Home From Home Ch. 06


As time went on, I began to see less and less of my almost adoptive family. My university commitments, along with Sarah’s, and Lauren’s work meant that I really never got to spend much more than half an hour with either of them at any one time. I’d never seen much of Alison, the youngest, as she was the one with fewest responsibilities, and was always out with friends it seemed.

Anyway, a couple of weeks went by after my outdoor ‘heart to heart’ with Lauren, when it transpired that Sarah and I would be at home together by ourselves that Friday night. We made an agreement that we would both be up to date with our studies, and not to make other plans. I was quite looking forward to it, as I hadn’t spent any time at all with her since her mother caught me masturbating for her, and I kinda wanted to finish that episode off, as it were.

Friday night rolled around. I got back a little late from a study session at the library, my study buddy wouldn’t let me leave, despite my near desperation. I dumped my bag in my bedroom, slipped off my trainers and headed downstairs.

Sarah was in the living room, on her phone. I waved at her, and she smiled back. After a couple of minutes, and half a conversation that didn’t really make any sense to me she hung up.

‘Hi,’ she smiled at me, ‘finally made it then.’

‘Yeah, sorry about that. But it’s done now I am all yours for the rest of the evening. What did you have planned?’

‘Oh, nothing really,’ she said coyly, ‘I thought we’d just, you know, hang out.’

She began to blush. I knew exactly what she meant, but I was going to play with her. She was usually quite embarrassed about asking me to get my bits out, and I found that very cute, so I played it for all it was worth.

‘Just hang out huh?’ I put on a thoughtful face, ‘sounds interesting.’

‘I thought so.’

At that moment We heard the front door open, and seconds later Alison stomped in and slumped onto the sofa with a sigh.

‘What are you doing here?’ Sarah asked, a little angrily.

‘I live here. We share a bedroom, you must have noticed me.’ Came the sarcastic response.

‘Not really, you’re barely here these days, I assumed you’d be out again this evening.’

‘Yeah, well. Kayleigh had a big argument with her mum about a fake ID or something, and now she’s grounded. And because she’s grounded no one else can be bothered to go out either, and here I am.’

Sarah looked at me. I guess our ‘fun’ was off for the evening. It was an agreement we had not to risk it when someone else was in the house, and this definitely qualified.

‘So what are you guys doing?’ Alison asked

Sarah and I looked at each other.

‘We hadn’t really got that far. Maybe we could watch a movie or something?’ Sarah said and I nodded, not being able to think of anything better. A DVD was produced, I can’t remember what it was called, but it was the usual slushfest that comes from a girl’s DVD collection. Boy meets girl, girl likes boy but boy is a total dick. Girl pursues boy in a series of ‘hilarious’ stunts until eventually boy has a complete personality change and we live bored forever after.

Afterwards we threw a frozen pizza in the oven, and conversation about the movie began. Alison loved it, Sarah less gaziantep escortları so, my silence gave my feelings away on the subject.

‘What was wrong with it?’ Alison asked , incredulous.

‘The male characters in these films are always so unrealistic. They always have huge muscles, perfect teeth and no personality. For the first hour the guy is a total douche, bullying the smaller kids and banging the cheerleaders in ridiculous sex scenes. Then all of a sudden the nerdy girl gets the guy away from his friends and all of a sudden he’s a sensitive poet with a heart of gold. And what is it with Hollywood that makes them think that a girl taking off her glasses automatically makes her an irresistible temptress? Its all balls.’

‘Woah, calm down,’ Alison said giggling, ‘It’s only a movie.’

‘He’s got a point though,’ Sarah piped up. They guy spent half the movie with his shirt off trying to get laid, and then comes out as a sensitive soul. It’s quite unrealistic.’

‘I don’t mind him spending half the movie with his shirt off.’ Alison responded. ‘He should have spent the whole movie with it off frankly.’

‘And that’s another thing,’ Sarah continued, ‘Two people have sex right? How can the guy spend the whole scene with his pants on, and the girl has to give everything up. It’s clearly a chick-flick right? Why do we want to see a girl with fake tits flaunting everything on the screen for ten minutes.’

‘It’s so that the boyfriend who has inevitably been dragged to see the film doesn’t die of boredom during the screening. I agree with you though, but for different reasons.’

‘Like what?’

‘Well, there’s the assumption that all a guy wants to see is tits, bush and the occasional explosion. And if a guy gets naked in a movie it’s always for comedic effect. A guy loses his pants and big laughs follow. It’s all very patronising.’

‘Yeah,’ Sarah laughed, ‘and it’s always the fat guy with the tiny dick as well, never the cute one.’

I noticed at this point that Alison had gone bright red.

‘Are we embarrassing you?’

‘No, well,’ Alison stuttered, ‘It’s just, I’ve never seen a movie where a guy, you know. . .’ She trailed off.

‘Get’s his dick out? Trust me, most of the ones I’ve seen, you wouldn’t want to.’ Sarah shocked me slightly with how she phrased this. I’d never known her so confident when talking about matters sexual.

‘No. I’ve seen loads where girls get their boobs out, but never a guy.’ She trailed off again. ‘I’ve often wondered about that. Why so many films show female nudity these days. I mean even films aimed at teenagers. Is it really necessary?’

‘No of course not,’ I replied, It’s just there to sell tickets.’

‘But why do the actresses do it? I couldn’t I’d be too embarrassed.’

‘Money, fame, who knows?’ Sarah said. I’m sure that there would be an amount of money that would get you to show your tits to a camera.’

‘No. None at all.’

‘Even for, I don’t know, a million pounds?’

‘Who would pay that?’

‘They do. Look it up on the internet. People get paid much more than that for a movie.’ Sarah smiled. ‘So. Would you?’


‘Get them out. For a million.’

‘No.’ Alison said, after a pause.

‘You thought about it. I think your answer would be different if there were actual money on the table.’

‘What about you then?’ Alison snapped back. ‘Would you get yours out for a million quid?

‘Hell yeah. Easy money.’

I couldn’t believe the conversation I was listening to.

‘What. Are you serious?’

‘Yep. And I bet you’d have your price too.’ She turned to me. ‘What about you?’

‘What?’ I said a little surprised.

‘Would you get your bits out on film?’

‘It would depend.’

‘On what?’

‘On lots of things. Who was asking. The context of it. If it was a big laugh piece then no. If it was integral to the plot then possibly.’

‘Really?’ Alison was staring at me wide eyed. ‘You’d be willing to get naked if you were being paid to? Wouldn’t you be too embarrassed?’

‘Oh, he’s got nothing to be embarrassed about.’

I shot a look at Sarah, and she put her hand over her mouth, realising what she’d just said.

Alison turned to her, ‘Have you seen his. . .’ she left the sentence unfinished.

Sarah slowly nodded, and turned to me apologetically.

‘Sorry, I didn’t think.’

‘Have you two fucked? When did this happen? Why didn’t I know about this?’

‘No we haven’t. We just played a game of truth or dare, and it just happened.’

‘It just happened, my arse. You asked me a deeply personal question that you knew I wouldn’t answer and then told me to take all my clothes off.’

‘Yeah. I did do that.’

‘Well then,’ Alison said, ‘If she’s seen you naked, I wanna see you naked.’


‘Why not?’

‘Because.’ I couldn’t think of a good reason at this point.

‘That’s a cop out. If you’ve already done it once, what’s the problem?’

‘Like I said, it’s context. Sarah put me in a position where I had no choice. There were rules in the game we were playing. I lost. You are offering me nothing here, you just want me to take my pants off. I’m not a piece of meat.’ I joked.

‘Tell you what.’ Sarah interjected. ‘Let’s make a deal. The rules of our game were that you couldn’t ask someone to do anything they weren’t prepared to do themselves. So,’ She turned to me, ‘If she’s willing to do the same, will you get naked for her?’

Game over. Alison had already said she wasn’t prepared to do it, so I felt that I had nothing to lose.

‘Sure, sounds fair to me.’ We both looked at Alison.

‘No. I can’t. I just can’t’

‘OK then,’ Sarah said, getting up. ‘Subject closed.’

We ate our pizza, our conversation turning to other things. I really did enjoy spending time with them. We laughed, we joked, we shared. Just as we were finishing up Alison got a text.

‘I’ve got to go,’ she said smiling, ‘Kayleigh’s mum just left her alone so I’m going over to hang out. See you later.’

And with that she bounded out of the room, and out of the house.

‘I guess we’ll do the washing up then,’ Sarah said, rolling her eyes. ‘But first, I think someone is a bit overdressed.’

‘Yes, you are.’ I replied smiling.’

‘What?’ Sarah’s smile disappeared.

‘You said it yourself. The rules were we couldn’t ask someone to do something we weren’t prepared to do ourselves. So,’ I paused for effect, ‘Ladies first.’

She was speechless. I had never actually asked her straight out to take her clothes off before. I had hinted at it, but she’d always stayed coy. I was beginning to think I’d bitten off more than I could chew when she looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘OK. Rules are rules.’

She turned and left the room. I followed, a few paces behind, and she led me to my room. I entered, and she closed the door behind me.

‘What we are going to do,’ she said, standing in front of me, ‘is take off one item of clothing in turn. OK?’


‘You first. Take off your socks.’

I did so. I threw them into the corner.

‘You too.’

She took a deep breath, and bent down. She placed them by her side.

‘OK, now your shirt.’ Her face was deadpan. Showing absolutely no emotion.

I grabbed my shirt at the base and pulled it over my head. I looked back at her.

‘Jeans.’ I said.

She tilted her head, maybe a little surprised. Wordlessly she began to unbutton her dark blue denims slowly revealing a pair of pastel pink knickers. She turned before pulling them down, giving me a fantastic view of her beautiful bethonged arse. I just wanted to step forward and bury my face in it, but I managed to restrain myself. Well, most of myself. I was rock hard inside my pants before her jeans landed in a heap by her socks. She looked over her shoulder.

‘You like?’

I nodded, open mouthed.

‘OK, your turn.’

I paused for a second then gathered myself. I unbuttoned my fly, and rather ungainly dragged my jeans off.

‘Wow,’ Sarah said smiling, ‘Someone’s pleased to see me. You want my shirt off next?’

I nodded, still unable to speak. It had often occurred to me just how beautiful this young woman was, but her body was more amazing than I could possibly have imagined. Her tanned, unblemished skin, her round, supple backside, like a peach. And now her flat stomach, as she lifted her shirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts bounced free. Not small, but just enough of a handful to be considered perfect. I couldn’t move. She stepped forward and stood, inches from me. She stood on tip-toes and kissed me on the mouth. She hooked her fingers inside my pants, and knelt down.

She pulled my shorts down, and I stepped out of them. She reached up and took my cock in her right hand, and began stroking me. She looked up, and into my eyes. I smiled at her, and she grinned back, before turning her gaze to my straining member. She paused and massaged my balls with her left hand for a few seconds before returning to her pumping of my cock.

It didn’t take long until I whispered breathlessly, ‘I’m gonna cum!’ She just had time to take evasive action before I sprayed my floor with semen. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much in my life. Sarah continued to stroke me, milking the last few drops out of me, and onto the carpet. She stood, with my balls in her hand, and kissed me again, this time her tongue sneaking into my mouth.

She stood back, letting go of me, and we just stared at each other. I don’t know how long for. It felt like an eternity. We were snapped out of it by the sound of the front door opening. Sarah Swiftly gathered up her clothes, and was gone. I just stood, staring at the open door. Then suddenly, a voice travelled up the stairs. It was Lauren.

‘Why hasn’t the washing up been done?’

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