My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

Alpha Male

“Come on, please Sheri will you do this for me?” my best friend Lisa asked.

“I don’t know Lisa you want me to do a threesome with you and your new boyfriend?”

“Yeah, just this one time I promise I won’t asked you to do something like this ever again.”

“Can I think about it first?”

“Yeah but don’t think to long it his birthday and I wanted to grant this fantasy. I’m too afraid to do it with a stranger so that why I am asking you.”

I couldn’t believe she was asking me to do this, “Lisa I am going for a run and then I’ll call you to give you an answer.” I left Lisa apartment and went running in the park. I had my I pod, bottle of water, and stop watch in tote. I had been running for about an hour when I spotted this gorgeous looking guy. He was standing by the tree in the shade, reading a newspaper. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him .He was so handsome I started to slow down as if I was going to tie my shoes.

He looked at me, “Hi,” I walked toward him, “I’ve never seen you around here much,” I said to him.

“No I just moved to this area and I was just trying to check it out,” he said to me.

I reached my hand out to him, my name is Sheri, Sheri Evans.

“Hi Sheri Evans I’m Thomas Brown.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Brown.”

“That Thomas,” he said.

“So how long have you been in town?” I asked him.

“I’ve been here about six months.”

“So have you been able to get around check out some of the sites?”

“Actually no, do you know someone who would be willing to be my tour guide?” Thomas asked.

I just smile to him, “do you have a pen?”

He reached into his backpack and pulled out a pen. I grabbed his newspaper and wrote my number on it.

“Call me maybe we can go out on the town,” I said.

He smile at me and said, “Okay I’ll call you soon.”

I took off to continue my run and later on that evening I receive a call from Thomas. We talked for an hour made dinner plans for that night. We went to a Chinese food restaurant, after dinner Thomas asked me back to his apartment. Upon arriving at his apartment I was feeling really nervous I wasn’t really sure. Thomas used his key and open the door he open it and let me enter first. I walked in and looked around his apartment look pretty good. You would think that for a man his apartment wouldn’t look so clean. “Come on in,” Thomas said, “have a seat I will get us a bottle of wine.” Thomas went toward the kitchen I sat on Thomas leather couch looking around his apartment. He had good taste I laid my purse down on his glass coffee table. Took off my shawl and took off my shoes and got comfortable. “So I see you have made yourself at home,” Thomas said as he walked from the kitchen with two wine glasses and a bottle of wine.

“Yes you have a nice place here so who is your decorator?” Thomas set the glasses down next to my purse and pour wine for the two of us.

He handed me a glass, “let make a toast,” Thomas said.

Raising his glass, “to a nice evening with new friends.”

We click glassed he took a sip of his and gaziantep escortlar I took a sip of mines. “Have anyone ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?” Thomas asked.

“Oh you are such a tease Thomas,” I replied.

All I could do was sit and blush my eyes was doing a complete body search his muscular arms, dark chocolate complexion, who stand about 5’11. “No I really mean it you are a very beautiful sexy woman whom I have the pleasure of your present.” Stroking my face, “your skin is silky soft,” he dazing into my eyes.

Thomas looked at me like he wanted to seduce me right there on the couch. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” Thomas said then he lean in and kiss me.

My body felt an explosion my pussy immediately became wet. “Wow what a kiss” I replied, he smiled at me and continue to enjoy me for his pleasure. Thomas pick me up and carried me to his bedroom. He opened the door and walked over to the bed and place me on it. He began to unbutton my blouse and slipping my skirt off my hips. My panties was soaked Thomas then stood up and let me watch him do a striptease. First taking off his shirt exposing his chest. Sexy chest with a six pack I couldn’t wait to explore. Then he dropped his pants and his white underwear allowed me to see how well his manhood was ready for my wet pussy. Thomas then climb on me and press his lips to mine using his hand to explore my body.

Reaching my wetness, “Oh I see you are diffidently ready for me and my mouth is ready for you so just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

Thomas tongue traveled down my body stopping to suck and kiss my nipples. Making me moan like a kitten then he moved down to my belly button. He took the flight and traveled down to my wet spot, taking his tongue and entering my pussy. Like he had explored that area before. After licking and sucking pussy until I release myself all over his face. He had my juices all over his mouth he let me kiss his lips so I could taste myself. After Thomas allow me to cum on his face Thomas straddled my face and entered my mouth with his already hard cock. I suck him until he shot warm nectar to the back of my throat I like his cream dripping out of my mouth down his cock and let it roll down my large breast. Thomas laid on his back as I climb on top of him. I rode his large cock and Thomas caress my body with his hands. He grabbed my ass as he explode his cream inside of me letting a moan escape from him. After having hot passionate sex with Thomas I got out of bed got dress and went home. The next morning I woke up and I had to tell Lisa about my night with Thomas.

I grabbed my cell phone and called her, “hello” Lisa said, sounding like she just woke up.

“Hey girl you up yet? I need to tell you about my wild night of hot sex with this guy I met yesterday in the park.

“What?” Lisa said, “What the hell are you taking about Sheri?”

“Wake up girl I have something to tell you about last night.”

“Okay have you thought about what I asked you to do for me and Thomas.”

“You know that funny I met a guy yesterday name Thomas.”

That got me to thinking what if Thomas I spent the night with is Lisa’s Thomas. What was I going to do? “Hello Shari what are you trying to tell me.”

“Oh nothing, nothing at all what I was trying to tell you was that I thought about it and I guess I’ll participate. So when is this going to happen?” I asked?

“Let me call you back,” Lisa replied.

I hung up the my phone sitting on the couch thinking damn what if the Thomas I was with last night is Lisa’s Thomas moments later my phone rang and it was Lisa.


“Sheri it me how about we get together at my place tonight.”

“Okay what time?”

“Around 7pm”

“Okay I’ll be there.” I wasn’t really sure what I was really going for. Was I going because I wanted to have a threesome with them? Was I curious about who he was? I really didn’t know why I was going but I had to make this right. Around 6pm I began to get nervous ,nervous about the threesome I was about to embark on or knowing that the man I fuck last night was actually Lisa’s new boyfriend Thomas.

It was a ten minute ride over to Lisa’s and I really wanted to get there before Thomas arrived. So I left about a quarter till seven. But to my surprise when I rang Lisa’s doorbell guess who answer her door. Yes it was him Thomas the fucker who I fuck last night he stood there in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” Thomas asked.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked him.

I step into the doorway of Lisa’s apartment. “Why didn’t you tell me last night that you were involved with someone?”

“Did you follow me here?” Thomas asked.

“No fool Lisa is my best friend by the way where is she?”

“She asked me to answer the door. She is in the bedroom getting things together for us tonight. Oh wait one minute you are the other woman. She didn’t tell me who you were she just said her friend was coming.”

“So you think I am going to go ahead with this tonight. I am going to tell her about last night.”

“Wait you don’t want to tell her about last night,” Thomas whispered.

“What we’ve done I didn’t do anything you are the bastard who took me out wine and dine me and then took me home and fuck me. I didn’t even know who you were and you’re the one who cheated.”

Thomas grabbed me and got up in my face with anger in his eyes. “Don’t do this who is she going to believe me or you.”

“Could you please let me go,” I said.

He really got me to thinking what her was saying was right. Will she really believe me or what? What was I going to do?

“Hey Shari you made it I see you have mat Thomas. Come on in everybody have a seat I thought we might want to have a couple of glasses of wine so we could get comfortable and relax.”

Lisa grabbed both of our hands and led us to the couch where she had three wine glasses sitting on the table

“I am so glad you decided to do this with us,” Lisa said as she poured a glass of wine for each of us. “I know we are probably nervous I know I am, so let have a glass of wine. I want to make a toast,” Lisa said.

“Lisa there is something I need to tell you first.” Thomas was sitting next to Lisa with this silly smirk on his face.

“Sheri wait before you tell me let me just say you are my best friend and the reason I asked you to do this for me is because I know I can trust you and that you will never hurt me or judge me.”

Thomas started kissing Lisa on her neck Lisa leaned in and kissed me right on the lips.

“It okay just relax and let’s have some fun.” Lisa said.

By that time Thomas had his hand under Lisa skirt. “Why don’t we move to the bedroom so we can get more comfortable,” Lisa said. Thomas and Lisa walked toward the bedroom. In the bedroom Thomas was already naked on the bed waiting for Lisa and I to join him. Lisa started undressing me right in front of Thomas. She removed my blouse and my bra and my breast dangle. I helped her by removing my skirt my body was exposed the world. Lisa took her hands and caressed me making my body heat up like a hot oven. Then I started to help Lisa remove her clothes, and before we knew it we were both standing in the middle of the room naked. Thomas was lying on the bed with a harden rock of manhood. Even though I didn’t agree with Thomas about not telling her I really wasn’t feeling the whole situation. She was my best friend and she had been asking me to do this with her for a very long time. So I just decided to put this out of my mind. Lisa and I sat on the end of the bed kissing and stroking each other.

“Come down here where I am I wanted some of that actions,” Thomas screamed out.

Lisa and I both crawl down to the other end of the bed Thomas was waiting for us.

“Come, daddy is waiting for some sexy pussy.” We both leaned in and tongued his cock, with our asses in the air Thomas had booth of his hand stroking two pussy at one time while we took turn deep throating his cock one at a time. Lisa climb on top of his face. I could hear Thomas sucking and licking her juices. While Thomas was busy pleasing her pussy I was busy stroking his cock with my lips. Lisa came all over his face she force her tight pussy over his hard dick. Lisa rode his cock until she screamed out in ecstasy. I laid on my back stroking my pussy and playing with Lisa asshole. Thomas laid the both of us down on our back and took turns in and out of our pussy. Lisa and I played with each other’s nipples Thomas fucked our pussy until he squirted his cream all over our faces. Lisa laid down in front of me with her legs spread and my face buried in her pussy. Thomas had his face buried in my pussy the three of us continue to enjoy each other for about another hour. Finally Lisa and Thomas fell asleep in each other’s arms. I got up got dress and slip out without waking them. When I got home I went straight to the showers. I wanted to wash off all the lies and sex that was preformed tonight. I felt so dirty because I didn’t tell Lisa about Thomas. A month later Lisa and Thomas broke up because she found out that he cheated on her with another woman. She never found out that he cheated with me and I didn’t have to hurt my best friend. I will take this secret to the grave with me.

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