Hot Shots


It wasn’t something Teri normally did, get out of town. She always preferred to be the city girl over the country mouse but her decision to borrow a friends lake house for the weekend was turning out to be a great idea. The house wasn’t spectacular, in fact it wasn’t technically a house but a modular home which seemed to tilt to the side, unbalanced.

The quiet definitely suited her with only having the sound of bugs to keep her company. It was a perfect opportunity to go out and take photographs and be a little artistic. Taking pictures had always been a past time of hers, but she never really picked it up in any serious fashion other than a hobby.

Inside, there was only one bedroom and one bathroom making the description of “quaint” she was previously told, to be incredibly misleading. Slipping into some khaki shorts and an oversized t-shirt, Teri made her way outside to do a little looking around. The lake’s water was calm and only rippled when the wind teased it gently.

Kneeling in the sand Teri started snapping some shots of the nature that surrounded her. She really liked the array of items she was catching on film but she was having a hard time with shadow. Moving her body to the left to catch more light she noticed the shadow followed her. Turning around sharply she squinted into the sun and took in the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

His jaw was very defined giving him an intimidating stance while his body was average and toned with just the right amount of chestnut brown hair. Unfortunately, his eyes were behind sunglasses making it hard to know what he was looking at but on his face there was a smirk with just a hint of sarcasm.

“I’m sorry. Am I in your light?” he asked, leaning from his right to his left and crossing his arms in front of his chest.

Teri really hated it when someone asked a question they already knew the answer to. She found it irritating and unnecessary, not to mention a total dick move to pull on a stranger. “Yes” Teri replied simply, standing up and brushing the sand from her knees and shins. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just about done here.”

“Well, if you aren’t quite done, how about sitting and having a conversation with me?” He asked while taking a seat in the sand, leaning back on his palms and crossing his legs at the ankles.

There was that smirk again. Teri was tempted to stay considering how amazing he looked and try as she might, she could not ignore the feeling of her core quivering with interest. Biting her lower lip she gave in and plopped down on her backside keeping the expensive camera in her lap to avoid the sand.

“What do you want to talk about….?”

“Kevin. My name is Kevin. And honestly, I want to know more about you. Why are you out here alone?”

Kevin was really into this woman. He wasn’t sure why, but when he saw her knelt down in the sand without a care in the world he couldn’t help his curiosity in coming over to investigate. He’s glad he listened to it too, considering the hot little package she turned out to be. Her ass had just the right amount of curve to it with a thin waist and an overflowing handful pair of breasts. The oversized shirt did nothing to hid her figure, especially in the crouched position she was in. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun on gaziantep escortları the top of her head and when she finally noticed him and stood up, she had legs for days. Kevin felt his cock twitch and come to life in response to this woman who hadn’t so much as spoken.

When she finally did speak, he could tell she was a little bitter about his interruption. Now he knew he couldn’t leave her alone until he could run his tongue across the nape of her neck in order to taste her skin as well as rub the bulge in his pants against her leg. Shit, he really was a pervert.

The conversation went easily enough with general discussions about how she’d come out here to get away from work for the week and that she had borrowed the place from a coworker who skimmed on the details of the accommodations. Other information passed between them such as work related topics, minor hobbies and interests and finally settling on how she would spend the remainder of her week.

Kevin was a local and he knew he could offer her a pretty good sample of what the town had to offer. It certainly wasn’t much, but most small towns are one in the same. Perhaps this woman intrigued him because she was new and he hadn’t already slept with her. Kevin ran a quick list in his head and he knew he had sampled the very best of what the town had to offer. Even after dozens of women, he still couldn’t find the woman who peaked his inner animal. The organic part of his body he wasn’t able to share or express with his past conquests.

Her name was Teri and to finally be able to match a name with this woman ,it was disappointingly average. He was expecting a Destiny or a Victoria instead he ended up with this incredibly sexy woman with the most boring name he could imagine. Kevin then figured she was a terrible lay but would satisfy his urge to get his rocks off while buried deep inside of her.

Teri wasn’t very impressed with this local guy other than his fabulous body. She could tell he was merely humoring her with drab conversation topics in order to get in her pants. She knew he wanted her, especially since she could see his pants were tighter in the front now than several minutes ago. Suddenly feeling bold, Teri posed a conversation topic of her own “How big is your cock?”

Kevin almost dropped his jaw at her question. Quickly recovering he answered her “8 inches.”

“Show me.” she demanded.

He wasted no time getting up on his knees, unzipping and letting his half chub meat fall into her view.

Picking up her camera she clicked it on and said “Stroke it for me.”

Kevin did as he was told, swiftly moving his hand into action along his thickness. As he stroked himself she started taking photos.

“Squeeze up your shaft and come to a stop by holding onto just the tip, I want the blood to give your skin a purple color.” Snapping another photo she reviewed it in the playback and wasn’t satisfied. Something wasn’t right with the photo. The cock he had was outstanding and she couldn’t wait to burry it deep in her pussy, but for now she wanted to play with him and see how far he’d let her go. Leaning in closer, Teri brought her lips to the tip of his cock. Swirling her tongue along it’s peak she gave it a nice shiny layer of spit. Sitting back on her ankles she snapped another photo. When viewing the playback she liked how her spit caught the light making his shade of purple really pop.

Kevin almost blew his load right then and there, all over her face. He had never had a woman regard his cock with such an artistic manner. She really was turning out to impress his inner pervert. As he stroked his cock she moved around him and took photos from different angles. She even went as far as to pull down his jeans and boxers leaving his bare ass out in the open. Feeling a cool breeze on his backside he all of the sudden felt his balls fill up her warm palm. This woman was cradling his sack while he started to stroke faster. Reaching up with his free hand he removed his sunglasses and made eye contact with her. He bore his eyes into hers and with the face of a temptress she leaned in a slipped his shaft into her wet mouth. Kevin quickly let go of his cock in order to grip a fist full of hair and slam her down on his thick meat.

Teri was delighted when he took charge and rammed his cock down her throat. There was a little hesitation on her part but she quickly got her gag reflex under control and let him slip his cock in and out of her mouth. She took care to rub the underside of his erection with her warm moist tongue, keeping her lips tight to drive his desire even higher. Soon he was thrusting like a piston into her mouth with a fierce and determined purpose. This wasn’t something Teri would normally do, but with her free hand she reached up and handed him her camera. When he took it in his free hand she pointed to the general area where his cock was fucking her mouth.

Kevin took the hint. Letting go of her hair with his other hand he started photographing shots of his dick buried to the root in her slutty cock sucking throat as well as when he pulled it almost out, leaving this plump tip still nestled in her moist mouth. After taking a few camera shots, he let her tug gently on his balls one more time while his cock was jammed down her throat before pulling out of her mouth and sitting back on his ankles. It was his turn to declare her actions.

“Take off all of your clothes, slowly.” As she stripped away the small amount of clothing she had on, he took pictures of her the entire time. “Stand up. Now bend down with your ass facing the camera.”

Teri felt the cool air on her skin while she undressed. She’d never rushed so fast to get naked in her entire life, but she kept her wits about her and went slow enough for him to get the camera angles he wanted. When he asked her to bend over she felt her core release a rush of moisture which slowly made it’s way down her inner thighs. While bent over Kevin reached out and pressed a finger between her pussy lips. Giving them a little adjustment he plumped them up for a wet close-up from behind. Next, he slipped two fingers inside of her heat and she could feel her moisture soak his hand. Kevin began to thrust two fingers inside of her while his tongue roamed all around her hole, drinking whatever moisture made it past his lips.

“Lay down on your back and spread your legs wide, bringing your knees up.” he growled after pulling his fingers from her core and sucking them clean. When she was in position he handed her back the camera. When she had a firm grip on the device he moved forward swiftly, hooked her bent legs under his forearms and lined up his throbbing rock hard cock with her slutty hole. He teased her entrance with the tip of his pole, letting her juices coat his flesh for a quick entrance. Looking down at her she nodded for him to enter her. Wasting no time, Kevin slammed his cock viscously into her eager wet core. Hearing her scream out his name, he started thrusting like a mad-man stretching her tight pussy to accommodate his girth.

His cock was fucking huge. Teri had never had one this big rip her open like a child with a new toy. She got some shots of his torso and lower abdomen so she could masturbate to later followed by some of his pole slick with her juices as he pulled out and thrust right back in. Setting the camera down on her pile of clothing Teri reached up and took hold of her tits, which were flopping at all angles in response to Kevin’s onslaught. Without warning, Kevin reached down and picked her body up forcing her to straddle his hips while he moved into a sitting position. She let her tits fall onto his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck to support her balance with his new upward thrusts. The change in position hadn’t slowed him down, but it did cause her pussy to drench his lap in moisture. Now his balls made a slight “slap” sound on her ass while he pounded away at her core. When he leaned down and took one of her nipples in his mouth she moaned louder than she ever had her entire life. With that, he bit down on her nipple causing her to dig her short nails into the sensitive flesh of his upper back in preparation for the best orgasm of her life.

Kevin wasn’t going to last long. His balls were heavy with anticipated release and his cock needed to fill her heat with his seed. She didn’t have a prayer for the stamina she was going to need to take his cum. Pumping into her faster and harder he faintly heard her announce her approaching release. He wasn’t sure she could get any wetter considering he was sitting in a pool of her wanton juices while this stallion woman started to meet his thrusts to intensify her orgasm. He winced over her nipple as her nails bit into his skin forcing him to shake her tit from side to side with her nipple still firmly between his teeth. Kevin felt her core quake with her release. Her entire body went rigid and it was like fucking a piece of wood for a few short seconds before she threw her head back and screamed.

She was doing it, she was actually coming all over this guy without any reservations about who he is or what will happen when he pulls out, zips up and leaves her panting in a pool of her own moisture. She knew she was being used and she didn’t give a damn. Hearing his growl she braced her body for his release. Unlike her, his was silent but very aggressive. He started pumping into her roughly as his seed burst deep into her womb. Teri reached back behind herself and gave his balls a rough squeeze.

“OH FUCK!” Kevin yelled as he fell back onto his back no longer able to thrust while ropes of cum flooded into her. She actually started to ride him very slowly while the rest of his juices escaped him, mixed with hers and leaked out of her body where they were joined. Looking up at her she reached over and picked up her camera. She took a photo of him collapsed in the sand. Then she lifted her body slowly off of him and captured the image of their fucking, as a warm and sticky mess.

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