Game Time


Colleen and I had basically grown up together and were close friends through most of our youth. Once I’d moved halfway across the country after college, though, we rarely saw each other anymore. We still stayed in touch and our friendship was still solid, but it had been too long since we’d been in the same room. When I found myself back in New Jersey, I reached out to her and, knowing that she was also a big Giants fan like me, asked if she wanted to catch that Sunday’s game together. She was excited about the opportunity and we threw out a few different potential viewing locations before she finally just suggested we watch it at her place. I was good with that as long as she let me bring the beer.

When I arrived that Sunday afternoon, she was wearing her Jason Pierre-Paul jersey, ready to root the Giants on to victory. She had some snacks set out so we each grabbed a beer, put the rest in the fridge then sat on the couch and started catching up before kickoff. Although her teenaged kids lived with her, Colleen was currently single and, though she had the occasional date, she wasn’t serious with anyone at that moment.

“I don’t even have any friends with benefits,” she lamented, though I didn’t feel like she was dropping a hint. I saw an opportunity, anyway.

“So you’re stuck taking matters into your own hands, huh?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess that about covers it,” she replied with a chuckle.

“Well, let me take matters into my hands and see if it helps,” I suggested, reaching over to unfasten her jeans.

“Really?” she asked, “I would so appreciate that.”

With her jeans unbuttoned and unzipped, I slipped my hand inside and over the front of her panties, feeling the coarseness of her bush and the softness of her pussy inside. After caressing her pussy through her panties for a moment, I slipped my hand into them and through her trim bush to her pussy. She was already quite wet and moaned softly as I slid my finger easily into her. I pumped my finger in and out of her as best I could within the confines of her panties and jeans then focused my fingertip on her clit. She moaned a bit louder and started writhing even more so I mainly caressed her clit with an occasional dip into her pussy for some additional lubrication. She was gripping my thigh with one hand and the throw pillow on the other side of her with the other and seemed to be building up pretty quickly to an orgasm, which I hoped would be incredibly pleasurable for her.

Of course, my cock was rigid but I had a feeling that, once she’d cum, my needs would be addressed. I really had come over only expecting to watch football but I liked the way things were turning out. When she started tensing up and her moaning was more or less continuous, I figured she was right on the verge of cumming. I just kept up what I was doing and it wasn’t much longer before she suddenly went limp and started shaking. She gasped a few times but otherwise seemed to be holding her breath. It was a long and apparently intensely pleasurable orgasm so I just kept doing what I was doing until she went still and let out a long sigh. I slipped my hand out of her panties then just watched as she was recovering. Her eyes were closed and it was like she was catching her breath. Finally, she opened her eyes and turned and smiled at me.

“Thanks,” she said, “I needed that.”

“Happy to be of service,” I replied, “Any chance your kids are going to show up?”

“No, both of them are working today,” she said, “and I’ve trained them to call me when they’re heading home. Why? What did you have in mind?”

“Feel like riding my cock?” I asked. She responded by reaching over to massage it through my jeans while bringing her lips to mine. We made out as she worked on getting my jeans open and extracting my cock. She pumped it once she had it free but it wasn’t going to get any harder.

“Let’s do this,” she finally said.

“Can I have you undress for me?” I asked. She stood and faced me, pulling her JPP jersey up over her head, revealing a fairly non-descript bra covering her substantial titties. Since her jeans were open, those went next and she stood before me in just bra and panties. Knowing her for as long escort bayan gaziantep as I had, I’d wondered on more than a few occasions how she’d look naked and I was about to find out. I did not expect to be disappointed. She reached back to unfasten her bra, releasing her big boobs and revealing large areolas and hard nipples. As I was admiring them, she started to slide her panties down, leaning forward and setting her tits swinging. As she straightened up again, I gazed at her trim, dark blonde bush.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked and she sort of started, like it hadn’t even occurred to her, then headed off to go get one as I watched her titties bouncing. When she was out of sight, I slipped my jeans and underwear off then pulled my shirt up over my head so I was sitting there naked when she returned. She was extracting a condom from its wrapper then handed it to me and dropped the wrapper and the rest of the strip of condoms onto the coffee table. I rolled the condom over my throbbing cock as she was moving to straddle me on the couch. With her big titties right in my face, I held my cock as she lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as my cock was engulfed in her hot, slippery pussy. She just sat on it for a moment before starting to move up and down. I reached up to fondle her tits, caressing the soft, smooth flesh and brushing my palms over her hard nipples.

Though not necessarily snug, her pussy felt hot and slippery even through the condom so I was savoring the feel of it as I was also savoring the feel of her tits. It didn’t take long at all before she went from riding me slowly to riding me hard and moaning loudly. I leaned back and watched her tits bouncing enticingly while glancing up occasionally to check out the expression on her face. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was hanging open, letting out louder and longer moans as she continued riding me harder and faster. I was holding her waist as I watched her bouncing titties, pushing up into her each time she came down on my cock. While it was highly pleasurable having her riding me, I wasn’t feeling an impending orgasm quite yet but it sounded as though she was building up to another one pretty quickly.

She’d started out with her hands on my shoulders but, once I’d leaned back, she was bracing herself on my chest. As she continued dropping down onto my lap, I was still mesmerized by her bouncing tits. When she finally dropped down and just sat there, it was just a moment later when her body started shaking. I glanced up to see that the look of concentration on her face had been replaced by a wide smile. I just waited as she rode out what appeared to be a very intensely pleasurable orgasm, happy that I’d been able to help her achieve it. She gradually went still again and let out a long, content sigh before opening her eyes.

“That was outstanding,” she said, “but I want to make you cum now, then swallow your load.”

She climbed off of my lap and knelt before me, sliding the condom off and setting it aside before wrapping her lips around my tool. She gently pumped the base as she slid her hot mouth up and down my shaft and I moaned at the level of pleasure I was feeling. Her pussy sliding up and down my cock had felt great but, without the condom on, her mouth felt incredible. I could feel an orgasm beginning to build almost immediately. It didn’t surprise me that she was a skilled cocksucker; we were both of an age where we should have had a fair amount of experience. There comes a point in a guy’s life when he’s more appreciative of a skillful blowjob than curious as to how she honed her skills.

It was nice to just sit back and appreciate her cocksucking, knowing that she’d cum twice already so feeling no pressure. I ran my fingers through her hair a few times and she’d glance up occasionally but mostly she was focused on sucking me off. I’d love to have enjoyed the pleasure of her mouth for longer but she was so good that it wasn’t long before my cock was swelling even more and I was right on the verge of cumming. She did manage to draw out the pleasure a bit longer than I expected to be able to last but I was soon blowing my load as she swallowed it. She continued sucking me off until I was fully spent before letting my cock fall from her mouth and sitting back on her heels.

“Awesome,” was all I could manage to gasp out as I was catching my breath. She got up, grabbed our beers and handed mine to me as she sat beside me on the couch. We each took a swig and ended up just sitting there naked, snacking and drinking and watching the game. We were so into it that it was halftime before anything else happened. As the players headed for the locker room, we started making out. She reached for my cock as I fondled her tits but I gradually was able to lay her on her back against the throw pillow and armrest then moved down toward her pussy. I paused to lick and suck her hard nipples on the way down, caressing the soft smooth flesh of her tits. As my cock seemed to grow even stiffer, I made a decision that it would be squeezed between her titties before I left that evening.

Continuing on down, I positioned myself between her spread legs, gazing at her trim, dark blonde bush before lowering my head and running my tongue along her slit. She let out a loud moan and grabbed my head, not necessarily to keep me from going anywhere but presumably just for something to hold onto. I didn’t mind because, gazing up, I saw her tits squeezed between her arms which just made me want to fuck them even more. After lapping at her slit, slurping up her flowing juices, I slipped finger into her as I started licking her clit. She sucked in her breath, then went back to moaning as I pumped my finger in and out while licking and sucking her clit. She was rocking her hips toward my face, not really holding my head against her pussy as much as still just holding onto it. As I slipped a second finger into her to join the first, I wasn’t trying to make her cum faster but I definitely wasn’t trying to draw out the pleasure, either. My cock was throbbing and I was ready to experience some pleasure myself by slipping it into her increasingly hot, wet pussy. Not that I didn’t get pleasure out of eating pussy but, regardless of how she’d trained her kids to call first, this still wasn’t the ideal scenario for indulging ourselves. I wanted both of us to experience high levels of pleasure, as we had earlier, but over a shorter period of time, just in case.

Her hips were rocking faster the longer I was eating her and her moaning continued to get louder and more drawn out. I was happy that she was approaching another orgasm because this had initially been all about relieving her dry spell. Based on the juices flooding her pussy, there was nothing even remotely dry about this situation. I glanced up, beyond her big boobs, and saw that her brow was furrowed as she was apparently focused on the pleasure she was experiencing. I knew she was pretty close because I could feel her pussy becoming even wetter and more engorged so I kept an eye on her facial expression. Her brow remained furrowed as her body started tensing up but, just before she started shaking, her expression changed. She went momentarily limp and, as her body relaxed, so did her expression. Her look of focus and concentration became one of ecstatic pleasure.

I continued to devour her pussy as her body was shaking and she was crying out. Her orgasm was a long and apparently quite intensely pleasurable one, which made me feel better about not taking the time to draw out the pleasure. Only once she’d finished cumming and had gone still did I raise my head and slip my fingers from her pussy. I watched her for a moment as she was catching her breath but soon turned to the coffee table and found the strip of condoms she’d dropped there. I tore a condom off the strip, opened it and rolled it on as I repositioned myself to kneel between her spread legs. She’d opened her eyes by then and was watching me so I gave her a smile before grabbing her calves and pulling her along the couch so that she wasn’t propped up against the armrest any more. She laughed and reached out for me as I started to lower myself over her, guiding my cock into her hot, slippery pussy.

We both moaned as my cock slipped into her then our lips met and we started to make out as I started slowly fucking her. The football game was forgotten for the moment as my cock slid in and out of her and she raised her hips to accept each thrust. Despite the condom, fucking her felt outstanding but, feeling her tits pressed against my chest reminded me how much I wanted to fuck them, as well. Again, I wasn’t rushing, but I still thought it would be best to make sure I was able to do everything I wanted and not get caught “in flagrante delicto” by her kids before I had a chance to finish. As such, it wasn’t long before I was fucking her hard enough to make the couch squeak. We stopped making out and I kissed her neck and moaned softly into her ear instead. The way she was moaning, it sounded like there was a good possibility of having her cum again. I wondered if, having cum just moments before, the next orgasm might be quicker and a bit easier to achieve.

I wanted her to cum again but I also wanted sufficient time to savor fucking her tits. I could feel my orgasm beginning to stir so I was considering just making the transition and reluctantly leaving her hanging. Fortunately, just as I was about to make that move, she gasped and started shaking. I didn’t realize she was that close but I was happy that she had been. Her pussy was flooded with even more lubrication so, as I continued fucking her while she was cumming, my orgasm was building even faster. As soon as I was certain that she’d finished cumming, I slipped my cock out of her and moved up to straddle her while removing the condom. I placed my cock between her tits and squeezed them against it while she was still recovering from her orgasm. She was watching kind of dazed as I started sliding my cock between her tits. The soft, smooth flesh felt outstanding against my rigid cock and felt pretty nice in my hands, as well. Looking down at those big beauties as my cock slid between them was pretty arousing, too, so I knew it wouldn’t be long before I spewed onto her sternum.

I held her tits against my cock with just enough pressure to engulf it but not so much that I was squashing them. I caressed her hard nipples and fondled her tits as I fucked them, trying to maintain a slower pace so that I could enjoy it for longer. Despite this, I was soon on the verge of cumming but the pleasure that I was experiencing was so intense that I didn’t mind. When I started spewing, I moaned as I continued to fuck her tits while she stuck out her tongue and tried to catch the spurts of cum. I only stopped fucking her tits once I was getting too soft to continue but I remained where I was, fondling her tits as my softening cock still lay between them. She spread my cum around her chest and licked it off of her fingers as I caught my breath. When I finally climbed off of her, she sat up and I sat beside her.

“Again…awesome,” I said.

“Agreed,” she replied. We were just sitting there, recovering and reveling, and soon became engrossed in the football game again. We went back to drinking our beers and snacking as we watched, still remaining naked. It wasn’t long before I was considering fucking her from behind and hefting her swinging tits in my hands while continuing to watch the game. I wasn’t quite ready to go again and, before I was, she got a text.

“Crap,” she said as she read it, “my son’s boss is letting him off early. He’s getting ready to head home.”

“Crap,” I replied, knowing there wouldn’t be enough time for one more orgasm. We started gathering up our clothes and pulled them all back on then she took the condoms, used and unused, as well as the wrappers and got rid of them. By the time her son showed up, we were dressed and watching the game as if nothing untoward had even happened. Later that evening, after the game had ended and I’d helped her clean up, she walked out to my car with me.

“Thanks again for taking care of me,” she said.

“Thanks for taking care of me right back,” I replied.

“I was kind of hoping we’d have time for one more round,” she lamented.

“I was already thinking about how to go about it,” I replied.

“So next time you’re in town, I guess?” she asked.

“You can count on it,” I said, “In the meantime, don’t be shy about sexting me.”

“Definitely,” she said with a big smile.

As I drove off, I looked forward to collecting some photos of her big boobs and maybe some videos of her taking matters into her own hands.

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