High Ride Ch. 01


Chrissi hung up the phone as she pulled up to Tom’s house. She had just gotten finished working, and was looking to relax. She had called Tom in hopes of spending some time with him- the two of them had been close friends for years now, and they also had an incredible sex life together. Tonight, however, Tom’s best friend Kevin would be hanging out with them- not that Chrissi minded, Kevin was an attractive guy who got along well with just about everyone.

Kevin came outside first, and told her they were going to go for a burn run. Tom would be right out- he was taking care of his puppy.

Chrissi took in the sight of Kevin, her mind wandering to the idea of getting naked with him- not that she would ever do that to Tom. Kevin was a swimmer, and his upper body was proof. His broad shoulders and strong back only accentuated the rest of him. He was just a great piece of eye candy.

“So,” Kevin started, bringing her back from her fantasy. “How long have you and Tom been, uh, hanging out?”

“Since junior year in highschool. So, I guess that would be about… four years or so?”

“That’s cool. You’re a hell of a lot cooler than that bitch Beth he used to go out with. Hey, were you two, like, together while he was with her?”

With that, Kevin’s phone rang. “Saved by the bell,” Chrissi thought. She and Tom had in fact been fooling around while he was with Beth.

“Dude, where the fuck are you? Me and Chrissi are out here waiting. I rolled a blunt, but it kinda sucks. Get your ass out here.”

Obviously, the person on the other line had been Tom, who came outside a few seconds later. As he walked around the side of the house, Chrissi’s breath caught in her chest for a second. Seeing him always got her a little worked up- not only was he attractive, but he was very good at doing gaziantep escortları bad things.

As they got on the road, Kevin lit the blunt, hit it, and passed it back to Chrissi. By the time the three of them had finished smoking it, they were back in front of Tom’s house, all very high and very horny.

“You know, dude… Chrissi gives the best head massages EVER,” Tom said. “You should ask her for one… I don’t mind sharing…”

Before he even had to ask, Chrissi had her hands in Kevin’s hair, massaging his scalp. God she got touchy-feely when she was high. She had just been plotting in the back seat- she needed to touch one of them, if not both. Tom put his seat back, and asked Chrissi if she could give him one too. As she sat there rubbing both of their heads, Kevin spoke up.

“Dude, we gotta pay her back somehow. What do you want, Chris? Anything? You hungry? Have the talkies? I know you have the touchies. We’ll give you anything you want, as long as there’s no gay shit. We’re not going to hook up.”

Chrissi giggled, not sharing her thoughts out loud. She wasn’t sure how Tom would handle hearing she wanted to be naked with them both, sucking one of their cocks while the other fucked the daylights out of her. “I dunno. I’m sure I’ll come up with something.”

Eventually the head massages stopped, and Tom was running a hand up and down her thigh. Chrissi leaned over and put her chin on his shoulder. Tom took that as his opportunity to get her hotter than she already was, kissing her neck, then moving to give her a quick passionate kiss on the mouth.

“Alright dude, I’m gonna go inside… I’m gettin kinda jealous watchin you two all up on each other.”

With that, Kevin got out of the car, said his goodbyes, and sauntered inside. Chrissi couldn’t help but watch him go- both him and Tom had awesome asses.

Chrissi climbed up into the front seat and looked at Tom. She couldn’t take it anymore, she needed to feel his hands all over her. She kissed him hard on the mouth and ran her hand down his chest to his stomach, knowing he loved it. Tom responded just as she had hoped, by running a hand up her shirt to her 36DD breasts.

“God I want you,” she whispered, kissing his neck and ears, her breath turning ragged. She was a horny girl to begin with, and smoking weed just amplified that. Her hands struggled to get his belt undone and he slipped one of his cold hands into her pants. Just as things began to get interesting, Tom’s phone beeped, signaling a text message. With one hand he deftly pulled it out of his pocket, and read it. Chrissi managed to sneak a peek before he slipped it back into his pants. It read: dude, if you fuck in my new car before i get the chance, i’ll kill you. Kevin obviously knew what the two of them had in mind when he left them alone.

Bringing her back to the present, Tom slid two finders into her wet pussy, while twisting one of her nipples with the other hand. Chrissi arched into him, savoring the feeling. Finally, she wrestled his hard cock out of his pants and began stroking it slowly. She kept steady eye contact with him as she worked his cock in her hand. They had been doing this so long she knew exactly what he liked.

Tom kept working Chrissi’s nipple with one hand and playing with her pussy with the other. Occasionally he would slip his soaked fingers out of her and rub her clit before burying his fingers even deeper into her wet slit. Before she knew it, Chrissi was coming hard, and she tightened her grip on Tom’s cock. Once her orgasm finished shaking her body, Chrissi looked at Tom and winked.

“Oh God,” Tom breathed as Chrissi slowly trailed her tongue up the length of his cock. She had done it so lightly he could barely feel it. She took a few seconds to flick her tongue around the head, then buried his cock in the back of her throat. Tom groaned as she slowly took his shaft out of her mouth.

Chrissi knew she’d have to be getting home soon, so she got down to business. She lightly tugged on Tom’s balls while sliding her mouth up and down his cock, varying with speed and intensity every couple minutes. A shudder wracked Tom’s body, as he announced he was going to cum soon.

Chrissi took him all the way in again, swallowing his whole nine inches. As she slowly pulled back, she felt him blow his load into her mouth. She worked his cock slowly as she swallowed every last drop of his hot cum, looking up at him while she did so. Tom shivered, and she knew he was finished. She kissed him on the neck, said goodbye, and headed home.

When Chrissi got home, she received a text message. “That was fun- Kev’s upset he missed out.” With a laugh, Chrissi sent a message back telling him to stop pouting- he got a head massage. The next message she got said “He says he wants more. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a lil three way action…”

Chrissi was astounded. Tom and Kev were both straight. Yes, they were best friends, but she had never even heard them kid about having a threesome. She remembered Keving even saying “No gay shit” not even an hour before.

“What about no gay shit?” she texted back, anxious for their reply.

“We never said we had to do anything with each other, besides, we’re kidding.”

Chrissi smiled, hoping that maybe they weren’t. She went to bed that night, fantasizing about having them both at once, focusing their attention on her, while she drove both of them crazy. She figured she would just have to wait and see what happened….


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