My Private Iran Pt. 01


Salam (Hello), my name is Shahnaz Tabrizi a.k.a. dokhtar dewane (Crazy girl), I am your eyes and ears into Tehran’s party and sex orgies underworld. On this blog, I am your navigator into a world of intrigue, betrayal, lust and power. With my fair skin, yellowish-blonde hair, big hazel eyes, slender frame and round butt, I am a popular party girl, but I refuse to be called a hipster.

Both my parents are ethnic Azerbaijanis (or Azeri Turks), whose family roots are in northern Iranian places like Tabriz, Ardabil and others. My great-grandfather was a respected religious scholar and Marija (he had followers), his son (my grandfather) was a religious scholar and Hojatoslam (very senior religious position) and my father is a Mulla (Cleric) and Hojatoslam, based in the city of Qom. When I visit him, I dress in full black headscarf and baggy clothes, but my parents are divorced and I live with my mother in an upper-middle class neighbourhood, near Valiasr Street in Tehran.

To my father, I am a devout, pious and religious girl. But in reality, I never say my prays and my spiritual compass is not towards Karbala in Iraq, but to the high fashion of Paris and Milan, the music and movies of America and the skiing vacations in Switzerland. Qom is many miles away and my mother is very liberal, thus in Tehran, you will see me in tight fashionable clothes with a lose headscarf and front fringe exposed. You might see me with my cute, fluffy, white-haired dog and my smart phone cruising the streets.

Or you might see me in my expense European car or me getting into some random guy’s car. Yes, I typify a child of the revolution; I am a modern woman in post revolutionary Iran. I have no boyfriend, but many lovers. I am part of generation ‘me’ and I want it all. I’m no bimbo either, like 60% of Iranian women, I attend university. Studying for a degree in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Tehran, means I can blow your mind, as well as your cock.

If you ask me, what life in Tehran is like? I will tell you to read the Divine Comedy by Dante. Like the Divine Comedy, living in Tehran, you must go through the 9 circles of hell and then into Purgatorio (Purgatory) before reaching Paradiso (Paradise). Iranian society has yet to reach Paradiso, and some of us have created our own Paradiso, in the circle of hell we enjoy being in. Dante was guided through hell by the Roman poet Virgil, but unlike Dante, me and Virgil never made it pass the second circle of hell.

Upon entering through the second gate, I learned that it was the endless flight of those whose logic was controlled by lust: their souls are whirled around like strarlings borne high aloft by winter’s blast in great wheeling flights… The voice quickly came and went in the black squall, and I had to shout over the uproar: “Teacher, who flies in the gale?”

He answered: “That first one was empress over peoples of many languages. She was so lewd that she had to repeal the laws against the sex crimes that she committed. She’s Semiramis. As you’ve read, she was the wife of Ninus, and succeeded him as rulers of the lands that the Sultan of Baghdad holds today.”

“Next to her that’s Dido who broke faith with Sichaeus’ ashes and then killed herself for love. And there’s that sex pot Cleopatra. Look: That’s Helen, for whom the mills of war revolved for so long. And there’s great Achilles who died with love of Polyxena… There’s Paris and Tristan, too.” He pointed out more than a thousand shadows of those who died for love. Dante’s Inferno.

Literature explains life, unlike any other medium in existence. And tonight, I will enter into the second circle of the inferno, yet again. I have been invited to an orgy with a difference. Most orgies I attend are with free-loving young people, but tonight’s orgy is with a group of divorced women in their forties. They have hired a group of gigolos, but they are also looking to push the boat out, and try a girl with the mix. Hence, why I am going!

This is not an unusual practice in Iran these days, our sexual norms have changed considerably in 30 years. There are many factors, which have caused our sexual norms to change. Firstly, a declining birth rate, 20-years ago Iranian women had on average 6.8 children. Today they have 1.2 children per woman. The Iranian government was worried that the country would suffer from over-population and so introduced family planning measures. This included changes to abortion laws, manufacturing and distributing contraceptives and educating the public about why less is more. Today Iranians regard anyone who has more than 3 children to be backwards and culturally inferior.

Secondly, female social mobility and participation in society increased along with female education. You’ll find women in practically every job and profession, but while women have progressed, men are still lagging behind, which has led to an increase in the divorce rate. Despite all of this, there gaziantep escortlar are many restriction on women and so many women like to rebel in their own private space. Hence, the MILF sex orgy.

The evening approaches and I head off to Mrs Sossan’s house. I arrive and buzz the intercom and a voice appears. I say the password, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” I am buzzed through and I enter into a luxuries home. Iranians treat their homes like palaces, they are always spotlessly clean, well decorated with expensive furniture and pictures and artworks on the walls.

There are six women in this circle and four of them are divorced and two are cheating on their husbands. The host Sossan is in her forties and has fair skin, blue eyes and dark hair. An educated woman, who use to be married to senior Iranian diplomat, and who has visited and lived in many different countries. Fluent in French, English, German and Italian, she does part time documentation translation work.

Negas is another divorcee of the group. Being the youngest of the group, the 35-year old only got divorced recently, and is new to this scene. She’s attractive with bronze skin, but is timid and shy and doesn’t speak much.

Shireen , also divorced, is the oldest of the group at 45 years old. She is the main gossiper of the group and if you want to know the dirt on anyone, she’s your woman. An attractive woman, who could pass for younger, with dark hair and eyes with fair skin.

Nadia the last of the divorcees of the group and one of the most interesting. Olive-skinned with honey eyes, she represents the greatest tragedy of the group. In her twenties, a talented singer and artist. She painted pictures, which now hang in European Galleries and she also had a brief singing career. Like many Iranian artists she sought her fortunes abroad, but came back to Iran when she married an Iranian-Frenchman. Her whole career feel apart and then her marriage too. Currently she earns a living teaching art at the University of Tehran.

Roxanna is the group member most interested in me. She has beautiful blonde hair and green eyes with fair skin. But she also makes me nervous too. She is still married and her husband is a senior commander in the Revolutionary Guards Special Forces unit the Quds brigade. He has close relations with Iran’s ruling elite and even sits with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Roxanna is a notorious adulteress and nymphomaniac.

Nasrin is also married. Her husband is a travelling businessman and they rarely have time for sex. Nasrin is also a quiet person and says very little. There are also three young men, who look like students, but are studs nonetheless. They are tall and muscular and they are clearly the hired entertainment.

Roxanna beckons me to sit next to her on the couch with an excited look on her face. Sossan hands out bootlegged fine wine in expensive Italian made cups. The women proceed to talk among themselves, while the men sit in their laps and feed them grapes from an expensive bowl. The conversation starts off with mundane topics such as their latest activities or their children, but then it goes into racier direction.

Each woman starts talking about their first time. Half were married when they lost their virginities and they speak of the terror and fear of the wedding night. Of course Roxanna wades in, being the most sexually experienced of the group with her first time story, which happened when she was a teenager. But, unlike the others, she needs to build up to it and starts telling a story of her sexual journey before losing her virginity and then what happened after.

The women joke and laugh. Roxanna turns to me and asks me, “Tell us your first time story?” Everyone quietens down and looks at me expectantly.

“Well, I was 17 and in Qom. My father had a student called Arash, who was three years older than me. We became friends and eventually began dating. But Arash was out-of-work and had little money and so we could not get married. But we both wanted each other; however, he was a serious Talib and an austere religious man. Fornication was out of the question for him, but he claimed he couldn’t focus on his studies and he was under a lot of pressure. He need relief and so he asked to do a religious temporary marriage with me.”

The room is still silent, “I hesitated at first, but eventually I gave in. I thought he was a great student and had a bright future ahead of him and I may have vexed him. Thus, it was my duty to put him back on the right track. I’ve always thought it was beautiful, that my body can give pleasure to others. We agreed to a one-week contract and I would visit him during the day. He took a week of his studies and we would go to his room. At first, he would fondle me and feel me up and then eventually he worked up the strength to take me.”

Nadia asks me, “So what happened between the two of you?”

“After one week of fun, he didn’t want to know me anymore. He said I was dirty.”

The conversation moved on and things started to get racier. Some of the men started a strip tease, while the others, in their underwear, are lying down on the laps of the women. The women are snorting cocaine off their bodies. There is jeering and Nadia is throwing money at the dancing boys.

Roxanna takes special interest in me. She moves in closer towards me and hands me a glass of champagne. While I sip away, she places her hand on my leg and starts to rub my knee and inner-thigh. Her face is right up against my ear and using her delicate fingers, strokes my hair back and pushes it behind my ear.

“You are so beautiful, I’m glad my husband is a way. He’s in Syria, helping to train the Syrian forces and fighting. Most call him brave, but I call him stupid for leaving a sultry woman like me behind. I have needs and wants and I can see you are like me.” Roxanna whispers into my ear.

“Roxanna go easy on her. She is fresh meat we all have to share.” Shireen yells, but before Roxanna can reply, one of the male strippers pulls his cock out and sticks it into Shireen’s full glass. A little splashes out, but Shireen laughs and starts drinking from the same glass with the cock in it.

Roxanna whispers into my ear, “You like that ha? The sight of cock. Being sexually open-minded makes you a better person. You learn about other cultures too, for example, I learned Afro-Caribbean men are the most well-endowed in the world. When my husband was in Venezuela, I was with him, but I took a week trip to Jamaica. I went by myself and all week I rented big black boys for sex orgies. I filmed the encounters and would be happy to show them to you. It’s good for your education.”

She blows into my ears and moves in to kiss the side of my neck and cheeks. Shireen has finished drinking and has begun hand-massaging his cock. Shireen looks up at him and says, “When I see men, I do not see human beings. I rate them according to their cock potential. In other words, you are a piece of cock walking around to me.”

I feel Roxanna’s tongue. Wet, slippery, sentential, caring and sexual, never lacking in intensity. It brushes and slides up and down my cheek and neck, while the smell of oral sex carries afar and a the debaucheries sounds of pleasure ring out across the room.

Roxanna pauses for a second, “Come on don’t be shy! You know you want me and I don’t bite…well… not normally, but in your case, I might make an exception.” My head turns towards Shireen who is now swallowing an entire manhood. Negas, Nadia and Sossan, now line up one man between the three of them. They take it in turns to suck his cock.

In fact they have devised a very egalitarian model for giving a blow job, each person has the same amount of time on the cock and then passes it along. Very clinical and very much part of the Iranian culture of sharing.

Nasrin is an anal enthusiast and has wasted no time in doing what she desires. Placing the palms of her hand on the large coffee table, spreading her legs and raising her butt in the air. While, the third man pulls down her panties and teases her outer butt checks with his cock.

Grapes, wine and an orgy, it feels like Ancient Rome or Greece and not the Islamic Republic of Iran, but I have little time to reflect on this irony. Roxana rubs and squeeze by breasts above my clothes and is slowly trying to undress me.

She kisses my boobs above my sweater and has a devilish glint in her eye. I raise my arms in the air and she pulls my sweater off. Meanwhile, the others are laughing and telling each other dirty jokes, while Nasrin is scream her lungs out. Her butt is being pounded and her outer cheeks are turning red, but she’s clearly enjoying it.

Sossan yells at Nasrin, “Calm down, calm down. If he is riding you like a horse, you should be making horsy sounds and not sound like you are dying.”

Nasrin yells back, “You’re just jealous that your hot little ass is not here and mine is.”

Nadia calls out to Shireen, “How’s it going over there?”

Shireen spit her man out, “Mmmmm…oh it’s so good. He’s delicious, you should try him.”

I wonder what Dante would make of all of this? Sexual empowered women, who no longer feel ashamed of their desires, and who treat men like cattle. Is this what he saw in 13th Italian society? How can this be hell? Is female lust a sign of the coming of the end times? If it is than I want to enjoy it.

Roxanna starts teasing my nipples with her tongue and I lean my head back and close my eyes. I am not sure if I am in hell or purgatory, but by the end I will be in paradise, of that I am sure. Roxanna playfully encircles my nipples with my tongue and looks up at me with her big green eyes.

I look down at her and I can feel my nipples becoming hard, Roxanna grins at me and starts sucking again. I am convinced that if I were pregnant, Roxanna would have drained my breasts of their wholesome milk. There is a wildness in her, if we filmed her aroused face right now, many YouTubers would believe she was either demonically possessed or the incarnation of evil itself.

And what of Nasrin the Sodomite or Shireen the pervert? We have the occult in Iran, but our occult is of female sexuality, bisexuality in this case.

Roxanna kisses down my body and starts teasing my bellybutton with her tongue. Shireen has finished giving oral and stands up and forcers her man to sit down. Once he does so, she sits in his lap, facing him. Sliding her pussy into his cock, leaning in to kiss him on the lips and after a bit of tongue, pulls away and starts riding.

The other three do the same with their man and like before each woman takes it in turns to ride him. They cheer, jeer and egg each other on. Nasrin seems happy in her anal paradise and does not want to leave.

Roxanna leans downward and starts unzipping my pants. She wastes no time and within moments my pants and underwear are down. My shaved pussy is exposed to oxygen, before Roxanna’s heavy breath takes over. She extends her tongue and makes contact with my outer lips, which results is a brief tingling sensation.

Roxanna licks around my outer lips and teases them with her finger. I close my eyes, bite my lip and then open my eyes and look down at the pretty sight that greets me. I have found Cleopatra in Roxanna in my version of the second ring of hell. I look at the others and I wonder how Nasrin can withstand such an assault? The others are doing cowgirl, but Nasrin is having her anus ripped out.

I work up the courage to pull down Roxanna’s pants and underwear as she is tonguing me. Stroking her butt and gently inserting fingers into her anus. The deeper Roxanna’s tongue penetrates me the deeper my finger penetrates her anus.

My inner sanctum is violated by Roxanna and I feel orgasmic, my pussy gets moist quite quickly and I am a heavy cummer. In and around, my pussy will be spotless when she is done with it. But then she stops.

“Okay guys let’s switch roles and rip this turkey open. I’ve soften her up and now she is ready to be stuffed.” Roxanna says, and I have no idea what she is talking about?

Shireen’s anal assailant stops pounder her. Roxanna grabs my hand and leads me to the coffee table and tells me to lie down on it. I comply, and then she orders me to open my legs and spread them, I do so. I noticed everyone else has stopped too and Shireen’s anal buddy now faces my pussy and lines himself up. The other two guys stand either side of me and I realise that I am about to have a threesome.

All six women gather around and look at me with much excitement. Sossan says “Mmmm… fresh meat… now you’re about to get it.”

Both my hands grab onto the cocks either side of me and I start a gentle rub. Now Shireen’s guy, starts teasing my outer lips with his manhood, but then inserts slowly. I let out a whimper at first and then a groan, before full blown erotic groaning begins.

I slide one cock into my mouth and starts sucking, I do this aggressively, before spitting him out and going for the other guy. Shireen’s guy now pushes himself all the way in, then out again and repeats the process with ever increasing speed.

He’s so strong and beginning to hurt my pussy, but I have a mouth full of cock and can do little. While I am sucking and fucking, the women scream, yell and jeer. When I take a brief break from oral sex they pour wine down my throat or feed me a grape. I’m the best entertainment these women have ever had.

Roxanna and others even start licking my body while I’m being fucked. No bit of sweat was left alone. When Shireen’s man was done, Nasrin stood up and attached a strapon to herself and then entered my pussy. She proved to be more aggressive than the guys. The two guys either side of me cum in my mouth and on my face and then move away from me. The other women surround my face and begin licking and swallowing the cum of my face.

They even start kissing each other and exchange cum. Roxanna pushes the others away and places her butt onto my face. “Lick and suck me bitch!” She barks.

Her big sweaty butt makes it hard to breath and so I start licking, thinking this is my way out. My tongue reaches the skin between her butt and pussy. Meanwhile, Nasrin withdraws from me and another guy takes over.

I struggle to breath, but I solider on and pretty soon, I have mastery over Roxanna’s butt. I’m so good, that Roxanna has stopped screaming more and now tells me to calm down. Eventually, Roxanna jumps of me and I struggle to get my breath back. But as I do so, I feel a puddle emerging in my pussy and best of all it’s my own puddle.

Yes, I have had an orgasm. Everyone gather around to admire it and to take pictures. I have proven myself to be a sex queen and I have emerged from hell into paradise. I now take a seat on the couch and watched the others get it on. I masturbate, knowing I have survived the inferno.

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