Holiday Extended Ch. 2

Ass Pussy

The moonlight played off of every curl and ripple. The sea with its infinite repetition. The sound so soothing, so calming, so relaxing, it should rock anyone to sleep…almost anyone. Looking over my shoulder, the ambient light touching gently on every surface, most of all, the face of the angel, bathe in a celestial glow. Smiling softly at her, seeing the peace and tranquility, before sighing breathlessly. Turning my attention back, taking in the magic of the evening. The pure white sand now a ghostly pale blue, the tropical plants barely possessing a hint of their vibrant lush shades of green. Countless stars, burning bright and twinkling, reminding me of pinholes in a black curtain.

Stepping out onto the patio, the clay tiles after roasting all day in the sun, now are cool, but not nearly as cool as the sand I tread upon in bare feet.

Reaching the shoreline, the whispers of the waves now lapping at my toes. Though I should be exhausted from activity, I felt like a swim. Leaving the only article of my clothing on the beach before wading in.

Taking a deep breath just as I dive over a crest, the water, surprisingly warm, soon envelops me. Frantically kicking, arms thrown out, hands cupping propelling myself further and further out. Swimming with such fury only to suddenly roll on to my back and simply, float. Passively riding the motion, gazing once again up at the tiny lights peering down on me.

Leisurely using the backstroke to head in. The shallow roars of the waves, alerting me as to when I neared. Turning over, letting the current carry me the rest of the way.

Walking out, seawater over my form, trailing and trickling, leaving me chilled but also exhilarated.

Retrieving my shorts but not bothering to put them back on. My eyes falling on a spot not far from where I stood. A place where La Fay and I made love that morning. The sand now smooth from the tide but the sensations, so tender and vivid, could never be so easily washed away. Even the brief thought had warmed me to the point of driving away the chill.

Cleaning away any sand that has caked my feet, lest I trail any inside. Navigating the darkness, with the occasional shaft of lunar illumination to guide me.

The showerheads spring to life and in moments I was re-immersed in an aqueous delight. Soon clean and towel clad

In the bedroom I found the angel. She had shifted, more to my side of the bed, still in one of my shirts. Arm draped over the pillow I was using, and her knee hiked high, allowing me to take in her tender beauty. Enjoying the soft curves, both covered and bare. Climbing in and lying behind her , spooning. Taking the comfort of her, even while in deep slumber, snuggling back gaziantep escortları to me.

With her in my embrace, kissing the back of her head, before drifting off to the realms where she dwells for the moment.

* * * *

As I drove, I delighted in the open road. Thankful for the lack of a top on the jeep, we hugged the curves, the wind whisking over us. Lafay fired off shots from her thirty-five millimeter. It seemed she oohed and ahhed after every turn. Capturing image after breathtaking image on the thin role of film. Scenes of the fabulous terrain, the plants, the local wildlife. Even managing to snap one of a butterfly riding the current of the island breeze.

She wore a white polo shirt and khaki pair of shorts, leather sandals. Her hair up in a pony tail, a pair of sunglasses rested by one leg in the V of her shirt. I chose a similar shade for my trousers, and boat shoes. A short sleeved shirt, a pale blue that according to some did something to my eyes but I never saw it myself. Casual but neat.

As we neared the town, we realized that the little cottage we were staying in was that secluded. The sheer number of tourists baffled us, and yet a few miles away you would swear that the island was practically deserted.

Deciding to see a bit more, we pulled over. Hand in hand we walked the boulevards. Peeking into various shops and boutiques windows. All the while, enjoying the myriad of peoples touring the island, the sights, and the many languages that filled the air.

Whether intentional or not, in no time we found ourselves in front of the restaurant. Whisked away by the waitress to a table with a view along the beach. The sky so incredibly blue, stretched out endlessly, nary a cloud to be seen. In the distance the billowing sails of a ship skating across the horizon.

The sound of a click drew my attention and I watched Lafay lower her camera. “I hope you didn’t waste any of that film on me?” with a gentle smile I asked.

With a look of frustration she replied “You know I haven’t been able to get a clear shot of you yet…either you are looking away, of something gets in the way, sunglasses or a sudden discovery causes you to turn…. I can’t put my finger on it.” I could see her mind working.

“I’m just a little camera shy.” Coyly winking.

“Shy!?” with a breathless laugh.

Putting my hand over hers, “Well, a little”. Kissing her high on the cheek. Slowly pulling back to look in to her eyes, almost as if I were searching for something. Carefully squeezing her fingers and saying to her just above a whisper”…thank you for coming here with me.”

Her eyes more than any other of her beautiful facial features softened. A redness tinted her face as her gazed dropped lower almost to the plate. Another gentle squeeze, followed by the silent exchange of smiles and glances.

From the corner of my eye, I spied a man coming in to the room. Some would call him, rotund, stocky, and solid, some even would say fat. To me he was more of a bear of a man, and clad all in white I’d make it a polar bear at that. He moved like an iceberg, slow and steady in a seat of tables over the wooden deck. I knew him to be in his sixties but could easily pass for someone in his forties who had a very hard life. His hair was short but full, thick like the shade of snow it appeared like. Deep wrinkles covered his cheeks and surrounded his eyes. All in all he did seem to better suited to a climate that could only be described to many as ‘Brutal’. Lafay followed my point of attention to the man and chimed” Let me guess…that’s who we’re meeting.”

“Correct.” Taking a sip of my iced tea.

The short trip or perhaps the temperature had left him on the brink of being breathless, but not so much as to prevent his greeting. His voice a thick and heavy baritone that sounded as if it had started deep with in his core and charged forward, “Kak dela, kak poszivaesh?”

My mind must have been waiting for it because my response was instantaneous “Neploho druszbau, chevo szalovatsya ved mid szivet v raic.”

A rumbling yielded a laughter that turned his face deeper red than the heat “Soglaseu!” Taking his handkerchief out to wipe his face and adding in a softer voice “Ona poui maet?”

“Nyet, davai angliskii.”I had answered, the whole verbal exchange maybe lasted five seconds.

Pulling a chair out and resting his mass, he extended his hand “Okay” he smiled” It’s good to see you again.”

Palms clasped tightly over the table, I gestured with my free hand “Constantine, this is Lafay…Lafay this is Constantine…a friend.” giving him a half nod.

“I am extremely delighted to make your acquaintance my dear”They both smiled

but they were smiles of suspicion.

“A pleasure, you know your English is very good…almost no accent what so ever.” I had never thought I’d see the day that Constantine was for a loss of words.

He did manage to fumble out “It has not been without effort.”

With an almost matter of fact tone “I’m sure.” I somehow supressed my smile. She sensed something and he knew it. I thought at the moment that she could actually be on the verge of enjoying the way the large man squirmed in his chair beneath her gaze. The same gaze that I long for, the same gaze that others tried to avoid especially after she’s tracked them down. He clearly was not ready for this woman. A woman with sharp perception, keen hearing and those incredible eyes that saw more than he had intended to give.

“I should say Constantine, Lafay is a police officer.” which seemed to clear a few things up but then I added “And we are here on vacation.”

“VACATION!?”As his booming laughter returned, his broad hand came down and slapped the tabletop so hard that the glasses jumped. His whole body jiggled and the other patrons turned to look over.

Looking over to the angel to apologize, I found her appearing a bit amused with the bear than I would have thought.

After regaining his composure, he explained that he wasn’t expecting that. Quickly I reminded him that this was a favor and “My” time was actually, slipping my arm around Lafays’ shoulder “Our” time and if we could get on with it.

“Now THAT I expect” pulling a card from his coat and pushing it over to me. I take another sip as I read the card I haven’t picked up, and then look back to her.

“I’ll see what I can do.” The plump hand retrieves the card.

“It was very nice meeting you Miss” His tone swiftly changing from jovial to serious” Take care of her, she’s something precious you know?”

Reclaiming her hand, “I know, precious and much more, I’ll have something for you in a week or two.”


“You’re welcome.” The floorboards creaked as the bear stood and turned on his heel, I noted that he took the same path out as he did in, somehow I knew so did Lafay . He was gone just as quickly as he arrived. Innocently I asked, “So what would you like for lunch?”

“Lunch? Lunch? What was that? Who was he? What’s going on?” in whispers that sounded a bit like hisses.

I couldn’t help but chuckle “You can take the cop out of the city but you can’t take the cop out of the cop.” I could see she didn’t want to grin but she did anyway. So after the waitress took our orders I explained in detail.” Sometimes my company lets me work for independents and even the competition, if they are willing to pay certain fees.” I paused for a second and continued” It’s a win-win situation, due to the fact that if I do a poor job I am not linked to the other company and I carry the blame alone, and if I do a good job, my company gets the credit and possible contracts in the future.”

“And Constantine?”

“Sort of a broker…he collects a finders fee, a rather expensive middle man” I could see her mind working it all over, and I knew that there would be more questions but that was for later as our appetizers had just arrived.

Changing the subject, she playfully mentioned, “Maybe I’ll just wait until you are asleep to take your picture.” With a wicked grin.

Raising an eyebrow, in an equally playful tone “No good”

“Why not?”

Winking before saying “It would guarantee that my eyes would be closed.”

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