Giving In


They stayed out until midnight, tempering their drinking with energetic dancing. They’d talked with people, had some laughs, and eventually agreed it was time to leave. Hand in hand they walked back to where Brandon had parked, past other late night revelers on the street. He held the door for her, and when he got in beside her, they kissed.

He tried not to have any expectations as he drove back to her apartment. He braced himself not to be devastated if she sent him away. It was only a temporary postponement.

Josette relaxed next to Brandon, watching him smoothly shift gears at each intersection. She knew if she wanted him to stay he wouldn’t hesitate to accept. Was she ready for this? Was he? She didn’t want casual, meaningless sex anymore. She wanted to be with a man who cared for her in every way. Brandon had that potential, she thought. But they barely knew each other.

He pulled into a parking spot next to her Mini. “Want me to hang around while you walk your dog?” he offered.

“Sure,” she said, jumping out.

He followed her, they got the dog, and returned outside.

“I had such fun tonight,” she said, gripping the leash so that Wendigo didn’t get too far from her.

“So did I. I really like you, Josette.”

She smiled up at him. “I like you, too. I think it could be more. I hope it will.”

He nodded, waiting for some sign that she wanted him to stay.

“Oh, here she goes,” she said, watching as the dog found a place to take a piddle.

Brandon was all nerves and hopeful anticipation.

He followed her back to her apartment. She didn’t try to stop him from coming inside, though he hesitated at the door. She undid Wendigo’s leash and she headed for her dish and a snack.

“Well,” she sighed, turning toward Brandon, “what do you think?”

“About what?” he felt like a lump of ice had lodged in his throat.

“It shouldn’t be completely up to me. I want us to be honest with each other.”

“I want that, too.”

She took his hand, and led him to her couch. He sat first, and she sat close to him, their knees touching. “How do you feel about it?” she wanted to know.

“Oh Christ,” he looked away, shaking his head. “You know what I want. I want you. I want to make love to you. You’re beautiful and smart and I love your energy, your determination. You are an amazing woman, Josette.”

She was silent for a moment. Her face gave nothing away. He hoped he hadn’t said something disrespectful or insulting.

“Listen,” she touched his face with her finger, “I’m very attracted to you. I think we’d have great sex. But what do you think about building the anticipation? I mean, I’m not saying no. I just don’t want to spoil what we have right now, because adana escort it’s so new and fragile.”

Fragile? He thought. He didn’t think anything between them fit that description. Perhaps that was a feeling she had.

“Are you afraid of something?” he asked her.

Their eyes met.

“No,” she said, unconvincingly. “I don’t want to fall for you and then we . . . don’t work out.”

He smiled a little. “Anything is a risk,” he said. “There aren’t any sure things in life, you know? Sure you do. You aren’t afraid of anything, really, are you?”

She sighed and leaned back on the couch. “I know, you’re right. I have to take a chance on someone eventually, don’t I? If I want a relationship?”

“Yeah, only if you want a relationship. You can have all the meaningless sex you want.”

“I don’t want meaningless sex,” she reminded him with a scowl.

“Well, then, you need to decide what or who is worth taking a chance on. Besides, even if we have sex it doesn’t mean you’re committed to me, that we have to follow through on anything serious.”

“See, that’s it,” she jabbed her finger at him. “That’s what I don’t want. I don’t want any more sex on the contingency plan. I want to be with someone I know really cares for me. I’d be okay if we had sex, even lived together for a while, and then broke up. I just don’t want us to be lovers for a week or two and then . . . you know.”

He nodded. “I think so. You just want it to mean something.”

“Yes. It has to.”

“I want that, too,” he said. “I’m pretty sure if I was interested I could bring home a different woman every weekend. But that’s not me, not what I’m into. We’re on the same page, here, Josette. The only thing we have to work out is whether or not we’re sure this is something worthwhile. Something that will last.”

She ran her hand up his thigh, and back to his knee. “I know I want you,” her voice grew husky.

He kissed her. And felt her hand on his groin. She knew now how aroused he was. What would she do?

“Mmm,” she murmured, and began stroking him through his clothes.

“Jesus, don’t do that unless you mean it,” he said breathlessly.

She took her hand away abruptly, smiling at him, and stood. Still smiling, she pulled up her dress, revealing her crotch, covered only in a tiny black thong. She slid a finger under a string and in two quick movements, it was off.

Brandon realized he was staring, open-mouthed. She reached for his hand; he let her take it. Moving close, she guided him between her thighs and he began to stroke her soft skin. She moved her legs apart and he gently ran a finger over the lips of her vulva. She shivered.

He buried his face in the softness ankara escort of her. Still standing, she held his shoulders as he kissed and licked her. With two fingers, he spread her open and ran his tongue over her clit. She moaned. He licked her for a few moments, then reached down to undo his belt. She helped him, sliding his slacks and underwear off, as his erection waved anxiously between them. She pulled the dress off over her head, revealing her round breasts and their pink hard nipples. He covered them with his hands, caressing, sucked her nipples. She took his penis in her hand, stroking it, making him groan in pleasurable agony.

She gently pushed him down on his back onto the couch. She straddled him, her hair brushed his chest as they kissed and she continued stroking him. His hands were all over her, rubbing her nipples now, smoothing over her buttocks, squeezing her thighs. Brandon made sure she was nice and wet before he slid a finger into her vagina. She lowered herself onto him and made a noise indicating she liked it.

Jesus, this was better than he’d fantasized. She was confident in herself and what she liked. There was no feigning innocence. She pushed her breasts so he could stroke and kiss them. She gripped his wrist as he moved another finger inside her. He hoped she wouldn’t come too soon.

Her breathing was shallow, excited. She’d been aroused before, but my god the way Brandon was touching her drove her mad. She’d never had a man lick her pussy first thing; most had to be begged to do it at all. The smell of him, his warm body – there was no way she could stop now. She moved down to take him in her mouth, running her tongue along the shaft of his penis, flicking at the head, to his appreciative groans. Then she stretched herself against him, their bodies making complete contact, and pressed her knee between his legs. He pulled her closer, his erection against her belly now, as they kissed and he caressed her thighs and butt.

“Come on,” she said, easing herself off him, getting to her feet.

He sat up, and followed her to the bedroom. He noticed Wendigo, on her little dog bed, giving him a curious look. He winked at the dog.

Josette’s bedroom looked like a gypsy caravan but that was only thought he had of it as they sank onto the bed. She turned on a bedside lamp, casting a reddish glow over them, and they resumed their lovemaking. She welcomed him inside her, they moved together slowly at first, looking into each other’s eyes, but when Brandon’s thrusts became more fervent she closed her eyes and squealed with each one, piquing his arousal even more. It surprised him that he’d been able to hold off ejaculating so long, and he knew she was antalya escort ready for him. He wanted to give her an orgasm first, so he pulled out, rolled her on her side, and gently indicated he wanted to enter her doggy style. She seemed to like it a lot, and even more when he began rubbing her clit. Her ragged breaths and grunts told him she was close. She gripped his hand and moved it until she let out a cry, then gasped for a few moments. Brandon continued pumping into her, she responded by matching his rhythm. When he exploded inside her with a moan and sighs of pleasure, she laughed her tinkling laugh that he loved.

She rolled over to face him. He pulled her close and kissed her. She wrapped herself into him, her sweet breasts pressed against him.

“God, you’re wonderful,” she whispered, smoothing her hand down his chest.

“So are you,” he kissed her again.

“I’m so happy,” she said.

“I’m glad.”

“I don’t have much will power, though,” she sighed, nipping his neck with kisses.

He laughed. “I knew you’d be incredible. It was better than I even imagined.”

“How did you know that?” she asked, kissing his nose.

“Just by the way you are. So clever and bright, full of energy and creativity.”

“Mmm, was I?”

“Yes, you were,” he took the back of her head into his hand and drew her close for a kiss.

“I have to pee,” she announced, and rolled out of bed. He watched her prance into the adjoining bathroom, looking coquettishly back at him.

When she was out of sight, he pulled himself up to sit against the pillows. The bed was so deep, probably piled with quilts, he felt like he was sinking. The colors in the room were every bit as vivid as elsewhere, though more muted. Josette’s collection of jewelry covered a bulletin board, tacked there, and draped with scarves and hair accessories. Her old-fashioned dresser top hosted a collection of glass perfume bottles, and drawers stood partially open, one of them featuring a sexy negligee half hanging out.

Ah women, he thought. Mysterious, sexy. He couldn’t wait for her to come back.

The toilet flushed and she returned, still nude, and sat on the edge of the bed.

“You going home now?” she asked him.

It was the last thing he’d expected to hear. “I – uh- I” he stammered.

“I’m teasing,” she laughed her sweet laugh, and tugged at his arm. “Get out so I can turn down the bed. I want to sleep in your arms.”

“That’s more like it,” he said, relieved.

The sheets surprised him by being plain blue and not an exotic print. They climbed in together and after she’d turned off the light and settled into him, he said what was really on his mind.

“I want this to be something,” he told her. “You and me. I’ve never met anyone like you. I want to make you happy.”

“Uh, no,” she said, “you can’t make me happy. That’s an unrealistic idea. We make our own happiness. Let’s be good to each other, kind, loving.”

“Deal,” he kissed her behind the ear, making her giggle.

Then they slept.

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