Her Interview with a Genius


Veronique Dubois hung on every word of Lucas Harvey’s stories. The 25-year reporter was still finding it hard to believe she had snagged such a coup, landing an exclusive interview with the successful author 5 minutes of meeting him during his latest book tour.

Veronique believed that there were two things that had tipped the scales in her factor. One might have been that only Veronique, never afraid of speaking her mind, had told him “I can’t say I liked your last work. I think you were pandering to your audience, giving them only what they wanted to read.”

He had walked right over to her, his impressive eyes and cheekbones, that handsome face and looked straight into her dark eyes. “You are absolutely correct and bravo for having the stones to tell me to my face. I wanted to rework it, but the publishers wanted it on their time and so …” His voice trailed off. “I hope my readers … and you … will enjoy my latest novel, it won’t be done for 3 years, I told them no deadlines – it’s done when it’s done.”

She smiled back at him and that, she believed, might have been reason # 2. Wavy auburn hair combined with the face of a fashion model, dazzling smile, disarming wit and a body dressed in the latest fashion. Veronique Dubois might have been assigned a job as a reporter for a prestigious fashion show, but her editors soon realized she wrote with a flair that was usually only found in seasoned reporters. True, her family had money – more than they knew what to do with, yet she worked with a first determination, she had earned every accolade that came her way. She had no illusions that did get her foot in the door a number of times with her stunning good looks. Veronique was a beautiful woman and she didn’t hide her light under a bushel.

Veronique was also a lot less flighty than many of her contemporaries. She was fascinated by fascinating people and when intrigued, she did her research. That was not lost on Lucas, her questions had been well thought out and probing. Lucas was impressed by the young reporter and that did not happen to him often.

There was another impressive fact about the young reporter that was impossible to ignore – she was beautiful and totally aware of her looks, yet she was almost blasé about them. Her clothes were sexy without being trampy and you could tell they were expensive, likely all designer labels. Veronique wasn’t flaunting them nor was she hiding them either – it was all just a part of who she was.

Lucas realized that he had been staring at her gorgeous legs and not concentrating on her question when she flashed him an enigmatic smile and crossed her legs in the other direction. He thought that he had caught a glimpse of real stockings and garters underneath her skirt and believed he was right. That seemed like something that this young woman would do.

Veronique had caught him looking and was flattered that she had caught his attention. She knew that she was attractive, of course, but Lucas Harvey had likely been around a bevy of gorgeous women in his life. She was glad that she had dressed well, but she made sure to listen. With every question she asked, she lowered her voice, made it softer and much sultrier. She was determined if he was giving her this kind of attention, she was going to enjoy it to the fullest – and she was.

Veronique determined that she had enough background material for a great article, so she decided as much as she didn’t want to, she should likely close out the interview. “What do you think is your highest accomplishment?” She asked him, curious to know the answer.

“I don’t know quite how to answer that,” He answered after giving it some thought for a few minutes. “Perhaps I can find out in a few minutes.”

“I beg your pardon?” Veronique said, puzzled.

“My highest accomplishment will be having dinner with you – that is, if you say yes,” He smiled.

“Of course, yes, I’d love to,” Veronique said, almost babbling. “I don’t know why you’d invite me, I’m sure that you must know several lovely, fascinating women that you could invite, but I’d be a fool to turn down such a lovely invitation.”

“I do happen to know several intriguing women, but none of them can hold a candle to you,” Lucas told her. “You’re witty and charming and very attractive and you pay attention when someone is speaking. It’s very refreshing and I like it very much.” His agent was walking towards them, indicating that the book party was nearing an end. “Meet me back here in about 90 minutes, I have a few things to finish up and then we’ll go and have our meal.”

Veronique smiled and then she nearly ran home as fast as her legs would carry her. She was having a date with Lucas Harvey, she was having a date with Lucas Harvey. She rummaged through her wardrobe, rejecting outfits as too slinky, too casual, not right for the season before settling on a light blue, short dress that revealed her legs and clung to her like cellophane. She wanted Lucas to like her for her mind but she certainly gaziantep escortları didn’t mind if he noticed her body as well. That’s what she believed it was there for, to be noticed by men – and Lucas was about as much man as a girl could handle.

She arrived back a few minutes ahead of schedule and when she saw the look on his face, Veronique knew that she had chosen the right outfit. He said his goodbyes and escorted her to his car. She smiled and said to him “You have a Bugatti.”

He smiled and said “You recognize it, most girls wouldn’t. It’s a Veyron 16.4, I’ve always wanted one and now I can afford it – one of the perks of success,” He told Veronique.

“My father has 3 classic Bugattis,” Veronique smiled as she got in the car. Lucas didn’t know what to make of this enigmatic, sexy reporter with the bedroom eyes and the expensive clothes. She was an enigma to him.

As they entered the restaurant, he finally said “May I ask YOU a question? You obviously come from a family with a fair bit of money, so why are you working as a reporter?”

She sat at their table and crossed her legs, making sure that he got a good look at the length and shape of them. “I’ve always loved to write Lucas and I love to learn things and have never been afraid to ask questions. My family pays a lot of my bills, but they don’t pay all of them. I wanted to do a job where my money didn’t matter and this fell into my lap. I’ve met some fascinating, successful people and you’re among the latest. Why do you do all the things you do? You tried – unsuccessfully – to climb the Eiffel Tower, you’ve run with the bulls in Pamplona, you’ve been in several war zones; you’ve talked to the heads of several different countries. Most of your books have been highly controversial. What is the reason for that?”

Lucas was more impressed with the auburn-haired reporter with every passing second. “I’ve been a thrill seeker since I was 5 and jumped off the roof of the garage into a snow bank,” He smiled. “I’m damned lucky I didn’t break anything, but I still like a challenge. The ordinary, the routine, it doesn’t interest me. My family are professionals, lawyers and doctors and the like. That wasn’t for me, I wanted to see the world, write about it, photograph it, tell my stories in fact and fiction.”

“So, your last book – why was it so dull?” She asked, just before their waiter arrived. They ordered drinks and she looked over at him, expecting an answer.

She got one and it wasn’t what she expected. “I think – I think that I had lost a bit of my passion, I wrote a book just to make deadline and that isn’t like me,” He answered honestly. “The editors needed a book, they got a book. The public seems to like it, but you didn’t, not even a little?”

Veronique shook her head, brushing auburn locks from her face. “No – I’ve read all of your books and you’re right, this one lacked passion. It was technically proficient, you told the story well, but it just didn’t engage me the way that your other works have.”

“I’m glad that you enjoy my other works, at least,” Lucas said, motioning to the waiter and ordering himself another drink. Veronique declined a second.

“So, what happened?” Veronique asked him. “What is it that killed your passion, Lucas?”

“You’re going to laugh,” He groaned, slugging back the last of his first drink and believing he’d need the second.

“I’ll try not to and this is all off the record,” Veronique told him, putting her hand on top of his. He had never felt skin that soft in his life.

“I’m lonely,” He said to her, his voice dropping to almost a whisper.

“You’re lonely?” She repeated, not sure if she had really heard him correctly. “Lucas, you know some of the most fascinating people in the world, some of the sexiest women in the world would go to bed with you in a heartbeat.”

“That’s just it, Veronique,” Lucas explained. “Many of them go to bed with me because of who I am and what I’ve done, I’m a conquest to them. They’re not interested in the man, not really. It isn’t only just that, so many beautiful women are just so vapid. You’re the first woman in a long time that I’ve met who has a mind – you even know what vapid means,” He chuckled.

“Oh boo-hoo, cry me a river,” Veronique teased him. “You get to sleep with sexy women and not have to worry about calling them back, life is just so tough,” She continued. Seeing a scowl cross his handsome features, she realized that she might have pushed the joke a bit too far. “I’m only teasing, I know your point all too well,” She sighed. “People look at me and this body, this face and the way I dress, they all assume that I’m so spoiled rich girl. I like people, there’s nothing wrong with having money and my family all work very hard to earn theirs, but I want people to look beyond the physical.”

“I did,” Lucas said, squeezing her hand.

“Yes, you did,” Veronique smiled. “Thank you for that.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with your physicality,” He laughed. “You are one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen.”

“Thank you, I work hard at my job and maintaining my looks,” Veronique smiled as she saw the waiter approaching. “I don’t take anything for granted.”

“Nor should you,” Lucas agreed with her as the waiter neared the table. “Sometimes things get taken away, you have to live in the moment for a little bit of the time.”

They placed their order and talked more and enjoyed each other’s company. Lucas enjoyed the fact that Veronique was not afraid to challenge his beliefs. Veronique enjoyed the combat and she didn’t back down when she thought her date was full of it. As the evening drew to a close, she believed that she had made a new friend – and she hoped for more than that, although he had yet to ask her for a second date. They left the restaurant arm in arm and went back to his car.

“If I have to wait until tomorrow night to see you again, I’m going to go insane,” Lucas told her, ending her suspense. “Would you care to have lunch with me? I’d ask you to breakfast, but I’m really grumpy in the morning.”

Veronique laughed. She wasn’t a morning person either, not by a long shot. “I’d love to have lunch, I know a place.” She described a 50’s diner that she was sure he would like and they made plans to meet there at noon. When he got to her home, she kissed him warmly, indicating how much she had enjoyed their evening. She went inside and felt as if she were floating on a cloud. No one in her life until now had made her feel this alive and aware of herself. He was almost too good to be true and Veronique wanted to see much, much more of the handsome author. She knew that he was a world traveler, but if she could give him a reason to return every so often, she would be a very happy girl!

Lucas casual was almost as sexy as the nicely-dressed Lucas that Veronique had spent the previous evening with. He looked handsome and rugged and broad-shouldered, almost like a cowboy from someplace like Montana. Over lunch, several attractive women came up to him with flirty smiles, asking for autographs and a few pictures. He was gracious and charming, accommodating their requests, but he made Veronique feel as if she was the only woman in the room that mattered. She had dressed a bit more simply, a short skirt, lower heels and a top that left her midriff bare. She still wanted to catch his eye, yet not go too far afield and appear as if she was merely baiting the hook.

“Have I told you how gorgeous you look this early in the day?” Lucas smiled, flattering her.

“It’s 1 PM, not that early,” Veronique smiled back.

“To me, this is like the crack of dawn,” He chuckled. Their food arrived and they made small talk, although Veronique hung on his every word. Nothing he said seemed in the slightest bit trivial, the man had met kings and presidents; his daily life was more interesting than most people’s rarities!

As they neared the end of their lunch, he squeezed her hand and asked her to dinner again. “I’m leaving tomorrow and I don’t want to miss another opportunity to spend more time with you,” He said to Veronique.

Veronique’s heart sunk so far down that she could almost feel it in her toes. He was leaving – okay, it was now time to declare an all-out war! She agreed to dinner and went home to prepare herself. Whatever happened between them at dinner, she wanted Lucas to remember her. She wanted tonight to be a night of magic and passion so that on cold winter’s nights, he would think back and remember their shared heat. She hoped that she could accomplish a simple goal and make him want to come back and be with her again. For the first time in her life, Veronique had fallen in love and she wasn’t letting him go without a fight!

The name of the game tonight was seduction and she was pulling out all the stops. She showered, went and got her hair done, put on slinky lingerie, her sexiest dress, high heels and ran through the litany of things she wanted to say to him. She knew that Lucas would likely be unprepared for such an assault and that’s the way she wanted it. She wanted him to be unable to resist her. For the first time in recent memory, Veronique felt nervous, it reminded her of the first time she had submitted a story for publication. She walked to the sort distance to the restaurant and was seated by the Maitre D’ in a table in the back. Lucas arrived a few minutes later and she was bowled over, he was in a tuxedo and carrying a bouquet of flowers. He was full of surprises ever time they met and she hoped he always would be. He hugged her with such warmth that she didn’t ever want for him to let her go. They ordered chateaubriand and had champagne and laughed. He didn’t take his eyes off her in the slinky, tight-fitting silver dress she had chosen, even her mother had once told Veronique she looked like a high-fashion model in that. Veronique had paid for the dress herself and it had cost her the equivalent of two month’s salary. Looking into Lucas’ eyes, she had no regrets over the expense.

The end of the meal came and the restaurant was closing. It was a beautiful night and he asked her if there was a nice park anywhere nearby where they could go and sit, observe the stars and talk. She sensed he needed to say something serious and her heart thumped, hoping that it wasn’t goodbye.

They found the spot and a nice bench to sit on. She sat close and he let her lean in and press her head against his chest. He leaned down and kissed her lips, her forehead and touched her soft lips. Veronique wanted to say something to this man she was falling for, but what could she say? She had known him for only 2 days and this was all so insane.

“I hope you don’t think I’m out of my mind,” Lucas told her as he squeezed her hands and looked into her dark eyes. “But since the moment I met you, I’ve felt a chemistry I’ve never felt before, not with anyone. You make me smile and I think you’re the kind of woman who will keep me grounded, you’ll keep me real. I suppose that what I’m asking is would you like to pursue a romantic relationship – with me? Every chance I get, I’ll fly back here, we’ll spend time together, enjoy each other’s company, have good meals …” His words were silenced by Veronique’s fingers on his lips.

“You don’t listen very well, darling,” She chuckled. “I said yes almost after the first sentence. The thought of your leaving was making me miserable. Now that I know you’re coming back, I’m a very happy woman,” She grinned from ear-to-ear. She put her hands on either side of his face and kissed him, holding the kiss for what seemed to be a very long time.

“I intended to seduce you tonight,” Veronique confessed. “I pulled out all the stops and under hear, well, let’s just say you would have been a very happy man come the morning.”

“My hotel is 3 blocks away,” Lucas smiled, standing up and pulling her close.

“Yes, but my place is about the same distance and I have thick walls,” She teased.

“My hotel has room service, they’ll make breakfast and they’ll clean the sheets,” He laughed. “We are talking about going back there and having sex, right?” Lucas chuckled.

Leaning in close, she whispered “No holds barred, tear each other’s clothes off, swing from the chandelier, incredible sex, does that answer your question?”

He chuckled. “You’d better believe it does.” He felt like a giddy kid of 18 again as he and Veronique ran the few blocks back to his hotel room. Lucas felt so young and invigorated when he was with her, like there was still much more passion left in his life. Of course there was, he was only 45 and had a lot left to accomplish. It had just taken someone like her to draw it back out.

Veronique stared at this incredible man as they entered the room and just knowing that she was his sent a chill running through her body. She had always been independent, made her own way in the world and yet, knowing that she belonged to someone made her unimaginably happy. Lucas turned around and saw her clothes simply drop to the floor. “I don’t believe in wasting time,” Veronique said as she walked towards the bed and stretched out on it. “I’m a hot-blooded young woman who gets what she wants and I want you to get in this bed and fuck me and keep on fucking me until it’s time for you to go.”

Looking at this beautiful woman through lust-filled eyes, Lucas kept thinking if she fucked as good as she looked, he might not want to leave. Knowing that he had her to come back to strengthened him, for the first time in his life; he had other reasons to enjoy life. He slid into her waiting arms and they kissed each other, sweetly at first, but as Veronique’s perfectly-manicured nails dug into his arms, the kisses grew hotter and more fervent.

“Oh fuck, Lucas darling, do you have any idea of how hot you’re making me?” Veronique groaned. Lucas didn’t answer her, his response was to begin moving down her body, peeling off her lingerie and exploring the contours of planes of her sexy form. With every touch or lingering kiss, Veronique let out contented sighs. Veronique had been around, she’d enjoyed sex and considered herself a woman of passion, but she had been frigid compared to the way she felt right at this moment. Lucas was making her tremble and as she lifted her hips so that he could remove her thong, she knew that he would find her soaked down there.

Lucas loved pleasuring a woman orally, his lovers had all complimented him on his talents in that area. As he tongued his new lover, he cared only about how she felt. From the way her head was twisting side to side, he believed that she felt great about what he was doing to her. He could feel her thighs trembling around his head and was fairly certain that he had made Veronique cum, but he didn’t stop until he WAS certain and heard her panting for him to stop.

“You wonderful, incredible son of a fucking bitch!” She cursed. “That is the best I’ve ever had, let me at that cock of yours. I want to give you a blowjob that will remind you why you’re coming back to me and then we’re going to fuck our brains out!”

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