House Sitting Ch. 02


Shelly and Jack Unite

I heard Shelly stand up and grab something off of the floor. It was the TV remote. She turned the TV on as the DVD continued playing where it had left off. The scene on the big screen showed Shelly in her master bedroom. She was on all fours on her bed wearing a lacy, leopard print bra and panty set that barely covered her natural assets. She was talking seductively to the camera asking whomever was filming to set it on the tripod and begin with their naughty punishment. I was quickly becoming excited from watching the footage. Shelly, seeing my stiffening cock, walked toward the chair I was sitting in and knelt in front of me.

I moved my gaze from the image of Shelly on the TV to the real life naked Shelly now kneeling in front of me. Her face was only inches away from my hard cock. I could feel her hot breath on my shaft as Shelly whispered, “I get wet watching a man stroke his cock! Will you stroke your big, hard cock for me, Jack?”

Just the thought of Shelly talking to me in her lusty, sexual tone nearly made me cum all over again. My hands instinctively took hold of my erect man meat as I started stroking my shaft, paying close attention to my sensitive cockhead. I looked directly at Shelly while stroking myself. Her eyes watched my cock and hands as I eagerly jerked off before her face.

“Is that what you like?” I said rhetorically. “You want a closer look?” Without waiting for her reply I flung my cock forward and caught Shelly right on her full, plump lips.

A devilish smile ran across her face as her eyes met mine. Shelly’s hands were resting on my knees as she watched me masturbate in front of her. She took her right hand and placed it on the engorged tip of my cock. With her left hand she cupped my balls and gently massaged them. Her touch was warm and precise. I relinquished control to Shelly and moaned with delight as she expertly stroked my man meat.

I leaned forward and gently rubbed Shelly’s gaziantep escort reklamları hard nipples and firm breasts with my hands. I moved down her body touching her stomach and belly button, finally reaching her succulent vagina. Shelly’s legs parted slightly as she rose up to meet my hand. Her wet, bald pussy was aching for some of my attention.

As I pressed two fingers between her pussy lips I said, “You weren’t kidding about getting wet, were you?” Shelly paused for a moment as her hands halted their stroking motion on my cock. She reached down, grabbed my arm, and pulled me forward onto the floor.

In an instant I was flat on my back looking at Shelly. My hard cock was pulsating, engorged and ready for action. Shelly was on her hands and knees next to me, pacing like a lioness between me and the big screen. Her seductive, animalistic actions excited me beyond anything I had ever felt before. Her tight, naked body glistened with beads of sweat. Her tongue licked her lips making them wet and even more inviting.

Shelly’s eyes darted back and forth between my own eyes and my rock-hard erection. With exact precision, Shelly lunged at my cock and buried her mouth half way down my shaft. Her hot, wet mouth sucked on my cock as her hands ravaged my remaining shaft and balls.

Once locked onto her target, Shelly swung her legs across my body straddling me so that our naked bodies were one. My hands eagerly grabbed the small of Shelly’s back as I felt her hot, naked body against my own. I moved my hands toward Shelly’s firm, tight ass and gently pulled her cheeks apart as my tongue found her dripping wet bald pussy. I thrust my tongue deep into her wetness! Shelly’s pussy tasted sweet as I lapped up her juices. My tongue rubbed her hard clit as I sucked and nibbled on her wonderful pussy.

My right hand gave a naughty slap on one of Shelly’s ass cheeks. An approving moan from Shelly was followed by her increased sucking of my cock. My body was racing with sexual energy as Shelly devoured my manhood and I ravaged her pussy. I wet my middle finger with Shelly’s juices and massaged her tight anus. I slowly worked my finger in and out of her tight ass. Gradually, I slipped in a second finger and finger-fucked her tight ass. Shelly’s hips pushed to meet my fingers as I buried them all the way into her asshole.

I adjusted my mouth so that my tongue could taste her sweet ass. With both fingers still inside, I pulled them apart and inserted my tongue into Shelly’s tight ass. I worked my mouth around her anus and tongue-fucked Shelly.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and screamed, “Oh yes, yes! Suck my ass Jack! Fuck my ass with your tongue!” I rammed my face as deep into Shelly’s ass as I could. Both of my hands were wrapped around her ass cheeks, spreading them apart. Shelly leaned back and sat on my face, her hands pressed against my shoulders. Her head was thrown back as my tongue was buried in her ass.

My sexual desire was uncontrollable as I pushed Shelly’s naked body off of my face and sat up. Shelly was again on her knees fingering her dripping pussy and asshole with both hands.

Shelly looked back at me and in a seductive tone said, “You better stick that cock in me before I bite it off!” She bent over and put her ass right in front of my face. I got up on my knees and grabbed my throbbing cock, guiding it into Shelly’s wetness.

My engorged cockhead found Shelly’s bald pussy and I rammed my full cock into her until my balls slapped against her fat pussy lips. We both moaned with carnal pleasure as our bodies slammed together. My hands grabbed Shelly’s round hips as I pulled in and out of her pussy. Our bodies had a rhythm as I pounded Shelly’s cunt and she accepted my hard manliness. I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I didn’t want this moment to end without feeling Shelly’s tight asshole wrapped around my cock.

“Slurp”, I pulled my hard cock out of Shelly’s pussy and rubbed my engorged cockhead against her pussy lips for lubrication. I grabbed my shaft with one hand and with my other I spread Shelly’s ass cheeks in order to make room for my aching man meat. Her anus was tight and, for a moment, hesitant to let me enter. I pressed my hips forward as Shelly moaned and pushed back against my cock. That was all it took for my rock hard cock to ease into her anal cavity. We rocked back and forth, in and out, each time increasing the amount my cock buried into Shelly’s ass!

Shelly screamed in pleasure, “Fuck yes! Fuck my ass. Your cock feels soooo good inside me!” I groaned in agreement, “Fuck me Shelly! Your ass is so tight I’m going to blow my load all over you!” Our bodies slapped together faster and faster until our climax was inevitable. With one final plunge I buried my cock deep inside Shelly’s anal hole. She pressed hard against my groin as my cum filled her ass. Cum squirted out of her ass and onto her backside, running down her cheeks and leg.

Shelly’s climax was just as explosive as my own. Fingering her own pussy as I fucked her ass, Shelly unleashed a torrential stream of cum as she herself climaxed in time with me. Squirt after squirt of cum shot like a water pistol from Shelly’s honey pot.

Our bodies fell together in a sweaty heap, my body on top of Shelly’s as she laid face down on the floor. My cock was still inside of Shelly’s love canal. I felt her hand reach around and rub against my shrinking cock. She put her hand to her lips and sucked the cum from her finger tips. “Mmm. Now that is tasty! I think I like the taste of my ass as much as my own pussy.”

I was exhausted and totally spent. My legs felt like Jell-O. I leaned in close and whispered into Shelly’s ear, “You are amazing. That was the best fuck of my life!” I kissed her cheek and rolled my body off, my cock making that “slurping” noise as it pulled out of Shelly’s asshole. The cool floor felt nice against my sweaty, naked body. Shelly too rolled over as both of our naked bodies laid next to one another on the cool floor of the viewing room.

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