Memories Ch. 04

Fuck Hard

This is part of a multi-chapter story and not a stand alone story; you are recommended to start reading from the first chapter.

Author’s notes.

This story is quite light on the sex part and definitely not meant as stroker/written porn. Don’t expect many explicit sex scenes. It is about recollections of sexual activity rather than about having sex directly.


A young, pretty woman is found lying unconscious on the road, naked. She is taken to hospital, where a check-up reveals she’s had sex with no less than five different men.

Oswald Jones, detective, is in charge of the investigation in this strange case. Together with his colleague Julia, a police counsellor, and his friend Thelma, a news paper journalist, he tries to figure out what has happened to this lady.

During the investigation they find out that this lady is not alone in her ordeal. Oswald and his friends dig in deeper and deeper, to uncover it all.

* * * * * *

Chapter 4. More dates.

We spent what was left of the afternoon in the bakery shop, enjoying their cheesecake and just chatting the time away. The day was almost done for anyway, and I really felt bad about her reaction at the ruins. When finished I just took her to the police station’s parking lot for her to collect her car and we both headed home.

That Thursday morning I received a chat log in my mail box. The previous evening Julia had logged on to Ms Locatelli’s account and contacted Sonar, who apparently was available and readily replied to her messages.

Julia: “That was a great party last Friday.”

Sonar: “Glad you enjoyed it.”

J: “I thought you disappeared, tried to call you but the number you gave me is not registered it said.”

S: “So sorry about that. Lost my phone, it should work again soon. But rather use online chat for talks, that’s more convenient.”

J: “When will there be another party? I’d love to go again. It was a blast, at least the bits that I remember, I must have had too much to drink.”

J: “Seems I forgot my clothes even.”

S: “In two, three weeks from now, I have to check with my friends. Will message you then.”

J: “Who will be there? Anyone I know?”

S: “It will be mostly the same people you met last time.”

J: “Sorry, I don’t seem to remember any names or faces. My memory of the night is pretty poor. Did anyone take photos?”

S: “Really? You did seem to enjoy yourself.”

J: “I guess so. I don’t really know what happened, did we do any drugs there? I wonder what happened to my memories.”

S: “Positively no drugs, I guess you just drank too much.”

Sonar obviously was not going to volunteer any more information than what he had given out already. He had shown how secretive he was by hiding numbers and locations already. I was sure Julia was not going to give up on him though, she had a knack of talking to people, and keeping them talking, and getting tiny bits of information that then add up to small bits of information which often turn out very useful in an investigation.

And I should not forget that in this chat he implicitly confirmed to be closely involved with hosting those parties. He was maybe not the main organiser, but he was actively inviting people and appeared to know more about future parties.

My theory was then that this Sonar searched for single females in Facebook, friended them, gained their trust, and invited them to a party. After arriving at the party, the women were drugged and subjected to an all-out orgy, presumably for the enjoyment of him and his friends. The women then returned to their cars, drove home, apparently naked but not realising it, and woke up the next morning in their own beds, remembering nothing or perhaps thinking it had all been a dream. There was still the mystery of the missing clothing but maybe he just liked to keep those as trophies.

Cart walked by my office, a coffee in his hand. Seeing me in, he turned around and entered. “I was looking for you, you were out all afternoon yesterday?”

“Yes, visited Hotel Aralla with Julia.”

“Anything there?”

“Other than that the place scared the crap out of her, nothing special.”

He laughed. “It’s just a ruin, isn’t it?”

“Well, her reaction scared me. Bought her some cheesecake to make up.”

“Sounds like you have a crush on her.”

“Well, I don’t.” This conversation was going the totally wrong direction. “How about you, found anything interesting yesterday?”

“Well, yes. I visited that car park, and there are actually numerous places to hold such a party.”


“Absolutely. The car park looks quite normal, not much about it really. During the day it’s dark, during the night it’ll be even darker as there is not much lighting in there. They say all exits have CCTV, this is true for the public exits only, including emergency exits. However there are many hidden doors there, leading to the back of the shops, that are not covered by CCTV. gaziantep escortlar

“These doors do not stand out, as they are flat in the wall and painted in the same colour. They are simply designed to blend in, making the wall look like a solid blind wall. They just have the shop number printed on them.”

“How many units are there?”

“About ten, twelve on each floor. Four floors, that makes a grand total of over forty units. And walking through the mall I noticed that a large number of shops are vacant, with the front boarded up. Any of those may be the venue we’re looking for.”

Cart showed me photos of the mall, and the car park. Very few shoppers were walking around. The shop’s back doors on the car park side had their doors well camouflaged indeed. This as such was not suspicious, it was by architectural design, and those doors are meant to be used only be people that needed them, and as such knew where they were in the first place. I had totally overlooked them the first time I was in the car park, investigating Ms Locatelli’s car.

“Indeed, many possibilities, and no clue on which door is the correct one.”

Thelma e-mailed me the names and contacts of two more women that appeared to have been to a similar party, a month before the one Ms Locatelli had been to. They must have been at the same party, but when shown one another’s photograph they didn’t recognise each other. Both were willing to be interviewed by us. I passed the contacts on to Julia to follow up.

A few hours later, over lunch, Julia told me the stories of these two women were very similar to what Ms Locatelli had revealed to us before. Both were single women in their twenties, had been contacted by Sonar over Facebook, and then chatted with him regularly for a few weeks where the subject often turned to sex and specifically the women’s fantasies. They were invited to a party, sent to the same car park as Ms Locatelli where they were to call a specific phone number, and finally woke up in their own beds with their clothes missing and no memories of the night before.

She had made an appointment to visit one of these women, and asked me to join her later that afternoon for an interview.

Just as I had finished my lunch and returned to my office, Thelma called me.

“Hi Oswald, how’s life?”

“Life’s good. We still live in a low crime precinct so I’m happy.”

“Sounds like you cops do your jobs very well.”

“Of course, of course, we’re the best, you know that. Do you have any more information for me?”

“You’re looking for an excuse to take me out for dinner again?”

“That was not my question, Thelma,” I said firmly.

“Disappointing. Anyway, no new information for you. Actually I called you to ask when you will issue your press release in that naked woman case.”

“We won’t.”

“Won’t? Why? Don’t tell me you solved it already.”

“We have not been able to uncover any criminal offences. The two contacts you gave me are definitely related to our case, but so far neither is willing to make an official report. They also don’t see themselves as victims of a crime, preferring instead to consider it an odd adventure. This all leaves us with not much choice other than to put it on the back burner, and if nothing new comes in, to close the file,” I stated.

“Aww, so no excuse to have dinner with you again,” she pouted.

“Why do you need an excuse for that?” I challenged her.

“Hey, that sounds a lot better,” she cheered. “Anyway I was expecting some kind of comment from your side, at least so we can bring out to the public what happened to these women. Kind of a warning. But I need more information to get the story complete. So I was hoping for you to invite me for dinner, so we can discuss this a bit more in person.”

I was really wondering what she had up her sleeve this time. And I had no objection to having dinner with Thelma again. I can’t deny having enjoyed the previous instalments.

“Now who’s doing the inviting here, really?”

“A girl is supposed to be asked out by her date, not the other way around. I’m just reminding you of your duty,” she responded.

“And since when are we dating?”

“I don’t know, not yet it seems, which is even more why you should be inviting me, not the other way around.”

“OK, OK, fine. Tonight? Macy’s again?”

“Tomorrow. Tonight I’ve other things to do. And Macy’s is fine, it’s not that we have much choice around here anyway. I’ll make a reservation.”

“Fine, see you tomorrow evening at about seven.”

My heart was pounding. Damn, Oswald, get your feelings under control, I told myself. You have to keep your wits around this girl. I still couldn’t really trust her motives, and the fact that she’s with the newspaper and I’m a detective made any relationship tricky. I just don’t like having to keep secrets from people I’m close to, so basically I’m prevented from getting too close to anyone.

I had known Thelma for a long time, it seemed like ever since I started working at the police over a decade ago. It was about the same time she started working at the newspaper as an intern and was taken to the police station by her mentor for a routine interview. This was the first time we met, and I didn’t really notice her. I meet many people during my normal course of work, and she was just one of them.

About four years ago she took over the reporting post from her former mentor, who retired that year. He invited me to his retirement party as a long-term business relation, where I was re-introduced to Thelma as the new investigative journalist, who was also to report on the more serious crime cases. This time I did notice her. She was dressed for the occasion in a beautiful gown showing off her figure nicely, a beautiful woman.

I introduced myself to her, knowing we would see each other in the future whenever there was a crime case to report on. By then she was about thirty years old, radiating a strong confidence. She had matured a lot since the first time I met her. What I remember most about that meeting was her smile and the ease at which she was talking to me.

We didn’t talk long that day, she was just a business relation to me, and as I was in a happy relationship at the time I wasn’t looking for dates. After that indeed I did see her more often, she’d call me and occasionally come to the station to gather information on a case, interviewing me or my colleagues.

It was perhaps two years ago that her visits resulted in us going out for dinner together for the first time. It was always her initiative, and always a pleasant experience. This didn’t happen too often though, once every few months maybe, and typically it resulted from her suggesting that I ask her out. I’m not sure why she did that, maybe she was just messing with me or maybe she was also a bit nervous and used this roundabout way to make it easier.

“Oswald, you coming with me?” Julia’s voice pulled me from my thoughts. I looked up, and saw her standing in the door of my office, carrying her shoulder bag, ready to go. Now where did she come from? Then I remembered.

“Yes, of course,” I replied, grabbing my notebook and pen. I had almost forgotten that Julia had made an appointment with Jodie McKenna, one of the victims of Sonar’s Thelma had tracked down over Facebook.

“So what about this Ms McKenna?” I asked while Julia drove us to Ms McKenna’s place.

“Well she was at a party about a month ago, and had very much the same experience as Ms Locatelli: invited to a party, not having any memories of it including going there, waking up the next day late afternoon with her clothes missing, and many erotic dreams since.”

“Let’s see what more she can tell us.”

Soon we stopped in front of the small town house where she lived. We got out of the car and walked up the driveway to the front door, and rang the bell.

A moment later the door opened, and a young woman appeared. I estimated her to be in her early twenties. She had a normal build, long straight black hair and brown eyes. Her skin was rather pale, as if she didn’t see much sunshine. She was quite tall with a slightly long face, made to look even longer by the way her hair covered the sides of her cheeks and ears. She was wearing a black tank top that really strained to contain her ample chest and ended well above her belly button. Low waist yoga capri pants completed her black on white look while showing off her hourglass figure nicely.

She invited us in, and we settled down in the living room where she offered us a nice cup of tea. We introduced ourselves formally as police officers, and gained her permission to videotape the interview. After Julia set up the camera, which I noticed was indeed a very discreet and small device, we started the interview. As usual I let Julia do most of the talking.

“Nice house you live in. You live here alone?” she asked.

“No, with my boyfriend,” Ms McKenna replied.

“Where is he now?”

“Working, he’s a sailor, deep sea shipping. So he’s out for two or three months at a time, before being home for a month. He’ll be home in, let’s see, just over three weeks from now,” she said as she glanced to a calendar at the wall, on which a red heart marked a date some three weeks in the future.

“So most of the time you live here all alone, right?”

“Yes, pretty much. We have an open relationship, that’s what works best for us. When we first met I fell deeply in love with him, but due to his job I know we can’t be together all the time. So I sometimes see other people here. And I know he’ll see other girls during his travels. It’s what works best for us.”

“Looking forward to having him back?”

“Very much. He’s my true love. Hey, don’t get me wrong there, I really love him. It’s just, he’s so much not there, I’m not going to sit here all alone waiting for him. I like to be around people, make friends, have fun with them. Just when he’s here, he’s mine exclusively. And I know he’ll also want to have some fun when on shore leave, can’t stop him when he’s so far away, so better keep it open. No secrets.”

“Interesting relationship, I’m glad you can make it work that way.”


“What we’re here to talk about of course is this Facebook party you went to just over a month ago. I’d really like to hear more about that.”

“Of course. From your contact I have started to understand more of what must have really happened to me there, and I have to say I’m not all too happy with it any more, knowing that I was actually tricked and cheated upon by these guys.”

“So what happened? Or should I say, what can you remember?”

“Indeed not many memories of that. Though the memories as such are very happy, really enjoyable. It is just knowing that I was drugged when it happened that is the main problem. They should have told me in advance what they wanted to do there. And at least not have drugged me.

“Well what I do remember is that it was a sex party. The memories feel very much like a dream to me, so it is not exactly clear. I don’t have many details for you I’m afraid. I was invited by someone over the Facebook indeed, this Sonar. Our chat before was often sexual oriented, we played out some fantasies, so when the invitation came I had already a bit of an idea what this party could be. I’m not stupid, OK? I don’t fall so easily for an online flirt, although he’s pretty good at that, he really knows how to make a girl feel good and I bet many will fall for that. I got my guy already, I wasn’t looking for love, just for a good time.

“Back to the party. What I mainly remember of it is waking up in bed afterwards, Saturday late afternoon, or was it evening already, it was almost dark when I woke up. I never sleep that long. I also never sleep naked, and my clothes were missing. Probably left behind at that party, which is odd.

“Over the next two weeks I started to have vivid erotic dreams. They made me feel aroused, as if I was participating, or actively fantasising. Memories of erotic games I was playing. Not many people, fifteen or so I recall were there, about half men, half women. Various games we played, involving kissing, touching, stripping, and finally having sex. I don’t know the details of those games, sorry.”

“And at the time you thought they were just dreams?” Julia asked.

“Yes, dreams, fantasies. I like to fantasise, just for the fun of it. This was much more real than normal dreams or fantasies though, it felt more real.”

“Any idea where the party was?” I asked. I was having difficulty listening to this woman talking so freely about her sexual adventures. I couldn’t help but get turned on a bit myself. The tight clothes she was wearing, showing off her figure so well, and the by now very obvious nipples trying to pierce through the thin fabric of her top.

“Not sure. As I said, no memories of the beginning of that party. The address I was given is a car park, I was to go there, call a number, and they’d tell me where to go from there. I thought it’s a bit odd, but also adding to the adventure. And I figured I could always back out if they wanted to take me in a car or so. That’s something I’d never do, period.”

“So you think it was inside that car park?”

“Must have been, or at least close to it.”

“Any memories of how the place looked?”

“Barely any memories of that. The room the party was held, must have been pretty nondescript. I just don’t remember any details, nothing that stood out, nothing that registered at all.”

“Did you contact Sonar after the party?” Julia asked.

“Oh yes actually I did. A week or so after the party, when the first memories came back. I asked him whether he drugged me, and he said positively no drugs were involved. He said I may have had too much to drink or so to make me lose my memories, and that he was really sorry to hear that.”

“Did he invite you again?”

“No, he didn’t. If he did so, I wouldn’t go. I don’t trust him, not any more. If no drugs, hell I’m game, but I was positively drugged. Or I’d have had memories, I never drink so much that I pass out. I never sleep this long. I’d never forget to bring my clothes, I guess I must have driven the whole way home naked and drugged. Imagine what would happen had the police caught me!”

Now yes, that’d be interesting indeed. I think the officer involved would have quite a shock stopping a car only to see a beautiful naked woman in the driver’s seat.

On our way back from the interview, Julia and I discussed the case a little bit.

“Now that was an interesting character,” I said.

“Sure it was, it seemed her main complaint was not remembering a thing of it.”

“Indeed. Sonar missed a chance there. If not for the drug, she’d come again in a heartbeat. As if it would’ve made all her fantasies come true.”

“If those nipples are anything to go by … gosh, that girl really has no sense of modesty,” she complained.

“Well, no objection. Made her look pretty hot.”

“Ouch!” I screamed, rubbing my arm where Julia hit me.

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