Farm Life Ch. 2


I screwed Samantha every night for almost a month until she went with her mother to go stay with her grandparents. I was back to lying next to the youngest sister, Kara, while I listened to Brian fingering Melissa’s sexy pussy. I put the moves on Kara, in the darkness, by rolling over and putting my arm around her. She gave me no acknowledgement though. I figured she wouldn’t because of her cousin, since they were also best friends.

I was back to my old tricks. I was peeping on the other girls and jerking off whenever I got the chance. I don’t know what Brian was doing to Melissa, but she got sexier every day. One evening I was in the living room downstairs watching a game by myself, she walked in from a taking a shower. She was only wearing a very thin T-Shirt, probably her dad’s, and it was all wet. She stood there by my recliner and made small talk about the game. I could not take my eyes off the gorgeous nipples that were clearly visible through the thin material. They were the hugest pinkest nipples that I had ever seen. Her mom’s car pulled into the driveway and she hurried up to her bedroom. At the time I thought she didn’t know it was see-through, but when I look back I realize that it was totally on purpose.

I asked Brian if he had fucked Melissa yet, and he replied with a big hell no!! We had met some girls in town while out partying one night. He told me he was going to focus on one of them rather then to just lie there and finger this cock tease. We went out with those girls and a bunch of other people to a party, and we got drunk as hell. On the way home I told Brian I was going to fuck Melissa and he gave me the O.K. We got to the house and he gave me a slurred “ good luck” as he stumbled into his bedroom. I stumbled into the T.V. room, gaziantep escortları where Melissa and Kara were fast asleep. I laid down beside Melissa and tried to come up with a plan.

It was pitch dark but I could smell the sweet smell of her hair and could feel the warmth of her body. I was so drunk that I passed out, only to be woken up by Melissa running her hands through my hair. I responded by placing my arm around her. She immediately pulled her nightshirt off. Apparently she thought I was Brian, but I really didn’t care at that moment. I felt for her tits in the darkness. They felt so soft and warm to the touch. I found her nipple and began sucking on one while I caressed the other tit. She was moaning uncontrollably, I pulled off her panties while she pulled and tugged at my clothes until we were both totally naked. After removing her clothes I immediately went for her little pussy. I licked that pussy like nothing I had licked before. Her pussy was so clean and sweet I would compare it to eating a bowl of strawberries.

She moaned more then I had ever heard her moan with Brian. Suddenly her thighs clamped onto the side of my head while she grabbed my hair and pulled the hell out of it. I had made this young virgin hottie cum for no doubt the first time in her life. I came up from her pussy and laid beside her. She said, “that was great.” I just said Hmm Hmm, the way of saying yes without opening your mouth. Then she grabbed me to kiss me. She immediately noticed that I lacked the mustache that Brian had. I felt her reach up, run her hand across my lip, and then let go of me. She rolled over and said nothing. It was a weird situation, but I was drunk and was not exactly feeling guilty. I waited a while and put my arm around her. She hesitated a moment, but then she turned over toward me.

“ You know”, she said “ I always wanted to be with you.” With that I was back in business.

I layed there for about a half hour fingering her while she gave me a hand job. At first it was very erotic since her hand was not big enough to reach around my entire cock and her pussy was so tight I could only put in one finger. A hand job is great but a man needs more. I was beginning to see why Brian was pissed, and then she asked me if I had a condom. Yes, I thought to myself. I told her no, so she told me that I needed to be careful. I wasted no time and positioned my self on top of her tiny body. With her huge tits pressed against my chest, I grabbed my dick and slowly slid my dick into her hot awaiting pussy. It was the tightest pussy I had ever felt. She was so tight that the walls of her pussy were yanking the skin of my dick back, even though she was wet as hell. She grabbed me tightly and whimpered, it hurts, it hurts. It will be over in a second I told her. And it was, soon I was fucking the hell out of her and she was loving it Her legs were wrapped around me while I slid my dick in and out pounding the hell out of her pussy. She was so light that I put my arm under her to reposition her, and I was able to pick her up off the bed with one arm while I continued to fuck her. She began getting very loud, loud enough that I knew her sister had woken up, but she just laid there in the darkness, probably loving every minute of it also.

Finally I had fucked her little pussy until I had to piss. I got up, went to the bathroom and saw all the blood on my cock. I immediately went to the sink and washed it off. It was disgusting, but I was celebrating the fact of taking this sexy little hottie’s cherry. I returned to the room and could see the sun coming up over the horizon. I laid next to Melissa and she told me she was to soar to do it anymore. Well can you take care of me then, and she said of course.

I laid there while she sat there in her full nudity jacking my dick with her sister 3 feet away. Hand jobs are nice but they are nothing to cum to. She asked what else can I do. And I told her she could suck on it. She told me she had never done it and was scared to. Well how about I fuck your tits I said. How do you do that she asked. So I told her to get on her back while I straddled her and I gave her a lesson in titty fucking. I grabbed her beautiful set of tits pressed them together and slid my dick in between them. Any guy who has done this knows that it usually leads to you sticking your dick against the girl’s lips. This situation was no different, I was soon putting my dick in her face..

Melissa originally moved her face to the side, but to my surprise she looked back up and took it into her mouth and seemed to enjoy it. I was now straddling this hot little blonde while she hungrily sucked the head of my cock. I looked over toward her little sister Kara and saw that she was watching us through the dim light. This only turned me on more. I knew I was going to cum so I whispered to her to stop; I’m going to cum. But she only sucked harder. I then lost control and began cumming in her mouth. She didn’t gag or anything. She swallowed every drop. When I collapsed off of her, she remarked with a smile, “ that was fun”.

We laid there for a while before I had to go to work. And she asked me, “What should we tell Brian?” I laughed in my head thinking about how Brian and I would be laughing about how I banged her that night. I turned toward her and said, “We’ll keep it our secret, so we don’t hurt him.” My only question was, whose next?

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