaved.

Clay liked to look at me. I frequently caught him staring at me and he never looked away. My face always turned red and I was the one who looked away. I was used to getting looks from men. I always felt that I was attractive. I have long dark brown hair and blue eyes. I am on the shorter side around 5’1 and I would run everyday except Sunday. I kept myself in shape and I worked hard. I could not say the same for my husband. Everywhere Clay was firm, my husband was soft. I caught myself looking at him more and Clay caught me looking too.

He taught at my son’s school and he worked the car rider line in the mornings. I would drop my son off and Clay would smile that cocky half smile and joke around with me and the kids. He used the same gym I went to and started showing up when I would work out. He worked out near me and we constantly caught each other looking. Soon he began to come over and flirt while I was working out. That’s when the touching started. He began by feeling my biceps and making a big show of how strong I was getting. Then he brushed my hair back from my face one day when the gym was empty. That made my heart pound in my chest. One day he helped me with my form when I was using the triceps machine. His hands were so strong as he grabbed my waist to move me. They lingered on my hips and then slipped back to my ass. He leaned in and whispered to me, “You are so fucking sexy. I can’t take my eyes off you. You are exactly the kind of woman I love to fuck.”

I was shocked. Nobody ever talked to me that way. I opened my mouth. I don’t know what I planned to say but it didn’t matter. He walked away. What shocked me the most was the tingling. I thought to myself, My pussy is tingling. That made it tingle more. I never allowed myself to think that dirty word. Oh it feels so good. It feels so hot. Stop it! I tried to distract myself but I couldn’t. I thought about him all day and all night. Fortunately, I was good at redirecting and distracting myself. I was doing better the next day until I was out running when he pulled up next to me in his truck. He rolled his window down and said, “Hey Megan. Come here for a second, I want to tell you something.”

I never should have walked over to the window. I leaned in and he reached out and grabbed my face. He pulled me to his face and I felt his lips touch mine, his whiskers scratching my face. He pressed harder, his lips against mine. He opened his mouth and his tongue touched my lips. For some reason, my mouth opened and his tongue slid into my mouth. I started sucking on his tongue and his hands found my hair and gripped it hard. I felt my pussy respond again so very hot and tingly.

Our kiss broke and I looked at him breathless. He said, “God that mouth was made to suck. MMMMM I really want you.”

I started crying and ran away. When I got home, I was sick. I told my husband I felt ill and went right to bed. I lay there crying when I got the text. I never should have even responded.

“Hey its Clay. Im sorry. Ur married. I should just leav u alone.”

“Oh no how did you get my number?”

“From the school ive had it a while. Really all I do is think about u.”

“Im married its wrong find another girl who isn’t married.”

“I don’t want them ur what I want plus I scare girls.”

“What do u mean?”


“They are scared by a part of me.”

“What do u mean?”

“My cock…its too big for them a lot of them don’t even want to fuck me…it scares them”

He sent me a picture that made me drop my phone. He was standing in front gaziantep escortları of a mirror naked and something that looked like my arm was sticking out where a normal penis should be. I didn’t believe that it was real. My husband’s cock is not big at all. It didn’t compare to that picture. I didn’t respond to the text. I told my husband I was sick the next day and skipped church. He texted me that night.

“I didn’t see u at church. You must have been home thinking about me. Im taking tomorrow off. U no where I live. If u want it. Ill be home waiting on u.”

I didn’t sleep all night. I just pictured him standing there. Naked. I couldn’t imagine taking him inside of me. He was so big. I was struggling. I am a good girl I don’t cheat. I don’t know how my car ended up in his drive the next day. I knew he lived in a trailer just out of town. His house was back in the woods so my car wouldn’t be seen. I knew where he lived because my husband and I called on him before he joined the church.

I don’t know how I ended up at his door knocking. He opened the door dressed only in boxers smiling that smug smile I hated and loved at the same time. My hair was down and I was wearing a black sundress with sexy black thong panties that I bought for my husband but never had the nerve to wear and a matching black bra. He reached out and grabbed my wrist in his strong hand and pulled me inside. He stood there staring at me. I felt naked already.

“Look…” is all I got out of my mouth.

He pushed me back against the wall hard, pressing his body against mine. His hands grabbed my wrists and his mouth was on mine again. Kissing me, slipping his tongue into my mouth, biting my lip. I was panting when he stopped.

He growled in my ear “I knew you were a slut. I could tell by the way you looked at me. I know what you need and how you need it.”

He moved my hands over my head and pinned them against the wall with one of his hands. His mouth was on my neck and I was moaning. His other hand had found my breasts. He was squeezing them and kneading them. His hand trailed down my belly and raised my skirt. His fingers brushed my pussy through my panties.

“What a slut, so wet already.” He said and he pulled my panties aside and slipped a finger between my lips across my clit to my wet married pussy. “God you’re tight. I’m going to have fun with you. It’ll be just like breaking a virgin.”

I started cumming at that moment. As his finger slid into me I was crying out. Breathlessly I moaned his name over and over. I was helpless, pinned against the wall cumming at his touch.

He let go of me and laughed. My face turned red. I knew he was laughing at me. He was a cruel man.

“You came already? I’m not done with you yet. Don’t worry, you’ll cum again.”

He made me feel so ashamed of myself and he even made me feel like I deserved to be treated this way. He made me hate myself and made me want him.

He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. He told me “Go ahead, pull em down. Wait until you see what I’m going to put inside of you.”

I couldn’t stop. I had no control. With trembling hands I reached up and pulled his boxers down. Without warning his cock sprung right there in my face. I’d never even thought the word cock before but I did right then. No other word could describe the huge veiny thing in my face. I’ve never been this close to a cock before, other than my husband’s only there was no comparison to this monster. His was as big around as a bottled water and long. It wasn’t twice my husband’s length but close. But the width was well over double my husband’s size. It wasn’t even all the way hard yet but it was beginning to twitch. Clay reached down with rough hands and grabbed my face squeezing my cheeks hard. He said, “Don’t play dumb…you know what your mouth is for.”

His hands snaked around my head grabbing my hair and pulled me close. The head of his cock touched my lips and my mouth opened. His large head slipped between my lips. It was such a hot heavy cock that began to twitch in my hot wet married mouth. My lips stretched and the corners of my mouth burned as he got so hard in my mouth. I pulled back gasping. Reaching out, I grabbed his cock and licked it from the base to the tip before taking it into my mouth again. I didn’t know who this woman was who was licking his huge cock. “Fuck your mouth was made to suck cock.” he growled at me. He grabbed my hair harder and yanked me forward forcing me to take him deep. I gagged and choked on his cock. Tears ran from my eyes smearing my mascara. I tried to push away, my hand on his hips but he started pumping his hips with a twisted grip on my hair. His made me take all of his cock. I felt it throbbing and pulsing while it slid down my throat cutting of my air. It was so huge and throbbing in my mouth. My lips burned as he fucked my face. I thought I was going to choke when finally he let me go. I fell back panting. He swiftly reached down and grabbed my face again.

“How much do you love sucking my cock slut?” he asked in a hoarse whisper.

“I…I…I love it.” I had no choice but to give that answer. It was the truth. I loved how huge it was and how intimidating it was and I wanted it inside of me. He laughed at me and slapped my face over and over with his heavy cock. I heard each smack as it struck my cheeks and my nose. It was heavy and hard. He then rubbed the head all over my face. Smacking the head on my lips I knew he had broken me. What kind of woman let a man who wasn’t her husband hit her in the face with his cock? I knew that answer a broken whore let men do those things to them.

“Suck my balls.” He commanded.

I raised his thick heavy cock up and ran my tongue down his shaft. He gave a throaty moan. My tongue hit the heavy line on his scrotum and I licked down to his ass. “God you’re a slut.” I’m not sure if he said those words or if they were just in my head now. My lips found his right ball and I opened my mouth, it was heavy and full. I sucked on it while my hand stroked his cock. I noticed my hand couldn’t close all the way around his shaft so I put both hands on his cock and stroked it back and forth. It was slick with my spit. I swallowed his whole nut tasting the salt of his sac in my married mouth.

“Look at this shit. Your diamond looks so good against my cock.”

My face burned red again but for some reason I was sucking his nut harder and I switched to the other. I was sucking on his balls while his hands jerked my neckline down stretching the material of my dress. His rough hands slid under my bra and cruelly pulled at my nipples. His rough hands made me moan. “Oh god” I whimpered. He slapped my breasts first the right then the left, leaving them red. He pulled me up by hair and led me to the bedroom. He lay down on the bed on his back and told me to get back to work. Like an obedient slut I got into bed and resumed sucking on his balls. I found myself getting into the role of a cock sucking whore. I licked and sucked on his left nut and traced my tongue over to his right taking that one into my wet mouth sucking it all the while stroking his huge cock. My tongue ran up the right side of his shaft, along his head, and down the left side.

“Fuck you lick cock like a pro. Come back up and swallow my cock again. Take it slow and relax. See if you can get all of it down on your own.” he said.

I wanted to be called a good cocksucker for some reason. I craved it. I licked up his shaft right up the middle to the head. I opened my mouth wide and relaxed my throat. I felt his salty skin hit my tongue as his cock head entered my mouth. I swallowed slowly but it was no use I gagged before even half of his huge cock was in my throat. He laughed and grabbed my head forcing me deeper. I continued to gag but he was easier on me, letting my head bob up and down on his cock.

I started to enjoy myself as he moaned and arched his back. I would run my tongue up and down his cock and circled my tongue all around his head. I love to hear his moans and feeling him tug on my hair. I would open my mouth so wide that my lips hurt and cracked swallowing as much of his cock as I could. My hands were slowly stroking his cock and rubbing his balls the entire time. I began trying to make him cum by sucking him hard and stroking his cock fast my saliva giving my hands lubricant on his cock.

“God, you are suck a good little cock sucker. I almost want to let your pretty little mouth to taste my cum.” He grabbed my hair and lifted my face off his cock. “Its time for me to ruin that pussy though.”

I began to protest but he never gave me a real chance. Next thing I knew, I was on my back and his body was between my spread legs. He pulled baby oil from the bedside table and began to massage it into my hot and already wet pussy. He put a generous amount on his big throbbing pole too. I felt the huge head of his cock rubbing up and down on my labia. I looked huge against my little slit. I whimpered as he pushed slightly against me.

No way I thought. It will never fit.

“Oh bitch this is going to change your life. This may not feel good at first…” He leaned forward putting his weight against me. He slid his cock up spreading my lips slightly. I felt the pressure build. His eyes were closed in effort and concentration. He growled low and menacing as he pushed harder. I felt my little pussy stretch. Nothing close to this size has ever been inside of me.. My pussy resisted but it was stretching and he did not ease up giving my married pussy constant pressure with minimal penetration. Not even all the head had entered me. I thought I was going to be torn apart.

“Fuck you are so fucking tight.”

He grunted and jerked his hips forward. Something in me tore. Something gave way. A deep burn filled my entire pelvis and his hot throbbing monster cock forced its way into my tender little pussy. A split second ago the tip of his cock was barely entering me and all of a sudden his head has forced my pussy open. I screamed a high pitch painful noise. Tears came to my eyes again. His growls gave way to grunts as he pushed his hips forward again. He pushed deeper as my pussy stretched. I reached up and pushed against his belly wanting him out of me and he complied until he was almost out. I tried to push him the rest of the way out and he grabbed my hands and pinned them at my side. With a laugh he thrust back into me. Deeper this time. I screamed again as his cock hit places never before touched. He held my hands down so I couldn’t stop him from thrusting into me. Each thrust touched me deeper and deeper. Each thrust brought another scream and more tears. Eventually he let go of my wrists and his hands found my throat and he choked me. Squeezing the air from my already sore throat. He was vicious as he growled in my ear. All I could do is whimper as my lungs burned. During the pounding he gave me, his hands found my breasts and pulled my nipples and slapped my breasts over and over. My face still reddens when I think about how wonderful the abuse felt and how his cock felt inside of me. My hands found his ass and I squeezed his cheeks as his cock rocked in and out of my pussy.

His cock punished me thrusting deeper. Eventually I felt his cock hit my cervix and I came again moaning and squirming against his cock. His balls began slapping my ass as he called me his slut, his whore, his bitch. He said I was a cheating married cunt who deserved to have her pussy beat. I came 2 more times while he fucked me even though I was torn and sore. Shortly after I came on his cock the second time his body stiffened and he came inside of my unprotected pussy. He pushed his cock all the way in stretched wide so deep and nearly screamed as his cock jerked in me. I felt his hot cum fill my pussy so full it was running out of me. He pulled out and rolled over breathless. “Get the fuck out, I’ll call you when I want you to come back.”

In a daze on unsteady legs, I stood up and limped over to my clothes. I picked them up and put them on. My pussy ached and was so sore. I limped to my truck and got in. My husband had called while I was cheating. I started to cry. Then my cell phone bleeped. I started getting pictures of me sucking cock and my pussy stretched by his huge cock. I never noticed he was taking pictures of me. A note accompanied the pictures. “If u think u can stop seeing me, just imagine these ending up on your preacher husbands phone…Ill give you a day or 2 to recover but I want 2 fuck u from behind like you were a worthless dog slut.”

I cried for days. My husband asked what was wrong but what could I say…? What killed me the most was that I would let him do anything he wanted to me even if he didn’t have the pictures. That day I learned what I deserved and I that I now had a man who would treat me that way.

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