Fun at Wal-Mart Ch. 2


I went back and sat down next to my friend. I had a big grin on my face, I was pretty satisfied with my experience in the bathroom. He hadn’t even seen that damn doctor yet. So I sat. I began looking around at the people looking at glasses and the people that worked in the store. In the small room across from me was a girl that looked to be about 21 or so in a doctor’s outfit.

“What does she do?”

“She tests your eyes,” my friend responded. He closed his eyes and started to doze off.

She finished testing the girl in the room and came to the door, “Next..”

I looked around…no one. I stood up and walked over toward where she stood. I nodded as I walked up and said, “I’m next.” She smiled and we walked in and she closed the door behind us.

She was blonde. Very attractive. She was wearing a sports bra and her tits were very decent sized. Her ass was also very nice, not to mention that doctor’s outfit had a little fetish appeal to it.

I sat down on the stool and began to read off words from a chart across the room. I did fine and she said we only had a couple more tests and I would be done. She took a picture of my eyes and looked at those, giving me escort bayan gaziantep plenty of time to admire her perfect body. She grabbed a flashlight and moved over and sat right in front of me, so one of my legs was actually in between hers. She moved her face in close and told me to close my right eye and open the left one. I did. I also moved my right hand and placed it on her leg. She tensed at first but didn’t protest.

Ever so slowly I began to move my hand up toward her crotch, pushing down on her leg to be sure and get a good feel of it. I saw her eyes close and the flashlight was slowly lowered away from my face…she was enjoying it! Her breathing became a little stronger and she was getting much more tense.

Suddenly she moved her mouth to my neck and began kissing it, also moving her hands to my pant and unzipping the front. She pulled my pants down to my knees and slowly got on her knees in front of me. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Immediately she held it with one hand and ran her tongue from top to bottom and back up again.

“Unhhhhhh!” I groaned uncontrollably.

She opened her mouth and took the big head of my cock inside. She began to give me a slow, skillful blow-job, making love to my massive, twitching prick, feeling my body quiver with pleasure. She knew that after a few minutes of it I wouldn’t be able to stop, no matter how much I wanted to.

She cradled my balls in one hand and gently squeezed the rigid thick shaft of my cock with her other hand. Her velvety tongue curled around the head of my prick, and she sucked it deeply. She let her mouth side down the hot cock-stalk until she could feel the head of it nudging her throat.

Before I could cum she stood up and pulled her doctors scrub pants and panties down to her ankles. She turned around and with her back facing mine lowered her cunt onto my cock.

“Should I pull out?”

“No!” She bit her lip. “God, it’s heaven! Just keep it in me! Do me slow! Fuck me slow, please! Don’t stop, please! It’s heaven!”

I slowed down and began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her pussy. I could hear the slurp as I move in and out. She was moaning uncontrollably and I began to wonder if you could hear this outside. I didn’t really care though.

I reached up under her shirt and grabbed both of her tits harshly, squeezing the nipples. She was bouncing up and down on me like a wild animal.

“Oh yesssss … oh yesssss, yesssss, ungghhh! God, fuck me, yes, shit it’s so good, don’t stop!” she was talking dirty and panting like crazy.

“God, I love the way you fuck me!” she panted at him. “Your cock is so big, I love to feel it just filling me and fucking up into me! Unghh! Oh yes! Ungghh!”

I was getting closer and closer to cumming so I sped up and began pumping in and out as fast as I could. She was getting closer to climax as well and was humping as hard as she could back at my cock.

“Ungghhh! Ohhhh, God, uunnggghhiieee! Anngghiiieeee!” she wailed as the killing spasms wracked her young body.

I groaned and speared her pussy one last time with my iron-hard cock as it spewed cum into her. I slumped forward onto her body, my cock throbbing and spurting deep inside her. She let out one long moan as the last waves of her orgasm wrecked her body.

After a few minutes of catching our breathe she told me I should probably leave or people would get suspicious. I pulled my pants up and planted a big tongue kiss on her before I turned around and walked out the door. My friend was still asleep when I walked out and sat back down next to him. This was turning out to be a great trip.

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