Finding Mr. Right Ch. 03

Adriana Chechik


My costume for tonight was perfect. While every girl would be wearying what was basically lingerie, using Halloween as an excuse to look like a slut, I was going for a little more subtle look, but was none the less sexy. I had on black thigh-high boots, that had a Julia Roberts prostitute look to them, a short, tight black dress covered my body, but left nothing to the imagination. The dress fit me like of glove, revealing everything and yet showing nothing. It was long sleeved with a low boat neck, scooping just the right amount in both front and back. A black chocker, with a large silver cross, hung around my neck. My lips were painted vixen red, eyes dark with heavy mascara and my hair was bumped up in a high ponytail, giving it a Gwen Stefani rocker look.

I surveyed myself in the mirror. I looked like sex on a stick. Most girls would be practically naked tonight, but I left something to be desired. I would have every guy wondering what was underneath this dress, which was exactly what I wanted.

It had been three weeks since I’d seen Dean. I was surprised at how well our relationship had progressed, half expecting it to fall by the wayside the second he went back to Arizona. Instead Dean called everyday and we text constantly, and the phone sex wasn’t bad either. Dean had totally shocked me by sending me a package out of the blue, a dildo to use during phone sex. I was a little apprehensive at first, but quickly learned to love it, as Dean knew I would.

I couldn’t wait to see him tonight; he was using Halloween as an excuse to see me. I had arranged to meet him at TEK’s for the party; I wanted him to see me for the first time all dressed up. I planned to toy with him, he had run the show since we first got together, but tonight I was taking charge.

On the walk to the party my look got me more than a few catcalls, helping me relish in how perfect my costume was. Arriving at TEK’s I made my way over to the bar and ordered a drink. I received a significant look of lust from the bartender. As he handed me my drink he asked, “So what are you supposed to be?”

I grabbed my drink from the bar and leaned in towards him, “Temptation.” Winking at him, I turned around a walked away.

It wasn’t long before I spotted Dean; he was standing with Johnnie and a few other guys talking. It took him a bit longer for him to gaziantep escortları notice me. When he did, I could see the heat flash through his eyes, his mouth started to fall open, but he quickly gained his control and clenched his jaw instead. Seeing the change in Dean’s face, Johnnie followed Dean’s line of sight until it reached me; he smiled at me openly. He was in on my plan of attack, so there wasn’t much shock in his face, but he nodded approvingly anyway.

Instead of joining them, I grabbed the guy that I had been hitting on me and pulled him onto the dance floor. I started grinding against the stranger, letting him rub his hands all over me, all the while staring at Dean. He could no longer control his emotions, his fists were clenched at his sides and I could see his jaw tightening. He was openly pissed.

For the next hour or so I made my way through a stream of guys wanting to dance with me. Dean stood watching me, brooding the entire time, the continual string of drinks he had was the only thing keeping him calm. When I felt I had proved my point, I kissed the guy I was dancing with on the cheek and walked off the floor. I continued past Dean, his eyes never leaving me. I left without so much as a glance back at him.

All I had left to do was wait. I knew either Dean would come storming over here immediately or Johnnie would push him to do so, as promised.

As expected I didn’t have to wait long before there was a knock at my door. Not waiting for me to answer, Dean came bursting in, heading through the entry way and into the kitchen, but was stopped dead at the sight of me sitting on the kitchen table, legs crossed and showing a lot of thigh. I could see the blood boiling under his skin, a mix between want and fury. “What the fuck was that? I come all the way up here to see you and you ignore me!”

I smiled seductively and uncrossed my thighs, spreading them open to reveal my wet, naked pussy. I could hear Dean grown from across the room. “I’m sorry, were you jealous?”

Unable to form words, Dean nodded. He was too busy watching my hand caress the inside of my thigh to do more than stare.

“Good.” Dean’s eyes shot up to my face, taken aback by the comment. “I wanted you good and jealous. I wanted you to see what you’ve been missing.” I was stroking myself now, thrusting two fingers in and out of me. I let out a long slow moan of ecstasy. “I want you to work for this.”

Alternating between rubbing my clit and stroking myself, I had worked up quite a frenzy. My breathing was ragged and unintelligible noises escaped my lips. “Strip.” Dean looked at me blankly, “You heard me, strip.”

Quickly Dean removed his costume till finally he was standing before me naked and waiting. I licked my lips at the sight of his hard cock, knowing it was all for me drove me crazy. Noticing where my gaze lay, Dean looked down at himself and then back up at me. “Go on, touch it.”

Slowly Dean started stroking himself, a low moan escaped his lips, but his eyes never left me pleasuring myself. Seeing Dean jacking off in front of me sent me over the edge. I screamed out and arched my back in agony as my orgasm tore through me.

I only took a moment to recover. My orgasm hadn’t been nearly satisfying enough; I needed Dean to touch me. I raised my ass off the table, pulling my dress up and off. I lay before Dean in nothing but my boots. Dean took a few steps forward as I cocked a finger, beckoning him to come to me. Settling between my legs, Dean stared down at me, waiting for further instruction.

“Lick me.”

Obliging, Dean knelt down between my legs and started flicking at my clit with his tongue. The sensation had me jerking, I was totally unable to control my body. Dean started altering between thrusting his tongue into my cunt and sucking at my clit. My second orgasm was coming on fast and strong, but this wasn’t how I wanted to come.

Placing a healed foot on Dean’s chest I pushed him away from me. “Show me how jealous you are,” I said before turning around so that my back was to him, now on all fours on the table.

Dean placed a hand on my back and ran it down my spine, making me arch and shiver. “You were bad tonight, making me jealous, letting other guys touch you.” Both of Dean’s hands were on my ass now, kneading me. Spreading my cheeks apart, he traced a finger down my crack. He brushed over the bud of my ass and down to my pussy lips, making me moan. “What’s more, you knew exactly what you were doing and you liked it. You liked making me squirm and you liked other guys looking at you, wanting you.” Dean’s finger moved back up to my ass and ran around the rim, making me gasp. “Now it’s my turn to make you squirm, and I’m gonna like it.”

Emphasizing his point, Dean plunged his finger into my ass. I screamed out, no one had ever done that to me before. The feeling was utterly surprising and fantastic. I pushed back against him, wanting him to go deeper, to feel more. Dean laughed at my struggle and held me still at the hip, “My turn remember.”

I moaned in frustration, only to have Dean remove his finger completely. He left me feeling empty and hungry for more. His finger returned to running up and down my inner folds, before it plunged back into my bowels. The teasing was making me crazy, each pass making me come more undone.

Suddenly Dean’s tongue struck my clit, the abrupt sensation sent a jolt through me, causing me to arch back and scream. I felt wild and uninhibited as Dean continued to assault my pussy with his mouth and my ass with his finger.

As quickly as it came, Dean’s tongue was gone. Not leaving me void for long, I soon felt the smooth tip of his penis brush back and forth over my pussy lips. I bit my lip and sucked in a deep breath as Dean drove fast and deep into me.

I felt so full, Dean’s long thick cock stuffed into my pussy and his finger still probing my ass. He worked his finger and cock together, diving in with one and out with the other. The friction coming from both sides was nearly unbearably intense. My whole body shook and tensed in what seemed a never-ending orgasm that wouldn’t peak.

When Dean’s finger brushed over my clit, my whole body shattered and exploded. I felt myself clench hard around Dean’s cock, milking him for all his worth.

I collapsed onto the table in full exhaustion, knowing my muscles weren’t going to be supporting me anytime time soon. Dean pulled out of me and climbed onto the table beside me. He pulled me closed to him, pressing my back into his chest. He let a hand fall along my side, slowly stroking me.

“When I saw you tonight I nearly came undone. You looked so fucking hot. I was so jealous watching those guys get to touch you when I couldn’t. I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t stop starring at you, so mesmerized by the fact that it was actually you. I’ve never been so turned on and yet so furious in my entire life.”

I laughed at Dean’s confession, causing him to raise an eyebrow at me. “So how do you like getting a taste of your own medicine? Did you enjoy getting played?”

Dean groaned, “If you playing me always involves these boots, then I’ll enjoy it every time.”

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