Getting What I Want from Daddy


It’s a normal Wednesday at work. I am tired but feeling horny. I’ve been thinking about you all day. During the afternoon meeting I tried so hard to pay attention but my thoughts kept wandering to you. Imagining your manly hands running up and down my body. My cheeks flush thinking of how hot you get me without even laying a finger on me. Your voice, whispering in my ear what you want me to do, making my heart race.

Your hands on my knees, slowly but firmly spreading them apart until you can see how wet my panties are. Looking up at me you smirk, that coy little smile that says, “I know what I do to you”. Your hands drifting towards my sweet wet cunt, fingers lingering on my inner thighs and placing your hot kisses on me as you go. You bite me delicately as you move upward and see and smell how much I want you.

Your hands reach that spot where my lips meet the top of my inner thigh and hold me tightly as you lower your mouth on top of my mound over my panties. Blowing hot air onto my clit and moaning into me allowing the vibrations to tease my clit. One of your fingers slips under the side of my panties feeling how wet I am as you push through my pussy lips. My back arches, eyes close and… oh shit, I forgot I was at work and in a meeting. I yawn to try and play it off as if I were just a little tired. Luckily, I think no one noticed. I adjust in my seat to try and focus better and cross my legs to keep my arousal undetected.

I return to the apartment after work hoping to get what I have been dreaming about all day. I want you so bad. I look for you, eager to see if you are as horny as I am but you are sitting on the couch in front of the television with a laptop, working. You already changed out of your suit and are wearing grey gym shorts and a black shirt. Engrossed in your work, you barely turn your eyes and say, “hello darling, how was your day?” in that sexy Irish accent that I wait all day to hear. However, you are busy and quickly go back to typing on your computer.

I explain that it was a frustrating day and that I couldn’t wait to get home to you. I walk over to you, bending behind the couch to massage your shoulders. You lean forward slightly, without pulling too far so that I don’t stop massaging. Grabbing your glass of wine, you take a drink and then hand it to me over your shoulder. I take a sip and hand it back.

As I start massaging you again, I lower my mouth to your ear. You can feel my breasts pushing up against the back of your shoulders and neck. I trace the outside of your ear lope with my tongue before taking it between my lips and sucking on it. I give it a small nibble and then pull away whispering “I want you to fuck me”.

I can feel you smile and then hear you laugh in that deep growling laugh that reaches deep inside me. You know exactly what I want, but you want to make me work for it first. You turn up to look at me and give me a kiss, deep and hot. You place your hand on my neck and pull me in. Letting our tongues play and mingle in our mouths. As you start to pull away I try to follow but you move to my lower lip and hungerly pull it into your mouth, grazing it with your teeth. You tug, just barely and then let it go. I let out a small sigh, disappointed that you didn’t do more. Turning back to your work you say “A little hungry baby? Well, I’m sorry but I have to finish this tonight. You will have to wait.”

I sigh and pull myself up, standing behind you. I start to turn around to walk up the stairs and hear “Don’t play with my pussy either”. I lower my brow, turn around and give you a ‘How dare kastamonu escort you’ look but you aren’t even looking at me. So, I shake my head, turn back and walk upstairs. As I climb the staircase, you glance back over your shoulder following the hem of my skirt up the stairs and smile knowing that you own me and that I am craving you desperately tonight.

Upstairs, I walk into the bedroom and start to undress in front of the mirror. I place my little grey suit jacket on the back of the chair and start to undo the buttons on my white lace button front blouse. My large breasts pushing my bra forward, nipples hard and swollen, aching for your touch. I reach behind my back and unhook my bra watching in the mirror as the straps slip off my shoulders and my tits hang.

My hands instantly rise, grabbing and massaging them. It is difficult being aroused all day and wearing such a tight bra with my large breasts. My fingers kneading the sides of my breasts, moving in and squeezing them gently, wishing it were your hands. Moving to the front of my breasts, I rub my nipples with my thumbs, lightly circling around them and then pinching them. I arch my back and lean my head back as a deep moan escapes somewhere inside me. Lowering my hands to just under my breasts, feeling their weight as I lift them gently.

My hands roam my body moving from my breasts to my stomach. My skin soft and smooth. Reaching the top of my grey pencil skirt I move my hands behind my back and unfasten the clasp and zipper. I watch in the mirror as it falls off my hips to the floor. All that is left is a pair of soaked grey lace panties. I slip my thumbs into them at my hips and pull them down slowly.

I take them off and throw them to the side then gradually caress my legs on the way back up. I rub my calves and delicately massage behind my knees just as you would. I allow my fingertips to graze over my inner thighs. I feel so beautiful looking at myself completely naked in the mirror, knowing that you love every inch and curve of my body. My fingers reach my wet, aching pussy lips. Lingering and tracing my pussy up and down, feeling how wet I am. Then your words run through my head again “Don’t play with my pussy” and I groan and bite my lip. I want to play with myself so bad and you are working downstairs. I want your attention, your touch, your hard cock inside me right now. I throw on my black silky robe and walk back downstairs hoping that you are done with your work.

As I walk down I see you still on the couch and I pout a little. You look back over your shoulder, your eyes following my bare legs down each step, hoping that I am naked under the robe. I can tell that you are getting turned on, but then you look me in the eye and smile before turning back to your work. You see my disappointment and tell me “Don’t pout that lip, you know it won’t work on me… Nice legs by the way”. You take a sip of your wine and set the glass down as you get back to your work. Feeling slightly rejected, I walk around the couch and sit down next to you. I went to grab some of your wine and notice there are two glasses there. You must have poured one for me while I was upstairs. I pick up the glass and take a drink. As I put the glass down I untie my robe and let it fall open as I sit back. I can feel your eyes on me, but you don’t move.

I can’t sit here like this anymore. I am even more horny than I was before. Moving closer to you, my exposed breasts pressing up against you. I run my fingers up and down your arm and lean in to kiss your kayseri escort neck. I kiss you from your ear down to your collar bone. You turn towards me and place your hand on my face, caressing my cheek and deliver sweet, soft kisses. You trace my lower with your thumb. “mmm… you taste so sweet, but I have to get back to work darling” is all you said but your smile told me more.

What I didn’t know was that you had finished your work awhile ago. You were just pretending to see how far I would go to get you to fuck me. Having me beg for you when you ask me is one thing, but desperately vying for your attention validated how much you own me. How much I am completely and totally yours. I need you to touch me, to kiss me and tell me what to do. I will do anything for you to let me suck your big cock. I’m so hungry for you.

I try one more time get you to put down your laptop and give me what I desire. I lower myself slowly onto the floor tracing your arm, stomach and thighs with my fingertips until I am kneeling between your legs. Letting my hands guide me up your masculine legs, I reach into your gym shorts and massage your thighs. Playfully moving towards your balls. I reach further and massage your balls with a firm but gentle grip. Then I quickly pull my hands back, reach up and grab the laptop and move it to the other side of the couch. Keeping eye contact I pull your shorts and boxer briefs down, just enough to see the tip of your penis and I kiss and lick every inch of exposed skin until I reach to tip of your head. You let out a deep moan as I take you into my mouth and lightly suck on the tip.

Pulling your shorts and boxer briefs down further allows your cock to spring free. Massaging and kissing the flesh around the base of your cock. You bite your lip and give me that devilish smile as I look you in the eyes, pump your hard shaft in my hands and begin to work my lips around the head of your cock again. Then I take you in deep, as far as I can go. My nose pressed into your skin, you feel your cock at the back of my throat. I run my tongue along the underside of your shaft as I slowly pull your cock back out.

I wanted to remind you of what I can do for my daddy. I kiss the tip of your cock, still pumping with one hand, I cup your balls with the other and then lower my mouth to them. I lick them from back to front then take them in my mouth, sucking on them. I feel your hand in my hair and your hips grinding into me as your moan grows. I place my hands on your pelvis and move from your balls back to your penis taking it into my warm, wet mouth. I tighten my lips around it and suck you hard. Your hand tightens on the back of my head and pushes me deeper. I’ve been waiting for this all day, I want to please you so bad. I love the taste of your cock. As my head bobs up and down on your penis your breath quickens, and your moans get louder. You warn me that you are going to cum and tell me to stop.

You want to fuck me, but I have another thing in mind. I steady my grip on your pelvis with one hand and move the other back to your balls. Bring your cock in as deep as I can, I grab your balls, squeezing them gently. You try to pull away, but you are on the couch with nowhere to go. Figuring you have little option you decide to go with it and thrust deeper inside me. You explode, unloading yourself down my throat, forcing my head in closer and grabbing my hair tightly. You moan loudly and say “God damn. Fuck. I fucking love your mouth. My naughty girl. I know your fucking love this cock.” I love hearing kıbrıs escort you go over the edge and tasting your cum. God I’m so wet for you, pussy aching and throbbing begging to be touched.

When you are done you run your fingers through my hair as I clean up your cock, licking every bit of your cum. Leaning back I slowly releasing your cock from my mouth and drag my nails down your thighs. You stop my hands before I reach your knees, grabbing them firmly and you lean into me. Pushing my hair aside you whisper in my ear “That was very naughty. You were very bad and didn’t listen to me… [I start to open my mouth to speak but you stop me] … yes, it did feel good. It felt fucking amazing, but you are my toy, remember? Not the other way around. I know you crave me but I fucking own you and you will do as you are told. Do you want me to make you cum? Do you? … [I nod eagerly, head down but eyes locked on yours] … Good. Now, come over here. You know what to do when you are bad.” Your voice stern and face turned from playful to serious but sexy. I can never resist doing as you tell me to do with that look. I return a quick “yes”. You raise your brow and I add “Daddy”.

Eyes wide because I know what to expect. Rising from my current position I move to lay over your legs. I am on my hands and knees with my ass available for you. My mouth open and breath quickens, my ass tightens while waiting for the first blow. Your hand comes down fast and a hard. The stinging instantly erupts on my left ass check. The heat and tingling slowly radiating through me and red marks appear. My eyes water and I let out a quick moan as soon as the second blow hits. “Don’t. Make. A. Sound” you whisper coldly into my ear. I nod my head to show that I will obey and bite my lip to keep quiet. Between each firm blow from your hand, you gently rub my ass and can feel each raised red mark. Each one brands me as yours once again. The pleasure outweighing the pain and that sweet raw numbness running through me as my pussy pulses with each strike. After the fifth blow I feel your hand lower down my thigh, softly tracing lines from the back of my knees up to my sweet, wet cunt.

I am so ready for you. I can feel my sweet wet cunt dripping down my inner thighs as you bring two fingers to the entrance of my tight cunt lips. Your left hand on the small of my back holding me in place. You slide your fingers inside me slowly and watch my face as I lift my head in pleasure, eyes closed, letting out a gasp of air. You pull your fingers back out as slowly as they went in. Shockwaves run through me as you slam your fingers back into me. I know you have that sexy, devilish grin that you get when you give me exactly what I have been waiting for.

Your fingers pump in and out of me vigorously. You curve your fingers slightly and find my G-spot rubbing the soft, spongy ridges inside my vagina. I try to rock back and meet your fingers, but your left hand is holding me in place. I know I wont last long. I can feel my legs start to shake and pussy tighten and convulse. Just as I feel my self build up, about to unwind into ecstasy I hear “Yes baby, fucking cum all over my hand. Cum hard for me baby.” and I lose it. I bite my lip hard to try and not make a sound but a moan escapes as my legs tremble and my pussy contracts.

You slowly pull your fingers out of me once I have gone limp. My legs still weak you help me up and grab hold of my face. Your rough hands tenderly caress my cheeks as you kiss me deeply. Then you move a piece of my hair away from my face and place it behind my ear and say “mmm, my girl. You’re so sexy. Come on darling, let’s go get cleaned up. I will take care of you, don’t worry. You’re safe with me. I’ll always look after you. You’re mine. Let’s go take a shower and then I will give you all the attention you need.” You help me to stand up, my legs unstable, and we walk upstairs together.

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