Mrs. White Gets Promoted


At 3:40 pm Mrs. Carol White began the walk from her mobile classroom down to the headmaster’s office. She was going to be interviewed for the newly vacated position of the head of the English department. It was between her and Mrs. Cox. Secretly she knew she had the disadvantage. Mrs. Cox had been teaching for ten years long than her, and the head of the English department job required a lot of experience. But still she thought, there’s no harm in trying. The headmaster and his two deputies’ were interviewing her. This fact that there were three guys interviewing her had altered the way Mrs. White had dressed for the interview. She had recently highlighted her hair blond.

She was wearing her small-framed glasses, which did certainly make her look sexy in that secretary type of way. She was wearing a tight white semi-see-through blouse, which certainly allowed a more detailed look at her black lacy bra covered breasts. She was very proud of her breasts. They were not too big and not too small, “a nice handful” Mrs. White had often been told by her husband. Then came her skirt. It was a tight short black one. It emphasised on her thighs and bottom. Both were what you might call well built, but not in overweight sort of way. More of in a womanly, curvy type of way. Underneath she wore black lacy panties to match her bra. On her feet she wore a pair of black shiny high-heeled shoes. Hopefully she was dressed in the sort of way that the interviewers may just forget her lack of experience, she thought.

Mrs. White had reached the headmasters door. She knocked on it, before entering. All three men were on their feet to greet her. She shook hands with the two deputies Mr. Davis and Mr. Johns before greeting the headmaster Mr. Gerard. “Hi Carol glad you could make it, please have a seat” the headmaster said. Mrs. White sat on the seat, which was directly in front of the desk where all three men sat behind. By now all three men had inconspicuously and also quite obviously check her out, staring at her breasts and ass.

After about fifteen minutes the interview had all but finished. The headmaster then began to say the words Mrs. White had hoped she hadn’t have to hear. “Ok thanks for your time Carol. I would really like to offer you the job, but it’s just the lack of experience that places Mrs. Cox ahead of you for this job… although maybe you have some other skills that you haven’t told us about?”

“Like what” Mrs. White replied.

“Ok, I er I mean we could maybe offer you the job if you agreed to do us a couple of little favours?” The headmaster said.

“Like what” Mrs. White said again.

“Come on Carol, do we have to spell it out for you?”

“Yes, I think you do” came the reply.

“Fair enough” said the headmaster, who then got up from his seat and walked round his desk to stand in front of Mrs. White. “Carol, to get the job I would like you to get onto your knees and suck my cock” said the headmaster.

“God you put that gaziantep escortlar quite bluntly didn’t you?” came back the reply from Mrs. White. Mrs. White though about the proposition. She couldn’t deny the job was a good opportunity, and it paid good money. And what else did she expect? She knew she was trying to use her femininity to get the job, that’s why she was dressed the way she was. Why not?

Without saying a word Mrs. White got up off her seat and sank down onto her knees. Before her stood the headmaster. She reached forward with both hands and unbuckled the headmaster belt. She then unzipped his zipper and undid the button on his trousers. She then slowly pulled down his trousers and his underwear. Before her hung his semi erect cock. “Ok then Sir, lets see what I can do about proving why I’m the best girl for the job” said Mrs. White seductively. She began to gently kiss and lick the headmaster’s cock and balls. This made his cock get an almost immediate reaction as it stiffened to its full size very quickly. Mrs. White studied it; it was about seven and a half inches long and quite thick in its girth. Mrs. White then put her right hand at the bottom of the shaft and placed her mouth over the head. She began to work her lips further and further down the shaft, this got pleasurable moans out of the headmaster mouth. “That’s right Carol suck that cock. God, your good at this, do you get a lot of practice? “Ummn” came the reply from Mrs. White nodding her head, while her mouth was full of his dick.

Did she ever get a lot of practice! Her husband loved getting a blowjob from her. He loved the fact that she would always swallow his load. Sometimes just as she was about to leave the house to go to work, in the kitchen he would get her to get on get on her knees and give him a blowjob. He knew once he had cum, she would only have time to wipe her face before hurrying off too work with the fresh taste of seaman still in her mouth, and drops of it in her hair.

She was soon deepthroating the headmasters cock. The headmaster loved this feeling and placed his hand onto the back of her head so that she kept a steady rhythm. “How about I do a bit of the work for you Carol?” said the headmaster. Mrs. White replied, “What do you mean Sir?”

“I will hold your head steady with my hand, while I thrust my cock in and out of your mouth. It might make you gag at first, but you want to please me don’t you Carol?”

“Yes Sir” came the reply. Then the headmaster began to push his cock deep into Mrs. White’s mouth. God he was right, it does make me want to choke thought Mrs. White. The first ten or so thrust were the worst, as she couldn’t get used to feeling of not being able to move her head back due to the headmasters hand. It did take a little while to get used to, but she did like the feeling. Her husband had never asked her to do that; he always liked her to be the one in control. That’s what Mrs. White like about giving blowjobs, she was in control, but not this time. After five minutes of deep throating the headmasters cock, she could feel it begin to swell and begin to spasm. She pulled her mouth away from his cock and with one last stroke of her hand the headmaster grunted as his cock erupted five or six long squirts of cum all over Mrs. White’s face. It went all over her glasses; as well as into her hair. She licked all the excess cum from around her mouth and swallowed without any complaint.

Now it was the deputy’s turn. They both helped Mrs. White up from her knees into a standing position. “Now the boys, what would you guys like?” she said, wiping her glasses onto her blouse. “How’s about we see a little more of you first, eh?” came the reply from Mr. Davis. “No problem. I was getting a little hot anyway” said Mrs. White. She then slipped off her high-heeled shoes. “Maybe you could help me with the rest?” she said suggestively, with a small smirk on her face. Mr. Davis got down onto his knees and reached his hands around Mrs. White’s pert bottom and lower onto the back of her thighs. He then reached for the zip of the skirt, and gently pulled down her short black skirt to her ankles.

She then stepped out of it, allowing Mr. Johns to pick it up and place it onto one of the chairs. Mr. Johns then began to fondle he breasts underneath her tight white blouse, giving her nipples a little squeeze. He then started to unbutton her blouse very slowly. Once that was taken off and discarded, both men took a step back to admire Mrs. White dressed in just her matching black lacy bra and panties. “Ok Carol. Why don’t you come over here and bend over the desk for us?” Mrs. White did as she was told, and slowly bent over Mr. Gerard’s desk, her firm bottom sticking out into the air. Mr. Davis then knelt down again behind Mrs. White, and slowly began to take down her panties. Meanwhile Mr. Johns undid the clasp on the back of her bra, and took that off too. This caused her heaving breasts to slowly fall out onto the desk in front of her.

“Spread your legs a little bit Carol” said Mr. Davis. Mrs. White did as she was told and widened her legs. She felt Mr. Davis starting to investigate her asshole with his tongue, slowly lapping around the entrance. Then she shuddered as his tongue tip entered her asshole. He kept this going for about five minutes, exchanging his extrusive tongue by gently kissing her asshole then swapping back. During this she had been keeping her hands busy by slowly and gently wanking off Mr. Johns’ cock, which had been placed before her. It was only slightly smaller than Mr. Gerard’s cock. “Rollover onto your back Carol” Mr. Davis ordered.

Mrs. White complied and rolled over onto her back on the desk. Her left hand reached out and directed Mr. Johns’ cock head into her mouth while her hand gripped the bottom of his shaft, while her right hand moved down to her clit. She had begun to furiously stimulate her throbbing clit, not realising how wet her asshole and pussy had gotten from Mr. Davis’s tongue stimulation. Meanwhile Mr. Davis had been rubbing Vaseline all over the shaft of his cock. Go knows where he got that from Mrs. White thought. Mr. Davis then lifted up Mrs. White’s legs so that he could get a better view of her asshole. He then said the words Mrs. White had expected to hear once she had seen him lubricating his big cock. “Have you ever been fucked up the ass Carol?”

“No sir” came the reply from Mrs. White. “First time for everything then, eh Carol?” Then with his hand gripping the bottom of his shaft, he began to press his cock head into Mrs. White’s virgin asshole. At first it would not go in, it kept slipping and sliding away from her tight hole. But once her asshole had contracted a bit, it started to slide in. Mrs. White moaned when his cock began to enter her ass. Part of the sensation hurt like hell, the other part felt fantastic.

At first, all that she could feel in her ass was his cock’s head. But then inch-by-inch, he began to put the rest of his shaft into Mrs. White’s ass. Soon all of Mr. Davis’ 7-inch cock was inserted into Mrs. White’s ass. She gave out muffled groans, because in her mouth and throat was Mr. Johns’ cock. Mr. Davis began to slowly move in and out of Mrs. White’s ass with his cock. These slow movements were then replaced by faster, harder thrusts as her asshole ceased to be as tight. Mrs. White had never realised how good having her ass fucked could feel. Before whenever her husband had suggested trying it, she had vetoed the idea, scared it may hurt too much. Now she had wished she had given into his demands a long time ago, this felt fantastic.

After about ten minutes of Mrs. White getting her first ‘anal lesson’, Mr. Davis began to slow down his thrusts and pulled his cock out of Mrs. White’s ass. He then began to masturbate furiously. “Shit, I’m going to cum” he exclaimed. He then aimed his cock at Mrs. White ass, and squirt after squirt of cum leaped from his dick and landed onto her ass cheeks. It was now Mr. Johns turn to cum. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, and began to masturbate. Then suddenly more cum squirted from his cock. The first squirt just dribbled from his cock head, but the next four or five flew from his dick onto her breasts. Not wanting to feel left out, Mrs. White could feel herself cumming. She gave her clit a couple of last rubs, before experiencing one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had.

After cleaning herself up, Mrs. White then left the room. Whilst walking up to her mobile classroom, she bumped into Mrs. Cox. “Congratulations on the job Carol”

“Thanks, but how did you know?”

“Well it was obvious wasn’t it, I mean you were the only candidate”

“What about you?”

“I told Mr. Gerard yesterday, I wouldn’t have time for all the administrative work. I thought he would of told you in the interview?”

“He must have forgotten. Oh well goodnight”.

The bastards! Mrs. White thought. They put me through that, and I was the only candidate. Oh well it was still a good half hour though!, she admitted to herself.

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