Finally Face to Face


The two of us met online and instantly hit it off. The attraction was apparent from the very beginning. We planned our first meeting in person after having talked for a few months.

You drive to my place and knock on the door. Per my request you are wearing a soft tshirt with no bra underneath, and leggings with no panties underneath. I open it with a smile and invite you in. I am wearing a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

I hold out my arms after closing the door behind you. You step into my embrace. It feels good to hold you in my arms at last.

You tip your head up and I lean down to kiss you. Our lips meet together softly. Our kiss lasts only second, but your heartbeat is pounding in your chest just as fast as mine is. I open my eyes to see a pleasant smile on your face.

“I need another one of those! Your lips taste divine.” We each lean in for a second kiss. My lips press against yours again. Our kiss gets firmer as the moments pass.

I step forward and back you against the wall. I kiss you again hungrily. Your lips clash with mine passionately before parting to allow my tongue inside to play with yours. This kiss lasts even longer yet. I bite your bottom lip lightly between my teeth before sucking it between my lips, eliciting a small moan from you.

I drop my hands from your back to the bottom of your shirt. I lift it smoothly over your head, and lift your arms up with the sleeves. I grab the shirt in a fist and trap your arms over your head.

I lean my head down to your naked tits. As I begin my oral assault I reach my other hand between your legs. I touch you firmly, pressing against your pussy through your leggings. I can feel your wetness already beginning to soak into the thin material

A soft gasp escapes your mouth as I reach my hand down the front of your leggings. I find your clit and begin rubbing very quick, very small circles with my thumb. My fingers begin to massage your slit.

I alternate my oral attention from one breast to the other. I suck your nipple between my lips, and circle it with my tongue. I give you small nibbles on the soft flesh of your tits as I move my mouth from one nipple to the other.

I turn my trail of nibbles upward, climbing up your neck towards gaziantep escortları your mouth. I finger your cunt faster, beginning to plunge a single finger into your wet opening. I finally let go of your shirt, returning to you the freedom to move your arms. You throw your shirt aside before wrapping your arms around my shoulders.

As my lips reach yours we kiss passionately. Our tongues sliding together as our lips press together wetly. You moan into my mouth as I bring you close to orgasm.

I push a second finger inside your pussy alongside the first. With my thumb I continue rubbing your clit with an increased intensity. Your moans grow louder and closer together as I push your body over the edge and into orgasm.

Your legs shake and you hold tightly to my shoulders for support, staying on your feet. Your pussy quivers around my fingers. Your mouth hangs open and your eyes roll back. Your breath comes out in small gasps as the climax washes over your senses.

After your orgasm ends and you catch your breath I slide my hand out of your pants. I bring my hand up to your mouth, and slide the two fingers soaking with your cum into your mouth. Your tongue swirls around them as you suck them clean. Your eyes look straight into mine, telling me you want more.

I slide my fingers from your mouth and reach for your hand. “Why don’t we move to the bedroom? This way.” I begin to lead you down a hallway and into my bedroom.

The bed is centered in the room, with pillows at the head and clean sheets spread on top. Two ends of silk rope lie over the too of the bed, already secured to the headboard.

“On your back,” I demand softly. I admire your ass as you crawl onto the bed and up towards the pillows. After you’ve reached the center you roll over onto your back. I come around the side of the bed and secure your wrists above your head with the silk rope.

I slip my shirt off over my head. Then slide my sweats down my legs. My cock springs out of its confines and stands upright. A bead of precum glistens at the tip. I grab my cock in my hand and stroke up and down slowly as I admire the beautiful girl tied to my bed, laid out for me to enjoy and please.

I crawl onto the bed by your head, and slide my cock across your lips. You run your tongue along my length.

“Suck my cock,” I command as I push my cock into your mouth. The position you’re in doesn’t allow you to move your head much, but you bob your head up and down my shaft as much as you can. I can feel your tongue flicking and swirling around my hard rod.

I push my cock deeper into your mouth, and you nearly gag on it as the tip of my dick hits the back of your throat. I hold my cock still, enjoying the warm, wet sensation of filling your mouth with my hard shaft.

I pull my hips back, letting my dick fall from your mouth as you gasp for air. Your spit drips off the tip of my cock.

I stand and walk to the foot of the bed. I grab your leggings and slide them slowly down your legs and off, my eyes admiring the wet cunt now bared to my gaze. I climb onto the bed and over your now nude body. You feel my hard shaft poking at your pussy as I plant a kiss on each tit and one on your mouth.

I grip my cock and line it up with the wet entrance to your pussy. I press my hips forward slowly, sinking into you inch by inch. My hips meet yours as my cock is plunged entirely into your pussy. I hold still here, enjoying the way you teasingly squeeze my shaft with the walls of your pussy.

I look into your eyes with excitement as I begin to slowly thrust in and out. I slide my cock nearly out entirely before pushing in deep again. With each thrust I increase my speed until I’m fucking with a controlled rhythm.

Your breasts roll up and down in time with my thrusts. I grab one in and squeeze your nipple in my fingers while plowing your cunt. I roll the nipple between my fingers. You moan in time with each thrust. I ram my cock forcefully into your pussy.

Not wanting to cum too soon, I slow my speed and allow you to relax under my body. I stop my thrusts altogether and pull my cock from your soaking pussy.

I untie your hands. Then flop onto my back beside you, my cock standing up and glistening with the wetness from your slit. I tell you, “climb on. Ride my cock.”

You straddle my hips while facing me with my cock poking up by the crack of your ass. You reach between your legs and grab the head of my cock. You give it a quick squeeze before pointing it towards your slit as you lower your body onto it.

You start bouncing on my shaft, enjoying the feeling of impaling yourself on my hard shaft. I grab your tits, one in each hand. I squeeze and massage your erect nipples. You reach your hand downs between our joined bodies and rub your clit.

Your grinding and bouncing grows more frantic as you strive to earn a second orgasm. I grab your hips and drive my hips up to meet you as you bounce down with each thrust. You lean down and lie your head over my shoulder. I kiss and bite your shoulder lightly.

The added stimulation from your fingers on your clit drive you over the edge as I piston my cock into your cunt from below. You groan into my ear as your orgasm erupts. Your pussy contracts and pulses around my cock. It takes every ounce of my will to keep myself from joining you in your climax.

I throw you off my cock and onto the bed beside me. I push you onto your hands and knees as I kneel behind your body. I swiftly slip my cock into your pussy from behind. I press down on your shoulders and you lie your torso down onto the bed, burying your face against the mattress.

I slam my cock deep into your cunt, quickly bringing you close to another orgasm despite just having had one. I begin to groan with each thrust. I can feel my own impending orgasm grow closer and closer each time my hips slam against your ass.

Your pussy pulsates around my cock as your body falls into yet another climax. Your pussy works its magic and coaxes me at last to give you my cum. With a loud groan I pull my cock from your pussy and grip it in my hand. I start shooting rope after rope of my thick cum across your ass and back.

I kneel there behind your body. My spent cock begins to soften. A drip of cum hangs off the tip to join the pooled up cum on your ass. Both of us are breathing hard after the frantic fucking.

“I’ll be right back. You stay here.” You can feel my weight leave the bed as you lower your hips and lie flat on your stomach. I return moments later with a warm wet cloth, and I wipe the slimy mess off your back, and also wipe your pussy clean from your cum.

I lie down next to you as you roll onto your side to face me. We lie there, looking into each others eyes. We don’t need to speak to clearly communicate that we both thoroughly enjoyed the last half hour.

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