His Daughter’s Teacher


“I’ll have what she’s having.”

I heard him say it, but I tried to ignore it. First of all, I assumed he wasn’t talking about me. Secondly if he was, it’s a pretty lame way to pick up a girl at the hotel bar.

“Can I join you?”

Turns out he was talking about me. I was about to kindly decline, and tell him that I was just leaving. But when I turned to look at him, I realized I had misread the whole situation.

“What brings you to Grand Rapids, Ms. Baker?”

It was Janelle’s dad. I met him at the beginning of the year during Parent/Teacher conferences.

He seemed nice enough, but I didn’t really know him.

“Oh, hi!” I said, relieved it wasn’t some creeper trying to pick me up. “I’m here for a workshop. You know me, always working!”

“I know the feeling,” he responded. “I’ve got a meeting in this hotel tomorrow morning.”

“Grab a seat”, I said. “I’m waiting for a friend and we’re going out for dinner. You can keep me company while I wait.” I wasn’t particularly attracted to him, but he wasn’t bad looking. Definitely a handsome older man. He was older than most of the other dads in my class, and his wife was easily 10 years younger than him.

He bought me a drink, and we sat and talked. Flirty, but harmless. I wasn’t interested in fucking the dad of one of my second graders, and I knew he had a hot trophy wife at home. This was all innocent.

Then he ordered another drink, his second, and bought me my third. The alcohol did its job, and our walls started coming down. He knew how to flirt, and I couldn’t tell if he wanted more, or was just one of those guys who can’t help themselves. He rested his arm on the back of my chair. He leaned in close when he’d make a wisecrack. He knew how to make the situation feel entirely comfortable while still having an air of a first date. This was starting to feel naughty, and I couldn’t wait for my friend to show up to rescue me from this whole situation.

But for some reason, I played along. Batting my eyelashes as I looked at him and took a sip of my gin and tonic; playfully swatting at him when he made a joke; placing my hand on his thigh when I talked to him. Except…

My hand didn’t touch his thigh. Nope, there was something between my hand and his thigh and I’m not talking about his pants. My hand was resting on his cock. Holy shit, he was huge. It didn’t even feel hard…was this how long he was, flacid?

I pulled my hand away instantly, and he made no acknowledgment of what just happened. But for me, everything changed. I couldn’t focus on our conversation, and I could only try my best not to glance down at his crotch hoping to see the outline of that anaconda that was in his pants.

I knew it was wrong. Of course I did. He was married, and I’d have to face his adorable daughter on Monday. Nothing that was about to happen was a good idea. Still, that didn’t stop me from texting my friend and telling her that something came up. At, least, I hoped it was up and I definitely wanted it to come.

I finished my drink and looked at him. “Want another?” he asked?”

“One more.”


What happened between then and the elevator is unimportant, because it was more of the same. We drank, we flirted, and decided to call it a night.

The elevator stopped at my floor, and he followed behind me. I never invited him to my room, and we never discussed what would happen when we left gaziantep escortları the bar – but we didn’t need to.

I slid my key card into the door, and I felt his hands grab my hips, pulling himself against me. With his hands running up and down my skirt, he touched his lips to my neck. Maybe he did this type of thing all the time, or maybe this was new to him too. Either way, he knew how to get me going.

I turned my head so his lips could move up my neck to my cheek, and I pushed my ass back against him. He was rock hard, and that cock was begging to be set free.

I opened the door, and pulled him into my room. This time, I pushed him against the door and immediately dropped to my knees. He looked down at me as he played with my hair, but my focus was on what was directly in front of me. I wanted it, and I wanted to play with it.

Running my hand up his pant leg, I started rubbing his cock through his slacks. He was long and he was thick. He writhed his hips, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of his crotch.

I pulled his hands off my head, and pushed his palms against the door. With my eyes still on the prize, I undid his belt, and unbuttoned his pants.

I pulled down his boxer briefs, and there it was.

I had no reason to be surprised, but I still was. It was huge. It was beautiful. And it was rock hard in front of my face. I looked up at him, and saw that he was staring down at me come biting his lower lip. While continuing to stare into his eyes I started rubbing it to. Running my hand all the way up-and-down slowly. My hands could barely wrap all the way around it, it was easily the biggest I’d ever seen in my life.

He started playing with my hair again, and put his hand behind my hat a. We both wanted the same thing so he didn’t have to push very hard for me to move my head forward and put my lips around the head of his massive, juicy cock.

I opened wide, and put the head between my lips. With my eyes closed I sucked like it was a popsicle on a hot summer day. I had to drop my jaw and open wide to fit him in, and that turned me on so much. There was no way I could fit all of him in my mouth, but I was determined to try.

I ran my lips along the side of him, wanting to get it nice and wet. With both of his hands now behind my head, I reached my hands behind him and pulled him closer to my face.

Opening wide, I began to slide him into my mouth. It kept going deeper into me, and he was so thick, my teeth scraped against him. He didn’t seem to mind, though. He filled my entire mouth, and I couldn’t do much. I had very little control over what would happen next. Sucking and licking him proved more difficult than I expected.

Fortunately, he knew exactly what to do. Of course he did…I’m sure he’d been in this situation many times before. He placed a hand on the side of my face, with the other still behind my head and started grinding his hips forward and backward. I thought I was going to give him a blowjob, but no – he was totally in control. With his back against the wall, and me on my knees, he was fucking my face.

I didn’t dare look up at him. I closed my eyes and focused on the amazingness that was occurring in the moment. I still had no intention of fucking him. I still had an ounce of morality left in me. But this…I wanted this.

He pulled my head away from him, and looked down at me. As I looked up, I saw his suggestive smile. He wanted more. But I wasn’t going to give it to him.

Looking up, staring into his eyes, I resumed jacking him. He loved watching me handle his cock. I could tell by the way he licked his lips, breathed heavily, and smiled as he stared at me.

But then he grabbed my hands, and pulled me up. With my hands in his, we were standing face to face. He touched his lips to mine, and I instantly pulled away. That felt wrong, too. I know, it makes no sense. Letting him cram his cock in my mouth was fair game, but kissing him or fucking just felt like crossing a line.

He let go of my hands, and grabbed my waist. Pulling me back to him, he started kissing my neck. One of my hands went behind his head to pull him closer. The other went back down to stroke him some more. I really wanted to resist him, but I liked the way his lips felt on my skin. And I really loved the way he felt in my hand.

I pulled my head back, and let him kiss all over my neck, while rubbing him slowly. I was too caught up in the moment, and I didn’t even notice that he had unzipped my skirt. Before I knew it, his hands were underneath my skirt, running over my ass and sliding down the waist of my thong.

I wanted, so badly, to guide his cock to my already wet pussy. I was dying to push my thong to the side and rub the head of his dick against my swollen lips. I squeezed his cock in my hand, and envisioned him pushing me onto the bed, propping my legs onto his shoulders, and tearing me open with that rock hard fire hose.

But I couldn’t do it. I pushed him away, and shook my head. Smiling at me, he started unbuttoning his shirt. He definitely intended to fuck me, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could resist him.

Buck naked, and rock hard, he walked back toward me. I stepped out of my skirt and kicked off my shoes. He grabbed me by the waist again and pulled me toward him. Our lips touched and our tongues met in the middle. Without thinking, I put my arms around him and kissed him deeply and passionately. His cock was pressed against my thong, and his hands crept up the back of my blouse.

I never really noticed his big hands before, but they felt amazing against my skin. With my top still on, he undid my bra while we continued to make out. I stepped back, and he pulled my blouse over my head, as my bra fell to the floor. I moved in to kiss him again, but his face went lower, straight to my tits. He grabbed one in his huge hand as he hungrily ate at the other. He was going at me as aggressively as I was going at him 10 minutes earlier. With his free hand, he hiked my leg up along his side, and I wanted him to tear off my thong and take me.

I fell back into the bed, and his lips never left my chest. Maybe he knew about my hesitation to sleep with him, or maybe he was just really good at foreplay. Either way, that free hand made it’s way up my leg, behind my ass, and underneath my thong. Pushing it aside, he inserted a finger into me and I moaned out. His cock was the width of 3 fingers and I needed it so bad.

I put my hand behind his head, and squeezed his hair in my fingers as I pushed my hips up. I wanted more fingers inside of me, and I wanted them deep.

Seeming to read my mind, he inserted another. Then he curled them so they grazed my clit, as he kissed lower to my stomach. I let go of his head, and he dropped to his knees at the foot of the bed, pulling my underwear down at the same time. I glanced down at him, and he was staring at my pussy. He watched his fingers make me wetter and wetter and I could see the lust building in his eyes. I’m sure I had the same look when I first saw his cock.

He closed his eyes and moved forward, wrapping his lips around my soaking wet pussy, as he pushed his two erect fingers deep into me. He sucked on my clit as he fucked me deep with his fingers.

I layed my head back and closed my eyes, still seeing that enormous cock of his and anxiously awaiting his it would feel when I put it in me. Yup. I was going to fuck him tonight… no more point in pretending I wouldn’t.

In my mind, I was face down on this bed with my ass in the air. He’d have one hand on my ass with the other pushing my face down against the pillow – perfect for muffling my screams as he fucked me harder than I’ve ever been fucked.

I needed him so badly. I was so turned on by my fantasy, that I came with his fingers inside of me, and his lips wrapped around me. I looked down, and he didn’t even notice – he was still eating and fingering as aggressive as before.

I pulled his head up, so he could see me. “I need you,” I said. He smiled and made his way up to me.

He propped my knees up and moved his mouth went back to my tits. His cock was just inches away, and I was going insane with the need to have it in me. I reached down to grab it, and he moaned into my chest. I started to guide it to my aching pussy, and he pulled away.

“I shouldn’t.” he said.

Turns out he shared my moral stance – everything we’d done so far was perfectly fine, but sticking that cock inside of me was where he drew the line. Be still my heart…I wanted him even more.

I sat up, at the edge of the bed and smiled at him. Reaching forward, I maintained eye contact and begin to run him slowly. My hand moving in broad strokes, I loved watching his face, and knowing that he wanted it inside of me as I did.

I would occasionally lean forward to kiss it and lick it. But if it wasn’t inside me, I wanted to see it, so I jacked him harder and faster. He breathed deeper and closed his eyes. Was he picturing his wife? If he was, he didn’t do it for long, because he’d only close his eyes for a second before looking back at me. Yeah, he wanted to see this too.

He moved his hips in time with my hands, and I needed to use both. The only thing I wanted was for him to cum, and he wasn’t leaving until he did.

He played with my hair, as I gripped him tighter. I leaned forward to give it another kiss, and he pushed me down on the bed. For a second I thought he was giving in and going to fuck me – but once I saw the look on his face, I knew what was happening.

The first squirt hit my stomach. Then my chest, then my chin. It’s never been a kink of mine to have someone cum on me, but I loved every second of it.

I wanted it in my mouth. I tried to position myself, and he tried to straighten his aim to help, but we were unsuccessful. If that was the only disappointment tonight, it’s still a really fucking good night.

And that was it. I had no expectations that he’d stay the night, or that this would begin some torrid afair. This was a night of pure passion and lust, and I was perfectly okay with it.

The next time I saw his daughter in my classroom, I felt nauseous and terribly guilty.

But the next time I saw him picking her up from school, I was instantly wet. I locked myself in the faculty restroom and relived that amazing night.

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