First Day At The Gym


Milestone birthdays have always spurred me to action, sometimes with surprisingly erotic results. A few days after my 18th birthday I joined a local gym. On my first visit to the weight room, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight of a stunning hard-bodied young lady. She was doing curls with free weights, and she was drop dead gorgeous, about 22 with short blonde hair and an angelic face. Her body was what got me the most. Every time she moved I could see her nipples…her washboard stomach, which I longed to explore with my tongue. The first time I spotted her, I almost dropped 50 lbs of dumbbells on my gig toe. Finally, sweaty from exertion and over stimulation, I got back to my work out. I was concentrating so hard that I almost didn’t hear her first question.

She said “hey, are you new here?”

I managed to stammer “uh, yea.”

She said with a big smile “I thought so, I saw you watching me before, but then you seemed to go deaf on me. It was as if you’d never seen anything like it. You like women that pump iron don’t you?”

I answered “sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, but your body just blew me away.” It was the truth, but I could feel myself starting to blush.

She said “that’s alright, by the way gaziantep escortları my name is Jackie.”

I said “I am Joe.”

She began to smile again and said “well Joe, since you were so impressed by me, would you like some personal instruction?”

“that would be great!” I answered quickly.

She motioned for me to follow her. We ended up in a back room, which consisted of a dozen or so weight lifting machines. She motioned for me to sit down on a bench.. As soon as I did she sat down in front of me. “today we will start with some aerobics” she said. It struck my funny that a bench was a strange place to be doing aerobics, but before I had a chance to question her, she was leaning over close to me. Out lips met, our tongues caressed. I was already getting hard. Jackie looked down an saw my hard cock straining against my shorts.

She moved back and began to pull off her workout tights. “allow me.” I said leaning forward and finished removing her cloths, leaving her nude. Awestruck, I gazed at her for a long moment then began to run my tongue down her flat stomach. That tangy taste of her perspiration was getting me even more excited.

“Oooohh”, she moaned as I reached her moist cunt. She lowered herself onto another bench, and slowly I flicked my tongue across her swollen cunt lips. Then I started to nibble her most intimate areas, while slipping my tongue into the seam of her hot pussy. She shivered and gasped again. Just as I imagined, she draped her legs around my shoulders, urging me to plunge my tongue in and out of her little cunt. Her juices were running down my chin and she tasted great. Better than any sports drink!!

She announced “now it’s my turn!” she removed her legs from my neck. Completely under her control I let her push me down on the floor where she pulled off my shorts to free my rock hard cock. It sprang strait to attention, she smiled and then lowered herself down on to my cock. It was my turn to moan as my cock was engulfed by her tight hot cunt. “oh yes!!” I grunted as her cunt gripped my cock, I almost shot my load right then and there. The muscle control she had was incredible. She held me firmly with her puffy cunt lips, and then release me for another thrust. She started to increase the pace, slipping up and down on my rigid cock.

“aaahh!!” I squealed as she gave me an extra strong squeeze with her rippling inner cunt muscles. I began to cork screw in and out of her, and she began to grunt and groan. Gasping for air, she whipped her head back and forth, along with the pace of our fucking. Her firm tits were bobbing just inches from my gaping mouth, her cherry red nipples twisted into tight points. “oh yes,yes!!” she cried. Her hands went to my chest, her nails digging little furrows in my skin. I felt as if every nerve ending was supercharged, and surrendering to the feelings that were shooting thru me. I felt the first tingle deep within me and I knew that I was going to cum, and soon.

It was Jackie that came first. She started to shiver and shake above me, clenching my cock and releasing me so fast that I started to spasm with pleasure. I arched my back as she practically jerked me off with her cunt.

“I’m cumming!!” I grunted as I shot my hot creamy load into her tight cunt. We stayed locked together in that position for several minutes riding the waves of pleasure that crashed over us. Sighing contently she stood up rubbing her pussy, smearing the leaking cum all over her body, she said “wow, what a workout!” I said “I hope we can do this again real soon..” she answered “we have only begun, to scratch the surface. Personal training is a constant process. How about two days at my place?”

“More aerobics” I wondered out loud. As she licked my cum from her fingers she said “of course, they do a body good!!”

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