Mata Hairy Ch. 3


We hatched our plan. We were to go to the Minister’s house and stay there, as houseguests while the Minister would call his colleague to discuss important matters. I was to be his niece and Peter my husband whereas Ali and Leila would come on official work. It was clear that Ahmed the Minister’s colleague would have to be drugged and his brief case taken away from him so that I Peter and I could take copies or at least study them.

Ahmed the Minister of course crudely looked me up and down. I don’t know if Ali had briefed him of our sexual interlude, as he seemed more than interested in brushing his body against me. Peter handed him his slush money, which he put away. He said that Salim his colleague was a horny bastard and he had been once caught screwing a couple of women and in fact a picture was circulated by his political opponents showing his cock being sucked. I thought he was trying to tell me that I should take care of Salim. He asked Leila to show me he photographs and I was taken aback by he photos there was a large bearded man with an enormous cock being sucked off by a pretty dusky woman. I was certainly stirred looking at the size of Salim’s organ and before long Ahmed had whipped out his cock which was being stroked by the hirsute Leila.

Peter was in fact calling to me to look at some papers regarding purchase of defense equipment but my eyes were glued to Ahmed’s equipment. It was long and thick as my wrist as it jutted out of his bush at least a foot. It seemed enormous as Leila stroked his massive dong as it slid in and out of her hand. I was mesmerized by the sight and I longed to wrap my lips on the massive eat in front of me. His eyes were inside Leila’s blouse as he took out her erect nipples. Even though she was in a sleeved blouse her underarm air was visible as it peeped out of he top of her blouse jet-black and very bushy. As she lowered her mouth on his massive phallus I turned towards Peter as he pored over the document. I was no longer interested though Peter was palpably excited and he was gesticulating wildly at me.

Leila was now slurping on Ahmed’s prick as her mouth slid up and down his massive gaziantep escortlar shaft. He had now removed her blouse and as she raised her arms the bushy hair in her unshaven underarms gleamed in her buttery armpits. Even though I had just tasted the long silky hair in her unshaven pits seeing the tufty growth in her armpit forest again was stunning. It was difficult to believe that a woman could have so much hair in her bushy armpits. It ran almost a foot long half to her elbow down to the tip of her breasts in a curvy length as it curled a bit at the bottom of her armpits. I am sure she would be needing to brush her armpit hair like the hair on her head.

Ahmed had his eyes closed as Leila stuffed more of his massive pole in her mouth. His throbbing member had hardly gone in and Leila who was no mean cocksucker had her mouth completely stretched. He now straddled her chest and started fucking her mouth with long deep strokes that reached all the way to the back of her mouth and down her throat until she was gagging as he literally fucking her mouth. I bent down and unzipped Ali standing next to Peter and unzipped his monster cock and slipped it into my mouth while I rubbed Peter’s pecker inside his trousers. I loved the taste and feel of Ali’s cock as it slid in my mouth until his nut sac hit my chin.

I swirled my tongue around the head until he started driving his cock harder and faster down my throat, then all I could manage to do was clamp my lips around his hard pole and open my throat and let him pump his delicious fuck prod in and out until I heard him scream “Swallow my cock you hairy bitch” Peter had started to stir so I unzipped him as his massive prong sprang out of the confines of his trouser. His cock swelled in my hand as I jerked it vigorously. Ali held his cock all the way down my throat when I felt his cock starting to swell, then he blew turret after fucking turret of his salty semen down my gullet until I couldn’t swallow any more, so I had to back off and he jerked the remainder of his goo all over my face and tits and my bushy underarms. Since he had come I stuffed Peter’s dong into my mouth it as he shoved his member into my cum filled mouth.

I turned around and saw that Leila was bent over the sofa with Ahmed fucking her up the ass; she looked at me with lust filled eyes and one hand playing with her clit. I stood and watched them as he grunted and started riding her hard and fast, all I could hear was his groin slapping her ass and her tits and tugging at the enormous fur in her unshaven pits while he pumped load after load of spunk up her hole, all the while slapping her ass until her checks were all red. My pussy was starting to boil and I reached down and grabbed Peter’s cock and started playing with him even though he was still poring over some military documents.

Ahmed who had just shot his load in Leila’s ass was obviously keen that I suck his monster dick that I instantly took his huge piece of fuck meat into my mouth. I could hardly get my lips around it, so I licked up the entire length of his shaft and started licking his balls and gently sucked on them while gently moaning. I took my mouth of his cock and sat back and marveled at the sheer size of it now that it was completely erect. I said to him as I sat staring at his dick, you are going to tear me in half but it’s going to be fun stuffing that monster in my sloppy hole.

Ahmed got between my legs and took the head of his dick and slowly started sliding it up and down the full length of my slit, while gently nudging my very hard clit until I thought would go out of my head with pure lust. He gently slipped the head of it in, I felt like I was being stuffed by a telephone pole as he eased into me. Leila was enjoying the spectacle as she lifted her arms and shoved her jet-black hairy armpits into Ali’s waiting face. He must have done it hundreds of time before but he lustily licked the heavy pelt of fur in her bushy underarms.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhh” he screamed as his tongue jabbed at the armpit muff of Leila. Ahmed was letting loose as he slammed his horse cock deep into me. I’ve never felt anything like this before; my pussy was on fire as I started cumming. I was shouting “Fuck me with your pole you horny bastard” as he rode me his dick slamming in and out of me. Peter had now put down the papers and was stuffing his dick into my hot and willing mouth as I sucked on his penis for all that I was worth.

They both shoved their mighty machines both in my pussy and mouth as they drove ad battered me with their throbbing members. Leila was getting her bushy armpits sucked off by Ali while I reached out and stoked his battering ram. I was delirious and I kept cumming non stop. I got on my knees as he brought that beautiful battering ram up to my now gapping cunt. He started fucking me so hard that my head was moving forward to meet Peter’s thrust as he fucked his massive prick to the back of my throat. I was in agony or was it ecstasy as they both flooded me with their spunk as torrents of jism flew all over me.

There were rivers of cum running down both my legs and my mouth, as both Peter and Ahmed grew limp. I was fascinated by the length and girth of their massive cocks as I held them together. Ali made a strange request to me and asked me to raise my arms and wanted to lick my bushy armpits and Leila’s alternatively. He started jerking his cock as his tongue swirled from one armpit forest to another. He furiously licked the massive fur in my unshaven armpits before turning to the untrimmed shaggy hair in Leila’s pits. I new I was no match for the lush luxuriant carpet n Leila’s massive underarm fleece as Ali shagged his monster prick.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” he groaned as he licked the long hair in Leila’s unshaven underarms “I have never sucked two women’s bushy underarms together. They both are so hairy. Leila has the hairiest armpits of all time and every time I lick the massive locks in her furry armpits I like it more” Maybe he felt that he was letting me down so he plunged his tongue into my armpit fur. He looked at me and said “Ooooohhhhhhh your armpits are much more sexy its more silky and tastes wonderful and I love the texture and thickness of your underarm hair” He motioned to us to get down on our knees as he jerked his prick and spraying thick jets of his cum all over our bushy armpits.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” he groaned “I am cccccuuuuummmmmiiiiiinnnnngggg in your bushy armpits. I will wipe my dick with your armpit hair” as torrents of his cum filled our bushy armpit hollows.

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