Mother of the Bride Ch. 02


Donny and his wife, Caroline, moved their new plaything up the bed so that she was now lying with her head on the pillows. She was like a rag doll in their hands after the first true orgasms of her life and she waited in anticipation and lust to see what they had in store for her now.

“Since I cleaned up your pussy, Mary, I think it’s only fair that you should clean Donny’s cock. I’m sure he’d like that.”

Before Mary could answer one way or the other Donny was moving up the bed, straddling her chest, and presenting her with his stiff cock. Mary looked at it in amazement. It seemed so big, especially when it was only inches from her face. She knew what he wanted her to do but it was something she had never done before and she wasn’t sure if she could.

“Just lick it, Mary. It won’t bite you. And please don’t bite it,” Donny encouraged her.

Mary had no intention of biting it and the idea of even licking it seemed so removed from anything she had ever done. She was still getting used to people saying the word “cock” in her presence and now there was one inches away from her, begging to be licked.

Taking a deep breath and summoning up all her nerve she nervously reached up her hand and did as she was told. Her mouth opening almost of its own accord, she started to lick the sensitive tip of Donny’s cock. She could hear his sudden gasp and the way his breathing became suddenly shallower. Giving herself up to the moment and relying on some deep rooted instinct she picked up the pace, her tongue twirling and dancing around Donny’s prick. She couldn’t believe she was doing this but the taste wasn’t what she expected at all. Instead of the “manly” sensation she was expecting there was an almost feminine tang to it. As if reading her mind Donny smiled down at her.

“Do you like that, Mary? Do you like the taste of your own pussy?”

Mary was shocked more than ever to realise that what she was tasting was actually her own juices – and it wasn’t that bad! She could never have imagined that her daughter’s wedding day would turn out like this; lying naked on her hotel bed, the father of her new son in law sitting on her chest, her hand wrapped around his throbbing cock and her tongue tasting the remnants of her earlier sins. It all felt so wrong and yet so wonderfully right. She knew that the very juices she was tasting were gathering between her legs again and she couldn’t believe she was behaving like such a slut.

Donny had been trying not to look, had been trying hard to prolong this moment for as long as possible, but the sight of Mary finally opening her mouth and allowing him in was too much. She was even using one hand to play with his balls just as her other hand began to pump his shaft. Her head meanwhile was sliding further and further down his prick, inch by inch, licking as she went, warming to her task and treating him to one of the best blowjobs he had ever had.

When she began to bob up and down he couldn’t stand it any more. Taking hold of her head he took control and forced his cock even further than she had managed so far, far enough that he hit the back of her throat. Mary instantly began to gag and tried to pull away from her but there was no stopping him now. He was literally fucking her mouth now until he finally felt himself enter her throat and Mary thought she was going to pass out.

She was really struggling to get away from him now but suddenly Caroline was beside them, encouraging her, telling her to breathe through her nose. Mary thought she was going to die before she suddenly seemed to get into the rhythm of breathing and sucking and she stopped struggling.

Donny had by now given up the thought of self control and, as he thrust deeper and deeper down the woman’s throat, he could feel the unmistakable tingle in his balls. Almost before he knew it was going to happen he felt his cum shoot up his cock and start to fill Mary’s gaziantep escortlar mouth.

Caroline held Mary by the shoulders as her husband pulled out of their toy’s mouth and fired shot after shot of spunk all over her face. Mary tried to avoid it but the other woman had a firm grip of her now and the cum seemed to cover her whole face before she felt it start to drip down on to her neck and chest.

As Donny finally stopped cumming and climbed off her, Caroline took his place and began to lick up her husband’s cum from the other woman’s body. Mary was in overload as she tasted a man’s cum for the first time, as she felt a woman’s breasts pressed against her own and as she felt she was about to cum without anyone even touching her pussy. But then she realised something was touching her pussy, something hard. She raised her head off the pillow and one more shock overtook her knowledge of everything that she thought was normal.

Caroline was almost as naked as she was. Almost. There was one very important difference. Around the older woman’s hips she wore a leather harness but what was holding Mary’s gaze so intently was the black, plastic cock attached to it. it was so much bigger than her husband’s and at least an inch or two longer than Donny’s and she thought she had been stretched by his. For Mary was in no doubt as to where that plastic cock was destined. It was going to be in her pussy very soon and she was going to be fucked yet again. She trembled at the thought but shivered in delight and anticipation.

Caroline sat back for a minute, aware that her toy had noticed her cock, and asked Donny to come back to the bed. Mary hadn’t noticed that he had been on the phone and simply stared in wonderment as he knelt down in front of his wife and began sucking her cock, just as Mary had done to his moments before.

When they were both satisfied that it was lubricated enough Caroline lay back down on the bed, turned her head to face Mary and said with a smile, “Hop on.”

Mary just stared at her in bemusement until Donny took her hand and pulled her up off the bed before placing her just where he wanted her, standing over his wife, staring down at his wife’s monster cock.

Mary was indeed staring. She couldn’t believe that such a thing was possible. She had never heard of a strap-on and she had never imagined that her body would have to accept one, no matter how wet her pussy was. And it was wet, very wet indeed. She could feel her juices running down her legs and thought for one awful moment that she had had an accident. When neither Donny nor his wife made and reference to her wetting herself, Mary knew that copious pussy juice was just one more thing she was finding out about her body. Even so, could her still tight body admit such a weapon as the one that pointed straight up at her?

Donny decided she needed some encouragement and placed his hands on her shoulders, pushing her down to be introduced to her first ever plastic cock. As Caroline lined it up with the other woman’s cunt, Mary felt it touch her outer lips and tried to stop. But Donny knew better than she herself did that the only way to take this intrusion was quick and hard. As he pushed again Mary felt herself being entered and stretched like never before.

Deeper and deeper it seemed to go and, just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, Caroline suddenly thrust her hips up at the very moment Donny pushed down one last time. Mary moaned in near orgasmic delight as she found herself fully impaled on the other woman’s huge cock and slumped forward.

Caroline smiled in delight as she allowed the younger, much less experienced woman to become accustomed to being so full, enjoying the sensation of their tits being pressed together. Mary could do nothing in protest as her lover reached between them and began to play with her nipples.

Donny was equally delighted as he stepped back and enjoyed the beautiful sight of his wife’s strap-on stretching Mary’s cunt, fucking in and out ever so slowly as the poor woman struggled to cope with what was happening to her. He had never seen the tool being used on such a tight pussy and marveled at the view of her lips stretched around his wife’s cock.

Caroline was enjoying what was happening too, perhaps even more so than her husband, as her hips began to push up even more forcefully. She knew that she was fucking Mary like no-one ever had and she was determined that, if tonight was to be a one-off in Mary’s life, then they were going to leave nothing to the imagination.

Mary had to admit that she was starting to enjoy herself too although she could feel that she was becoming very red in the face. Whether it was from all the exertion she wasn’t sure but she thought that maybe it was because she was more embarrassed than she had ever been in her whole life. It wasn’t just that she was naked in bed with another woman. It wasn’t even because she was being fucked by that woman and her monster cock. She knew that no matter what was happening to her she was enjoying every moment of it and she hoped tonight would never end.

Far too soon she began to feel yet another orgasm building deep within her. She didn’t know that it was possible to cum so many times in one night but she knew that cumming was exactly what she was about to do. The two women had now found their rhythm together and with Caroline’s hands roaming all over her naked body and her hips thrusting up to meet Mary’s downward pushing, she screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave and she could do nothing but lie there and enjoy it.

It could have been hours later when she opened her eyes again but she suspected it was only moments.She was still lying on top of Caroline while the older woman embraced her and stroked her hair gently. She was still impaled on the massive cock harnessed to Caroline’s hips and she could still feel her juices running and wondered for a moment what the maid would make of the stains on the bed in the morning.

She was vaguely aware of voices from the other end of the room and while she knew one of them was Donny’s, in her post orgasmic bliss she couldn’t quite hear the other one properly. She moved just a little to turn her head when Caroline’s arms suddenly tightened around her.

“Don’t look, Mary. We have one more surprise for you.”

Not able to imagine what else there could be for them to do to her and slightly worried that someone else was no in the room, someone else who was now witness to her descent into such wonderful depravity, she decided to trust her new lovers and closed her eyes to await her fate.

Mary couldn’t see who it was but she felt someone climb on to the bed behind her. She felt their hands gently smoothing over the naked skin of her round cheeks before slowly easing them apart. She felt their breath on her most intimate spot just a moment before she felt their wet tongue circling her dirtiest hole.

Mary felt as if she had been electrocuted so great was the shock. “Someone is licking my bottom,” her mind screamed. She tried to get up but Caroline held on to her even more forcefully and tried to soothe her.

“Relax, Mary. Donny loves doing this and he’s very good at it, isn’t he?”

But Mary couldn’t relax. A man she barely knew, her own daughter’s father in law, was licking her naked bottom and, if she didn’t know any better, she would swear he was trying to force his tongue inside.

All of sudden he stopped and Mary once again tried to look round to see what was happening now. Once again, however, Caroline tightened her grip on her.

“Don’t look yet. It will spoil the surprise.”

These words did nothing to ease the other woman’s anxieties and neither did what Donny said next either.

“She’s ready now.”

“Ready? Ready for what? Ready for who?”

Mary’s tortured mind screamed these questions and many more but she knew that whatever her perverted lovers had planned was about to happen so she steeled herself and waited for the inevitable.

Donny climbed back on to the bed, only this time he was at the other end and as his wife raised Mary’s chin to him, the poor woman was faced yet again with his erect cock. She knew what to do now, knew what was expected of her and obediently opened her mouth to begin sucking again. Caroline chose that moment to begin sliding in and out of her pussy again, very quickly matching her husband as he slid in and out of their victim’s mouth. They weren’t fucking her in earnest just gently sliding in and out as if they were preparing her for the main event. Mary could feel her juices start to drip on to the bed again and almost began to forget about whoever else was in the room. Almost.

She became aware of the fourth person joining them on the bed, kneeling between her outstretched legs and all Mary could think was. “Are they going to lick my bottom too?” She didn’t know if it was a man or a woman but whoever it was now easing her cheeks apart just as Donny had done.

James looked down on his new mother in law’s naked body and was delighted that his mother and father had been proved right all along. Ever since his girlfriend had introduced him to her mother James had dreamed of this moment, never quite believing that his parents would be able to deliver the most amazing wedding gift as they had promised.

As he prepared to take Mary’s anal virginity, just as he planned to do to her daughter later on in the bridal suite, he lined up his lubed cock with her tightest hole and, pushing past her tight ring, he entered her arse.

Mary tried to scream at the intrusion but Donny and Caroline had taken their son’s entry as the signal to begin fucking their trapped lover and they did. Hard! James could feel his mother’s plastic cock fucking his mother in law’s cunt as he fucked her arse. He could feel the force of his father’s thrusts into Mary’s mouth as he matched him with equally forceful thrusts. Mary could only feel herself bouncing between all three cocks, bouncing between her three in laws and could do nothing to stop them using her as they saw fit.

Donny was the first to cum, emptying his balls into her mouth before pulling out and wiping his softening cock on her tormented face. Mary unbelievably felt her own body respond to the three pronged attack and the pain had now been replaced by unimaginable pleasure. Even when Donny pulled out of her mouth she tried to suck him back in, wanting more, needing more. She realised this was what she had waited all her life for and she finally found her voice.

“Fuck me, whoever you are. Fuck my tight hole as hard as you can.”

She knew that Donny and Caroline didn’t want her to look behind her just yet so she respected their wishes, happy just to have found paradise on earth and it was all hers for the taking.

James couldn’t believe what a dirty slut his mother in law had become. She had always appeared so prim and so proper but now all she seemed to want was to be fucked again and again and again. So he did. He hammered her tight hole to feed her filthy desire. The harder he fucked her the harder she seemed to push back on him. The deeper he plunged the louder her moans of pleasure and lust became.

Finally neither of them could take any more. James wasn’t sure who came first but when he felt Mary’s arse tighten around his thrusting cock he couldn’t hold back any more. His cum poured into her arsehole just as her juices squirted from her pussy. He fell forward on top of her and Mary fell forward on top of his mother. Sliding his cock from her well used hole he whispered in to her ear, “I hope your daughter is as much fun later. I’ll let you know in the morning who has the tightest hole.”

Mary’s eyes shot open.

“James?” she asked, not willing to believe what her ears were telling her.

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