Heaven Only Knows Ch. 02


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Emma’s little game with Jefferson lasted a little over two months, but all hell broke lose when her periods stop showing up. Jefferson joined the army right after she told him, just to get out of town. But when her mother found out, she demanded that she get an abortion regardless, accepting God’s fury over the town, which would have surely destroyed the family’s credibility. It took many months of her mother’s brainwashing before, she gave up on her first love, in order to wipe the slate clean, her mother introduced her to William although she never thought that it would lead to marriage, her mother hoped being with the religious lad would at the very least straighten her life out.

Losing herself in the moment her flashback, Emma never noticed the large figure standing beside her in present time.

“Excuse me my lady, is this seat taken?’ A strong voice asked her.

“Oh, oh my, it’s you.”

“Hmm, sounds like you were expecting me.”

“Not really but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see you again.” She stated honestly.

“I take it you enjoyed my show last night?”

“Maybe a little too much”

“Yes it seems your husband was rather displeased with the show.”

“Well, let’s just say that from my husband’s perspective, you’re doing the Devil’s work.”

“I see, so your husband’s a man of God?”

“Now how did you know that, or was that just an educated guess?”

“Mrs. Callaway, you and your husband are quite popular here. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that you are a very, dare I say extremely, attractive woman. When I saw you there on the beach yesterday my heart went out to you. I know you are lonely and in need. I could see it in your eyes, the way you spoke to me, and the way you called my name. A special woman like you is worthy of special treatment. I believe I am a man of deep faith as well, however I also believe that the planet we live on has been created for more than ancient rules and lawful doctrines. I believe that one should enjoy themselves as long as it is not at the painful expense of someone else.” He paused briefly to gaze deeply into her eyes, before continuing.

“My lady may I speak frankly.”

“Hold on Randy, if you really know of my husband and I, then I’m also sure you know that we regard infidelity as a terrible, terrible sin, worthy of damnation. We regard lust, and lewd behavior as a sin against the all mighty God.” She exclaimed.

“I’m sure you must also realize that sin begins in your thoughts, and if that is true then you are already condemned before the act is committed. You know that the real shame is the fact that a beautiful, sexy woman like you hides behind the fear and restraint.”

“What do you mean by that?” She asked with agitation in her voice.

“May I speak freely Mrs. Callaway?”

“I thought you already were.”

“Hah, hah, touché. I am a man of principles, in other words, I don’t follow blindly, I lead and when all is said and done, if I was wrong then ultimately it will be me and myself alone that will pay the price. But suppose, just suppose, I followed someone without question and then when my end is upon me I discover that not only was I mislead but I will also have to suffer for someone else’s mistake.” He smoothly rubbed his large fingers together as he continued to stare into her eyes.

“My lady I am not ashamed to say I want you. I want to make love to you until we both pass out.”

“Uh, Randy, I’m not stupid. You’re a very large and incredibly sexy man, you probably have more women chasing after you than there are coconuts on trees. Now what’s does a great big, handsomely strong, and sexy man want with a middle-aged wife of a preacher?”

“I want to give to you, the same thing you want to give to me, a night of love, passion, and crazy sex.” He reached out grabbing her hand and placing it on the huge bump protruding from his shorts.

Emma snatched her hand away in shock.

“Oh my God, how dare you?”

“Please forgive me, my lady, perhaps I was mistaken about you.” He said rising to his feet.

“Wait a minute, no sense in you rushing out of here, besides, if you tried to leave out of here now with that thing poking through you’re pants you’d probably get arrested.” She laughed.

“Yes, gaziantep escortları and it would be your fault, because this is what you have done to me. ” he chided. “I have a proposal for you. Let’s spend the afternoon together. I would greatly enjoy your company.”

“Why, so you can seduce me, I know what you want.”

“True, but I’m also giving you every opportunity to help you get what you want.”

“And is that what I want,” she exclaimed in a coy manner.

The large walnut colored man, simply chuckles and answers; “I’m giving you the opportunity to escape from that prison you’re in, to be free of your fears and reservations, and to release all that liquid lovin’ you have trapped inside of you.

The sound of his strong, deep masculine rhapsody voice, caused her clitoris to tingle and she stutters in response. “Where would we go?”

“Let me lead the way?”

“Well lead on sugar.”

Randy took Emma about the island showing her many of the natural wonders and while explaining the fascinating history. As they strolled along a quiet section of the beach, he took off his shirt, showing off his powerful body in the red orange late day sun.

Emma freely looked at him now without fear. Almost instinctively, she reached out stroking the muscles of his thick back.

“Oh that feels so good, you have magical hands.”

“Now you know there is nothing magical about my hands.”

“He begs to differ.” He countered pointing to the stretched fabric of his shorts.

“In the name of…does that thing ever go down?”

“Not until he has his way.” He answered seductively facing her.

The blonde woman glanced quickly about her, ensuring they were alone before reaching out and squeezing it. “Well let’s just see what we can do about that.”

Not another word was spoken between them. He gently palmed her face in his hands and pulled her lips to his. His manly odor invaded her nostrils and she knew there would be no turning back now. With one hand firmly on her ass he lifted her up slightly, and the other hand cradles her head forcing his mouth to completely cover hers.

Emma leaned backwards feeling totally submissive to him. However they both leaned back too far and fell in the sand. After a brief laugh to relieve the tension, Emma reached down and began squeezing his cock again. Before he could kiss her again, she began licking the center line of his lightly haired chest and slowly worked her way down to his shorts. Reaching inside, she pulled his enormous cock out and began licking it from hooded tip to the heavy base. She slid several inches into her moist mouth and hollowed out her cheeks. Well over twelve inches, she used both hands to guide and hold his huge member steady as she pumped his cock with one hand while sliding down and pulling up with the other. When she heard a subtle groan escape from his lips, she knew he was enjoying what she was doing, but not as much as she enjoyed servicing him. The salty taste of precum filled her mouth making it easier to swallow a few inches more.

“My lady you honor me with your mouth.” He whispered.

He lifted his arm casually and then dropped his heavy hand down on her ass, making a slapping sound that allowed a muffled moan to escape her lips. His pipe was rock hard as she pulled it from her mouth to admire the large veins that resembled an expressway along his cock. Feeling his cock stiffen even harder, Randy gently pushed her away.

“Come with me.” He said lifting her off her feet and carrying her to a rock enclosure along the beach. In order to go inside he carried her a few yards into the water. Once inside the sound of the rushing ocean waves crashing against the rocks made a whirling howling like sound.

“Do you hear that sound? It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes it is.”

“That’s the sound of nature’s symphony. And we’re about to join the orchestra.” He smiled laying her down on a surprisingly smooth layer of flat rocks.

“Listen carefully my love. I’m going to lift you up through that hole up there. Don’t worry I won’t let you fall. But hold on to the jagged rocks to at least brace yourself.”

“What are planning to do?”

“I want you to become one with the ocean.”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“It is said that a woman’s love is as deep as the ocean, so as you stare out into the ocean, I don’t want you to just look at it, I want you to join with it.”

“I’m sorry sugar but I don’t really…”

Raising his hand and waving her silent, he held her hands, whispering in her ear. “This is not a time for questions, but a time for feeling. It will all become clear in a moment.” Placing his large hands on her waist he hoisted her up through the hole.

Still unsure what to make of what he was doing, she grabbed the edge of two protruding rocks and braced herself, that’s when she felt her bikini bottom come off. She felt the warm breezy wind whistling through the rocks blowing lightly against her exposed pussy and that’s when she realized what the giant had in mind for her.

His long hot tongue made contact with her insides and immediately began darting and flickering about.

“Oh eat my pussy Randy, yes, yes!” She moaned lustfully. Wave after wave of passion engulfs her. It almost felt as though he were trying to force his entire head inside her. Fighting the urge to scream, she bit her bottom lip trying to maintain control, but that had been lost long before now. His tongue forever moving unpredictably sought out and found her rose bud anal entrance, giving her sensations she’d never felt before. His powerful hands held her firmly allowing her to feel secure enough to use one of her hands to fondle, caress, and pinch her aching breast nipples. However her sense of security disappeared the second his long thick finger penetrated her tight but wet asshole. This was something she’d never experienced before and it drove her mad. She wanted to protest, but every time she opened her mouth nothing came out. Once again she reached out in desperation to hold on to the rocks as his finger pushed deeply into her and somehow he managed to balance her with one hand and continued attacking her throbbing clit with his tongue. Nearly in a state of panic she was about to scream when the voice of her lover called out to her.

“Become on with the ocean, let yourself go.”

Somehow the sound of his deep sultry voice soothed her and as she slowly regained control she stared out into the vast ocean that filled the horizon with only the crimson sun blazing in her eyes, sat in the center of her fiery universe. And indeed she became one with the ocean. The waves crashing into the rocks became one with the waves of orgasmic passion that crashed within her body. She became one with the constant movement, it’s depth along with it’s warmth, yes and even the blazing sun in her eyes became a reflection of the fire in her heart, and the flames of her burning love channel. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, she lost all conciseness of who and where she was, a floating sensation was all in her my body and soul. Tears of joyful freedom filled her eyes and she let go of the rocks. She felt a sense of being lowered back inside the rocks, but she didn’t fight it. Be that as it may, reality came back to claim her as she felt her pussy being stretched open by something far larger than any tongue. It felt painful but for only a brief moment. Once the massive head poked through, her eyes rolled back in her head once again and she leaned back against his chest.

Emma couldn’t believe she was taking him so easily. Even when it felt like he was pushing against her stomach, there was no pain, only unbridled passion. as though she were sitting on a spoon, as he slowly easily guided her up and down the long length of his swollen donkey size cock. She felt him leaned back against the wall of rocks and open his legs wider to brace himself, other than that, he never jittered or shook. His grip remain firm and his rigid body hard, just as hard as his cock which he began sliding in and out of her at a more rapid pace.

Reaching back she massaged the muscles of his biceps, triceps and forearms, she could feel the tight veins protruding and pulsating with the same throbbing sensation that filled her sloppy wet vagina. She leaned back even further darting her tongue in the air, until his mouth found her and they licked and kissed as best they could, lost in love, lost in passion and hopping they’d never be found.

Finally he gently lowered her feet to the ground pulled out of her. The farting like noise filled the air and she could feel her gaping pussy protesting the unwanted vacancy. She fell to her knees and rolled on to her back, using her hands, squeezing the throbbing pussy between her legs as she cried.

“Put it back in please, put it back in me!”

With barely enough room to maneuver about, her massive lover squatted down, pulling her legs open and began eating her pussy again with a frantic urgency. Then lifting up her legs he licked and kissed her soft toes and feet, caressing and massaging her body as she shook almost convulsing and cried out once more.

“Put it in…put it back inside me Randy please, oh God please don’t tease me!”

The huge man looked down on her with a smile as large as his persona and then suddenly his face took on a more menacing glare. “Now I am going to fuck you.”

The sound of his threatening voice frightened her, for if he was about to fuck her now, what was he doing up to this point? She laid there watching him wave his long hard dick at her, as her body shuttered with the thought of what was about to happen. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on her forehead as he pushed his cock into her juicy pussy.

“Ohhh, oooh God, ooo, oooh yeah, ooh Ran…dy noooo!”

Totally overwhelmed and overjoyed, her body began jerking and convulsing as the massive intruder invaded her love chamber. He stopped three quarters of the way in and started pumping when she gripped his shoulders and commanded.

“Push it all the way in, I want to feel every, every inch of you.” She moaned.

“I don’t want to give you too much to quickly, my lady.”

“Make me take it, force it in me!” She demanded and he was ready to oblige. Bracing his arms and hands on a rock over her he commenced slamming himself into her with his great strength.

“Oh my lady this is heaven, this is heaven!”

Feeling light headed he plowed harder and deeper into her until he felt the point of no return rising up within his boiling loins. He pulled his arms down and now wrapped them around and behind her thin neck. With his huge cock buried to the cock hairs embedded in her love canal he began pumping at a frantic pace that had them both howling like werewolves at the sight of the moon. His warm sweat dripped down into her eyes and mouth and she relished the salty taste of his masculine taste, which accompanied it. The contorted look of ecstasy came over their faces as he jammed, slammed and stabbed her with reckless abandonment. He slammed into her one last time with all his might, grabbed and tightened his hands on her throat as if he were literally strangling her. Twisting his head from side to side he hollered.

“It’s here, it’s here!”

His cock erupted violently, spitting and firing, the first few shots came in short rapid spurts, but the ladder ones, were long copious streams of thick gooey cum filling and eventually running out the sides of her shivering pussy.

They lay there for hours and even made love again. It was as if the entire world did not exist beyond the walls of their secret hideaway. Emma enjoyed playing with his long thick dreads that nearly reached his buttocks as much as she enjoyed playing with his long thick cock. However as the moonlight rays began poking through the cracks of their little make shift love nest, Emma regretfully knew she’d better get back to her room and with a well thought out excuse which wasn’t going to be easy.

Randy continued to lie there watching her put back on her swim wear and asked.

“Will I see you again?”

“Oh I don’t know Randy, in spite of everything, I still think it’s wrong what we did.”

“We can’t always be right my lady.”

“And we can’t always justify bad behavior by placing the blame on others.”

“That’s true, but you can’t deny your true feelings either.”

“Listen Randy,” she said, her hand softly stroking his full beard. “I’m a married woman and a preacher’s wife at that. I have done many sermons and preached to millions of people through TV, on moral decadence and yet here I am cheating with another man behind my husband’s back. I don’t know how I could ever look that man, my husband, in his eyes again, hell, I don’t know if I could ever look in my own eyes again.”

“You can and you will, because you are strong, far stronger than you look. Will you at least do me this honor, there is a souvenir shop close to your hotel, if you change your mind, give this coin to the old woman in the souvenir shop and I will find you.”

Before she could say another word, his lips were on hers and they kissed like there was no tomorrow.

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