First Rendezvous


It’s a fall night, full moon on a beach side balcony. As I sit there just dreaming about the meeting that is about to happen. I am waiting for my first full encounter with a hot man that I have been longing for, from a distance, for a while now. We have been teasing each other for years now and it all comes down to tonite our first rendezvous.I am barley dressed in a white sheer sexy teddy, my tattoo and pierced tan nipple teasingly showing because I know how much he likes them. As I sit on the balcony waiting with anticipation, I can feel a warmth growing from deep within my pussy. And then I see him walking up to my balcony. when our eyes meet I can see the smile on his face, gleam in his eye and the bulge growing in his tight jeans and I know that he to has been dreaming of this moment too.

As he joins me on the balcony, I offer him a view of my naked body as I get up and get us a couple of cold drinks. When I return he has removed his shirt showing his chest and an even better view of his growing cock just wanting to be touched. He grabs me escort bayan gaziantep gently bracing my body between the balcony door and his body, intertwining his fingers with mine, slowly and passionately kissing me starting with my lips , down my neck to my chest. He moves to my breasts flicking my nipples with his tongue. Lightly sucking moving from 1 breast to the other. Then he pauses, takes a drink, and keeps a surprise for me. He has an ice cube. I am hot all over he sits me down in a chair moves behind me takes my hair in his hands and teases the back of my neck with his warm lips and then the cold ice cube. I start to shiver I can feel myself getting wetter. I rub my clit as he reaches around my front and rubs the ice cube under my shear teddy down my stomach and stops at the very top of my wet hot clit. I could cum now but I control it I know he wants to taste my first cum of the night.

As he moves around in front of me I take a hold of his rock hard cock from under his jeans. I slowly remove his jeans and let his hard shaft out. As I remove his jeans I kiss him starting from his stomach slowly teasing his cock with my lips, I can feel him quiver with excitement under my touch and wet of my lips around him. His cock is longer than I have had but not to thick. I can take in most of it . I lick and suck I then stop and teasingly move down to his balls flicking them with my tongue. At every flick I can feel him tense his breathing heavy. I move to his inner thighs kissing them slowly. As I removed his jeans I then slide out of my teddy showing my fully naked body. As I stand to meet his lips I rub my naked body against his naked body.

He lays me on the chair spreads my legs giving him a full view of my hot wet pussy for the very first time. As he explores every inch of my pussy with his tongue .A little sucking and I arch with excitement. He inserts a finger with a hot passion he start to fuck me with his fingers and sucks my clit as I reach a level of orgasm. I start to have little eruptions of squirting cum, hot and juicy he stops just before I lose my mind. He stands up and slowly teases my clit with his shaft. Then he puts his whole manhood deep inside me. He fills me up. I wrap my legs around his body, he lifts me up. As he stands he has control of his powerful thrusts. I can feel him quiver his rock hard cock get even harder it makes me cum again… my juices drip down his cock and down his naked body.

We then move back to the chair. He pulls his cock out and teases my clit then as I reach the ultimate orgasm he go down on my very wet pussy I squirt, the flood gates open my sweet juices flow all over. He catches a mouthful for him then he get a mouthful for me, our mouths meet and I take all of my juices from him in a passionate hot wet kiss. All this passion is to much for him. I take his throbbing cock into my mouth. The passion takes over and he thrusts himself in me as if it were my pussy. I am playing with his balls and I can feel him quiver, just as he starts to cum I taste the hot spew then I let him finish off by shooting the rest of his load all over my tits . It’s so warm. We kiss one last time. Then just lay there looking at the moon, finishing the drinks and thinking about the next time…

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