Mandarin Chinese

Big Dick

This is my first submission to Lit erotica and I would certainly appreciate any feedback on this true story!


A few days ago I ran across an old College Textbook from many decades back and it made me remember a few days during the spring semester of my junior year at a to be UN-named liberal arts college.

The time was the early 1970’s roughly the time period from just after Woodstock, to just before Watergate. Drugs were plentiful, aids was unknown, and girls hardly ever wore bras and everyone was exploring every aspect of life you could think of exploring. While there were no official coed dorms, there were certainly boys and girls living together and it was not hard to find a party every Friday or Saturday night where it was pretty darn easy to end up with some sweet young thing and to go to either her room, or in my case, since I didn’t share a dorm room, back to mine. This was my usual mod us operand i.

Since the beginning of the academic year I had taken Mandarin Chinese along with my general load of Asian History courses, my minor and liberal arts classes. The Mandarin Chinese class consisted of meeting with the professor in his on campus apartment 3 times a week for roughly an hour each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then a general lab in the library where we listened to Mandarin tapes. This could be done at our convenience. There were three of us in the class, Vickie, Sydney and myself. The Professor was nearly blind and I had actually traveled with him briefly one summer in both Hong Kong and Japan. This was before it was really possible for an American to go to what we then called Red China.

On Monday of the week before Easter, at our regular afternoon class, I was rather surprised that Vickie and Sydney, both wore short dresses. gaziantep escortlar The usual attire at the school for those of the female persuasion, was a shirt or top of some kind, pants or shorts and almost always hiking boots of some kind. The school was known for its outdoor programs and emphasis, and it was near both great hiking and cross-country skiing and had a stable on campus as well.

Anyway, as we were repeating phrases of Chinese back to the Professor, I observed that I could glimpse Vickie’s panties. This was unlike her, she was of what would later be called the woman’s lib sort, she had stopped shaving her legs and arms, and while she had a nice set of jugs, she wasn’t one to really flaunt them. Just as I was thinking about this, while at the same time keeping up with my part of the banter in Chinese, simple phrases like, How are you, Do you know what time it is and are you Chinese, I noticed the Sydney as well was, if it was on purpose flipping me panty shots. I had an erection quicker than you could say anything in any language.

Later that evening, I decided that it had probably all been innocent at that, but I was looking forward to Wednesday to see if it would be repeated. Come Wednesday, Sydney was again wearing a dress, but Vickie was back to her usual garb, and it being a warm spring time day, she was wearing baggy shorts. Both of them had their long hair in pigtails, and of course no bras.

This day, it was Sydney that took the lead in exposing her very partially concealed panties and as the class went on I could swear that I could see an expanding blotch of wetness on them. Vickie sat demurely through almost the class, till almost the very last five minutes where when the next time in our rotation of answering the Professor in Chinese, it was then appropriate to look over at her and lo and behold, I got a brief crotch shot of her bare essentials. This got repeatedly once more before the class ended. Just before it ended, the Professor said that he would be available on Friday for anyone who was not leaving for the Easter weekend, and if we didn’t come, it would be okay.

By now, I was convinced that they were doing this on purpose, but I wasn’t sure entirely why.? Boredom; as a dare to each other; or where they trying to tell me something. I had all of Wednesday evening and all day Thursday to think about this. Each time I thought about it I got an erection to beat all and of course I did.

I eagerly showed up in class on Friday afternoon, not knowing if either one of them would show up, or if I would be the only one there. They both showed up and they both again were wearing fairly short dresses. The suspense was killing me, along with my ever-increasing erection, as we started the round robin drill. As I looked over first at Vickie, I got an open beaver shot and after viewing it, my attention was then turned to Sydney, who was the more demure of the two, and it just about knocked me out of my seat that I could see her glistening bare vagina as well. Needless to say it was almost impossible, between my pulsating erection and the stimulus of both of them to concentrate at all on the tonal differences between saying soup and sugar in Mandarin.

This was the last class of the day for me, and I tore back to my dorm to as we used to say, master-the-beta. I then had another shower and went down to the commons for a quick dinner and was determined to look for both of them that evening.

I didn’t seen either one of them at dinner and was on my way back to my dorm to get my jacket and some extra money. I had tentatively agreed to go into town with some friends to one of the many bars. Just as I came out of my room, but before I had left the common foyer area, the door opened and it was both Vickie and Sydney. The look of lust was evident in both of their eyes and it seemed like milliseconds before we were all three in my room with the door locked and clothes removed.

This was my first threesome and I will assure my reader’s that I done myself proud. The most surprising thing to me, was that while I was eating out one of them, and the other was beating me off, or sucking me, they were also kissing and touching each other.

During the rest of the evening, I had sex with both of them almost at the same time, enter Vickie to the hilt, pull out and repeat with Sydney. We made several sandwiches of almost every description and having my cock down Vickie’s throat while I had my tongue as far up as possible in Sydney’s cunt and ass, was beyond my wildest dreams. Also, it ended up being my first anal experience when Vickie asked me to take her anal cherry. I didn’t tell her it was mine as well. And while I was feasting in this poontang picnic with my throbbing cock-up Vickie’s ass and I was licking to the best of my ability and attention, Sydney’s vagina, Sydney stuck a finger up my ass, I ejaculated Like I had never had before.

It turned out that they had played with each other for several months and it was during one of their nocturnal festivities that they hatched the plot to bring me into their games. We never did repeat the threesome during the rest of that year, but I did end up playing with them separately the rest of the quarter and I am happy to tell you , that I have been with Sydney ever since. Whenever we start to get into any sort of sexual rut, I just remember my first time with both and all my lust resurfaces.

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