Help Desk Ch. 1


“Well, is it true?”

I looked up from my desk to see Paula standing just inside the door to my office. She had her hands on her hips, and a look on her face that was half pissed-off, half smugly smiling. I looked at her quizzically and replied, “Is WHAT true?”

“I had some drinks with Geneen last night, and she told me some things about you two. Is it true?” Paula’s green eyes flashed with a mixture of accusation and anticipation. She stepped inside the office and closed and locked the door behind her. As she walked toward my desk she asked again, “Is it true?”

Paula and Geneen are two of the people that work for me in a Computer Help Desk department. We are the Quality Assurance / Customer Service team that deals with the callers that have had problems with their computer repairs, and want something done to compensate them for their time and trouble. My staff of 6 handles these irate callers, and do what is necessary to calm them down and make things right.

To say that the job is stressful is putting it mildly. On one side we have the customers screaming and yelling, and on the other side we have the stores that sold the units claiming that there is nothing they can do to help. Add the myriad of third party repair people we dispatch to handle the repairs, and you get a mess that eventually works out fine, but seems to take forever to get resolved. So getting together after work for drinks was a common happening – I didn’t go last night because I had some reports to finish. But Paula and Geneen had obviously been at our favorite bar last night, and I was trying to figure out what Geneen had told Paula about us.

Geneen is a beauty. She stands about 5’6”, half of which is legs, and has a slim build. Her face is framed by shoulder length black hair, and she wears contacts that give her brown eyes a luminescent quality. Not much in the chest, but her ass defies gravity. Firm and rounded, the perfect Allstate ass. Every male in the company wanted to get his hands on those sweet looking globes, and I had done so just a few nights ago. It was my first time with a black woman, and I was still a bit dazed by the intensity of our lovemaking.

Paula is no slouch in the looks department. At 5’8” her most striking feature is her face. She has the face of a sweet little girl, with pouty lips and a mane of curly blonde hair. But from the neck down she is no little girl. Her 38C breasts stand proudly from her chest, and her thin waist accentuates her rounded hips and ass. Long shapely legs finish the vision. Paula has a way of dressing very provocatively, without crossing the line of acceptable business attire. Were it not for her outgoing personality, many of the women in our company would hate her for being gaziantep escortları such a wet dream fantasy.

Paula and Geneen and I flirt a lot. I naturally want to spend time with attractive women, and have been at each of their houses to help fix their computers, troubleshoot their cars, help with painting a room – anything I could do to spend time with them outside of work. The three of us had formed a little group, and would often do these things together; rarely would I be alone with either one of them. And although this arrangement had rumors flying around the office, it had not been conducive to getting either of them into bed until recently.

Paula has a fun loving nature, but she also exhibits a bit of a jealous streak when it comes to Geneen and me. She seemed to be constantly competing for my attention, and whenever Geneen and I were working on a particularly sticky situation together Paula would find a way to help us out. At first I thought that it was just being helpful, but I soon discovered that Paula didn’t want to be left out of anything that Geneen and I were doing. And after our tryst a few nights ago, Paula seemed to be feeling left out.

“Geneen said that you two went over to her house after work, and you fucked her brains out!” Paula accused. She had reached my desk and planted her hands on it, bending at the waist to look me in the eyes. “What do you think you were doing?”

I tried to meet her eyes, but her silk shirt had a few buttons opened, and the swell of her breasts stared me in the face. Her lacy red bra was showing, and I had a hard time taking my eyes away from the sight.

“I went over to Geneen’s two nights ago,” I explained, “to look at her ceiling fan. It was wobbling, and I rebalanced it for her. One thing led to another, and before I knew what was happening, we were in bed. And I’m not sure who fucked whose brains out – she was insatiable!”

Paula’s eyes narrowed as I spoke. “How come you haven’t come to balance MY fan? I have needs too. And from what Geneen told me, you had no trouble keeping up with her.”

I felt my face redden and my cock start to stir as I thought back to that night with Geneen. She was certainly an athletic lady, and we had done a lot of rolling around…

I snapped back to reality when Paula undid the last few buttons on her shirt, and pulled it open. Her nipples were starting to erect through the lacy bra, and I moaned as she slipped the shirt from her shoulders.

“Aren’t these better than Geneen’s?” Paula demanded. “I’ve seen you staring at them and wondered when you were going to make a move. Now I guess it is up to me.”

As she spoke, Paula opened her bra and cupped her breasts in her hands. She began to play with the nipples, causing them to stand out even farther. “Don’t you want to suck on them, Mark? Don’t you want to feel my heavy breasts pressed against your face?”

I didn’t know quite what to do. Part of me wanted to grab Paula and ravage her right there, and part of me was too stunned to move. I finally managed to speak. “God, Paula! I have wanted you from the day I met you! I couldn’t figure out a way to approach you that wouldn’t seem like harassment, so I haven’t tried!”

“Well let’s try this for harassment,” said Paula. She walked around my desk, pulling at the wraparound skirt she was wearing. I saw a flash of blonde pubic hair as her T-back panties were exposed. Then, with her skirt bunched at her waist, Paula straddled my lap and rubbed her mound into my hardening prick. She leaned forward and held her tits up to my face, pressing first one then the other onto my lips.

I grabbed her waist and began to lick and suck her nipples as she gyrated her hips into my crotch. When she leaned back against my desk, I leaned forward and continued to feast, now moving my hands up and down her trim waist, tweaking one nipple in my fingers as I tongued the other. The moans and motions that Paula made told me I was doing something right. And the heat that was emanating from her crotch told me what I should do next.

I raised Paula slightly and pushed her back so that she was sitting on my desk. I slid from the chair to kneel in front of the lace-covered pussy that was beckoning me. As I kissed my way up her thighs, Paula took my head in her hands and began stroking my hair while gently guiding me to the sweet spot between her legs. I opened my mouth and clamped it over her sex, exhaling deeply into her cunt. Her smell was a mixture of hot pussy and jasmine – she had sprayed a bit of her favorite perfume on her crotch in anticipation of what she was planning to do. My tongue pressed into her through the silky fabric, and I was rewarded with a gasp from Paula. Her grip on my head tightened as I pulled her panties aside to feast on her cunt unobstructed.

Her juices were flowing freely, and as I nibbled and sucked on her lips and clit I drove two fingers into her hole. I found her G-spot fairly quickly, and soon had her bucking against my face and hand as she started to orgasm. Never one to be quiet, Paula was having a hard time not crying out as she came. She didn’t want to attract attention to what we were doing, and she started to mewl like a kitten. Her blonde pussy was gripping my fingers as I licked and sucked on her, savoring the juices she poured onto my face.

As she started to come down from her orgasm, I stood up and opened my pants. My dick was rock hard and poking straight out at just the right height to enter her tight, wet hole. I took Paula by the hips and pulled her forward slightly so I could remove her panties completely. Her lust glazed eyes widened as I placed her legs on my shoulders and started to slide my cock into her. I teased her with an inch and withdrew, then went in a little farther and withdrew again. Then without warning I plunged into her depths in one stroke, my balls bouncing against her asshole. Paula barely stifled a scream, and I almost yelled in pleasure as I felt her velvet walls clutch my member.

I reached out and began to play with her tits as we began a slow grinding motion with our hips. I started moving faster, and Paula reached around me to grab my ass. She pulled me into her harder and harder, whispering through her clenched teeth, “Fuck me! Oh God FUCK ME HARD! I can feel it cumming again! OHHHHHhhhhh!”

I looked at her face contorted with pleasure and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Her hungry cunt was milking my dick, drawing the cum from my balls. I told her I was about to cum, and she begged me to fill her up with my hot seed. I plunged my cock in to the hilt and let loose stream after stream of sperm. The feeling of her cunt being filled triggered another orgasm in Paula, and she pulled me tight against her as she came.

Paula slid her legs from my shoulders, and we embraced each other. The first kiss we had ever shared was slow and sweet. We continued kissing and caressing each other until our bodies calmed down, and my limp cock fell from her hole. I pulled a handkerchief from my jacket and helped clean our juices from her hole, and she took it to wipe off my cock. We both were sated, yet we knew that a line had finally been crossed. This was not to be a one time fling, and we both were aware of that.

“So was I better than Geneen?” Paula asked coyly. She was straightening out her skirt and putting her bra and shirt back on.

“Different,” I answered. “Not better, not worse, just different. You were wonderful, and I am looking forward to doing this again in more comfortable surroundings!”

“Well I hope you took your vitamins this morning, because I have plans for us tonight!” Paula’s green eyes were dancing with mischief as she spoke.

“And what might those plans be,” I asked innocently. “Anything to do with what we just finished?”

“Oh we’re just getting started,” exclaimed Paula. She walked to the door and unlocked it. Turning back to me and blowing me a kiss, she said, “You know Geneen and I are close, but I don’t think you know HOW close. Tonight you are going to find out!”

With that she opened the door and disappeared down the hall. My mind was spinning with the implications of what had just happened and what Paula had just said. It was going to be difficult to concentrate on work today.

To Be Continued…

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