Honey I’m Home


I have worked the late shift for almost a year now and I hate it for the most part. But there are a few perks like no big bosses to watch over you and when you have finished everything you can sit down or even go for a nap until the bosses are ready to come in.

Plus there is less traffic on the road on the way home which means it don’t take me long to get home from work. I usually get home around 6.30am. I park my car in the garage which is adjoined to the house so I am able to come in the back door into the kitchen. So I usually hang my jacket over a kitchen chair and make myself a cuppa at the kitchen table.

On finishing my morning cuppa I head for the stairs which I take 2 at a time till I am in front of our bedroom door. On opening the door I then get to walk into my bedroom and watch my sexy woman sleep. Sounds weird I know, but there’s nothing quite like waking her up to have sex. I see my wife laying there with the sheets barely covering her hot naked body. The sight of her sleeping like that always gets me hot. I don’t know if it’s because she looks helpless lying there or if its cause I can look long and hard at her without her wondering what the hell I was thinking about.

Her curves really turn me and with the bedside lamp being left on I always get an instant hard on as I take in that heavenly body of her as she lays there totally naked on the bed. She always tries to stay awake until I get home but as usual she never managed to do so as she had obviously fallen asleep while reading again. As the light dances across her naked body all I wanted to do was mount her and fuck her like a dog on heat.

As I undress myself I keep my eyes on her as I try to not to wake her up. I let my pants pool at my feet and my shirt joins it on the bedroom floor a couple of seconds later. I am now as naked as my wife when she suddenly turns on to her back and I freeze and hope she don’t wake up. As I look at her I can see her nipples react to the cool wind from the slightly open window flow over her now hardening nipples.

I slip into the en-suite bathroom for a quick shower to freshen myself up before joining my wife in bed. As the hot water flowed over my body I stroke my hard cock a little gaziantep escortları with the vision of her hot naked body lying there all exposed to whom-ever would walk into the bedroom.

I turned the shower off and got out and towelled myself and then made my way back into the bedroom again. Yet again I stood there next to the bed taking in my wife’s gorgeous hot body. Her 36E boobs moving slowly up and down with her soft unlaboured breathing. Her shaven pussy now on show as her legs are now parted giving me a great view of her womanhood. I could feel my cock now beginning to throb as I looked down at her perfect hot body with a desire to fuck her senseless.

I eased myself onto the bed to lie next to her on the bed. Again she moves and turns away from me on to her side as I totally hold still for a few seconds not wanting to wake her up just yet. I then move against her back spooning her and draping my arm around her and onto her right boob and lay there with bated breath to see if she wakes up or not. She doesn’t which brings a smile to my face. I massage her right boob softly and love how it feels in my hand. She begins to stir so again I hold still until I know its ok to carry on again.

I now ever so gently slide my hand from her boob and slide it down her rib cage and on to her tummy then again hold still as a little moan escapes her mouth. Another few seconds go by and I then slip my hand over her hip on to her smooth thigh before sliding it back and fondling her delectable ass. Again she lets out a sigh and moves her ass back against my hard on which so happened to move into the crack of her ass. I again slid my hand over her hip and down to her hairless mound. Carefully I pressed a finger against her pussy lips penetrating ever so slow until I found her clit.

She moaned again lightly but still wasn’t quite awake yet. I slid my other arm underneath her and began to fondle her boobs rolling her nipples in between my fingers making them stand erect. As I started to nibble at her neck she began to stir. My lips lightly bit at her skin and travelled up the side of her neck to her earlobe.

“Honey, I’m home.” I whispered lightly as I reached her ear.

She rolled over slowly to face me and a smile danced across her luscious lips. I quickly bent my head and kissed her deeply letting my tongue explore her mouth.

“I missed you baby.” She said between kisses.

She let her hands roam my body gently kneading at my flesh. She slipped one of her hands down and took my cock in hand. Her warm fingers wrapping around it and gave it a little jerk up and down as if to say “Hello” to it. I moved my hand again feeling her moist lips now surrounding my fingers. We both let our fingers stroke and rub against and before I knew it we were both grinding our hips against our hands.

“Baby, I want to feel your tongue on my clit.” She whispered seductively.

As I made my way down her sensual body she squirmed underneath me in anticipation. I reached her smooth mound and placed butterfly light kisses around her clit and on her pussy lips teasing her as her scent filled my nose. Her whimpers told me I was driving her crazy. I continued to tease her letting my tongue pass just beyond her wet lips and lightly skim along her clit. Once I thought I had tantalized her enough I flattened my tongue and pressed it firmly against her throbbing clit as her moans now filled the bedroom.

I pressed my face deeper into her sweet tasting pussy as I spread her lips apart with my fingers. Her clit was hard and prominent as I sucked it into my mouth. I raised my hands up her body lightly tracing circles along her soft skin causing goose bumps to cover her body. She moaned and squirmed against the bed as my tongue lashed and rolled over her clit and pulled it into my mouth again. Her wetness completely covered my face now as I relentlessly sucked at her engorged clit.

I slowly inserted my middle finger into her tight hole and without delay she squeezed tightly around it. Her wet warm walls surrounded my finger and held it firmly in place as my mouth continued to suck, nibble and lick at her clit. By now her hips rocked against my face and forced my tongue to stroke the full length of her clit. I began to thrust my finger in and out of her pussy letting it wriggle while deep inside her teasing her g-spot.

Her moans were now replaced with loud groans from deep within her as she began to cum. I felt her juices release and squirt over my mouth and fingers as she writhed underneath me. I kept up my pace not wanting her to come down too soon. My tongue rolled over her clit again and again until her entire body shuddered.

“Oh God Baby!!” She moaned as her hands pressed against the back of my head and forced me harder on to her clit then released me as her orgasm began to subside.

Her hips lay still and her gasping breathing now replaced her moans. With a final kiss on her sweetness I began to make my way back up her body placing delicate licks and kisses along her skin causing her to giggle. I licked her lips as I began to kiss her with the scent of her juices still thick on my tongue. She immediately kissed me deeply wanting to taste herself on my tongue. She moaned into the kiss and our bodies pressed together once more. I began to rub my cock against her silky thighs as she held me close and bit my ear with gently nibbles.

She opened her legs for me and I dropped in between her soft thighs as my now throbbing cock rubbed up against her pussy lips and up over her prominent clit. We kissed again as we rubbed ourselves against each other. I took her big breasts in my hands and massaged them feeling her hard nipples against the palms of my hands. I was now at the edge of no return. I got up on my elbows with my cock now at the entrance to her womanhood.

As she rubbed her clit furiously I thrust deep into her in one go right to the hilt. As I thrust in and out of her fucking her hard deep and fast a second orgasm ripped through her again racking her hot body. She rubbed her clit hard and fast and this time she squirted all over my cock and balls which set me off and I came deep inside her hot wet cunt. Our combined juices now ran down the insides of her thighs down to her ass crack and landed on the bed under her.

I pulled out of her and watched as cum leaked out of her and glistened over her well fucked pussy. A minute later as we lay there side by side in the wet patch of our bed I spooned with my wife as we she drifted off to sleep. I just chuckled and snuggled against her waiting for sleep to also find me. I knew when she woke up again it would be her turn to wake me up the same way that I woke her and have her way with me.

The End?

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