I Don’t Know John Humber

Big Dicks

Joyce and I met at a party given by a friend of hers. Joyce is almost six feet tall and has dark brown hair. She is not the cutest or the prettiest woman I have ever seen but she looks damn good to me. I could tell she was self conscious of her height so I tried to put her at ease when we first talked. She has average size beast and almost no waist. Her legs are long and shapely and her butt is the kind that says, “Hold me and caress me.”

My name is Robert but most people call me Rob or Bob. I am six feet two inches tall and weigh around two hundred and ten pounds. I am dark complexioned and my hair is black with a little wave in it. I am not handsome but children don’t run screaming from me either. I am a welder by trade and make a good living. I am not into owning a lot of stuff or driving big cars or wearing fancy clothes. I am a jeans and tee-shirt type person with a button down shirt at times.

Joyce and I hit it off right from the start and when the party started to wind down I asked her I could take her out on a date sometimes and she told me to call her. She gave me her phone number and told me she still lived at home. She gave me her work number also. She works for a dry cleaners and I work for the local paper mill in the maintenance department.

I called her at her work Monday while I was on my lunch break. I ask if we could go out that night. She told me she didn’t tell me but she was going to college at night and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night was her school nights. I ask about Friday or Saturday night and she either or both was okay for her. I told her I would pick her up Friday night at seven if that was okay. She said, ” That will be fine. Where are we going?”

I said, “You decide and let me know then.”

We started going steady and soon became a couple. We started talking about marriage and decided we would wait until she had finished school. She moved into my one bedroom apartment about six months after we started to go steady. We had a good gaziantep escort reklamları sexual relationship. Neither of us was in to anything kinky. We started a joint bank account and were saving to make a down payment on a small house as soon as we got married.

One night as we were eating supper she ask if knew John Humber. I told her I knew some Humbers but I didn’t think I knew John.

I ask, ” Where do you know this John Humber from?”

She said, ” He is a salesman for a cleaner supply company.”

The next week she asks about John Humber again. I told her I don’t know John Humber.

The next week she came in on Monday night and I could tell something was different about her. She would not tell me what was bothering her and we didn’t have any sex that night. I thought maybe she was having her period. The rest of the week was the same. I couldn’t get her to talk to me so I just let it ride.

I came in Friday night and she was dressed up in a new dress and looked really sexy. I ask if we were going out and she told me only her.

I said, ‘Joyce what the hell is going on here?” She sat on the couch and looked at me and said, “John Humber told me that the two of you took two girls to a hotel in Jackson on the weekend that you told me you was working at the plant in Lewisburg. He told me how much you like to watch him fuck one of the sisters and then he would watch you fuck the other. I am going out with him tonight and if you want to watch so bad I am going to bring him and fuck him in that bed in the bedroom.”

I sat there with my mouth open and couldn’t say anything for a minute. I said, “Joyce I have told you I don’t know John Humber. I have never been with another woman since I met you. I worked thirty-six hours straight at the mill in Lewisburg that weekend. Please don’t throw what we have away on what someone else is telling you. I don’t know John Humber.”

She said, “Well, if you like to watch someone fucking I will be in that bed with John Humber tonight. You can watch or not” and she walked out and drove off.

I sat there and tried to figure out what I was going to do. I decided that if she was willing to give up what we had on the word of a stranger it would not do me any good to try and stop her.

I took my clothes and my shaving gear and put it in my truck. I can back in and gathered the few possessions that belonged to me and put them in the truck and drove to a friend’s house and ask if I could sleep in his motor home for a few nights. He gave me the okay and I told him I would explain thing tomorrow.

I drove back to the neighborhood and left my truck on the next street over and went back to the apartment. I didn’t turn on any lights and when I saw her car turn into the drive I went in the room off the hall that was used for storage. I heard them come in and they were laughing and went straight to the bedroom. They turned on a bedside lamp and I could hear them getting undressed.

It wasn’t long until I heard her tell the man to fuck her now. I eased out and stood in the doorway until they was going at it hot and heavy and turned on the light.

She looked at me and said, ” So you do like to watch don’t you?”

Before I could speak the man said, ” Who the fuck is this guy standing here?”

She said, “This is Robert. Fuck me so he can watch us.”

He said, ” I don’t know this fucking guy. I have never seen him in my life.”

I was already walking out the door as I said, ” I don’t know John Humber.”

As I walked away from the house I could hear Joyce calling out to me, ” Oh God Bob come back. I am so sorry. Please don’t leave me. Please come back. I love you.”

I got in my truck and drove away.

On Monday I took the day off and went to the bank and took half of the moneys out of the checking and savings accounts and opened my own. I went by the apartment managers’ office and gave them a month’s notice, wrote that months rent and left.

When I got to work on Tuesday the boss told me to please call Joyce. She had been calling every 15 minutes to see if I was there. I called her at my first break and she started crying and pleading with me to come home to her.

She said though sobs, ” Bob, I am so sorry. Please come home. I will do anything you want me to do. Please let me see you and talk to you. I am so sorry. I should have listened to you. Please forgive, Bob.”

I told her I would see her Friday night at the Pizza Hut at seven o’clock. We met and she was still telling me she was sorry and she loved me and could I please forgive her.

I said, “Joyce, I love you with all my heart. I have never even looked at another woman since I have known you. We have to be honest and open with other or it will never work.”

Joyce said, ” I know that now. He kept telling me things about you or what I thought was you and I got so mad. I thought I would get my revenge and let you watch us. I know now that I have to believe in you and I promise if you give me another chance I will never doubt your word. I will talk things out with you. I love you so much. I am so sorry.”

I ask, “Did John stay the night with you?”

She said, ” Oh my God. No. No. I tried to catch you and you were gone. He dressed and left without a word. I tried to find you but no one knew where you were. I have been going crazy. Please don’t let this tear us apart. I will do anything you want me to do. Just give me one more chance.”

As we stood in the parking lot, I took her in my arms and held her tight. I said, “Joyce, We can get through this if what you say is true. If you are willing to do anything, we may be able to work this out.

I told her to move back home with her parents and if she felt the same in three months to call me. It would take that long for me to get the images of her fucking John Humber out of my mind. Or so I hoped. I moved into another apartment and bought a different bed.

It is six months later and Joyce and I are dating once or twice a week and the sex is good. She is moving back into my apartment soon.

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