His Wife, His Breeder Ch. 02


I would like to thank Snowbear for editing this for me. Editors are an important part of writing for me. Sometimes as a writer, you don’t see your own mistakes. Thanks again.


I am standing in our kitchen preparing your favorite soup as I watch the snowflakes fall outside the window. It blankets the ground in a thick layer, as if it is trying to protect it from the ice storm to come. Protection, that brings about memories of him. I wasn’t always a breeder, I used to be a CPA in one of the top 5 firms in the country. However, this is the story of how I came to leave that life behind and become so much more than his wife.

Chapter 2:

Since Marcus did not put on any clothes before leaving the room, I was able to watch his ass as he walked away. At the end of the hallway he said, “You have 5 minutes. Lotion your body only. Do not dress. Meet me in the dining room when you are done.”

I knew better than to contradict what he asked of me. I sat down on the end of the bed and began to lubricate my body. On the other side of our bed, near the closet door, we had a full length mirror. It caught my attention and I went to stand in front of it. As I stared at myself I begin to think:

“How can he love me when I look like this? I have rolls upon rolls on my sides, my stomach pokes out, my arms are huge and flabby, my thighs are huge and have cellulite everywhere, and of course, my breasts are too large and sag.”

Try as I might over the years, I have still not been able to love the way I look. But he does, so I try to dress so that my flaws don’t show.

“One minute left,” I heard Marcus holler down the hall.

“Alright, I’m coming,” I called. I rushed to finish applying the lotion to my body then started down the hall. As I turned left into our dining room, Marcus motioned for me to sit in his lap.

“I think this is going to be a long conversation. If I sit in your lap you won’t be able to feel your legs in 2 minutes,” I chuckled. I moved to take the seat next to him but he cleared his throat loudly.

“Marissa, I want you to sit right here,” he said, patting his leg.

I walked over and sat on his right knee and wrapped my arms around his neck for support.

“Straddle me,” he growled.

I shifted to straddle his waist and he moved us and the chair so that my back was supported by the edge of the table. We looked at each other for several minutes, staring at each other. I touched his chest and face and shoulders. I kissed his cheek and neck and lips. I savored the taste of him as if he was the last drink of water I would ever have.

The intimateness of the situation made me forget all of my earlier insecurities. “I love you,” I whispered into his lips.

I could feel him hardening beneath me. It felt wonderful. I began to wiggle my hips, trying to move so that he could enter me. He restrained my hips with his hands. This was the first time since I had sat down that he touched me. gaziantep escortları All of a sudden I felt self-conscious that I had done something wrong. I crossed my arms over my chest and stopped moving, the desire began to drain out of me as if someone had pulled the drain on a bath tub.

“Marissa, I love you too. But, we need to eat. You are going to need proper nutrition and strength.”

Marcus lifted me so that I was sitting on the table and then he rose and went into the kitchen. When he returned, he was carrying a heaping plate of Baked Ziti from the Italian place up the street.

“You don’t really expect me to eat all of that, do you, Marcus? I may be fat but I don’t eat that much!” I laughed.

Marcus handed me the plate and a fork, repositioned himself in the chair, and pulled me back into his lap; while I held the plate between us. He grabbed the plate and fork from me and laid them on the table.

“When did you become so self-conscious, Angel? You are not fat. You are beautiful. You may have a bit more weight than most women, but do you hear me complaining? I love the way you look, the way your thighs grip me when I thrust into you. The way your breasts swing when I take you from behind. I love that when I cuddle you at night, you are soft and fit into me. I love every part of you.” As he said this I began to cry. Why would he love me like this? I’ll never understand.

“Don’t cry, Angel. Look at me, talk to me.”

“I don’t like the way I look,” I said. “My entire family is thin and short and dainty. I have never been like that. I have always been taller than everyone, fatter than everyone, I never feel like a lady. Ladies are supposed to be small and fragile. When people look at me that isn’t what they see, they see a big woman who should be able to take care of everything. But, sometimes I don’t want to,” I said as I began to cry harder.

“I wanna feel cherished and treated like a woman, not just another one of the guys,” I said, now crying hysterically.

As Marcus sat and listened to me, he softly stroked my back, holding me close to him as I became more hysterical.

“Listen to me very closely Marissa. From now on, there is nothing that you have to take care of that you don’t want to. I love you, all of you. What did Jill Scott say in that song… ‘I love you from your hair follicles to your toenails’?”

I chuckled as he began to sing the song to me. I sat up and he dried my eyes with a napkin.

“Now that we have taken care of that, we should eat.”

“Ok,” I agreed. I moved to get off of his lap, but he grabbed my hips and held me firm.

“You will eat right here,” he said, pointing to his lap.

As I began to make another remark about my weight, he narrowed his eyes at me and I thought better of it. Marcus grabbed the plate from the table and began to feed me. I acquiesced and let him feed me. It was nice to be pampered for a change. Once I declared that I was full, he handed me the plate and I began to feed him.

As I continued to feed Marcus, I couldn’t help but wiggle around on his lap. His cock had begun to stir and was throbbing against my slit. My body was craving his cock and my wetness was being slathered between our bodies.

“Marissa, if you do not stop that infernal wiggling, I am going to have to tie you down so that I can finish my dinner in peace.”

“Tie me down, really, Marcus,” I laughed, as I tried to give him another bite.

He grabbed my hand and his face lit up as a smile slowly crept over his face.

“Yes, Marissa, I think that is exactly what I am going to do.”

Marcus took the plate from me and motioned for me to ease myself back onto the table.

“What are you doing Marcus?” I asked.

“I just told you, I’m tying you down so that I can eat in peace”

“Seriously! You’re joking,” I chuckled.

“Marissa, if you say one more thing, I am going to gag you.”

“Gag me, Marcus. With what?” I challenged.

“I warned you,” he said calmly.

Marcus got up from the table and picked up several dish towels from the side table.

“Lay down,” he commanded.

There was a tone in his voice that warned me not to argue. I lay back on the table and watched as Marcus began to tie me down. He positioned my legs over the sides of the table and wrapped the dish towels around my calf and the leg of the table. He connected two towels together and tied my arm to the table leg at the top of the table. He then repeated the same action with my other arm. By the time he was finished, my legs were spread eagle, and my arms had virtually no range of movement.

“My beautiful Angel,” Marcus crooned as he swept over me with his eyes.

“So, now what?” I asked teasingly.

“Oh, yes, the gag. I did promise you that.”

Marcus disappeared down the hall, and, when he returned, he held two scarves, one for my eyes, and one to gag me.

“Maybe now I can eat in peace” he sighed.

Even though I could not see, I heard Marcus sit down in the chair and pick up the plate.

“Look at that pretty pussy, dripping onto the table. Hmmm… maybe you can be my plate”

Oh my, I thought, how was I going to be his plate? All of a sudden, I felt a warm glop fall right on top of my mound.

“Ummmmm,” I mumbled around my gag, squirming in my bonds.

“Quiet down, Marissa, I’m just fixing my plate.” Marcus said calmly.

I felt another dollop fall onto my upper and lower stomach, each breast, and in the space between where my neck and chest meet.

“If you spill my dinner with all of your squirming, I’m going to punish you, Marissa. Now be a good wife and let me eat, then I will fulfill your every need,” he whispered into my ear.

I felt his mouth descend onto my neck, and begin to suck the pasta from my body. He made sure to lick off all of the sauce before he moved to my first breast. As he licked the first nipple I inhaled sharply, almost causing the food to spill.

“Be still,” he warned.

I tried to relax into the table and hold still as he licked and sucked all over my breast. The food was long gone but he continued to lick and suck anyway.

“I can’t wait until you have milk,” he said. “I will drain you dry every time I get the chance.”

I moaned around my gag, his words causing me to become even wetter. I was struggling to hold still as he tormented me, finally leaving that breast for the other. By the time he finally made his way to my lower belly, I was moaning and groaning into the gag. I wanted to beg him to take me, but he continued to eat his dinner.

“Only one more bite to go Angel” he said.

Marcus positioned himself at the end of the table and leaned over to feast on the food that he had placed at the top of my mound. Once he finished licking the last of the sauce from my body, he began to kiss along my pelvic ridge and down my things, purposely avoiding the one spot he knew I wanted him to kiss the most.

Suddenly, I felt my legs being released and Marcus pulled me further toward the edge of the table. He wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust into me, hard and deep, bottoming out on the first stroke.

This fast and unexpected intrusion caused me to scream around my gag. Marcus gripped my hips and powerfully thrust into me again and again. I could hear the table legs sliding on the wooden floor at the end of each thrust.

Marcus moved my legs toward the top of his shoulders and continued to pound away at my body. I was moaning uncontrollably when the first smack landed on the side of my buttocks.

I screamed around the gag again and my eyes rolled in my head at the new sensation of pleasure. Every few strokes, Marcus smacked my ass on one side or the other.

I felt as if I was sitting on the edge of a mountain, and there was something I needed to tip me over. Marcus placed one hand on top of my mound and used his thumb to circle my clit.

“Come for me, Angel. I want to feel you shatter to pieces around me.”

That was all I needed. I felt the pressure come to its crescendo and I toppled over the mountain edge. I screamed, “MARCUS!”, from beneath the gag and my entire body tensed. My pussy convulsed around his cock, milking him over and over. He exploded inside me and it was almost as if I could see colored stars filling my vision.

When my body finally relaxed, Marcus released my arms from their bonds,and untied my gag and blindfold. He removed my legs from his shoulders and placed them back on his waist, then helped me to sit up, never removing his cock from my body.

“I love you, Marissa” he said, holding me to his chest and breathing harshly into my hair.

“I love you too, Marcus.”

“Let’s go to bed. Tomorrow we will begin our new life, and you need your rest.”

I agreed. Marcus picked me up, held me by my ass and carried me to the bedroom, never separating our bodies.

I could only imagine what tomorrow would hold.

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