Here He Comes Again


I got the text that said I need to talk to you. Do you have time to meet me somewhere? Depends on what we are discussing I stated. Business, he said casually. Okay fine, you can meet me at the park in 30 minutes. You know the one close to my house over by the school? See you there he said.

What the hell did he want? Why now after all this time. There was absolutely nothing that I knew that he didn’t know already. And if there was information that he needed about friends that I had been helping, he was not going to get it. I had to have loyalty somewhere.

That’s the way it has been. Always being nice to me and flirting and leading me on; knowing damn well that I was starved for attention that I was not getting at home. Having sex is not something I considered true intimate attention. Anyone can have sex. Hookers have sex all the time if there are any good at their profession.

Ugg, I thought to myself, well time to walk the dog and find out what that shit head wanted. Part of me was jumping for joy because he needed me, the other half was like pshhh, girl get a grip, and he is just playing you for a fool.

I wanted attention, any kind of attention from him; he lit me up like a Christmas tree whenever I was around him. He was a drug and I wanted a fix so badly, I wanted to feel that high even if it was just for a little while.

And out the door I went with my German Shepard proudly leading the way. I took my time, no reason to hurry, I would be there in 30 minutes even if I drug my feet. As I got closer to the park my heart started to speed up as if I was having a slight anxiety attack. Fuck I hate this, fuck I hate wanting him, fuck I hate that he even texted me. Why could he just not leave me to suffer in silence?

And there was his car parked in the parking spots at the park. I could make out from a distance that he was waiting in his air conditioned comfort and appeared to be looking at his phone. No surprise there, he is always checking that damn thing like it is his life line. Well I was going to be a bitch and request that he leave it in the car if he wanted to talk to me.

Trying to get myself under control as my dog perked his ears forward as I got closer to the car. He could sense that I was uptight and he wanted to be on top of any potential danger. Not that my dog would know what to do in that kind of situation as he has never had to protect me. Usually just seeing a German Shepard is enough to detour anyone from getting too chummy.

Well so it begins, he saw me and I am wondering if I should just say fuck you and turn around and walk away from him; just to prove a point. I want to so badly and my brain is saying do it girl, give him something to think about and show him who’s boss. Let him know that you are too good for him and that he is not worth the dirt under your feet.

My heart is screaming no! There he is in his splendor, fuck he looks yummy as usual. He casually looks at his phone again while he nonchalantly walks over to me. He is acting like there is nothing new in the world between us and it’s as if he never read my last email telling him that I didn’t want to talk to or text him anymore because I loved him and he was a drug and I was his addict.

Hey he grins with a chuckle, how’s it going? I see a little color in his cheeks; he must feel slightly embarrassed I start to think. Fine, I state as my heart is pounding with adrenaline and my feet are screaming run away. There is a threat and your flight or fight mechanism says flee this situation right now! It’s good to see you again I stammer as I keep my gaze on the ground. I am not about to give him an inch. Yeah he chuckles, likewise. You are looking good he says, staying out of trouble?

Let’s cut through the small talk Trevor I state. What do you want from me? At this point I can’t believe that came out of my mouth. His wide eyed look tells me that he feels like he has just been slapped across the face and is not sure how to deal with it. I look him directly in the eye this time and I feel my eyes start to well up with tears. Fuck I hate this, why do I need to cry? What the hell is wrong with me?

Let’s go over to the shade he says as he motions toward the picnic area where the tables are empty. Okay I said and I pulled Wiley away from his investigative sniffing of Trevor’s pant legs and head that way. I can feel his eyes on my back, well I guess I hope that is where they are at and not glued to his damn phone. Phone, right, I stop and turn to look at him. He has his phone in his hand. If you want to talk to me, put the phone away.

He looks a little miffed and tucks it into his hip pocket. Then I turn back around to my course. Now I feel his eyes boring a hole into my back. I pick a table that is in the shade and park my ass on the bench and tell Wiley to sit. He sits for a moment before he is back on his feet looking around for trouble or something to investigate. I put the hand hold around my wrist so he can’t run off at any given moment.

Trevor sits across gaziantep escortları me at the table and looks directly into my eyes. I then take the initiative and ask why we are here. What do you need to know? Obviously this is not a social call to tell me that you have feelings for me too and that we are going to work it out because you can’t live without me. Slap! There it is again. He is stunned. I am wondering if he going to get up and leave this time. I am being a bitch but I just can’t help myself.

Liz, he says quietly. I hate it when he calls me that. My full name is Elizabeth and that is generally what everyone refers to me as. When he does, he knows that it strokes my heart and softens me. My hands are in the middle of the table and he reaches over and takes them in his. What the fuck is he doing my head screams, get the fuck off! My heart is melting in pools of soft warm liquid and pouring like a fountain. I want to jerk my hands back but I want to leave them there.

Ugg! I hate myself, why am I allowing this to happen? All he is going to do is turn me into putty and I am going to smoosh through the diamond grate I am setting on and he is going to leave me there because he does not want to clean up the mess. I stare at our hands together and he separates them one in each hand. Our palms are together our finger tips are resting on each other’s wrists.

I know how you feel about me he mumbles; and I need to confess to you. Oh shit here it comes, why couldn’t he just leave me alone? Why did he need to bring me here to embarrass me out in public? I look into his eyes and he says: I am sorry. Oh great, here comes the letdown; but I don’t feel the same way about you.

For what Trevor, I asked? This time he was looking down and said: for not being the kind of friend that I should have been, for letting you down so many times, for casting the one person aside that had my back and really cared about me. Beg pardon, I stated, am I hearing this right? He looks up at me and he is dead serious with a look of contrition. Oh shit, I cannot take those puppy dog eyes. All my resolve for letting him have it went out the window or in this case away on the breeze.

I do want you he said. I don’t want to be without you. I know it’s been awhile, but do you still care about me? I must have been sitting there with my mouth open and a look of disbelief on my face. Yes, I do care about you I said. I said that I loved you and I meant it. I never changed my feelings for you; I have always been transparent with you to a fault. I always felt that you were secretly laughing at me and having a good time at my expense.

Which is why, I said getting up removing my hands from his and looking around suspiciously, are you pulling something today too? Now he looked confused and a little hurt. He stood up and came to stand in front of me. Towering over me he looked down and locked gazes with me as I earnestly looked into his face. What can I do to prove to you that I am serious? What the hell I thought, lets push this to the max.

Kiss me Trevor, like you love me and I am the only woman that you want. Well if you insist he said with a sly turn up of the corner of his mouth and then his head lowered toward mine as my heart was once again racing crazily. Then it happened. His arms were around me and Wiley was wrapping around our legs tying us together with his leash. His hands were pressing my body into his and I had waited so long for this moment.

One hand still held Wiley’s leash and the other snaked up around the back of his neck. He pushed me back against the table we were sitting at and I was forced to slide my backside up on the table top. He pushed in between my knees and soon I was straddling him. His lips were heavy on mine and his tongue forced its way into my mouth. I tasted the tell take sign of the menthol cigarettes that he liked to smoke and I was losing myself with the sweet motion of his kissing.

My eyes were closed savoring the sensations and my head was tilted back. I was lost in reckless abandon as he continued to kiss me passionately. His lips left mine and I was disappointed for a moment before I was again sent into shockwaves of pleasure. His mouth traveled down my jaw to my neck and collar bone. Sweet nips of his teeth and his tongue tasting my skin were driving me mad. I felt a jab to the inside of my thigh through my jeans and discovered that he was erect and pushing against me.

Woah slow down baby I breathed heavily. Why he murmured as he continued the assault and one hand left my back and slid up my rib cage and gripped a breast. As he was gripping my breast, his other hand slid down to my ass and grabbed a cheek. It was almost more than I could bear. Trevor stop, and amidst my pleading to slow down a round of applause broke out across the street. Oh shit, people were watching us that were getting off work and decided to see how far it was going to go.

Great, now my walks will never be the same with the dog. People have seen that the woman with the GSD is a wantonness hussy who has no problem with expressive displays of public affection. He stopped, smiled his show stopping grin, and put his hand in mine and pulled me from the table. We will continue this elsewhere he said huskily. Let’s go. You okay with my dog in your car I asked looking sheepishly? It was a really nice older luxury model.

Do I have a choice he sighed looking at Wiley wistfully? I handed him the leash and he opened the door to usher him in. Wiley did not want to go immediately. He was scared of what was going on. Get into the front seat and he will probably get in then he said. I touched the hot chrome of the handle and grimaced a little as I opened the door and slid into the passenger seat. I looked into the back seat and said come on Wiley. He jumped right in and made a bee line for the driver’s seat where I stopped him and made him sit in the back much to his chagrin.

No dogs in the front Trevor laughed. After starting the car and running the air conditioning for a moment he looked at my face and seemed to study it for a moment and then pulled my head closer so he could again kiss me. I loved this man, his kiss, his lips, and his face, everything about him. There was nothing I did not love except for the shitty crap he pulled on me before. And then I came to my senses, Trevor stop. He pulled back looking quizzically at me. Isn’t this what you want he said looking from one eye back to the other quickly?

Yes, this is what I want and more. But you are killing me with your attention, I can’t do this again. Either this is real or you need to just take me home. Trevor I can’t fall for you so hard that I can’t get back up. If this is not real, you’re sending me over the edge. I know what I need to do he said. With that he pulled back and my heart sank a little.

Pulling out of the parking lot he headed back toward my road. I felt like he was taking me home so I could crawl into my little bed and cry myself to sleep like the idiot I am. Oh well it was fun while it lasted. Coming up to the turn off my heart was in my stomach. He turned on the blinker and I felt the tears welling up and he said I am not turning that way we are headed to my house.

Oh I murmured under my breath. Relax baby I got you he said reaching over to take my hand. The light at the stop turned green and he pulled out on the highway and then floored it. The engine revved up and the car lurched forward speeding us toward our destination. I was honestly surprised that he did such a thing as he had always been such a steady driver and never scared me except for his driving and texting.

When we rounded the corner where his house was in sight I felt a shiver of excitement race down my spine. He pulled up and parked and then got Wiley out of the back seat and came around to my door and opened it wide. For you my lady he grinned handing me Wiley’s leash. Why thank you kind sir I said in response. He reached with his other hand to assist me out of the car. I had never had anyone offer me their hand; I was again in awe of his actions. We walked up to the house and I remembered that he had a little dog and he said give me just a minute to put my dog up so there won’t be a problem.

He disappeared into the house and then reopened the door to bring Wiley and I in. Wiley sniffed around the home and was getting acquainted to the new smells. I looked around his house and complimented his décor which was very nice, which I am not surprised as Trevor has great tastes. Your home is beautiful I mentioned as he was getting drinks from the kitchen.

I was a little nervous to be here alone with him in his house. I wasn’t a dummy; I knew why we were here and what more than likely going to happen was. It seemed a little surreal. Something that I wanted was finally going to happen, but it was so fast that I hardly had time to catch my breath.

Thanks he smiled; coming into the living room he had a Pepsi in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. At least he remembered that I could not handle anything but water or tea. For you lovely he said as he handed me the water. He waited while I took a large sip and then said sit on the couch with me. I would like to continue where we left off he said huskily while dragging me down to the couch on top of his lap.

I straddled his thighs facing him and pulled his baseball cap off and threw it to the side. I took both of my palms and smoothed the sides of his head and noticed that he still had a scar from cracking his head on the trailer a few years ago. I said I need to do this as I missed the chance a long time ago. I brought his head forward and kissed the scar.

I don’t mind he said muffled as I realized his face was buried in my breasts. Oh I’m sorry I said pushing him back. I’m not he said with the front of my blouse firmly in his teeth. His hands slid under my blouse and cupped my breasts. We need to get rid of this he said as his fingers slipped under the lace of my bra and freed my breasts and they fell into natural position.

I gasped as his fingertips found my nipples and rolled them gently between them. Hands up, he said as I was kissing his neck. I obeyed him and lifted my hands into the air and off came my shirt and bra after he unfastened it. As I sat there on his lap lit like a fire he rolled a breast in each hand and brought the nipples to his mouth were his hot tongue and lips licked, sucked, and caressed them to the point of blazing intensity.

I have wanted to do this to you for so long he murmured. I moaned in excitement and pleasure. I could feel that he was getting hard as his jeans rose against mine and pressed hard and wantonly. Trevor, are we going all the way with this? Do you want me to stop he asked with half closed lusty eyes. No I don’t, I want you to fulfil my wildest fantasies right now. Well I am happy to oblige, but let’s not get to hasty. Let me teach you to have some patience pussy cat.

Just what I wanted to hear; another lesson in patience from him. He pushed me off his lap to a standing position. He stood up and grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. I knew he was a luxury seeker looking at the feather bed and the big soft comfy pillows. Pulling back the cover he turned me around and pushed me back on the bed. I watched as he made quick work of my tennis shoes and socks. Then the pants came off, I knew there was no going back at this point.

I lay there topless with nothing on but my panties and he said for the piece to resistance. He leaned over me kissing me long and deep as I felt his hand on my mound and then fingers pushing the thin fabric to the side and he slipped a finger inside me. I moaned deep, he was pleasuring me to insane points of no return. Mmmm he whispered, you are wet and ready for me aren’t you he asked. Please I said, I want all of you.

What seemed like two seconds later he was undressed and hovering over my body. Scoot up he said making sure we were both all the way on the bed. When I scooted up he made way with my panties and slid them off. He looked me in the eyes and then moved down my body to run his tongue along the insides of my thighs and oh fuck he put his tongue into me. I arched my back and prayed that he would not stay there long. I hated being eaten out for an extended period of time and being denied the pleasure of a good hard cock.

What do you want Liz he said pulling away from his favorite spot. I want your cock inside me I begged. What, he grinned, you want me inside you? I want your cock in me, please baby, I want to feel you fuck me till I cum. Oh really he said with an evil grin. Trevor, don’t tease me, you’ll make me cry, I am so frustrated with not having been fucked for so long.

Close your eyes he said and I obediently obeyed as fast as I could to bring about the pleasure that I longed for. I felt is mouth and tongue once again on my body traveling up to my breasts. His mouth found mine and I could taste myself on his tongue. His fingers were still rubbing and stroking my clit. He started to move against my body but still did not insert his penis.

I was beginning to think he was going to play with me all night and I was starting to become disappointed and I turned my head to the side a little as I always did when I just wanted to things to be over. Liz look at me now he commanded. I opened my eyes to see him staring straight into me. He could see that I was disappointed. The look in his eyes told me that he might be a little irritated with me and then while I studied his face I felt him plunge his thick meaty cock inside me with a deep sigh of relief.

Oh fuck, I arched my back trying to take all of him inside me. He was spreading my open like no other man ever had. He was hung like a horse and I was being stud cocked. My eyes were wide with shock and awe and his eyes were a bit glazed as if he was high and his breath was hot in my face.

His eyes closed and his mouth open, he took control of my mouth once more plunging his tongue inside as he plunged his massive cock into me. I am not sure who was groaning louder as he fucked me harder and harder as we raced to the buildup. I wrapped my legs around his ass and he was fucking me so hard I my head was almost off the other side of the bed.

Oh Trevor I moaned, I could feel myself starting to cum. Not yet he groaned and then it was too late, we both started cuming at the same time. I could feel his hot load shooting inside me itching and burning. Oh fuck it felt so good. Oh shit too good. Trevor I panted and started to cry out, too much, I can’t take any more. Yes you can he panted and continued to turn my pussy into a rock hard block. I was so loud I was worried the neighbors would here, but I couldn’t help myself, the pleasure was intense.

Finally Trevor finished after making me come two more times in a row. All I could feel was the constant throb at this point. Trevor rolled off me and lay beside me. My hand which had previously been all over his body reached over and touched his abdomen and lay on sweaty skin fresh from our love making. I patted his stomach, good game I breathed. You liked that he said pulling himself up onto an elbow.

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