Her Ch. 02


This story is largely the truth but has been slightly embellished with what I would have liked to have happened. This chapter covers what happened when she was very, very horny. Please read the earlier chapter if you haven’t already. Feedback will be eagerly received.

She has something to show me

I had had a difficult day at work so it was good to see her at the end of it.

“Hi,” she said with a smile as she opened the door. “I have something to show you later if you are good,” she whispered in my ear as we embraced tightly. I smiled and squeezed her hand as I led her back to my car and my place.

We snuggled up and put on some movie or other. After a while her hand became bored and began stroking my chest gently. I kissed the top of her head softly and held her closer. Some time later, my eyes were heavy.

“Man I’m tired,” I yawned.

“Not too tired I hope,” she said quickly as she rose from my side and hurriedly stripped down to her underwear. She had something to show me alright, a matching white bra and panties which had little bows on the sides and frilly lacy edges. They framed and complimented her beauty and I couldn’t help thinking that she was cutest and most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

She straddled me and kissed me with an urgent passion I hadn’t seen in her before. Suddenly I was very hard and she smiled as she felt my trousers press into her. I pressed my face into her perfectly round breasts and sucked and licked on the exposed skin. She sighed and pulled my face tightly to her as I ran my tongue under the material of her bra. Her nipples became hard very gaziantep escortları quickly and I nibbled on them through her bra.

I took a break from feasting on her beauty as she swiftly pulled off the top I was wearing. I leant in to kiss her neck and she raked her fingernails up my back and I sighed. Our mouths met once more and I kissed her deeply before moving down her neck to her shoulder.

“Lie down,” she whispered sexily. I did so and she removed my trousers and briefs in one movement. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard as I undid her bra and slid my hands under her panties over her beautiful ass.

I gently rolled her over and kissed my way down to her disarmed bra. I quickly pulled the bra off her body with my teeth and rose looking into her eyes. She looked at me expectantly and I grinned widely in response. I flung the bra away and fell into her breasts kissing and sucking all around her breasts. She moaned when my teeth bit gently on her rock hard nipples.

Before I knew what was happening, I was quickly and roughly rolled onto my back. She was kissing me all over my neck, chest and finally my mouth. As her tongue rolled against mine her hand found my balls and gripped tightly. I moaned into her mouth and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh.

She gratefully moaned back and relaxed onto her side wrapping her free hand around my cock which was painfully hard by now. I leaned into her right breast and began sucking hard as my fingers ran over her panties up and down her pussy. She began pulling on my cock very hard and fast and I knew I would cum very quickly if she kept it up.

“Slower,” I whispered into her ear. She slowed her pace and I slid off her panties. As she began rhythmically pulling on my cock and squeezing my balls, I slid a finger into her pussy lips to be greeted by her moisture. I played gently with her lips as my other hand found her clit and rubbed slowly around it in ever smaller circles.

She groaned and began squeezing my balls and cock tighter. I responded by pushing my finger into her pussy in time with her strokes and rubbing hard on her clit in time with her squeezing my balls. She moaned again and I felt her pussy get wetter and wetter. I knew I was going to cum soon so I turned to her to find her eyes closed.

“Open your eyes beautiful,” she looked into my eyes and I into hers.

“Cum for me,” I whispered. We abandoned all pretence of rhythm and moved our hands as fast as we could. Just as I felt my cum rising in my cock, her pussy began clamping down on my finger. We were still looking into each others eyes as I grunted and came all over my chest. She cried out and came as her hips ground my finger deep into her.

We let go of each other so I could wipe my chest clean and I pulled her close to me. I ran my hand over her cheek.

“I’ve wanted you all day,” she whispered finally. I kissed her softly in reply and she nuzzled my neck as we fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke the next morning to feel something rubbing on my cock. I opened my eyes slowly to see her hand rubbing lightly along my cock which was quickly growing hard. She was looking into my eyes smiling as I looked up at her. She leaned in and kissed me.

“Good morning,” was all she said as she kissed down my neck to my chest. She bit on my nipple and I slid my hand to her ass as she moved her hand round my cock and started to stroke me harder and faster. I hadn’t come that long ago so I was very surprised as I came quickly all over her hand. I was reaching for the tissues again when she impatiently ripped one out and wiped herself off. She pulled me roughly on top of her and pressed my hand into her pussy.

She was so wet I had no trouble inserting a finger deep into her. She grunted and released my hand only to pull my head to her incredibly hard nipples. She was so obviously horny that I decided to tease her and toyed with her nipples and pussy slowly. She grew frustrated and grabbed my finger fucking hand and my head, pulling me closer and further into her and trying to make me pleasure her faster.

I took her hands and pulled them above her head, gripping her wrists with my free hand as I resumed pleasuring her slowly. She tried to struggle against me but it was no use. I began kissing her neck and probing for her g-spot, her struggles lessened slightly.

“Oh yes,” she moaned softly. In return I bit her nipples harder and pressed my finger hard onto her g-spot and then deep into her, alternating as fast as I could. Her hips began meeting my fingers, fucking my finger as much as she could. She groaned and her bucking increased as she came. I softly ran my fingers around her clit until she relaxed and her bucking ceased.

I released her and she pulled me close, kissing me softly repeatedly. As we parted I smiling lovingly at her and she smiled back.

“I could really get to like you, you know,” she winked.

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