Hannah, A Young Professional’s Tale Ch. 01


I had just graduated and in this market was happy to get a job. I had trained and been licensed as a Registered Nurse, certified for ER and OR, but had to take a job at first in a small general practice. It wasn’t so bad and was much less stressful than my ER rotation has been, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do, especially if I wanted to later pursue a Nurse Anesthetist certification. The practice was part of a chain of walk in clinics that had been started by a group of a half dozen doctors twenty or so years before. Dr Hal was the physician at ours, but he was rarely there. I had met him when hired, but Beth, the Nurse Practitioner, pretty much ran the place. Dr Hal spent most of his time doing hospital rotations or just staying home. Word had it since his wife had passed away in a car accident several years earlier he had become quite withdrawn and worked just hard enough to pay his bills and little else.

I guess I should tell you that I am tall for a girl, about 5’11”, and thin, except for my 34C breasts, with long red hair I wear up during the day. I never wear anything except scrubs to work so I pretty much look like every other nurse in the area. Although red headed, I lacked freckles on my face but had them pretty much everywhere else. Other than my hair the most noticeable thing about me in scrubs were my heavy plastic framed glasses. Yep, I am a nerd girl. I stay thin by dancing and aerobics. I became interested in swing dancing after taking a class in college in Memphis, and continued to Lindy, Shag and Charleston whenever I could, although I wasn’t the best at any of them. I was passably good at the Lindy Hop though, and since most of the music played at swing dances had the eight count beat, I could fake my way through a crowded floor. Unfortunately other than aerobics class at the Y, I had no outlet for dance at the moment, so I was elated when Beth told me that I would be going for continuing training at a conference in Memphis on a Thursday and Friday. I figured I could dance both nights, or even make a long weekend out of it.

That I had no partner didn’t matter, there were always guys there ready to dance with pretty girls, and my red hair and figure got me enough attention that I wasn’t a wallflower. Most of my dance friends there had graduated and moved, as I had, but I was looking forward to seeing a few at the club that featured swing dance on a nightly basis. To some it is a silly hobby, but I enjoy it and it is a great work out. Plus I get to dress in something a little sexy and that is enticing to me as I am otherwise quite reserved.

Since this is a site about sexy stories, I guess you should know I have limited experience in that area. I had done vaginal intercourse with two different long term boyfriends in college, but it had been for the most part unfulfilling. Just as I would get going they would erupt inside me, leaving me panting and messy. Still, I liked them, they were my boyfriends at the time (one at a time!!) and I saw it as part of being a good girl friend. Since that wasn’t satisfying to me, I learned to avoid the problems of gooey panties and having to rub one out in my dorm after hours by learning to give the best blow job I could, and learning to give a hand job that one boyfriend described as “Amazing.” I took pride in those abilities and to myself thought it made me prepared for adult romance and ultimately marriage. I figured on waiting until I was really in love before I let a guy climax inside me again, and in the meantime satisfying the ones I liked with my other skills. That I didn’t orgasm didn’t really matter. I could do that myself, and I loved it when a guy erupted either in my hand or mouth, spraying his seed uncontrollably everywhere as I felt totally empowered and in control.

I drove down after work on Wednesday and was surprised at the hotel the practice had booked me in. It was at least four stars and was pushing five. Everything was marble and mahogany and there was a fountain in the lobby restaurant for ducks. The conference was across the street at a more down scale, though still nice, hotel and conference center, but I was grateful to be finally staying in a place like this. My room was huge and overlooked the street below, and you could see Beale and the Forum from my window. I hung my wardrobe bag in the closet, set out my toiletries and being exhausted went straight to bed.

I don’t travel well and this trip was no exception, I just have a hard time sleeping away from home. So it was that I awoke groggy and out of it, did my morning shower routine half asleep and while still wrapped in a towel sipped coffee made from the in room brewer as I sat on the edge of the bed. It wasn’t helping. I was still felt half asleep. Finally I went to retrieve the business skirt, jacket and blouse from the closet. I like to lay my things out, even my underwear, before I get dressed so I don’t have to hunt all over for anything. I opened the closet door just as the guy in the adjoining room decided to gather his cloths from the door on the other side. Neither of us in the morning fog had found the closet, but both stood there in towels staring at each other through to the door to our muğla escort adjoining rooms. Well, I had a towel wrapped around me, he just had one hanging over his shoulders. I could not help but look down and even stare at the largest penis and scrotum I had ever seen!

He quickly covered himself with the towel as he said “I guess this isn’t the closet. I am so sorry.”

It was then that I looked up and realized it was Dr Hal, which was the only name I knew him by, standing in front of me. He had brown hair with just a touch of gray, and for his fifty or so years was in great shape with pronounced abs, pecs and triceps. Dr Hal was especially tall and could have played basketball in school, and did for all I knew. He also had a red face and a sheepish grin as he apologized for the error of opening the wrong door.

“Oh! Doctor Hal, I’m sorry! I did the same thing! I guess I’ve never, uh, stayed in a room this fancy before and well, uh, the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.”

“Uh, you’re Hannah? They told me Hannah would be here but I, well, I remember you but, uh”

“You’ve never seen me like this?”

“Right. That’s it. I am sorry though, I would never…”

“Oh don’t worry about it, I made the same mistake.” I smiled, and I meant it. It was the sort of thing that could happen to anyone and both of us were innocent of any wrong doing. I was just about to shut the door when he asked,

“Why don’t we finish getting ready and have breakfast in the lobby? The restaurant there has the best omelets ever.”

“It’s a deal, give me a half hour or so?”

“Sounds good” he replied with a smile that could melt a girls heart. I’ve never really been attracted to an older guy, but there was something special about… oh yeah. He has a huge penis. I never really cared about size, I guess because all the guys I had been with were about the same, four or five inches, maybe six when really hard. Dr Hal was six or seven and didn’t appear to be erect at all. That fact, and that it had been some time since I had been with any guy of any size, I had been focused on finishing school and studying for my boards, I guess turned on the water works down stairs just a bit. Don’t get me wrong though, dating an older man? Probably not going to happen. Dating at the office, really unlikely to happen, and dating effectively my boss’s boss? No way would I consider it.

Now wide awake, I finished getting ready and checked myself out in the mirror. I have to admit I thought I looked pretty good, professional but attractive with my form fitting jacket and a khaki skirt that clung to my legs, each doing its part to accentuate my long legs and figure. I left the top and first button on my blouse open which hinted at cleavage without actually showing any. I pulled my hair back into a single pony tail, having brushed the frizzy out of it. A clutch and portfolio completed the ensemble along with my glasses. Since the seminar was for both doctors and their staff I figured to get my share of attention, given that I would probably be the youngest there, and I’m almost always the only red head.

As we made no plans on how to meet a couple of minutes after the appointed time when the doctor had not knocked, I left my room to go to the lobby, however just as I was exiting mine, he was exiting his and we met in the hall.

“Well that is good timing” he smiled.

“Yes, apparently we have a thing for opening doors at the same time” I grinned back. I was trying to make him comfortable about the incident earlier but I had the wrong effect.

“I truly am sorry about that” he said as his cheeks reddened in shame.

“Oh gosh, don’t worry about it! I’m just glad I had a towel on.” I smiled as we got to the elevator.

“I just wish I had” he laughed.

“Oh, I’m glad you didn’t” I giggled, “It was quite an impressive display.”

He turned even redder and I realized I was both making really weird and improper compliments, and making things even more awkward.

“What I mean is… uh… well, you’re in great shape… uh…” I stammered. “So, how about the Predators, think they’ll make the Stanley Cup this year?”

“Ha! Nice save. I would have never taken you for a hockey fan.” He laughed.

“Hockey? Is that what they play?” I giggled.

After that breakfast was pretty relaxed. He asked all about me and I gave him my life story. I told him about my parents, my brothers, high school and college and my professional aspirations. I thought it was a pretty complete biography and I asked about him.

“Oh, not much to say. I’m widowed three years, you probably know that. Anna was the love of my life, and… uh… well I went to college in California and med school here. We met in med school and never got around to having kids, we were looking at adopting when… well, that’s about it, but tell me, you, uh, what do you do for fun?” He asked, clearly wanting to change the subject.

“Oh I like movies and concerts, but mostly I work out or do swing dancing. I’m looking forward to tonight as I can visit the old club we danced at when I was in college. We don’t have anything like ordu escort that near”

“You don’t go to the park on Saturday night?”


“They have swing dance there every Saturday when the weather is warm at the Pavilion. We used to go, Anna loved to dance. We got pretty good at it too!”

“I didn’t know they had it, but yes, I will now. Thanks! Hey, why don’t you go with me tonight?”

“Oh, uh, well I would need to get something appropriate to wear, I was going to suggest dinner anyway, dinner and dancing sounds even better. I can’t believe someone your age is interested in that old stuff.”

“It’s fun! And it’s making a really big comeback. It’s so much more fun than just jumping in a mosh pit or going to a rave. Plus, well, it’s a lot less rapey than a rave. The guys there are much nicer and you don’t have to test your drink for MDMA.” I replied.

We continued to talk like old friends that had never met until it was time to go to the conference. Hal, as I was now told to call him, warned me that it would be dull and true enough after the first ten minutes of useful information there was hour after hour of war stories told by doctors, which might have been interesting to them, but not to anyone else. Every time I was about to nod off Hal would keep me awake by passing me a note with a question, like did I prefer Lindy or Charleston, which I would answer and later receive a different note and question. By mid-morning my mind was seriously wandering, and it wandered to his large junk. Just how big was that thing? What girl could accommodate such a penis, and, how much bigger was it hard? I knew I would never find out, but I couldn’t help being curious. My curiosity though was filling me with lustful thoughts about how good it would feel to have a monster like that inside me. And my curiosity was beginning to rationalize at least giving it a try if I found an appropriate partner.

It didn’t help that I caught Hal staring down my blouse several times. I guess I started everything rolling for us when at about ten after ten I complained it was warm in the room (it was) and opened a third button before fanning myself. This gave Hal just a hint of cleavage and a touch of lace if he really stared just right. I knew what I was doing and it was fun teasing him, but I thought that was as far as it would go.

Lunch was the sort of rubbery chicken they serve at these things, always on a bed of wild rice with mixed vegetables and a salad that was a Roma tomato and a few leaves of lettuce. Hal introduced me to a few friends he knew from the medical community that were there but it was otherwise uneventful.

What was eventful, at least to me, was when we sat down in the conference room again, and just as the speaker was about to start, and Hal turned to me, placed his hand on my bare knee just at the hem of my skirt, and whispered “I’m going to leave about three to shop for tonight. You want to go?”

He waited for my answer, but didn’t lift his hand. I placed mine on top of his, to this day I don’t know why except for the naughty thoughts I had been having all morning making me weak and the mild shock that tingled up my thigh and straight to my privates when he touched me, and replied “Sure.”

The next two hours were a constant distraction. Every few minutes it seemed Hal would find a reason to whisper something to me about the PowerPoint being shown in the darkened room, and would pretend he needed to gain my attention by placing his hand on my thigh. Each time it seemed he moved a little higher, like an 8th grader playing “Trust Me?” I finally put my hand into his and interlocked our fingers, smiling at him to let him know I wasn’t offended and was okay with his gentle touch. I opened my legs just a bit as I did and his hand was almost resting on my lap. He surely felt the warmth emanating from there. Part of me knew I shouldn’t tease him like that, but most of me thought it was fun, and I confess my thoughts were effected a bit by hormones that had surged through me since I saw Hal in the doorway that morning.

The lights came up all too soon and with it his withdraw from playing handsies with me in the near dark. I gave him a smile a quick wink and he blushed in return. I don’t know what would have happened if that speaker had not concluded when he did, but I can’t imagine we would have gone much further given the situation and the audience around us. Never the less there was no denying that my nipples were now getting stiff and moisture was being produced, if only just a little, down there.

The next speaker began and was just as dull as the last. Unfortunately she was less creative with PowerPoint so her slide show didn’t begin until a full 45 minutes of her presentation was over. I could only sit there and squeeze my thighs together and think happy thoughts during this time and have no idea what she talked about. What I was thinking about was that I was a grown woman, Hal was a grown man, we were both single, well, he was widowed, but either way, we were both eligible to be intimate with others if we wanted and no job should be able to control who osmaniye escort we decided to partner with for that purpose. I confessed to myself that I really wanted to feel him inside me, and I wanted to know what that monster tasted like. As much as I wanted to fuck him, I never did that on a first date, in fact I had never done anything overtly sexual that soon. It didn’t matter, we are grownups and we can do what we want! But… he might think I’m some gold digging whore so maybe slow was the way to go. Ugh. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t fuck him, but what about after dancing a nice romantic blow job before bed time? He could talk to me and relax and enjoy it and see I was open to more intimacy with him, and I would get a tummy full of white, hot, semen. He would be satisfied and happy, my curiosity sated, and I could rub one out if I was unbearably horny. That would work… then I realized he had taken my hand and was now gently holding it in the dim room again as the power point began again.

This time though as soon as our joined hands came to rest, he unlocked his fingers from mine and with the softest touch placed his hand atop mine. It took a second to realize his thigh wasn’t all my hand was resting on. I could feel his member throbbing through his khakis. I looked over, startled, and saw a sheepish grin on his face. He looked so innocent, like a schoolboy who had just been caught and was wondering if he would be punished or not.

“Oh my god!” I thought, “What does he expect me to do? Give him a hand job under the table? Or crawl under the table myself to blow him?”

“Ugh! No way were either of those going to happen, we’re full grown adults, not high school kids in the back seat of the bus on a school trip.” I reasoned to myself, then realized I was now absentmindedly running the tips of my fingers slowly up and down his throbbing shaft through his pants. I had no desire to stop, but knew we must. I wrapped my fingers around where I figured the base to be, more or less, and they would not go around because of the fabric, and, well because he was so damn thick, and firmly slid my hand down the full 8 inches or so of erect penis I felt there. I gave a little swirl, as best as I could, around the head before releasing it.

I then leaned over and whispered in his ear “Wait five minutes and follow me to my room.”

I got up in the dim room and slipped out. Fortunately we were seated in the last row so no one noticed. I hurried to the elevator and to my room, I didn’t have much time to get ready. I stripped as I crossed the room and threw my clothes in the bottom of the closet. I opened my suit case and grabbed a black thong and matching push up bra. I had intended to wear those with a black dress the next night dancing, but my current underwear was neither sexy nor presentable at the moment due to a large wet area. I washed myself quickly with a warm washcloth, patted myself dry, just a bit of powder, a quick brush of my teeth, a squirt of cologne, and I got dressed in the black ensemble. Finally I got the small tube of lubricant I had brought along on the trip with my favorite vibe to entertain myself at night if it became necessary and tucked it, the lube, not the vibe, under a pillow on the bed. I was just straightening my girls in the bra when I heard Hal knock gently.

“This is it” I thought as I approached the door to let him in. “I’m going to break every professional rule I set for myself just weeks after getting my first real job. I was going to see a coworker socially, have sex with a coworker, and do the boss, all at once. I could not believe how far I had fallen.” And I didn’t care because I was so horny I think the panties I took off were still smoldering.

I dimmed the lights by turning them all off except the one in the bathroom, then looked through the peep hole to confirm it was Hal. I tossed my hair a bit for volume, reached out and turned the lock, opened the door just a smidgen and stepped back.

“Come in!” I said. I waited a few feet inside, wearing just the black lacy thong and bra, my feet apart to show the panty covered gap between my legs, and a very nervous smile on my face.

Hal stepped in and turned to shut the door without really looking at me, then turned and stared without saying a word.

I let his eyes absorb the feast I had for him before asking “You like?”

“Oh. Yes. Very much so.” Hal replied as his eyes burned into my flesh. “Hannah, you should know something before we do any”

“Shhhh” I whispered as I held a finger to his lips. “I have no expectations, so I will have no regrets. Okay? I’m not asking for anything except tonight. I’m open to suggestions beyond that, but if there isn’t anything, well, that would be too bad. But I’m a big girl. We’re both full grown people. We know what we’re doing physically and emotionally. No expectations, no regrets. That’s my rule.” I said, then I stood on my tip toes to reach his lips and kissed him. For a moment it was as if he wasn’t going to respond, then he slid his arms around my waist and began kissing me back with fury. My hands were resting around his waist, while his began to explore. One hand went to ever so gently massage my breast, making me purr softly, the other went to my ass where he cupped one cheek and lifted, making me drenched. I moaned my approval through our locked lips as I slid my thigh up along his before returning it to the floor (it’s really hard to kiss on tip toes while standing on one foot!)

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