Goldie Pt. 01: The Man with a Golden Penis


Part One – Goldie’s Golden Penis

I’m writt’in this, my life’s history, now that I’m here in the State Penitentiary waiting for the death sentence to be carried out. As slow as the wheels of justice turn, I’ve got a bit of time before that fateful day, when they inject that goop in my arm and it’s bye bye birdie, but that time will no doubt come less’in the governor finds out I’m innocent. I’m in this cell cause they say I killed an old man I used to work for. Well you gotta know that is one crock of shit. I never killed no one. Plus that man was like a father to me. I got nothing but gratitude for the way he treated me. Let me start at the beginning.

First a little about myself, I grew up in Whipsaw Texas, not so far from the Louisiana border. My family has lived there from pre-slavery days, my grand gran pappy having run off from some plantation in Alabama. The little town is evenly divided between Blacks, Mexicans and Whites and we all get along pretty good. Of course we are outnumbered the white folk but them Mexicans are keeping up with us, they sure is pretty good in the fucking contest. Sure, the whites seem to own the businesses and the nicer homes, but we coming along. Nate Turnbell has a big old B-que restaurant and on a Sunday the tables out back are filled with people of all colors, eaten and laugh’in, drink’en beer and moonshine. And Dolphus Jenkin’s, who I went to school with, he’s got a construction company and is a building tract houses over on the west end. It all takes a heap of time.

My mom was a golden brown color and don’t ask me how big her ass was cause that’s off bounds. My dad was a German auto mechanic. He was working out at the local dirt race track for several years here in Whipsaw. Mom said he spoke English real good and was a wiz at repairing them there jalopies. Sad to say he subbed as a driver on occasion and in one bad Sunday race he ended up in a fireball when I was still sucking tit. I guess that ain’t changed non, no matter how crazy this life gets, I sure do still like to get a warm titty in my mouth, especially them that’s got big brown nipples thick and chewy attached.

Being that my dad was real white skinned I ended up a light honey color with brown curly hair, big hazel eyes and a pretty straight nose. Most folks take me for some kind of Creole. Most women have always found me attractive, especially when we get down to it as my penis has a real golden color that fascinates just about all of them. If fact I’ve always been know as “the guy with the golden penis.” That started way back when kids in school start looking in gym class for them first sprouts of pubic hair that delineates our having arrived at puberty. I never was heavy on pubic hair, mine it’s kind of light brown and curly, doesn’t grow real long so I could never compete with the “bushmen,” they always referred to me as a “baldie” but as a grown man it looks like I shave my cock hair, but really I don’t.

How big is my dick, you ask. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? But, I figured you’d never ask. Well it ain’t like one of the footballers who have 12 inches of black Alabama swamp snake,hanging down along side their leg, but it’s big enough to be welcomed by most grown females who usually preface our coupling saying, “just take it slow Goldie.” Yeah, you guessed it, “Goldie” is my nickname. I’ve seen a lot of guys in the gym where I used to work, lots of them have nice sized cocks but usually they got balls that are kinda the size of ping pong balls that slip and slide as the walk around in the nude. My balls are big, almost the size of tennis balls, well maybe a little smaller but the skin around them is tight so they is well contoured. I’ve even been called “Cannon ball” by some of the ones who notice, I’m guess’in they is the gay dudes. But I don’t have no problem with them, they tip good, even if they do squeeze yo kırklareli escort cock every once in awhile, just to see how it’s a hang’in.

I guess I ain’t too inexperienced with sex . Of course in Texas we start out smooch’in with 1st cousins but that don’t go too far. There is I’ve heard some folks who are a mess’in with their sisters but I wouldn’t go for that. But for several reasons I wanna tell ya bout the first time I got the chance ta’ get some real pussy. I was work’in for a Mr. Bentley, an older gent. He was a vet in one a those Asian wars and he walked with a limp. Always wore an old worn US Army hat to “keep my bald spot outta da sun,” he’d say, while puffin on one of the Bull Durham cigarettes he’d roll himself. Back then I was just outta high school and I was driving an old yellow jeep and I guess that’s why he called me “Yella.” I didn’t really like that name, but he paid me a fair price for day work and all had to do was spruce up the place, clean the barn, bring in the chicken eggs and clean out the pool out back and of course help his woman carry in the groceries.

One day he took me aside and said,

“Yella, my prostate is shot to hell, can’t fuck no more, Merrybell’s birthday is coming up. I know she loves to get fucked. if you could stand in for me I’d be happy to make it worth your while.”

He had to repeat himself a few times before I was sure of what he had in mind. Seems he’d taken a peek when I was pissing and he liked what he saw, so what the hell. Anything to help an old vet. The missus was probably 25 years younger than Mr. Bentley. Like a lot of vets they married nurses who figured they’d collect down the road when the old guys passed on. So he tells me to “brush yo teeth and wash real good that big dick a’ yours and show up about 9 o’clock tomorra’ morn’in.”

So I does what he says and next morning I’m a knock’in at the door. Old man Bentley comes out and puts his arm around my shoulder and walks me up to the upstairs bedroom, I knew Mrs. Bentley must’a been in on it cause i could smell that female shampoo and perfume. He walks me in, she’s in a red bathrobe with big red roses outlined in white and piped across her chest. She looked pretty good to me and her tits looked real big even under that robe. I’d checked her out a few time following her into the house carrying her purchases and watching her big ass in those tight white shorts and her halter she had tied around her tits with a big knot in the back.

Old man Bentley, he introduces me,

“This here is Yella, Ethel,”

“Goldie” I correct him real quiet like,

“Ok, yeah, Goldie. He’s my birthday present to you. He don’t know much but if you take him in hand I think he’ll perform real good for ya.”

And with that he kinda pushes me to the center of the bedroom and then two steps it backwards slamming the door behind leaving the two of us alone.

“Goldie is it,” says Mrs. Bentley. “You ever fucked a woman?”

She come right to the point.

“No mam, but I got lot’s a times with my kissin cousin Renata and I come always real wet after rubb’in it against her her cooch.”

She chuckles at that and drops the robe on the floor and she’s a standing there buck naked,

She come closer and unbuckles my belt, unsnaps my jeans and in one motion unzips my fly right to the bottom zip. She reaches in and pulls out my cock which is obviously look’in forward to meeting her.

“How often you touch that thing,” she points at my cock which is beginning to swell.

I’m embarrassed and don’t get to answer before she grabs my cock and says again,

‘I just asked you, how often you masturbate, jerk off?”

“I know wha ya mean. Uh, but that’s kind’a personal Mrs. Bentley,” with that she squeezes hard on my cock root and I get the message clear and pipe afyon escort up,

“Once, twice a day, sometimes more.”

“Well you better be up to a three timer son cause I aim to drain your balls to the reserve tank.”

I standing there half undressed, my dick waving in the breeze and she say,

“My God boy, you got a golden dick, what the hell, I never seen one like that. And them balls hanging there look like the rear wheels of a tractor.”

Then she says, “Is that dick real or are you playing a joke here?”

I nod, yes, and mumble, “It is real.”

“Well we gonna find out right quick. Take off your cloths, Goldie, now.”

I drop my cloths in a pile, on top of my shoes and Sunday socks. I don’t know what she’s talk’in about but she walks me across the room and grabs me by my dick and pulls me like I’m a hound dog on a leash and she plops herself down in a high chair at her make up table. And she grabs a dollop of vasoline from the jar, swings the chair around to be face’in me and rubs it on my stiff dick. I’m standing up in front of her when she pulls me towards her and throws her long white legs around my ass and pulls my dick rides right into her wide open coochy, which I get a quick look at and I can see it ain’t got no hair at all, like them centerfold models I seen at the barber shop, and presto, I’m fucking Mrs. Bentley.

I start to sweat a little around the temples and my cock starts vibrating and I realize I’m about to pop my milkshake even before we begun. I guess she sees it in my eyes cause she reaches out with her cold hand and long fingernails and believe me, when she grabs me tight by the balls, that stops everything. She looks at me kindly and says,

“There ain’t no rush Honey, you take your time, I’ll tell ya when to shoot your load.”

I slow down a bit, and start and stop a few times, then I begin to feel that telltale tightness in my balls, and by now I realize by the big clock is chiming the quarter hour, that I been a fuck’en this white lady for a good 15 minutes.

“Mam I don’t think I can hold it much longer, she grabs me again tight by the balls and pulls me out of her cooch and jams my cock right in her mouth, hell half way down her throat, she let’s go a’ my ball sack and grabs me by me by the ass with both hands and just as her finger parts my ass cheeks and pops a finger in my ass hole, I let go with a volley of cum squirts that just kept on, she’s trying to swallow but there is so much of it, the cum load is running down her full plump red lips and onto her good sized titties. Finally she gasps and swallows and squeezes me so tight for a long while she slurps up the overflow and by then my dick relaxes a po’.

We stay like that for a while when she finally lets go a my ass and tells me to go lay down on her bed. She takes out a brown long cigarillo and lights it, offered me a puff but I don’t smoke so I’s shakes my head. She comes over eventually and with a white washcloth tidies up my dick. Then she dries it off and starts a play’en with it till once again it’s high and mighty. Then she climbs over me and sits down real slow while she inserts my dick head real deep into her cooch. Next thing I know she’s doing some kind a dance up and down and my cock is enjoying every move she takes. I reach up to hold onto her big titties, puckering up the nips just like I done with my cuz. The window is open and I can see the old hemlock tree out in the yard, some old dog is barking and the crows are caw cawing and she’s still going at it when I feel the urge is coming on to me again, and I say, “I about there,” and she just slaps me hard in the face,

“Not yet sonny,” and she continues humping up and down. After a few minutes she lets out a loud moan and shouts, “Now, go for it!”

I’m so startled I let go and my dick just spits up amasya escort a long ropy shot and she clamps this cunt muscles on me so I’m not going anywhere, and she shouts out,

“Yahoo- it’s my birthday,”

and I’m a bit in fear and I say,

“Happy Birthday Mam,” and our eyes lock and she says,

“You know it Samson!”

And I don’t say a word but it passes through my head that Samson used to work for Mr. Bentley until he went into the army. Finally she raises off my red swollen cock that sort a plops down in a semi erect resting position and she kinda a cooly swings herself off like she’s dismounting off a horse, and pivots off the bed landing on her two feet. I thought that was kind neat.

“Samy, you just rest that thing a little and I’ll be right back.” she says and excuses herself into the bathroom.

I’m be’en so relaxed I do believe I done falled asleep for a while, then I feel someone nudging me and I wake up a bit flustered having forgotten exactly where I was but it comes back to me. There is Mrs. Bentley gently, naked as a jaybird, pulling me up with one hand and holding what she says is a “sniff of french cognac” towards my mouth. I smell the sweet caramel odor, but I mutter,

“I don’t drink Mam.”

“Yes you do now,”she says and she pours a good dose of that sweet stuff right down my throat —and it burns bit but I feel real warm inside.She pulls me off the bed and gets down on all fours on that bear skin rug and motions me to get up behind her. She places my hands on her titties an as I start squeezing them I getting excited and my cock comes to life.

I figure I’m a go’in to fuck her pussy again but she reaches behind and says,

“Not there,” and guides my dick a little higher into another sweet spot that I realize is not her cunt but probably her ass hole, it’s all lubed up, and it’s a lot tighter than her coochie. I’m squeez’in her titties, pulling on her nipples and it’s taking me a longer time and I’m guess’in that’s why we are doing this stuff last cause she’s one woman who likes to be fucked for the longest time possible and she’s a moan’in and mumbl’in and say’in stuff under her breath and then I get that “about to shoot feeling” and she says loud and clear,

“Samson, fire at will,” and I’m wondering who Will is, but that thought goes out the door as my dick gets clamped on tight by her ass muscles which are now a vibrating like some machine and I press on to give my worn out cock a final go, I feel myself shoot about four or five good squirts and that’s all she wrote.

I fall backward and the missus frees herself from my sticky wet drooling cock. By now she’s all business and tells me to get dressed and get going like I was some hired hand cleaning the barn-all this after I’d fucked her three ways from Sunday. So then she hands me a $20 bill and says, “I usually figure one dollar an inch, but seeing you’ve got such a beautiful golden penis, I’m giv’en ya $2 an inch” I takes the green bill, give her a “Thank you mam,” and she pushes me out the bedroom door.

Doing so she nearly blinds Mr.Bentley who has been watching all the action through the ole skeleton keyhole. He gets up off his knees, rubbing his forehead which is starting to trickle a little blood and escorts me down the stairs to the front door.

“Take off the rest of the day Yella,” he says, “you done earned it, there gonna be an extra bone-ass in yo pay envelope this week.”

I wasn’t sure what a “bone-ass” mean at that time, I figured it had something to do with me a fucking Mrs. Bentley.”

I wander off on the way home and stop at the swimming hole where I take a quick nudie dip and my eyes begin to close, before falling asleep under the shade of at an old Musgrove tree. I look up at the moving clouds, there’s two clouds that looks like two palm trees, but the wind folds one on the other and now it looks just like Mrs. Bentley’s white hairless cooch. My eyes once more begin to close and I’m off to dreamland as my cock starts to chub up a bit and I fell asleep dreaming of what had been.

“My God,” I says to myself aloud, “it sure is good to be alive.”

End of Part One – Part Two to Soon Follow

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